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03-05-2013, 11:46 PM
Good Morning.

Poor night here,again....
Cramps in upper legs at front,never ever had them there before.

Looks misty outside, have to take car back into Swaledale this morning for new brake parts that were not in stock last week. More money!!


03-06-2013, 01:25 AM

I guess, I could be forgiven for thinking I am living in the UK eh??? Rain, rain, rain, and, rain for another week.

03-06-2013, 02:44 AM
Poor Geoff, hope you are moving better now.

Hi JJ and all to follow.

Well, it's dull but dry here and warmer at 4C.

By new modem should be delivered today, hope to get reconnected before midnight.


03-06-2013, 02:52 AM
Hi everyone:wave:
Another warm dry day, could do with some of your rain JJ.
I didn't get in to the Wash yesterday, and I haven't turned the computer on until just now (nearly 9 pm). Busy day but a good one.

Uschi, yes we are special:smug: hehe Actually I often get asked if I am of Scandinavian descent!
And Doug, I have to say, in your photos you looked very mischievous :D

Here I was aged 4 - innocent l'il Lulu :)


03-06-2013, 02:57 AM
Evening all.

JJ yes ... but you will be wearing a tee shirt. :thumbsup:

Rain is good.

Geoff and Doug :wave:

Work busy. This particular silly moo (me) offered to do an extra shift on Friday. Only when cajoled and beseeched.:rolleyes: I'm slapping the ears now.:lol: and gritting the teeth.

Still haven't downloaded the phone photos.:cool:

Roger has got onto the gravelly voiced car going up dirt road with corrugations
stage of his illness, which precludes him from working as a teacher. Mind you he could spill the Ebola virus back where it came from.

Cats are disgusted with damp and wet and yucky outside and with me for being fifteen minutes late with their evening repast which they just licked and then stalked away from. Got to keep the staff under control and let them assume nothing.

Lulu you are an angel any which way. Love all the photos, including curly haired Doug. Bill with his cat hat looked particularly nice.:heart:

Doris, look forward to your red spiral perm. Gulp. I had one too. it was the seventies/eighties no?


03-06-2013, 02:59 AM
Hi Lulu, I was a good little boy! You were a pretty girl too. Yes, Scandinavian.

Here's one of me with auburn hair holding son David.
PS Found a better one with Ruth:

PPS Hi Annie :wave:


03-06-2013, 03:21 AM
All looking GOOD Doug and Ruth.

03-06-2013, 04:13 AM
Lovely pics Doug and Ruth.
How old were you in the pic with David, Doug? John says you look like a teenager.:) LOVE the hair colour!

Char :heart:, at least Matt will still be nearby.
When I'm tempted to feel sorry for myself that our 'birds' have well and truly flown, I think of a friend who has three children, they have all gone overseas to live!.
BUT ............. 41 more sleeps.......:thumbsup:

Annie, my kittycats have been catching mice! Well, baby ones, they lost one the other day because they played with it too long, got distracted, and it was off lol

I'd better be off too, bed is calling, full day tomorrow. :wave:
PS Meant to say that it was Census Day in NZ yesterday, normally every 4 years, but because of the upheaval in Christchurch after the earthquake it was postponed until now.
It is compulsory to fill in the questionaire, re ethnicity, religion, residency, income, number of vehicles, dwelling etc etc. I'd be interested to know if other countries do the same thing.

03-06-2013, 04:20 AM
Yes Lulu, I always looked too young, that's why I grew the beard to make me look more mature :lol: I would be 24 in the first picture and probably around 35 in the second.

We had a shock after preparing Peter's room for his return from university to be told he was going to stay and do a Master's. He never came back to live :crying:


03-06-2013, 04:37 AM
Lulu, we do the senselessness too. Major religion in Australia is Star Trek or Buddhism or none. And we all live alone in a 16 room fat house. And we drive cars instead of spaceships. And we all spend hours burning petrol and coal ( electric hybrid cars) getting to unsatisfying work.

