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04-11-2013, 02:46 AM
:clear: Well, here goes :clear:

The coast is clear!

A dull day here but dry so far and warming up, it's 5C already.

Art class this morning then we are going to look at a second hand lightweight scooter the same as Ruth's old one. The gearbox went on Ruth's and we thought it would be good for spares, spare battery etc. The small scooter easily goes on coaches when we go on a trip.


04-11-2013, 03:24 AM
Hi Doug and all to follow....
Lovely day here - 21C, cool night coming up. We are watching the temps of AD closely and will pack accordingly at the weekend.
Today is the 11th anniversary of our move to our home here, has turned out to be some of our happiest years :thumbsup:

What did you do with the chair you brought here Doug?

04-11-2013, 03:43 AM
Hi Lulu, I would be happy living on your hill too :)

We use the chair on coaches when the coach company won't carry the scooter. We will be taking it to Jersey in June.


04-11-2013, 03:54 AM
Morning all.

Well another cool but just freezing night and at 2.15am the propane ran out so the warmth went out of the caravan! I did have a small replacement bottle but I was not going out to change it at that time.....

Plans, very few apart from getting some more gas!


04-11-2013, 03:55 AM
Good evening Doug and Lulu.

Lulu you must be sooo excited :heart:

Doug :thumbsup:

Twilight here now. beautiful and quiet.

Kay, I so feel for you with Esme. I worry about Bo getting diabetes .... he is a BIG cat. He only seems to eat what he needs though, so maybe he has reached his intended size? Hope so. Healthy enough. Have seen him run a few times. he is also becoming quite touchingly affectionate.

The black sashaying one ... A friend once said nicely that if Loki hadn't been fixed she ought to locked up :rolleyes: eats whenever too. She is not fat but is a Darlin'.

She LOVES Roger at the moment :thumbsup: Out in out in out in etc. ALL day. Im in the backseat until dinner time.

Gail, that photo of Pearl is GORGEOUS. As is Pearl.

Char, I sincerely hope you are resting properly. Cancel people things until you are better.


04-11-2013, 03:59 AM
I'm sure I've told this story before but it is worth repeating...a few days after we moved here John was doing something in the garden and a dove came and sat on his shoulder, then it stayed around for the day and we have never seen it again. Seemed a good omen to us.

Yes Annie, just a bit:D

04-11-2013, 04:30 AM
Oops, hi Geoff of the travels.

Lulu, we didn't have that experience when we bought our home here. But, we did enjoy the magic of seeing a house that we knew was home. Took us both fifteen minutes to seal the contract. We have both never regretted moving here.

May BBL depending on sleep and its Thursday ....

04-11-2013, 04:36 AM
I liked the look of our house when the owner opened the door wearing a bikini :lol:

As we had driven 80 miles to see it I asked if I could measure up while I was there :wink2:


04-11-2013, 04:45 AM
:lol: :lol: :lol:

04-11-2013, 04:45 AM
Hahaha Doug, so did you blush? :lol:

04-11-2013, 05:17 AM
Morning all,
It is just after 5:00 a.m. here in very, very warm Oakwood. Slept with the windows open and the ceiling fan on last night. Can't put away the warm clothes yet though, another cold front is on its way tomorrow. :rolleyes:

Isn't it funny about houses and finding just the right one for you. When we were looking to buy a house, we visited lots and lots that were up for sale. Nothing really appealed. Then, the realtor took us to the one we are in now. Looked nice from the outside, but so did the others, he opened the front door and we stepped into the foyer and, like Annie said, we just knew we were going to love this house. Went back to his office and wrote up an offer and crossed our fingers it would be accepted. There was a vacant lot attached that we weren't interested in (which was also pushing the sale price over our maximum). The seller agreed to keep the vacant lot and we bought this house which we've been in for 12 years now. :D

Doug, That seller knew how to grab your attention, eh. ;)

Lulu, Got your clothes picked out and ready to pack yet? What a wonderful omen with the dove and your new home. :thumbsup:

Annie, :lol: about Loki and Roger.

Kay, :crossfingers: everything is OK with your little Esme.

Geoff, Sorry about your chilly night after the propane ran out.

:wave: to all who are on their way.



