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04-10-2013, 01:56 AM
Morning all.

This is blue ears territory so I willl scarper and return later!


04-10-2013, 02:06 AM
You're safe Geoff!

04-10-2013, 03:51 AM
Certainly safe Geoff.

Hi Judy.

Dusk is settling upon us and is is chilly. A few rainshowers, just to keep the slopes with their grasses unmowable.

Cats are in and fed. Roger is cooking tonight and I am forbidden from making any input into the horrible tasteless and planned meal he has made. They are HIS words. It will be lovely. Smells so.


04-10-2013, 04:32 AM
Good morning all. Late up - trying to finish my book "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". It's a long book and I didn't finish it yet..

A pleasant morning here, hazy sun and 5C.

We're planning a trip to Southport to get some exercise and maybe some odd tubes of paint.

Enjoy your dinner Annie.


04-10-2013, 04:54 AM
Good Morning all,
It is a little before 5:00 a.m. here in still sleeping Oakwood. Another warm day in store for us...we actually slept with the windows open last night!

I'm off to teach my Beginners Class this morning. We'll explore Values and paint a Value Scale, negative painting using fallen leaves as the subject, and Shadows containing color. Don't know if we'll make it through all of that, but will give it a go.

Annie, When my DH retired and I went to work, he took over preparing dinner too. Lots of times it was adding veggies to precooked frozen main courses (why roast one chicken when you can do two and freeze one for later, etc.). But he really loved making soup from scratch and I loved eating it. :D

Doug, Didn't read that book, but did see the movie. Strange story. :o

:wave: to Geoff, Judy, and all who are on their way.



04-10-2013, 04:56 AM
Good morning Sylvia, good to see you are back on form.

I didn't see the film but the book made me blush in places :lol:


04-10-2013, 05:41 AM
He is not a bad cook Sylvia. I hear you. Dinner was delicately wonderful.:thumbsup:

Have I missed something? Doug blushed?

04-10-2013, 05:55 AM
Good morning all - looks to be another warm day here, and looks good for the weekend as well. I think we will be able to go camping in a nearby state park this weekend.

Doug, I enjoyed that book, read it a while back. Never bothered with the movie though. Hunger Games was another that I didn't think a movie could do it justice, although the first book of the series was good. I read all three but thought the first was the best.

I had wanted to sign up for a Pen & Ink class but once again there were not enough students who registered and it was cancelled. That makes three sessions in a row that have been cancelled. Very frustrating. However, I continue to do as much as I can on my own and following online videos, etc.

04-10-2013, 06:01 AM
Yes I blushed at the language and sex Annie :angel:

Don, you are going to have to start your own art group.


04-10-2013, 06:26 AM
Thanks Don.

Hunger games ? Heard about the movie, don't want to read the book ... no wonder you blushed Doug. No, you don't blush :lol:

Now !!! I have one question? After going to the nieces wedding in my sensible and as I thought SMART heels, how the heck do women walk all day in six inch tippy but fabulously ornate heels walk? But they did. My nieces and sister walked wonderfully. Gobsmacked. More shoe shopping coming but for me ... boots,

One of the conundrums of life. :lol:

04-10-2013, 06:58 AM
I have the flu...

I have an appointment this morning and a Class this afternoon...

Good Lord help me...

I have the flu...

04-10-2013, 07:54 AM
((((((((((Char)))))))))) For your sake and for others, cancel everything and go to bed. I hope you feel better quickly!!!!!!

Don, wonderful that you'll be able to do the camping. Buy instructional videos of good artists for the money you would have spent on the course. Mind you, it woul;d be nice to have class mates along the way.

Annie, oh how nice to have supper ready when you come home!!

Sylvia, your students will be glad that you are feeling better.

Doug, I enjoyed his books, made the big mistake of seeing one of the movies afterwards, promised myself I will never again see the movie of a book I enjoyed.

Hi Geoff, I hope you get some fishing in today.

We had quite a bit of rain yesterday evening , it is 4C and supposed to be raining all day.

Off for breakfast and then table tennis.