Darth Vader is our next most popular prime minister.

03-06-2013, 05:05 AM
JJ yes ... but you will be wearing a tee shirt. :thumbsup: :lol: Rain is good, outside, not inside.. I am over it.

Lovely photos Doug and Lulu.

03-06-2013, 05:21 AM
Rain inside JJ ???? :o

03-06-2013, 06:00 AM
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/06-Mar-2013/196272-sunday_morning_with_kim.jpg morning everyone..glad to see every one ok love the suit Doug ,,
still cold here .cant wear the short sleeve shirts yet, just dabbed the olbas oil on ,to get some relief from blocked sinus . here is one of me and my friend stood on a hill overlooking Kowloon ..I sat down for a moment and a preying mantis looked up at me .and a lizard ran over my foot ,

Ellen in Ont
03-06-2013, 06:28 AM
:wave: everyone,
Just dropping in to wave hi and then dashing off to work. It is finally almost light out when I leave for work but daylight savings starts this weekend and I'll be back in the dark again.:rolleyes:

03-06-2013, 06:31 AM
Hello Everyone:wave: :wave: :wave:

WELL ---we've got SNOW and lots of it. I am guessing 6-7 inches have not seen the weather on TV yet for official amount and as it is 6AM I'm not going out to measure.

I heard that about 2500 people are without power in the Dayton area.

I've got all my groceries in and will be making Italian soup later today and we will have soup and sandwhichs this evening.

I'll be watching my online art show at 9am till noon Coffee and Art in the Morning and chatting with the ladies while it continues to snow outside.
All the while being thankful for a warm cozy home.

Last week I agreed to take my friend Paula to see her surgeon for a follow up visit and I called her cell several times since Monday afternoon to see if she would reschedule due to our coming weather but she did not call me back till after 5pm yesterday and said Well are we still on for tomorrow and I said NO we are not.

Her appt is about 40 min south of where I live and I told her that I was very uncomfortable driving in what we were going to have weather wise today and could she reschedule ---She said the home care nurse had been there yesterday and everything was fine but NO she still wanted to go so she could get the Dr. to lift some of her restrictions. :eek: :eek:

Well long story short ---I am not taking her today. Our road conditions are hazardous and if we would have been involved in an accident or my car damaged it would not have been on them.

So I made a very smart decision and she told me she would find someone else to take her. Folks this was not an emergency visit and could very easily been rescheduled for another time.

I'm enjoying all the photos of everyone and will dig up some today of myself.

Char - I just read some of the last few days in the wash and I empathize with you about Matt leaving home. I still don't think I'm over Justin leaving and he's been gone about 7 years. LOL

Well I just heard on TV 7 1/2 inches.

Everyone have a great day


03-06-2013, 07:24 AM
Rain inside JJ ???? :oStudio floor is under water again.. :mad:

Alan. lovely photo, which one are you?

Snow Anita, woot!!! Swap you :D

03-06-2013, 08:31 AM
Good morning! It's a little cloudy, but nothing precipitation wise is expected. No complaints here.

Yesterday afternoon's Class was a lot of fun! We worked through the process of glazing red elements (apples, tomatoes, cherries, etc.)... then we painted a pomegranate study and a cluster of red grapes... we also did a quick study in rendering silver or gold... Next week, we plan to do a study of a silver gravy bowl. It was SO much fun!

I have some Service Club work to do this morning, but have no other commitments. I shall paint.

Geoff, so sorry that your leg cramps have shifted...

JJ, your Studio really suffers from flooding a lot... it must be a huge challenge to keep mold (because of all the dampness) at bay! Or all your stuff up off the floor! :(

Doug, your hair is gorgeous! :lol: And you and Ruth are still a "handsome couple", but you look like kids in this photo...