04-11-2013, 05:22 AM

Well I did not buy the Suzuki Vitara Grand I went to look at today. I was told, it was at least a 2001 model, it wasn't it was a 1998. Firstly I am not buying a vehicle that old. They said "it had a new motor in it", I said "what about the gear box?" They said "hmmmmfph" I opened the door and was almost blown away with the smell. "Oh" said the guy, "I have just washed the carpets and seat coverings" I tell you, something had died in that vehicle. :D They were in the process of detailing the thing, and it looked a mess. The petrol cap was broken, it had scratches on it, the paint was bad. The guy said he wasn't going to touch the paint. I said no matter I am not going to buy it. He told me it had been used in the bush. I said, yes I can tell.
I asked him to put the back seats down, so I could see how much luggage space there was. The seats only go down one third of the way. I think this is the case in all Suzuki Vitara Grand of the 4 cylinder model. No good to me, I will never get my camping gear in. The luggage space was smaller than the mirage.

So...... Back to square one. I am still looking.

I don't want much, just a clean, tidy, 4 cylinder, Diesel, 4WD with luggage space in the back when the seats are down.

I'm sure I've told this story before but it is worth repeating...a few days after we moved here John was doing something in the garden and a dove came and sat on his shoulder, then it stayed around for the day and we have never seen it again. Seemed a good omen to us.

Yes Annie, just a bit:D:thumbsup: :heart:

Doug!!! :p :D


04-11-2013, 05:28 AM
What a lovely house story you have too Sylvia.
As for picking out clothes to pack I'm
beginning to wonder if anything is suitable as I see the daytime temps rise each day....36C today, 39C at the weekend and of course we need to be more covered than we are here on a hot day. Will live in the pool I'm sure and of course everything is air-conditioned, I might expire otherwise lol

Hi JJ:wave:

Am on my mobile hence mistakes and slow editing!

04-11-2013, 07:36 AM
Good morning washers,

Just getting back to the land of the living after being knocked flat with a raging flu-ey, achey cold/cough. This is the wort I have experiencd in a very long time.

I need to go and read all that I have missed, so for the moment I will just :wave::wave::wave: to all who have been and are yet to come, and (( )) to all who need it.


04-11-2013, 07:38 AM
(((Doris))) glad to see you re-surface. Hope your lurgi has gone for good and you are sonn back to your normal self.


04-11-2013, 07:56 AM
Good morning... I'm up and at 'em, but still sick... as long as I don't eat anything, I'm ok... still running a fever, but the body aches have abated. I have a terrible headache, but that will subside because I think it's caffeine withdrawal and I've made myself a coffee. I've slept around the clock. I'm not a good sick person. Ted has been nursing me...

Henry, white light is blasting ((Lesley's)) way...

Kay, I sure hope that swelling is something minor for poor Esme!

Gail, that's a beautiful photo of beautiful Pearl!

Lulu... pack lightly, but for both extremes... layers...

Pat... I sure hope John isn't black and blue today... ouch, ouch, ouch...

Geoff, that happened to us when we were trailering last fall on the East Coast... our trailer opens out with canvas ends, so it cools off really quickly!

Does Bo drink a lot of water, Annie? Our kitten drinks gallons and we've feared he's diabetic...

Our house laid empty for six months... our Realtor decided to show it to us because Ted knew it was for sale, having driven by it several times with the ambulance... Anyway... She took us through it on Saturday. It instantly said "Home" to us. We bought it on Sunday (without discussing it with our Bank Manager!). We've been here 27 years and filled the place with some wonderful memories.

Sylvia... isn't it nice to be able to open up the windows... Is your Beginner Class almost finished?

JJ, did you give up your quest for a Jeep?

Seems we've shared the flu, Doris! I hope you're feeling much better... mine didn't last very long...

:wave: Doug, Uschi, Darla, Judy, Shirley and all yet to come... hawltain... :heart:

04-11-2013, 08:00 AM
Good Morning! Rain, rain, rain; wind, wind, wind;cold,cold,cold;enough, enough, enough! Sadly, it looks like this is going to continue well into next week. We are already getting some street flooding in spots.

Char-Hope you are taking care and are improving.
Doris-So glad you are well again. The flu is not fun, and risky as we age.
JJ-Sorry the car did not work out for you, but sounds like it was a poor investment. You will find the right one for you. Hang in there.
Sylvia-About houses; we have experienced the same thing. Our current one we found 10 yr. ago when I needed to move to a ranch house. I first saw it advertized on the internet, but no pictures except the outside. Then they had an open house and we went. Fell in love as soon as we went in. I can still picture it in my mind as it looked that day. Soon after made an offer. Have never regretted it.

