View Full Version : A Free Painting Demo? Yes, Please!

04-02-2013, 11:59 AM
As an art-lover, Iím pretty open-minded. I see the beauty in expressing oneself, and appreciate that just as much as I honor the quality of what comes from that expression. I hope that people know this about me, if nothing else. An integral part of creative expression is the process itself; yes, the journey.

A friend of mine proved this to me in the furthest degree when she had spent months working on an upcoming outdoor project that was to coincide with a downtown event. She gave everything of herself to bring her artistic vision to fruition: time, money, energy--all valuable resources. The night of the event was incredibly cold and rainy; she wasnít able to share her work. I was afraid that this anti-climax would destroy her enthusiasm, but we had lunch recently and when I asked her about it, she surprised me by saying that she wasnít upset about not sharing her artistic vision that night, because just going through the process was enough to satisfy her. Wow--what a woman. I shouldíve known this to be the case, but hearing this gave me a little peace.

This is what we live for, I believe. And having resources to support our efforts is vital. I recently told you about Maggie Priceís newest book, Creative Freedom: 52 Art Ideas, Projects and Exercises to Overcome Your Creativity Block, and the response was so positive that Iíd like to share an excerpt from one of the contributing writers, so you donít have to just take it from me.

Click here for to learn more (http://bit.ly/FreeHildebrantDemo), including a link to the free demo "Set Your Subject in Another Era" by Jean Hildebrant, contributor to Creative Freedom.

The Birthday Gift (oil on canvas, 18x24) by Jean Hildebrant