Lulu, what a sweet little girl you are... were... :) My eldest lives across the Country over 3,000 km away. Our middle child is here in Ontario, but it's a 8 hour drive... Thank God our youngest will be local for awhile...

Annie, I hope Roger's feeling a little better... :lol: census data...

Hi Alan... very "Indiana Jones" look you're rockin'! :)

:wave: Ellen! I hate DST... it messes with my internal clock.

Anita... You made the right decision and tried as best you could to have your friend reschedule her appointment... Our eldest boy has been gone from home for 20 years... wow, eh?

I hope that both you and Sylvia stay off the roads, and just snuggle in at home...

HAWLTAIN... I hope that everyone has the very best possible day! :grouphug:

03-06-2013, 08:33 AM

It' a little milder this morning than it was yesterday morning. It's gray and dull; but no precipatation.

THe girls were good for us last night. Klaira who won't eat anything, ate well for us. She was good for Larry while I did my 2 mile walk on my treadmill too.:thumbsup: We get a night off then have them again on Thursday.

Larry has this weekend off then will work the next two. We will clean our house on Saturday and not much else planned. I need to box up all my last years receipts(bills) and paperwork and I've been putting it off. I HATE that job but we have to keep things for 7 years just in case.

I looked up some old pics of Jen when she was little and oh my gosh....Klaira looks just like her. It brought back many good memories. Larry and I haven't changed a bit either.:lol: :wink2:

LuLu, you were a sweet and innocent little girl! WHOOHOO only 44 more sleeps. (it's 84 more sleeps for us):clap:

Sorry you are getting too much rain JJ and Annie. Too much "wet" is no good at all.:confused:

Doug, what a great pic of you holding David. You do look SO young. I love the color of your hair. Lovely pic of you and Ruth too; handsome young couple.

Alan, that is a great pic of you and your friend.

Ellen, yucky about the dark in the morning but nice that we'll have more sunlight in the evening eventually.

Anita, we didn't get ANY of that snow from the storm.:thumbsup: I'm sorry you did.

(((GEOFF))) leg cramps in the night are horrible. I'm sorry you didn't get any good sleep.

Char, it sounds like your class was fun; lucky students you have.:envy:

I hope you all have a most wonderful day and take a moment to hug someone you love. Make it a fantasticly creative day!

BBL:wave: :grouphug:

03-06-2013, 09:14 AM
:wave: Good day! Grey here now but sun promised, and warmer :thumbsup: Maybe all the ice on the trail will melt this week. Have to get busy and at least do the dishes, have someone visiting this am. Then I think I'll get them to give me a lift across town, I need some new knitting needles. Got some super fancy yarn yesterday and want to get going on it, stocking up for next winter.

Thanks, Kay and Char and JJ, I can walk in a straight line for an hour or two, but can't rotate on that leg worth a darn, does interfere with turning corners! Aleve does work, Uschi, but I don't like the side effects, so do it only for major weekend activities, not once a week.

JJ, I find it too frustrating to sit and watch, and our leader organizes and thinks ahead and knows what dances she wants to lead, so I don't interfere. So better to stay away until I feel fitter. Did have one wonderful night two weeks ago, and had so much more energy, and no pain while dancing, but paid for it a few days later.


Henry, I hope the injections do their job, but already it must be a relief to know what is actually wrong.

Lovely photo, Bill, 'cat hat'!.....Annie does have a way with words :)

Sweet photo, Lulu, but I can imagine some mischief hatching under that demure smile!

Nice photo, Alan!

Hi Anita, Ellen!

Yes, census here too, Annie, similar questions, compulsory.

You look so young, Doug, I thought that must be a younger sibling until I read your post......lovely hair, much like my mother's. Love the one of you and Ruth, hand coloured?


Good for you, Darla, getting back on the treadmill. We have one here, but I'd rather walk the halls and do the stairs. You don't have that choice in the bad weather.