Been doing more medical workup on my kidney stones. We are trying to figure out what is causing them to form. Won't know until May. In the meanwhile I am trying to drink more water.

I have been scanning some more slides the past couple of days. I am up to 1963 now, in my parent's slides. Lots of memories of trips we took. Right now we are at the St. Lawrence Seaway and also Grundy Park in Canada. Beautiful scenery.

Wishing all a happy day.


04-11-2013, 08:35 AM
Happy Thursday.

It's yet another rainy, windy, cold day here in Michigan, like Shirley said. Much of the same predicted. We have some flooded streets too and flood watches are in effect. I heard thunder in the night.

I see all across America there has been severe weather; the north is getting a foot of snow; tornado's in the plains, wet rain for the Mid-west. It's just crazy weather.

Larry has our heirloom & other varieties of tomato plants up and under the flourescent lighting, also petunias and marigolds. He's experimenting this year; it's so much fun to watch them grow. I saved the seeds from the heirloom tomatoes last year. He gets some from a Polish guy he works with and he won't tell him where he gets the seeds; so I saved my own.:evil:

Char, I'm glad you are feeling somewhat better; take it easy today too and you'll probably feel as good as new soon.:heart:

Doris, I'm so sorry you have been sick too but glad you are on your way to mending.:heart:

Geoff, brr...that must have been cold when you ran out of gas for the caravan's heater!

Doug, I hope the new scooter works out well for you and Ruth.

JJ, keep on looking; you'll find just the right car.

I found the house we've been in for 11 years now online. We had a real estate agent who was looking but I found this one myself and had to act quickly. We knew it was the one right away and we made it our own. We like living here but sometimes we get tired of the neighbor's dogs barking constantly.:rolleyes: We've had words with them about it but it's still going on. We seem to be the only ones who don't own a dog. Sometimes I just wish we could pick up our house and move it somewhere else.

Hello there Sylvia, have a great day!

Hi there Annie, I hope your day was super!

LuLU, getting closer...

I need to start my day now and I have my nice mug of hot coffee in hand.

Enjoy your day everyone.:wave:

04-11-2013, 09:38 AM
Hi to all

Just popping in to say hello, off to the hospital

If these books were re-named Shades of Paynes Grey, every watercolourist would read them1

Speak later


Strawberry Wine
04-11-2013, 09:56 AM
Good Day Washers !!!!! It is overcast and raw looking outside our windows and the storm that is supposed to be happening isn't. Yet ! That have been a lot of "advance cancellations" for today and tomorrow to the south of us because they are expecting hours and hours of freezing rain. WE will receive a mixed bag of snow, ice pellets and freezing rain. Typical April, which we have been lucky enough NOT to have experienced for the last few years.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Pearl. I am her new best friend because I gave her first real bone. Sort of ! Sterilized and pressure cooked so it wont split into deadly sharp pieces. I still watch and listen carefully when she is chewing it though. Everytime I looked over towards her yesterday, she would stop chewing and parade around with it in her mouth to show you her new present. :)

Kay, Pearl developed one of those lumps from the site of her rabies shot last year. Change the area of the insulin injection site daily to help reduce the chance of more swelling and inflamation.

Charlene McGill, you are not better yet... you have a headache and a fever. You are still sick. DO NOT lift a finger to do anything, do not go anywhere, do not decide to bake, cook or whaterver you think you are well enough to do. Remember what happened last fall when you didn't listen to all of us "telling you to rest". You don't have to be anywhere for the next few days so just Read, Rest, Paint, Repeat. Ted knows how to cook and worst comes to worst he will get some yummy take out that you don't usually let him indulge in. :)

Darla, staying healthy before your trip with all these viruses going around is a bit of a worry. I don't usually go overboard on the use of sanitizer but for the few weeks prior to my recent surgery I did. I used it whenever I was out and about. I would wipe down the shopping cart handle as well as my hands. I would also dab a bit of my sanitizer on my nostrils to help protect me from airborn contamination.

Shirley, Dan and I have stayed at Grundy Provincial Park and we loved it. We had a lake side site so we had our canoe right there. We really enjoyed all the different hiking trails in that park as well. We are planning on going back there next summer .

Lulu, wonderful story regarding the dove, John and your newly bought home. Truly a good omen. !

