View Full Version : Paint Watercolor Complements Without Mud!

03-30-2013, 10:34 AM
In this video, playing now on http://ArtistsNetwork.TV, Birgit O'Connor demonstrates how to use easy wet-into-wet and drybrush watercolor techniques to create a single, vibrant pansy in complementary colors and split complementary colors. (http://artistsnetwork.tv/p-484-watercolor-with-birgit-oconnor-the-pansy.aspx) She shows how to use wet-into-wet and drybrush painting techniques for shading, blending watercolors to create darker values of the same hue and using proper tools and strokes to control the direction of your paint.

Preview Watercolor with Birgit O'Connor: The Pansy (http://artistsnetwork.tv/p-484-watercolor-with-birgit-oconnor-the-pansy.aspx) now. Learn how to paint watercolor flowers using a wet-into-wet technique so the paint will spread from the edges, as well as how to blend paints to create darker shades of the same hue. Then visit http://ArtistsNetwork.TV for access to the full-length video.