Have a rewarding day! :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

03-06-2013, 09:17 AM
Char, i have nothing on the floor anymore. I use clove oil against the mould, and haven't worked down there since the wet season started. I am fed up with it, but as soon as we think we have sorted the problem, water seeps in again from somewhere else.

I am not going to miss this house..

:wave: Darla..


03-06-2013, 09:42 AM
Good Morning all,
It is almost 9:30 a.m. here in snowed in Oakwood. The snow is gone but we are left with 4" or 5" of snow on the ground. Because it rained before the snow started, the snow has stuck to the trees so all their little twiggy branches are also covered with snow. It looks lovely, but also heavy. I took a couple of photos to show you


bushes showing the depth of the snow:

http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/06-Mar-2013/9833-bush1.jpg http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/06-Mar-2013/9833-bush2.jpg

I used to love to shovel snow, but Larry won't let me do it anymore because of the sacroilious (sp?) I had a couple of months ago. He's afraid I'll bring it on again. :(

I'm enjoying all of these family photos and those of us in our youths. When I was about 6 yrs old, I spent hours every day on my roller skates. I loved riding up and down the sidewalks on them. Wore the skate key on a shoe lace hanging from my neck so I could tighten them as they got loose. I'm standing in front of my Dad's car here...notice the scab on my right knee, a side effect of skating. ;)


Oh, and look at that hair do. My Mom used to wrap some of my hair around her finger and hold it in place with a bobby pin until it dried into those awful curls. Did anyone else have a hair do like that when you were little?

Lynn, Sorry your knee is giving you trouble. Do you think an elastic knee brace would help? I see them on sale in the supermarket aisle with medications, etc.

Char, Your class covers a LOT of ground in one session. How long do you meet for each time? Do they also do work on their own at home for practice? I'm afraid Larry and I were the ones who moved away from home — far, far away in most postings — across the country in one and across the ocean in several. It is hard, but nowadays with Skype and the internet, it sure helps people to stay in touch better than it did when we were on the road. :cool:

Anita, Your friend was being unreasonable. There is no reason in the world except an emergency for you to have been out on the roads this morning. :mad:

Alan and Doug...Those are terrific photos. :thumbsup:

JJ, :eek: on the water coming into your basement. Are you planning on putting your house on the market soon?

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way.



03-06-2013, 09:53 AM
Hio to All

I have a busy day ahead framing 3 paintings

Shame about Man U last night v Real Madrid, but it was a red card!

Lynn, yes, I hope they have found a solution, one shot every month for three months and the every 4 months

Geoff, sorry about your lack of sleep

Sylvia, super photos, great car! I used to love roller skating in our local Rollerama, round and round and round.......our streets were cobbled so not so good

Doug, that is a fantastic head of hair you have there!


03-06-2013, 09:58 AM
Aww...Syl, what a cute pic. I had to :lol: at your talking about your hairdo...I suspect like my Mother, that your Mom trimmed your bangs too. :rolleyes: My Mom had a "crooked eye" when it came to trimming our bangs.:D In school pics we usually had crooked bangs. I remember all those different ways to "curl" hair.

Nice snow pics, it's pretty deep...and fresh looking. Love those trees.

Lynn, I walk up and down our stairs too; it's great for the legs.:thumbsup:

Henry, framing? Oh bother....I don't envy you that job. Sorry you have to have shots; but I hope they work.

Karl...we crossposted. What an adorable baby you were; such beautiful curls. I love the horse pic, you look pretty pleased with yourself all decked out in cowboy gear.:thumbsup:

03-06-2013, 09:58 AM
One of those perfect winter weather days in Coral Gables...sunny, 70's, relatively low humidity.

I seem to have problems posting when I am not working on a painting..makes no sense, but there you are. Nothing interferes with lurking. Anyway, starting on a new one, so becoming more enthusiastic.

I have been taking photos since I was five but obviously didn't take the following. I did have reddish hair as a baby, but disappeared as I got older ( now it is gray and I am much older ). I still have the large ears.