Dan has been busy over the last week prepping the upstairs hallway for a new coat of paint. He also had to paint the dreaded "stipple/stucco " ceiling. Oil base paint is required to cover the water based stucco so we have had the upstairs windows open a little to clear the air and the fireplace going downstairs to keep us warm. I am going to paint trim this morning as Dan has a pre op appointment for next weeks cararact surgery.

Geoff, we have an electrical plug in heater on stand by just in case. It is not as efficient as the furnace but does the job.

Interesting stories about finding your dream homes :thumbsup:

I better get my painting clothes on and get started.




P.S. Char, don't make me come down there !:)

04-11-2013, 10:35 AM
Good Morning!!!

It was raining and then the ice pellets started and I got dressed in a hurry to get to the store before the predicted freezing rain started. I was out of bread.

This is a stay at home day because we are to receive freezing rain on and off all day long. So I think we'll give playing scrabble a pass.

The latest Maisie Dobbs book is waiting for me at the library, will get it tomorrow.

Char, I am really glad you are feeling better, hopefully you KNOW yourself and your need to get busy too quickly - RELAX!!!

Doris, sorry you had the flu but glad you made it through to normal again!!

Henry, Hugs and :crossfingers: :crossfingers: for you and Lesley!!

I have lived in my house 15 1/2 years and it too is exactly what I was looking for. The students have been VERY good this year, many of them will be moving home for the summer any day now. Give me the odd party to a constantly barking dog any time.

Darla, can "the city" not put a stop to the endless barking?? Starting seeds is inded fun, you just have to stop yourself from digging around the pot to see if anything is happening yet:lol:

Shirley, I hope they can figure something out to stop the stones from forming. Gosh, that is a lot of scanning.

Hi Annie!!

Lulu, OMG, almost there, just a couple more days, it went sooo fast, you must be soooooooooooooooo excited. If you were to post here every day with photos and descriptions of your travels, you will have a ready made travellog and satisfy us nosy friends all at the same time:lol: :lol:

JJ, is Diesel really an advantage at this point in time, I don't think it is any cheaper to run either way, good luck!!

Doug, :crossfingers: for finding a good scooter.

Was interrupted by a call from scrabble hostess wondering if I am coming, she is home so will see how the weather goes.

:wave: Uschi

Scene Chaser
04-11-2013, 10:48 AM
Good Day All,
Was in earlier but took had no energy. Took a nap and feel good.

I think the rain has stopped for a while.

We have finished our Easter ham and I'm making pea soup for dinner today. My favorite soup, especially with a ham bone. Otherwise it's smoked pig hocks.

Am baking bread now.

Kay, so sorry for Esme and your ordeal.

Henry, hope things have improved for your wife.


04-11-2013, 10:52 AM
Well have just done about 80 miles trying to find the brand of propane we use,plenty of dealers but only have industrial sizes.

Gail we are in the middle of a field not a campsite so no electrics I am afraid.

still cool and grey


04-11-2013, 11:19 AM
Good Morning again,
Just took a photo of some daffodils and flowers that are growing from a gift my daughter Christine gave me for Christmas. It was a kit with four bulbs, planting medium, and pot. I waited until now to use it because it said you can plant the bulbs outdoors to naturalize once they are done blooming indoors. Can't remember what they are called...anyone know? They have a strong smell, not unpleasant but not particularly pretty either. :o


I had to tie their stems together so they wouldn't flop over trying to reach the window. :D

Bill, Your dinner soup sounds great. Do you make croutons to sprinkle on it when you serve it? We used to go to a restaurant in California when we were driving to Santa Barbara...it was called Peasoup Anderson's and their soup was soooooooo delicious. I bought a can of it once, but it wasn't the same taste as in the restaurant.

Uschi, I think you'll enjoy the new Maisie Dobbs adventure. Let us know what you think when you are done.

I think it is really interesting how so many of us just had that "right" feeling about our homes when we were looking for one. I never felt that way before because I always knew we wouldn't be staying in whatever house we were looking at more than a couple of years. But this one was for good (unless we had to move out because of illness or something unforeseen) and that made a big difference in our attitude when looking. I get a laugh out of the silly reasons some of the people on the Househunters TV show give for rejecting a house, like "Oh, my goodness, the kitchen appliances aren't stainless steel" or "I hate that color paint in the dining room." Give me a break. :rolleyes:

Gail, I :lol: picturing Pearl proudly displaying her bone to you whenever you looked over at her. She is a beauty for sure.