BBL :wave: Uschi

04-10-2013, 07:56 AM
:grouphug: for Char. I know how you feel after last week's fiasco with the flu. Cancel the appointment and the class and take care of yourself. :o


Annie, When I was a young and foolish woman in the late 1950's, 4" narrow heels and pointy toed shoes were the fashion. I used to wear them to work which mean running to catch a train, then race walking from the station to the office and home again at the end of the day. I have NO idea how I did it either, you wouldn't catch me in a pair of high heels these days. :shaking head icon needed here: ;)

:wave: I'm off to class now.



04-10-2013, 08:02 AM
Good morning everyone! It's going to be a beautiful day in central Penn! Got to sleep with my windows open. The fur kids thought it a treat.

Char, hope you feel better soon. Maybe you should cancel class. You really don't want to share it.

I have a class to teach this morning and have decided to go outside to paint. We deserve a break.

Hope everyone has a great day today.


Strawberry Wine
04-10-2013, 08:10 AM
Good Day Washers !

Overcast this morning 3C. Our yard is too wet to walk on. And 15 cm. of SNOW is in the forecast for tomorrow. :eek:

Char, influenza ? or Norvo? Cancel everything and go back to bed and stay there !

Our girl turns 2 years old today and she is a joy !

Profile of the Black Pearl !


Don, we have had the same problem in our area and it is so frustrating. One thing you can do is contact the instructor and ask him or her to let you know where else they will be holding a class. I have done that with some success and taken the class in another town or city not too far away. Uschi's idea is a good one too.

Time to get some breakfast

BBL and :wave: to all



04-10-2013, 09:05 AM

It's a dull, rainy morning, windy and nasty; yet again. One more day of this and then we could see some snow on Friday.:rolleyes: Where is SPRING:confused:

I'm very tired this morning; didn't sleep well and my rear is dragging...it's going to be a LONG day.

(((CHAR))) listen to us....go to bed! (shaking finger icon needed here). Cancel your class and your appointment and rest.

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to PEARL, Gail. SHe's sure a beautiful girl.

Annie, I wished Larry would cook...but he cleans,washes dishes, does laundry & even windows; so I'm a lucky girl.:D

Doug we saw that movie; a disturbing, confusing movie. I have never read the book.

Sylvia, have fun with your students today!

Geoff, no wearing of blue for you today.:thumbsup:

Aww Don, that is so disappointing for you. You've been given some good ideas from Gail and Uschi.

Sending hugs and white light to all in need:grouphug:

I hope you all have a GREAT DAY!

BBL:wave: :heart:

Scene Chaser
04-10-2013, 09:56 AM
Good Day All,

(((Char))) it's best to go to bed. There, I said it too. :cat:

Annie, I highly recommend the first book of "The Hunger Games." I read all three but I agree with Don, the first is best. I, too, will not see movies of books I've read.

I have not seen the movie of "The girl with the Dragon Tattoo," but perhaps I'll read the book.

It rained a lot here yesterday and this morning. My yard is flooded. So much, I'm thinking of putting up a 'no fishing' sign. More expected this afternoon.

Gail, Pearl looks great. An intelligent looking dog.

I do the cooking here. :)


04-10-2013, 10:06 AM
:wave: Good day! very grey and wet looking out there. Had planned to walk on errands, perhaps I'll wait till tomorrow, when the storm arrives and I really don't want to go anywhere! I agree, Darla, where is Spring????

((((Char)))) listen to them^^^^!

Boots for me, too, Annie!

I remember those shoes, Sylvia, mine were fashionable brown....luckily for my feet my jobs were in the lab, and I wore flats there.

That's a shame, Don, you will just have to get your inspiration here :)

Happy birthday to Pearl, Gail, she is a lovely dog!

Doug, I started it but never finished.....not usual for me, but I find I am going more for detective stories and non violent tales, don't like watching all the violent TV either. Maybe that's why I like the old stories, am re-reading some of the classics.

Hi Pat, I had my windows open too, but then I do, even though the winter, love that bit of fresh air.

Geoff, I wonder where you are now.

Have a rewarding day everyone! :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

Edit: Hi Bill, stay dry!