I am not sure why I was photographed at age about six on a horse, as we lived in the center of Baltimore, MD. My cousins also had horse pictures done around the same time.



C&C NOT wanted...only kidding, fire away.


03-06-2013, 10:14 AM
Is that a real horse?


Scene Chaser
03-06-2013, 10:27 AM
Good Day All,
A quiet day here. The snow storm did not come north this time. Anita and Sylvia absorbed it all.

Geoff, I’ve been having cramps in my thigh lately. I couldn’t be getting old, could I?

Sylvia, I guess if you were skating today you would have worn a shinguard. but we didn't have such things back then. You look cute in your dress and curls. Lovey photos of the snow, but photos are good enough for me.

JJ, do you have a basement? I'm thinking that you either don't have drainage tiles or they are clogged with sand. It would involve a lot of digging to repair them. You might put in new ones at just the lowest end of your foundation and drain the water from there.

Anita, enjoy your art show and company.

Alan, I wondered along with JJ, which of the two handsome men are you? Since Doug is the only one who has met you in person.

Speaking of which, Doug and Ruth were a handsome couple then and still are.

Lulu, in the U.S. we have a census every ten years. That's so the states can rearrange the voting precincts in their favor. Or so it seems.
What a nice smile.

Lynn, take care of the knee.

Hi Char, Henry, Darla.

Karl, you look great as a little cowboy. Looks like a real Shetland Pony to me. We use to have one, but it would never let me ride it. Bucked me off every time.

Time to prepare brunch.

03-06-2013, 10:52 AM
If she was skating today, she's be wrapped in bubblewrap, on an indoor rink, with security guards at the door, and sign in/sign out sheets, but only after she signed a waiver stating that she wouldn't sue the owners of the establishment if she skinned her knee.


I always had thick wavy, goes where it wants to hair, which is why I keep it in a crew cut. I had it LONG and wavy in College, but it was too much trouble and never dried. Especially when I had to be in uniform. So I hacked it off and never looked back. Pin curls, waves, rag curls... yup.

Chilly and only 41 right now. Back to 70s starting tomorrow. I'm not a cold fan. I spent three hours in the "studio" here last Saturday, linoleum on a concrete slab with no sock, now I've got chilblains on half my toes. Grrrr. I KNEW better, but forgot. Oh well.

Landscapers have come and gone, I'm putting down new pine straw today. maybe crawl into the studio later. We have new tiger cubs at the Zoo, so maybe Miss Moneypenny and I will go on Saturday.

Have a great day all!

adding in:
my mom, ne of Columbus Ohio only got 2.5 inches of snow
but 5 miles south they had 7 inches!

03-06-2013, 11:21 AM
Hi :wave:
We had the kids for the night, the ususal Tuesday night routine, but fun. Not sure why the school has the "late start Wednesday" but they do so the kids usually stay over on Tuesday's. But fun, Lauren gets up early and cooks breakfast for the two of them. I watch, and sometimes am asked to "watch the egg". Love having a 17 year old around. Spencer needs watching, he ususally has some game or other, and barely concious
We put in the new shower in the hall bath and it rverticaleceived rave reviews, so I will have to try it out later :smug:
It is funny, Lauren wakes up early and ready to roll, but Spencer might be vertical but not awake :rolleyes:
Not sure what the day has in store, will have to check with "the boss"


03-06-2013, 11:24 AM
I'm back! I just connected up my new modem and I'm back on line. Sadly my broadband speed had dropped from 8Mb/s to 2 Mb/s but hopefully it will settle down over the next few days.

Wonderful photos everyone, lovely snow scene Sylvia, magical to look at.

Alan is the one on the right and no it wasn't hand coloured Lynn, it is a scan from a colour slide.


03-06-2013, 01:28 PM
Hello Washers,

More great photos!