Darla, Your garden is going to be so far ahead when you do plant those seedlings Larry has started. When I walked in the door at Hithergreen Center (where I do my art classes) the other day, there was a shelving unit equipped with grow lamps and rack after rack of seedlings planted. They have a lovely outdoor garden in the summer months, both veggies and flowers. I think it is neat seeing them at the start like this.

Shirley, I did that with our slides a couple of years ago. It really is a trip down memory lane, isn't it. Also threw away a lot of them, couldn't think why I ever shot them in the first place. :lol:

Char, We have three more classes to go for the Beginners. I have a make up day schedule for 8 May because of last week's cancelled class. Have an appointment on the first of May, so had to slip it two weeks. I'm hoping to start them on the Magnolia Blossoms painting you taught us at the Spring Meet a couple of years ago. I showed them my version of it and they were really happy to try it too. :crossfingers: it works. Listen to what Gail and Uschi said. ;)

:wave: to all, gotta go and make our fruit compote mixture for lunches now.



04-11-2013, 12:25 PM
Thanks for all your kind wishes regarding Esme. This disease is very difficult. Apparently the lump is from too much insulin?!?!!?! :eek: I had to take her in a month ago because 2 units twice a day wasn't working after several months of it being the perfect dose. Her testing the two months before -- the vet said her numbers were great, see you in three months. At the end of two she was losing weight, drinking too much water, peeing too much, diarrhea again. So I brought her in. Glucose too high. Upped to 2 1/2 units twice a day. Come back a month later. Too high a dose. Not only that, but the glucose numbers didn't crater and then come back up again toward the 12 hour mark as they should have. So the vet left word for me to not give her a shot last night and go back to 2 units X2. I wasn't able to talk to him last night, so I will speak with him by phone this morning.

Weird side effect of too much insulin -- 'roid rage. Her muscles got so buffed up I was going to start calling her Barry Bonds. And she was very angry and testy all the time. Who knew?

Gail I am trying to find a different spot each time, but it isn't easy. The swelling now covers most of the area where you have to put the shot. I tried to go over a little to the side, but she nixed that idea with a hissy, spitty fit. So I went a little lower than the shoulders, but you run out of loose skin at a point. The shot has to go between the skin and the muscle into that void space or it isn't absorbed properly. I will ask the vet about that when I speak to him.

Annie weight isn't the only factor. Esme was never overweight. You have to watch for signs of excessive drinking of water and excessive peeing. Which, Char, is difficult if you let them go outside instead of in a litter box. Watch for weight loss, voracious eating, excessive water intake. That said, Opie has always eaten and drunk enormous amounts. He's always been like that. And he's not overweight. He is just the most enormous cat. If I saw a change I would worry. If you are at all worried, especially as they get older, then have your vet run a blood panel to check. Better safe than sorry.

Also check their food to see if it is filled with grains. Most of them are. Their bodies are not built to handle all that carbohydrate. Manufacturers use them because they are cheap. Once they were unable to get horse meat for pet food they started loading up on wheat and corn and oats. I mean really, when's the last time you saw a cat eat a bowl of porridge? I now buy all grain free canned and dry food.

Okay off the woe-is-me and soap box.

JJ I was going to suggest a Subaru, but I checked and this is the first year they are offering a diesel, so no used models to be had yet. What about a Toyota? Like a Rav 4 or whatever model like that they sell in Australia?

Doug have you read Henning Mankell's books? Less sex. :lol:

Sylvia they are called Narcissus or paper whites. I love the way they smell. There are also regular daffs that have fragrance. Ah, Anderson's in Buellton. I used to pass through there every time I drove up and back to my mother's.

Geoff I hope that wasn't the most expensive propane tank ever. 80 miles worth of petrol to find propane. :eek:

Uschi I hope you get to play scrabble today.

:clap: :clap: Lulu. Soon! Layers is the answer. It will probably be freezing inside as the AC will be cranked up. :lol:

:crossfingers: Henry for some answers soon. (((((Lesley)))))

Well I'd best get off of here. Get some things done and wait for the vet's call.



Wind Song
04-11-2013, 12:40 PM
Hi Everyone:wave:

I have been without my computer for a few days now but it has been repaired and I am back!!!

We are under a freezing rain warning today as is most of the GTA area!

There sure seems to be a lot of flu bugs going around :grouphug: to Sylvia, Doris and Char:grouphug:

I have been working away on my 24 x 24 " macro hibiscus oil, and am thinking of possibly changing the comp slightly regarding the bud in the top right corner that is not yet painted because I think it will take the viewer out of the painting! What do you think?