04-10-2013, 10:16 AM
Me? I'm in Melrose.


04-10-2013, 10:22 AM
Quick post. Weather has turned cold with rain, but by the weekend the spring weather returns. We had 80 yesterday and today in the 50s. :(

Don, FYI. I majored in art in college. We had to figure out techniques ourselves. They just covered theories and art history. We had to work out the rest ourselves. Is there a junior college or even a Parks & Rec department near you. I know that our Senior Center and Parks and Rec departments offer painting classes.

Char, everyone is right. You need to isolate yourself and go to bed. Hope you feel better soon.

Gail, Pearl is such a beautiful dog and holds herself so regal. There is nothing like the love of a dog.

Darla, I agree, it is going to be a long day here, too.

Tonight I visit my mother and will give her a haircut. Then I can go home and collapse. My muse finally returned, so I look forward to working on a drawing tonight.

Hugs to all in need.

04-10-2013, 11:19 AM
Char I am voting with the rest, flu is nothing to fool around with! All will understand (and will be grateful you have not 'shared' the flu)
So take a sick day! I had to get a flu shot this year, was very pleased I felt nothing :smug: The pnumonia shot, however, was quite a different story! Happily only one is needed.

Kids have gone to school, Lauren left early to talk with a teacher, it was like pulling teeth to get him out the door, morning is not his favorite time of day :rolleyes:
We had a taste test for breakfast, got toaster waffles, and compared regular syrup with Golden Syrup, the Brit syrup won!

Need to clear out the pantry today.


04-10-2013, 11:56 AM

Another busy day today sorting things out in the office so taking a quick break to pop in.

Just been onto the energy provider re changing our tariff - had to pretend to be Mum - my performance as a 92 year old was outstanding if I say so myself....lol.

Had written to them previously asking to put me down as authorised to speak to them on her behalf but they hadn't received it - so another letter on its way.

Our John fell down the stairs last night - top to bottom - thankfully he was ok though am sure he is feeling it today - phew!!

Lot of fury at the moment regarding Thatcher's funeral - seems she is having a ceremonial one (similar to that given to Princess Di and the Queen Mother) - will cost the taxpayer between 8 and 10 million pounds.

People (including me) are not happy at all - saying either her family should pay or the Tories. I can see trouble brewing on the day.

Mum has an appt with the eye doc on Friday for a check up - am hoping he will give her the all clear on having the other eye done. That will be one thing sorted - just got her shoulder to sort out and hopefull we will be set for the wonderful summer I am expecting this year......LOL.

Oh gotta go - SWMBO wants me.

Waving to everyone :wave:


Pat xxx

04-10-2013, 12:57 PM
Hi to all

They are treating my wife for a DVT and Cellulitis, she still has not had the CT scan on her abdomen yet, still in a lot of pain there

Pat, it is a disgrace

Speak Later


Ellen in Ont
04-10-2013, 01:00 PM
:wave: everyone,
I worked nights the last two nights but since I haven't been sleeping well lately, I'm up and running after two hours sleep. I feel good right now but will probably crash watching TV this evening.:rolleyes:

I have already run some errands, visited my son at his work and ended up inviting them for supper, had to buy groceries for the same, just finished lunch and now have to start cooking. :D I then have to child proof a few things before they show up in a couple of hours.

(((((Char))))) - I hope you took everyone's advise and are tucked in bed being taken care of by Ted. :heart:

Doug - I enjoyed the first book of the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo but couldn't get interested in the second. I enjoyed the hunger games books but not the movie. The one movie I found I enjoyed as much if not better than the book, was the Hobbit. I was surprised!

No time for extra chatting right now so I'll just send everyone a hug whether you think you need one or not.

04-10-2013, 01:09 PM
(((Lesley))) The difference between the UK National Health Service and the US system Henry is you wait for them :mad:

Sorry to hear about John's fall Pat. When I fell down stairs I broke both wrists and had concussion.

(((Char))) please take care, you shouldn't try to carry on when you have flu.

It's been a Spring day here, hazy sunshine and stil 13C at 6pm.


