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Welcome to Romania! As already announced in the invitation, we will travel to Romania, mainly to Sighisoara and Bran, to visit the birth place and the palace of Vlad Tsepes, so called “Dracul”, and known as “Dracula” from the various books and movies. Romania is my birth place too, and I thought it would be a nice birthday present for myself to travel with my friends at WC there, since I have quite a good numbers of years to go.

I will be posting 16 images and a challenge

Please wait until all are uploaded before commenting - thank you.

All Photos were taken by me, and please pm me if you need a larger size. However, don't expect a much larger size, since all photos were taken back in 2004 and 2002, when I had quite a low resolution digital camera. Actually the ones from 2002 were taken with an analog camera, so these are scanned version.

You have 30 minutes to make your choice and choose your materials - you may use any medium.

For the next two hours, just go for it……then STOP!, scan or photograph your work and post it in your own new thread with your title, beginning with WDE, plus date, plus title.

When you introduce your work, please add a description of size, medium, support (paper, canvas etc) and time taken.
If your work is digital, we'd appreciate a description of whether it's freehand drawing/painting, manipulated image or done using the filters available in some programmes - you could also say which programme you've used.
All are acceptable but we'd like to know the "hows, whys and wherefores"!!

Use WIP for any work in progress at the 2 hour mark, and MI for multiple images if other works are to be added before the following Monday.

NB. To avoid forum flooding, please put all of your work during the weekend, for the current WDE, into a single thread: multiple threads will be merged! From the following TUESDAY, you may open a new thread for later work.

You have the whole week to participate - until the next WDE starts (usually Friday). If you finish a piece after that time, please still post at any time and try to remember who was the host and when

After posting your contribution, please view others’ entries and comment and encourage when you can. Unless requested, please refrain from critiquing.

We will start with a photo of Danube, taken early in the morning:

Traveling to the mountains, to get to Transylvania, you will certainly see many small villages like the one in the invitation photo, or this one here:

.. and monasteries - this photo was taken at Cozia:

You might pass through Sibiu (a beautiful city, but I will not go into architecture of this city here), where we meet this guy:

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In Sighisoara, the house where Vlad Tepes was born is located in the medieval city, and here are a few photos from there.

The entrance gate:

An aerial view of the city:

A street view:

An old chariot:

And, of course the birth house of Vlad Tepes:

03-08-2013, 12:10 AM
Now, we are moving to Bran Castle, which is quite impressive with respect to location (on a high rock), has a strange architecture, and a few hidden doors.

The castle seen from the base of the rock:

The main tower seen from the interior garden:

In the interior noticeable were the decorative ceramics and the wooden furniture:

And this is a little house, where some of the servants used to live:

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And a few more pictures, to complete the 16.

Lake St. Ana, near Brasov:

A gladiolus from my mom's garden:

A sunflower field:

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And the challenge: go red!!! :)
Make a small study, or use red as your main color in the painting, or some strong contrasting touches.

p.s. I had to post much earlier, as I will be on a work trip today.

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Such an interesting history your home country has Oty. Thank you for hosting and sharing it with us. Great photos.


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Thanks for hosting oty, you have given us some lovely images and I hope to be able to play tomorrow.

Charlie's Mum
03-08-2013, 06:02 AM
Fascinating images Oty - love that pegeon on the roof! . but all, lovely! Thank you :)

03-08-2013, 07:30 AM
thank you for hosting oty.. it looks like a beautiful country.. even with the bloody history :)

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thanks for the super refs :D

03-08-2013, 09:11 AM
Great photos!
Thanks for the tour;-)

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fab pics Oty, got some picked out, hope to find a couple hrs for myself this wknd

love the challenge too

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Wow. Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing and hosting.

03-08-2013, 12:18 PM
Very interesting tour of Roumania Oty. Hope to join in this week.

03-08-2013, 01:45 PM
that castle looks like it could be home to Dracul.... somewhere that I'd expect to see bats flying out of the belfry......

Love the castle and the cheeful sunflowers... to be honest it is so damop, cold and dreary here at that it was lovely to see the cheery sunflower...thanks...

will see what I can do.... I might actually get round to finishing something before long :P

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Oty, these are charming, delightful, and a bit scary to those of us who love vampire lore. Thanks for hosting.

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Looking forward for all of your art work!!!
I do hope I will also have the chance to do something these days. Yesterday I was all day traveling for my work, but hopefully the following days will be more relaxed at work, and I will have some time for painting!

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Thanks for hosting, beautiful photos, interesting challenge......I love the pigeon!

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WOW!!! Oh my gosh, Oty! It's as if you chose these photos just for me! :D

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Beth I am glad you like them!!!