Here is a pic of the WIP about 3/4 done

Have a great one!

04-11-2013, 01:33 PM
Good afternoon. The sun is shining and we might get up to the 60s today. DH and I went out to lunch together. Tonight he might have a game, and I am going to see my granddaughter run her last track meet tonight.

Everyone around here has or is having aller attacks from all the pollen floating around. I fought mine for five days, but did not get a sinus infection. DH always opens his sunroof in the car, so he now has a sinus infection. He will never learn!

Last night he brought home a photo of himself dressed as George Washington and the tiny costume he wore. It is so cute, I think I will frame it with the photo in a shadow box frame.

I bought my house in 1990 as a single mom. It was a VA repo, and I paid $12,000 under market value. The VA put down my down payment. It has doubled in value and is the perfect size for us at 1500 sf. Ironically, it has a layout that was similar to my Mom's house in Florida. So, it had a good feel to it. It is almost paid for. Once that happens, I can retire. :)

Lulu, I know you will enjoy every precious minute with your family. Take lots of photos and have a wonderful time.

Kay, I hope Esme gets stable soon. We lost a dog to diabetes. It is a very hard disease to manage in animals.

I love the painting of the hibiscus. I love the colors.

Sylvia, temps took a plung last night, but we did not have a freeze. I love the flowers, are they perhaps freesias?

Uschi, be careful if you go out. I hate driving or walking on ice.

Darla, be very careful when out in public so you do not catch anything.

I have got to run and get back to work. Hugs to all on need....especially Henry and Lesley.

04-11-2013, 01:57 PM
Nancy, yes everytime we go to the stores we:crossfingers: that we don't catch anything. I was hoping the flu's would die down with Spring coming...but Spring hasn't arrived yet.:confused: We sure don't want to be sick when it's time for our trip.

Uschi, yes there is an ordinance for barking dogs but we've never ever called anyone regarding them because we don't want them mad at us.:rolleyes: Bur it's sure something we are thinking about doing. We cannot go into our own fenced in backyard because they will run along the fence barking and they don't stop. Three times now the mean one (who barks the most) climbed their woodpile and jumped over our fence coming after Larry! He was NOT happy about that. Every single time those dogs are let out they bark constantly. We have dogs across the street from us who bark all the time too. We just have rude neighbors.

Sharon your macro hibiscus bloom is turning out lovely. I'd vote to omit the bud. I'm glad you got your internet back.

Sylvia, those white flowers are Paperwhite Narcissus. We used to always start our own seeds then just decided it wasn't worth the work but this year Larry wanted to plant them so he did. We will be gone on our trip when we usually plant our garden but we've planted it later before and it always catches up with others.

Kay, poor Esme, she sure does have her problems. I hope you can get her sorted out soon.

Bill, oh yum...fresh bread and pea soup...sounds delicious.:thumbsup:

04-11-2013, 02:31 PM
Still cold and still without gas,small spare keeeping is going but for how

Sylvia some of those house hunter programmes are a hoot last week a couple were rejecting a house at 500,000 because 'i wouldnt get my favourite couch in'.......which probably cost about 500...


04-11-2013, 02:50 PM
Hope you find some gas Geoff. Strange that none is available in the area.


04-11-2013, 03:13 PM
Yes Sylvia , Narcissus . I hate the smell , but my brother thought it was Wonderful. Go figure :lol: :lol:
Same with our house .I looked for a whole year and saw this house . An instant Love affair!! I told Louie I had found The house . He said we cannot afford it . I said I am Finished looking period . We did not discuss it again .
It sat for 6 months Empty .He called the Broker and told her to bring down the price as there had been a murder New Canaan and there was a Cat -burglar and the town did not look good . :wink2: They did !
We have been here now 48 years . It was only 2 years old when we bought it . The people who lived here went to California and built the same house ,on 1/4 acre with no woods or pond .
Yes . I think you know what you like ,right away.
It reflects your image of the sort of life you wish to lead .

Strawberry Wine
04-11-2013, 04:20 PM
Back again and done for the day. All the trim, except in the office, has one coat of white semi gloss. I shall finish it tomorrow and Dan will paint the walls Dan's office has too much stuff that needs to be moved. If he wants to move some stuff out before his surgery I can finish that room otherwise it will be waiting until autumn. Reason, gardening until then :) Oh yeah, I need to paint some outdoor trim... At least I will be out of doors.