04-10-2013, 01:22 PM
Just sitting down to coffee and breakfast as I had to get Esme to the Vet Hospital for her glucose testing. Boy I wish there was some other way to do this. She was so unhappy and was very hissy and spitty when we got there. That isn't good for her numbers. Kind of like white coat syndrome in humans, their blood glucose soars when they are frightened and upset. On top of that, last night when I was giving her her shot I noticed some swelling in the area where I give her the shot. It was less this morning, but I hope it isn't something serious. I don't think I can take any more. :crossfingers:

Yes Char!! Go to bed!

Doug how odd are the tubes? :D I read all three Larsson books and thought the first was the best of that trio. Spoiler Alert: If you blushed at the first one you'll double that with the second.

Pat for (((((John))))) :eek: Glad to know he's alright. Double :eek:

Gail that photo of Pearl is exquisite.

Annie I wore those spike heels and pointy toes in the 80's. It was hard then as I grew up with big wide toed shoes even if they had five inch heels (and I did have a pair of 5 inchers with platforms). Being short I was always wearing high heels. Not any more --- except for auditions. :lol:

:thumbsup: on your muse returning Nancy. More Zentangles? Or other drawings?

Don that's a disappointment. I like the suggestion of a group. You might look up Urban Sketchers (http://www.urbansketchers.org) to see if there is a group near you.

Bill perhaps you should invite Geoff to fish your front lawn. :evil:

(((Darla))))) hope you get some decent sleep soon.

Sylvia when we cleared out my mother's closet we found those 50's heels. The most beautiful shoes you could ever imagine. I couldn't wear any of them because she wore a larger size than me, and my sister couldn't wear them because she wears a larger size than my mother did. Purses, shoes, hats and gloves to match every outfit. :crying:

Beautiful day here. Up into the 80's F. Must vacuum while Esme is out of the house. Don't want her blood glucose spiked two days in a row.

:wave: :wave: HAWLTAIN


Edit: Henry for ((((((Lesley))))))

04-10-2013, 02:14 PM
Doug, re:NHS and the US, I agree but it depends, if it's an ungent matter,
I had to wait 2 years :eek:in North Yorkshire for an MRI after I had that seizure in Paris, because there was only on in the county, and it was mobile.
BUT when I had a tear in the back of my eye, I was sent to A&E (ER) by an eye doctor (not my own, who was away) and they did a lazer treatment instantly, so I suppose what the problem is.
Here, we get treated fairly well, but have to pay.

Need to dash out, BBL

04-10-2013, 02:42 PM
Evening all.

Some light rain but otherwise a better day but still zero trout!!

National Health Service has been brilliant with my and my family when wevtried to go 'private' the consultants recommended we would get the same service on NHS as they would be doing the work anyway....

Henry ((((hugs to you snd Lesley))))


04-10-2013, 03:29 PM
Thanks Geoff

I'm not that far away, would you like me to deliver a couple of Brownies to you :evil:


04-10-2013, 04:04 PM
Kay and Lynn,
Do you remember how those shoes would leave dents in flooring??? Too much pressure on too small a heel tip. :rolleyes: Never did the platform bit even though I was always short...5'4" (now 5'3").

Pearl looks like a movie star in that photo. Beautiful shiny fur coat and the little curl in her lip is terrific. I see a painting coming on. ;)

Char, :grouphug: just because. Hope you are feeling a little better.

My class enjoyed the lesson on negative painting (we did the fallen leaves one). Caryl, I used your gumdrops photo as an illustration for the shadows portion of the lesson showing how shadows have color and how their edges work on form and cast shadows. They LOVED your photo. :thumbsup:

Henry, Hope they can help your wife feel more comfortable while she is waiting for the CT Scan.

:wave: to all who were here between my visits.



04-10-2013, 04:07 PM
[QUOTE=Flattwo]Thanks Geoff

I'm not that far away, would you like me to deliver a couple of Brownies to you :evil:


Don't actually like fresh trout myself, could manage an Arbroath Smokie or two though.


