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04-02-2013, 09:18 AM
Sketching my baby boy

I was wondering that sketching my baby boy was easier because is small and not moving. I was wrong.

Just to remember how happy I was to see my baby, while I was redeployed. I was counting the days passing by, and making a party in my heart each single week was passing. This sketch was just a small examples of my dear diary dedicated to my baby.

sketching my baby on my dear journal

Since I cannot go for sketching outside like some time ago, because there is a lot of small and big things to do at home and because I like to help my wife as more as I can, I try to sketch my new model. And it's not easy no no.
I feel like going for sketching outside but inside my house because time is running, because the baby is feeding or because many other reasons that many of you friends know better than me.
But still holding tight for sketching, these are times to sketch with watercolors and waterbrushes on the rush, as i wrote before, urban sketching at home practically.


This sketching was held while breast-feeding, one of the most intimate moments for a family. So that's the way I decided to put these moments on my new journal.

And this one I sketched some days ago

Oh yes I love this image...

Of course, this cannot be the best sketching around since the baby boy seems bald and older but you know, makes me always a kind of heart attack when I see this baby feeding.
And let's say that's also easier to catch a good image of the boy, avoiding to sketch him always while sleeping! :)

So this will be my next training: sketching my baby while moving and playing and eating... Uhmm... should I ise more my camera? :)

I made all these sketching on the rush my new journal, scratching my Lamy Safari Fountain Pen filled with Platinum Carbon Ink over my great favorite Fabriano Venezia Sketchbook using my faithful Winsor&Newton Artists' watercolor washed with Kuretake Zig Waterbrushes. Thanks a lot to Kuretake...one of my best weapons so far.

04-02-2013, 06:45 PM
Such a precious boy. Beautiful sketches. I suggest you do both, sketch and photographs. That way you'll be able to catch every moment one way or the other.

04-03-2013, 02:14 AM
That's the way we are doing!

04-03-2013, 03:37 AM
Lovely :)

04-03-2013, 04:27 AM
such a wonderful diary! Your little son will deeply appreciate your sketches when he is older

04-03-2013, 09:00 AM
What a wonderful subject for your journal! Your sketches are sensitive and precious, and you, your wife and son will enjoy looking at them through the years as he grows up.

04-04-2013, 07:32 PM
Wonderful subject for sketching and great work!

04-04-2013, 10:09 PM
Very beautiful, Mostho. Sensitive, serene, just lovely!

I am enjoying seeing your sketches. Thank you for sharing.


04-05-2013, 12:01 AM
That's how I got back to art, sketching my baby grand daughter while she was sleeping. Great time to get those moments, and they still move around while asleep so you must be fast:) Love your sketches; they are beautiful. You and your family will be thankful for the quiet times when he is running around and climbing and growing up every day.

04-05-2013, 02:31 AM
thank you all for the kind words.
It's true, he makes me happier.:):wave:

04-05-2013, 02:59 PM
Very nice journal, and obviously a great and fulfilling subject! This will be something your whole family treasures in the future.