Uschi, we have not had a drop of rain, freezing rain, or snow :crossfingers: that it misses us completely. Have fun playing scrabble.

Sharon, love the macro hibiscus Definitely no bud. You are right, it will lead the eye stage right and gone.

Geoff, With no hookup to electricity is your firide, stove, hot water dependent on propane? Why are you caravanning in a field?

Sylvia, yes they are Paperwhites and their scent is very strong. It is a much more pleasant scent when they are growing outdoors.

Kay, has the vet seen this swelling ? Can you start giving the injections in the same area on the opposite side of her body now? If so, you probably would have done so..... poor kitty.

Darla, we are now in the midst of the 2nd flu season. Sometimes it is an emergence of the original (Nov, Dec, Jan) one or a variation of it and sometimes it is a new strain. Last autumns Flu shots, can still be protective. The number of people who are infected is not usually as high as the November/ December one. Somewhat because, there are not the number of people out shopping prior to Christmas with many of those consumers shopping even when they are sick and then passing it on to everyone else.... and so on... Just keep doing what you are doing to keep well.

Constantly barking dogs drive me crazy... Koty was my only barker of all the dogs I have had over the years and the second he started he was brought back inside. I could never break him of this annoying habit.. I think his previous owners praised him as a puppy for barking at strangers walking past his house. He had no training when we rescued him at 5 1/2 months so in his mind it was the only thing he did right when he was living with them and he was not giving it up.

I need to shower and then read for a bit before we decide what we want for dinner.

:wave: to all I have missed

Cheers to all,


04-11-2013, 05:38 PM

90% of our caravanning is done on rallies which are not on commercial sites but usually on grass fields. We carry 2 x 110 ah batteries which provide power for pumps TV etc....the fridge, heating and oven / rings are gas fed.
The batteries are topped by use of a solar panel

In a week we will be heading across near Doug abd will be on a site with mains electrics for a week, however, the following week we move over to the edge of the Lake District back onto a farm.

Hope that explains things!


Strawberry Wine
04-11-2013, 06:34 PM
Thanks Geoff !

I understand now !

We have used the solar panels to trickle charge battery power if we dont have electrical hook up. We need a larger one now that we have a bigger camper with more needs. Fridge is 3 way, hot water and furnace is propane, water pump and lights and small fans are electric with battery back up.

We most likely won't get our camper ready for summer until early to mid May.

Hope the weather starts to warm up for you



04-11-2013, 08:07 PM
Hi :wave:

Ok re: the painting, I would omit the bud, doesn't need it.

I agree about House Hunters, "I don't like that color etc. Have they not heard of paint!? I have been told that the house they know the house they choose already, makes sense.

Peasoup Andersons, always a favorite when going south or north, and we have gone to the one at Santa Nella :smug:

When we went to the UK to look for houses, we knew we wanted to live in Knaresborough, because the two months we spent there we lived in a Self Catering place there and fell in love with the place (I said it looked like we were living in a watercolor painting)
Anyway, we went for a walk to stay awake, after a long LONG trip from California, and we knew we had to stay up so walked down the Waterside, and there was a sign "For Lease" and walked up looked in the window and saw the fireplace with the gas stove, and I said that was it! and it was. Two years later the owner, who was living in Austrailia, said we had to move as she was selling the house. We asked her not to post it for sale as we really did not want to move. End of story.
Still love that house, but it would be a loooooonnnng commute to visit the kids.

Dogs?, those are monsters, call the county or whom ever, they don't need to know who reported them, I mean, jumping over the fence? OMG!

Got to get out of the living room DH & DGD are watching the Sharks and they all are noisy!

Oh we saw the house we live in now online, had the kids check it out, went back for a visit and bought the place.
No hills :angel:

04-11-2013, 10:56 PM
If you were to post here every day with photos and descriptions of your travels, you will have a ready made travellog and satisfy us nosy friends all at the same time:lol: :lol:

You might just have to stay nosey until our return Uschi:D I'll try and post occasionally, but it is much easier to post photos to fb since there is not need to downsize them.

(((Char))) I do hope you are feeling better soon.

Much to do....:wave:

Scene Chaser
04-11-2013, 11:05 PM
Geoff, maybe a wood stove? :)

04-12-2013, 12:10 AM
"maybe a wood stove?" Not recomended in a caravan, how about an electric heater?