04-10-2013, 04:56 PM
arghh...I knew it'd be a LOOOOng day and it was; but it's almost time to go home now:thumbsup:

It rained HARD today and they are saying more heav rain tonight and tomorrow; floodng is a possibiliy. Afer the flooding in our basement a couple of years ago Larry and I both cringe whenever there is a flood watch. Our sump pump goes steady all the time. We live in a flood plain and have to pay for extra insurance for it. We of course live near a river.:rolleyes:

I want to do my 2 mile walk tonight on my treadmill so dinner will be a quick affair. I'm having left-overs;) Larry and I don't mind them at all.

We can get in to see a doctor fairly quickly. For tests of any kind also.

Thinking of (((CHAR))) this afternoon and hoping she's resting.:heart:

Th Noro Virus is still going around here and I just hope it dies off before Larry and I get it. We don't want it next month because it could interfere with our trip.:crossfingers:

(((HENRY'S wife))) for the tests.:grouphug:

Well gotta go now; have a great rest of your day/evening.:wave:

04-10-2013, 05:48 PM
Kay and Lynn,
Do you remember how those shoes would leave dents in flooring??? Too much pressure on too small a heel tip. :rolleyes: Never did the platform bit even though I was always short...5'4" (now 5'3"). Sylvia

and remember those clear, plastic caps we put over the bottom of the spikey heal to avoid these dents:)

I ALWAYS wore high heels, even when going for a walk in the woods. Actually only had one pair of flat shoes and those were my tennis shoes which I only wore when playing tennis. I started wearing flat shoes when I was around 60 and the arthiritis in my hip started playing up.

Sylvia, glad you had a good class!!!

Henry, watching someone in pain is sooooo hard. BIG Hug to you and Lesley!!

Kay :crossfingers: :crossfingers: for Esme and a HUG for you!!!

Gail, AAAWWWW, doesn't she look BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Happy Birthday Pearl!!!!

Darla, it has been raining hard here too, plus another thunderstorm.

Judy, was the same here with the MRI machines but more and more have been bought and now within 30 minutes drive there are at least 4 so the wait is not really very long.

My friend in the USA is 73, therefore has medicare, needs an insurance to top it off and then another insurance to top that off - $ 320 a month. I'd hat to guess how much it would be if she wasn't old enough to get the medicare.

Ellen, I too enjoyed the Hungergames (book) and am glad I didn't see the movie.

Pat, poor John!! and how lucky he has not injured himself.

Lynn, my bedroom and studio windows are also open summer or winter, don't want to breathe in my second hand smoke:evil: :lol: :lol:

:wave: Uschi

04-10-2013, 07:27 PM
It is raining, again.......

:grouphug: to all in need..

Kay, those seed pods opened up are amazing!!!! :thumbsup: Thanks for that photo. Good luck with the exhibition..


New Gamboge
04-10-2013, 11:10 PM
Hi everyone - we are having a beautiful spring - some sunshine, some rain. I think I am finally over my cold - it's hung on for a long time.

Doug - if you blush at the first book (I did too), you'll really blush at the movie - and if you read the second book, you want to have the third book close by as it doesn't really finish. We read all 3 and watched all 3 - the original ones, they were extremely well done.

DSIL has all the early seedlings up and transplanted into larger pots already - he has to start everything indoors as we have heavy frosts right up until the end of May. The ducks are finally sitting on eggs, and Dave and Amie are getting some Australorp chicken eggs to hatch next week.

Saw 2 does in my neighbour's field last evening, but haven't seen any fawns yet.

We take down our show tomorrow - even with 2 weeks longer than usual, nothing has sold. Bye, Betty

04-11-2013, 02:25 AM
Well, my education is now complete :lol:

I finished all three books of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I like books which are based on real places and landscapes and often follow the plot on Streetview.


04-11-2013, 05:24 AM
Well, my education is now complete :lol:

I finished all three books of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. No it's not, not until you have read 50 Shades of Grey, so I am told. (I have them on my hard drive, but haven't looked at them)

04-11-2013, 08:43 AM
JJ, DOUG will REALLY blush reading the Shades of Gray series! I wasn't that impressed; I hope the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series is better written.

04-11-2013, 09:20 PM