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02-28-2013, 09:03 AM
ive just come accross this water color artist on wet canvas- apparantly she passed a pre selection process for a show- so she framed and posted the paintings off to London- only to then hear she didnt pass the main selection. it was her view that the paintings look better framed and in the flesh then they do on computer.

it seems to me that this is messing artists about a little- i think she is feeling a bit messed about today and discouraged.

what do you think about this? ive never heard of anyone doing this selection process- apart from the main art show in london- which is open to everyone and they whittle the paintings down to "maybes" but they do it in private so the artist doesnt get their hopes up- its either a yes or a no at the end.

02-28-2013, 09:39 AM
I have encountered shows that require the finished work for jurying, as well as those that jury from slides. I'm not sure that I've heard of one that does both.

For a show with a very large numb of submissions I could see using slides to narrow the selection pool and then making final decisions from the actual works.

I wonder if there was something in the fine print of the prospectus that she missed? I would be upset and disappointed too if I had works framed and shipped to a gallery, only then to be told I hadn't passed final selection. I am not sure if it would soften the blow to receive notice that I had passed the first cut and should submit the actual physical work for the final judging.

A "no" is always disappointing.

02-28-2013, 09:44 AM
It happens for quilt shows that I've been part of. Photos/slides first then the real thing. It ensures that the shows get what they are really seeing in the photos for the shows. Too many people tweak photos to put work in the best light, then in real life the work looks icky or just plain different.

I have paintings and quilts I cannot accurately capture on "film" and other that look odd in person, but great in a photo.

virgil carter
02-28-2013, 10:25 AM
Unfortunately, it seems, every exhibition, competition and show has their own set of rules. It pays to read and consider them carefully to see if one really wants to participate. Rejection (or more politely, non-acceptance) is an all too common occurance. One never knows why their work isn't accepted, and so must develop a tough skin and carry on. What's rejected in one show may be the best of show in another event--and vice versa! Happens to all of us.

The cost of framing and shipping, however, is very expensive (even for small works), so this is a particurlarly risky and expensive condition for acceptance in a show. I think it's a bad practice. Fortunately, I only enter distant shows where digital entries can be emailed for review. I don't mind bringing an actual framed work for local shows.

Condolences to this person, and my urge to continue on with painting and entering important shows.

Sling paint,

02-28-2013, 11:01 AM
I wanted to start entering UK shows because although i live in Canada now I am from the UK. I looked at this one and was put off by the selection procedure you described so didnt enter it.

It cost a lot of money to ship a framed painting return and while i am prepared to do that if i know I am definitely in an exhibition I am not rich enough to do it on the off chance. I guess each artist reads the rules for each show and makes the decision knowing the risks. She must have entered knowing the risk???