Bill love the Cat Man look. The Cat in the Hat? The Cat with the Cat Hat? :lol: And I forgot to say -- you looked like Don Murray in Bus Stop in that horse and rider pic. :D

When I worked for the Census -- yes I did for about two weeks (long story) -- they made us aware of all the things the census affects. Not just congressional districts. Funding for all kinds of programs, federal, state, local are affected by the numbers. Everything from highway building to social programs -- you name it -- all are funded on the basis of that census data. Private companies can get access to certain extracts too.

Doug what gorgeous hair. Love the suit. I notice there's a watercolor behind Ruth's head. No? By the way I just came across this in an email I received from Blick:
http://www.dickblick.com/products/sensu-brush/ Do you have one of these to do your iPad paintings?

((((JJ)))) Sorry your studio is flooding. So when are you moving?

Lynn sorry you can't dance. I was thinking the same as Sylvia. A brace for when you're walking, especially stairs would be good. Did you ask me when we are shooting on the web series? Don't know yet.

Sylvia those snow photos are beautiful. Glad you can stay put though. I had rollerskates with a key, but then my parents got me shoe skates. :cool: I was sooooo thrilled. And we didn't wear pads or helmets either.

Anita no sense putting your life and hers at risk for something that is not an emergency.

Judy my nephews are like that. One is up at the crack of dawn, the other could easily sleep 'til noon.

Caryl hope your toes are okay. :eek: Takes some darn hot weather for me to take my socks off. :lol: My hair was always as straight as a stick. My mother gave up on trying to get a curl in it. Luckily straight hair was in when I was growing up. Everyone hated me for it. Nothing I could do. I envied them their curls. And you see what that led to. Funny thing is the gray hairs are wavy, so now some of my hair is straight and some is curly. A nightmare to cut.

Darla is psychic. She knew Karl was going to post those cute pix. :lol:

Karl was it one of those photographers who used to go around neighborhoods with a pony offering to take pictures of kids on horseback? That used to be popular.

Henry glad they found the problem and hope the shots can do the trick.

Char I wish I could take your classes. :(

Well I need to get going here. Lots to do today.

:wave: :wave: to all and HAWLTAIN


03-06-2013, 01:46 PM
Doug what gorgeous hair. Love the suit. I notice there's a watercolor behind Ruth's head. No? By the way I just came across this in an email I received from Blick:
http://www.dickblick.com/products/sensu-brush/ Do you have one of these to do your iPad paintings?

It was in a neighbour's house. I use a GoSmart stylus now, it comes to fine point and you can see just where you are drawing.


Wind Song
03-06-2013, 02:02 PM
:wave: Hi Everyone

I am loving everyone's pics!

Here is one of me with my Grandmother and Mother ( I am in between them)
brother and sister 1957. I hated having my picture taken and was always frowning as we had to look into the sun!:lol:

Yesterday I was painting abstacts in watercolour using brushes, sea sponges, sea salt,and potatoes! Great fun!

Have a great one!

03-06-2013, 02:57 PM
...another good day photowise...........

Car done this morning...another big bill!.............came home and went to bed for a couple of hours.........feel a bit better now..........


Island Nipper
03-06-2013, 02:58 PM
Hello everyone, 8deg grey and still here, sea like a mill pond.

I have enjoyed all your photos folks.

The Hospice doctor has been, she is a Spanish lady who has lost two close members of her family to ALS. She was very astute and asked questions on subjects I would not have mentioned. She has asked me to attend the hospice once a week to be assessed and to give nurse Beryl a day off. They will send a wheelchair car for me. There is a cafe, spar bath, alternative therapist of all sorts available there, and a painting group. The doctor will examine me there every other week and maintain my comfort. I thought at first to decline but on reflection will Give it a try.

Guitar Keith comes tomorrow, he is bringing a 1934 American resonator guitar for me to hear, wish I could play it.

Shame about the red card, it might have been a brilliant second half. Watching Beckams new team playing at the moment.

The latest painting is nearly finished, it has seen too much fiddling..

Good health everyone. :wave:

03-06-2013, 03:35 PM
Thanks for the good wishes about the knee....unfortunately (or fortunately, I guess!) it is not the knee, which only complains occasionally. It is the hip on that side, and is a joint problem that is not fixable without a replacement, although the pain can be reduced if I do my stabilization exercises faithfully....so, more resolutions made and good intentions :). And of course, glucosamine, and gelatin and short bursts of anti-inflammatories. They do tell me that I am not nearly bad enough yet to be scheduled for the replacement, so I carry on. And I am really, really lucky that it is normally not painful at rest.

(((JJ))), what a shame, all the flooding:eek:

Sweet photo, Sylvia, I wanted skates like that so much.....what I thought I was going to do with them on the farm with dirt roads all around, I don't know!

Sharon, what a lovely photo, love the hats and gloves! Happy painting!

Caryl, you must have been really absorbed in your painting, not to feel your feet.....a true artist!

Sounds like a good plan, Nipper :)

Karl, love your baby curls, and the horse.....I would have felt I had died and gone to heaven to be sitting there! This was the only horse I had when young, taken to send to my dad overseas.


03-06-2013, 03:46 PM
Henry, yes it is a real pony.

Kay is correct, photographers used to travel around neighborhoods taking photos of aspiring young cowboys. I am not sure how widespread that was but it is interesting.

03-06-2013, 04:31 PM
My playing partners picked up the balls for me so I could play:heart: them!! Knee is getting better.

Lynn, oh but do you look proud!!! Thank God I am the same as you, no pain when sitting on my butt or sleeping:D

Wonderful photos, LOVE them.

Nipper Geoff, yes, sounds like a good idea, you might actually enjoy the companionship and pampering..

Sylvia, very pretty, the snow. Love you in roller skates.

Sorry, can't write any more. I need to pick up Ava and take her to swimming lesson, last one.

:wave: to ALL!!


03-06-2013, 07:32 PM
Love the snow photos!!! :thumbsup:

JJ, do you have a basement? I'm thinking that you either don't have drainage tiles or they are clogged with sand. It would involve a lot of digging to repair them. You might put in new ones at just the lowest end of your foundation and drain the water from there.Bill, it is a problem that may never be resolved, totally. My house is built into the side of a hill. Short of digging the foundations out and resealing it, which would be very difficult, seeing as the side of the house the water seeps in from is almost on the neighbours boundary fence, the costs would be astronomical. Sealing the inside is the only reasonable way, and I thought that had been done. It was fine, until we got a months rain, and a cyclone. It is too wet even to start the repairs on the retaining wall.

Oh well, life goes on.

Lynn, love that photo. So proud! You still have that exact same look on your face at times. :heart:

Got to run........

03-06-2013, 08:55 PM
Good evening everyone,

The day at work today was :( . I had to run to the doctor to get my blood test results....everything is good, and my Vitamin D3 is going up.:clap:


My mother hated this dress, but I think it is kind of cute. I had very thin, baby fine hair. I had to learn how to do my own hair at an early age, because my mother didn't know how to handle it.


This one is for JJ. Good old Chicago weather.


My father took this photo of me with my oldest when I was visiting them in Florida. Oh, to be so skinny again.

I will catch up on everything tomorrow night. I need to decompress.

Hugs to all in need.

03-06-2013, 11:02 PM
End of the day, Karl I had a picture just like that one, even the horse looks the same! I remember doing that, the guy came around with horse in tow.

Been a busy day but cannot tell you what I did, oh well.

JJ are you movin ? I can't say I blame you! Where will you go?

Jack watching the Sharks trying to win at Hockey, :crossfingers: they did last night but I am just a bit tired of all sports just now.

Think I will have a glass of wine and go upstairs! :evil: