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02-26-2013, 09:53 PM
Well nice to see some of you managed to get in yesterday, I tried up tlll 11pm!
Lost another Kewpie Doll......

Bright moonlit night here,Market Day later


02-26-2013, 11:04 PM
Good morning everybody,
hehe, it was interesting to see, how somebody can get used to reading a forum - and what happens, if this forum does not work for a day :D
Although I am just a new member...
When I read the message, that my IP was banned (I am not a Facebook member, so did not think of checking WC there...), I thought about what I posted and what I did wrong.... and then thought, I maybe had a virus on my PC which somehow spreads my IP and spams... don*t know, if that is possible :D

I took out my watercolor pencils and made a few tulip + leaves sketches, because I am waiting for spring :)

I think our weather improves here :crossfingers:
And I wish everybody having this heavy snow and storms, that those won't have too much influence on your everydays' life!

Will have a lot to do today: have to work a lot and to prepare our son's birthday tomorrow - his birthday is actually the 29th, but we don't want him to wait 4yrs to have a birthday party :D He'll turn 17 tomorrow.

Wish all of you a wonderful day - despite of work, snow, storm and ice :)


02-27-2013, 12:39 AM
It was not a good day tuesday :mad: no Wet Canvas for days.....about, and then our dish went out, except the one downstairs (and that had the hicups) and they were watching hocky :eek: ! All I could do was to fold laundry, not a good day, we did spend most of it 'doing up' the rental. I was so happy to find we were online again :clap:

Maybe it was the full moon!

02-27-2013, 01:22 AM
Good morning washers,

Hi Geoff, Gaby, Judy.

Much relief to know that my "Banning" was not personal, particularly coming after my admission of my (almost) :angel: banishment from the UK.

Plans for the day are all on hold, as my dear friend has just had a broken hip and may have her surgery today - they need to get a particular piece of equipment - and I will want to be there for her. The hospital is really wonderful. Before I left on Tuesday evening I gave them my phone number and asked to be kept updated on events, as she was still being held in the Emergency Dept. while waiting for a bed, and therefore had no telephone service. Well, the PA called me three times and the doctor himself called me once - to keep me updated on what was being done and what was being decided. Very impressive.

Off now to try to get back to sleep. BBL.


02-27-2013, 01:38 AM
Much relief to know that my "Banning" was not personal, particularly coming after my admission of my (almost) :angel: banishment from the UK.

Doris, I thought I'd been banned because of the leech story :lol: :rolleyes:

Hi Geoff and Judy. A day folding washing would be awful.

Gaby, welcome to addiction. :) Hope February 29 son has a good birthday.

Same old same old here, except that it has stopped raining constantly. There was brief sunshine in between showers this afternoon. Got my BAS (read VAT) done, did go to work on Tuesday, did discover my banning from WC, then discovered my banks website was down in the middle of a transaction. Now it is ALL fixed.

Waiting for Roger to get home, and the cats to come in. Guess there's no point watering the garden :lol:


02-27-2013, 02:57 AM
Hi Geoff, Doris, Gaby, Judy, Annie...

I thought I'd been banned because of the leech story :lol: :rolleyes:

You should have been.....:lol: :lol: :lol: haha
Geoff could be banned for his collection of kewpies and blue ears :lol: :lol:

Busy day, hot day! and busy evening, preparing and packing lunches for us both tomorrow....:wave:

02-27-2013, 03:34 AM

Annie, you are right, it stopped raining long enough for me to go to Elise's swimming carnival at her school.

Elise got second place in the freestyle. She was coming first, but she looked around to see where everyone was, and the girl in second beat her by a thumbnail. :lol: Silly girl. I have to teach her to put her head down and who cares where everybody else is :D

It is raining again now..

Oh, I have this orchid, a tiny one, that I had attached (in it's pot) to the garden arbor. When the arbor was lifted up, there was the orchis sfe and sound phew. and............. it has a bloom on it. I was so surprised, first time it has flowered since I bought it about 11 years ago. I will take a photo tomorrow. I forgot today in the excitement of ELises swimming.

:clap: :thumbsup: :heart: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT :heart: :thumbsup: :clap:



02-27-2013, 03:38 AM
Gorgeous photo JJ, and congrats to Elise.
A similar thing happened to Abbie, she got a 2nd place because another girl was lagging behind and she stopped to help her:D Bless her :heart:

Happy birthday Pat (and Harry too ) :heart:
John and I send our love and wish you a wonderful day:thumbsup:

02-27-2013, 05:03 AM
Just watching live on satelite tv the final papal audience...an historic occasion. What a crowd!

Just about bed-time, have a great Wednesday, hope the gremlins don't come back!

02-27-2013, 05:19 AM
Lovely day here after hard frost..........

Bought lots of cheese on market, Wensleydale with apricot, Cheddar and Chives, Red Leicester and Mustard.........

Window Cleaner knocking on door, back later


02-27-2013, 05:38 AM
HI Everyone:wave: :wave: :wave:

It is 5:30 AM here in Ohio and yesterday it RAINED ALL DAY. I believe that it is to rain and snow here today.

I visited my Dad at the nursing home yesterday afternoon and took him a fish sandwhich and some choc chip cookies. Had a good visit and he was doing well. He will ask us how long he has to stay and we tell him that he still has more rehab to do and get his strength back. He forgets after 5 mins of asking and seem pretty content.

I'm going to watch my online art show this morning and then work on a few little at project to finish them up today. Looks like a good day to stay inside.

Everyone take care.


Scene Chaser
02-27-2013, 05:50 AM
Good Day All,

Happy Birthday Pat!

We have been getting snow, but it is melting fast as temps are above freezing.

JJ, congrats to Elise for her outstanding second place. She looks so proud.

Geoff, I remember the beautiful cheeses we had at your table. These sound delicious.

Doug, you must have been busy yesterday.


02-27-2013, 06:14 AM
Good Morning all,
It is just after 6:00 a.m. in still dark Oakwood. Chilly temps this morning and more rain and snow and sleet in the forecast for the next few days. :o

We're off to the Base this morning. I have my 4-mo diabetes checkup visit with my doctor then we'll do some grocery and other shopping while we are there. Then home in time for lunch and a reposo in the afternoon. :D

It's so nice to be able to check in with you all again. Missed you while we were on lock out. Seeing people on Facebook is nice, but it isn't quite the same as seeing them and their work here on WC. :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAT! Hope you have a great day and a wonderful year ahead.

Congrats to Elise, JJ. I think she learned the lesson about focusing on her own race the hard way, eh. ;)

Geoff, I would love to taste some of those cheeses you bought. I like almost every cheese I've eaten. Larry has to watch the fats he eats, so he doesn't share that love unfortunately. :o

Anita, I'm glad you had a nice visit with your Dad. Stay safe and warm.

Doris, I hope your friend's surgery goes well. I'm sure she will be happy to see you by her bedside when she is out of the surgical suite. :grouphug:

:wave: to Doug, Bill, Lulu, Gaby, Annie, Judy, and all who are on their way.



Scene Chaser
02-27-2013, 06:18 AM
Sylvia, hope your check up goes well.

02-27-2013, 07:40 AM
Good morning Washer Buds... it's not doing much of anything just now outside... it has rained, snowed and sleeted. The porch is covered with ice pellets making it treacherous to walk on, so I'm assuming all our flat surfaces will be slippery. We're expecting more of the same for the next couple days.

I am staying in today. I'm drawing out a painting, so I'll work on it. And, a friend loaned me her copy of Life of Pi, so I have a good book to read. It'll be good for me to keep busy today. Matt is going to London today with a friend who has a medical appointment. I don't like the thought of the boys on these roads and further east, they are much worse than ours.

It's an historic day as the Pope's speech was his last in general audience...

Hi Geoff... We really enjoy a variety of cheeses. We're also quite fortunate that there are a couple of producers not far from our home. The last time we went to Costco, we were able to buy a 5 year aged extra old white cheddar... mmmm... :)

Hi Gaby... so... you have a Leap Year Baby! Wishing him a great day tomorrow!

((Judy)) I'm thinking that a good book, wet brushes or something other than folding laundry would have attracted my interest... :lol:

Doris... I'm sorry that your friend has broken her hip... and how wonderful that the Nurses and Doctor were so considerate in calling you!

It seems that you had a *day* of it, too, Annie... your leeches should be banned. Shudder icon needed.

Hi Lulu... I (for reasons unknown) always make up fried chicken for our picnics...

:clap: Congratulations to Elise on her placement! She looks so pretty, JJ.

I agree with you about staying indoors today, Anita!

Hi Bill. I hope that heavy snow hasn't brought down any tree limbs around your home.

Good luck with your numbers today, Sylvia. FB is ok, but it can't even come close to competing with WC.

I think I'll get a coffee... I brewed the pot so that Matt and his friend had a cup before they left. Have a great day, everyone!

Oh... forgot to mention... I did wish Pat a Happy Birthday on FB, but will repeat that here! Have a great day Petal!

Strawberry Wine
02-27-2013, 07:46 AM
Good Day Washers ! Glad that we are back up and running !

We had sunshine most of yesterday and melting temperatures of +6 C.
We took Pearl to the "dog park" for the first time since last Autumn and she had a good workout retrieving her tennis ball. We have one of those "chuck it" gizmos that sends the ball a very long distance with just a flick of the arm. Then we stopped and picked up a few things at the grocery store on the way home

We did receive a mix of snow, sleet and rain, snow, overnight but not a huge amount. Everything looks lovely with its coat of white. I think the most diffiicult job will be clearing the van's windows of ice. I don't think we need to go anywhere today so no hurry. Dan and Pearl are just now rising so Dan will know how icy it is when he takes Pearl out after her breakfast. It is just slightly above 0 C.

http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/27-Feb-2013/13320-Birthday_two.gif PAT ! Wishing you a wonderful day !

Sylvia, good luck on the 3 month averaging diabetes test... My numbers are always just a tad high at this check up as Christmas Holiday munching does affect it somewhat :)

JJ, congratulations to Eiise!

Gaby, Uschi and I were thinking about you (and other newbies) yesterday during the IP site wide banning and knowing that you would be completely bewildered by what you might have done to be banned.

Speaking of which, Doug, We were wondering if the wording of that standard pop up message could be changed by the powers that be to avoid the frustration of those who have never experienced WC 's site difficulties. That message is so personally derogative it should have been removed a long time ago

Doris, :lol: !

Hope no one has too much snow and no place they have to be if they do. Stay safe

:wave: to all



02-27-2013, 08:07 AM
Hi to All

Its an absolutely beautiful cloudless day here!

I have been enjoying the re run of "Show Me The Monet" on tv where Artists bring their work in for a panel of hanging judges to comment and decide if their artwork is worthy of being included in an exhibtion...good fun!

Happy Birthday Pat!

Speak Later


02-27-2013, 08:11 AM
Hi to All

Its an absolutely beautiful cloudless day here!

I have been enjoying the re run of "Show Me The Monet" on tv where Artists bring their work in for a panel of hanging judges to comment and decide if their artwork is worthy of being included in an exhibtion...good fun!

Happy Birthday Pat!

Speak Later


Brilliant day here too..switched the heating off for first time since October!

Didn't know they were re-showing Show me The Monet again Henry, I normally only watch antiques and quiz programmes these days..serious stuff in evening...the ones with 'an ology' again,


02-27-2013, 08:17 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!

Temps must still be below freezing because it is still snowing, not raining.

So far we have had about 8" of snow, the kind that clings to the branches, very pretty.

I AM going to play today:D

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT!!!!! I hope this will be a really good year for you!!!

JJ, CONGRATULATIONS to Elise!!!!!!!!!!!

Gaby, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you son!!!!

I have to smile at all the thoughts of sinful behaviour that went through some of your minds when you thought you were banned:lol:

Doug, yes, that is such a nasty shocking message, couldn't it just say that the site is down??

Sylvia :crossfingers: :crossfingers:

I have to get ready so :wave: to Bill, Lulu, Annie, Gail, Char, Geoff, Anita, Doris and Judy. :grouphug: to those of you not feeling well!!!


02-27-2013, 08:22 AM
Geoff, its on at 8.15 am BBC2


02-27-2013, 08:44 AM
As Bill said, some snow last night, but it seems to be melting at the moment. Skies cloudy and that is to persist until Sunday, I believe. Guess I will be turning on the Happy Light for me.

Yesterday was art class and I worked some more on my hibicus. May work some more on it today and I also want to do some more sewing. We have been so busy the past week and finally have a few days with nothing planned. I am looking forward to that. Seems like it is either too much going or not enough.

Don's smart phone gave out yesterday, so part of his day was getting a new one and getting it set up. Mine still is working fine.

Glad wc is back, but I agree that they should change the error message to be less personal. Even when you know what it is about, I still find it offensive.

Happy Birthday to Pat! May you have a wonderful day and year to come.

I am off to start the day.


02-27-2013, 08:50 AM
Happy HUMP DAY Washers.:wave:

IT snowed but we didn't get the 6-12 inches they predicted. It was a heavy wet snow and the roads were mostly clear this morning; just slushy. We got about 4 inches. All the schools were closed though around here.:confused:

I did snap a few pics with my cellphone this morning. ;)

I know when I first read that my IP address was banned I wondered what I did but then almost right away I though...oh...uh huh they are having a problems with the website.:rolleyes:

Today I'm ordering our tickets for our trip to Europe. It's exciting.

I hope you HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY PAT !! http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/27-Feb-2013/20956-birthday_cake_w_candles.jpg

Gabby, tell your son HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow!

Doris, that was great that the doctors and nurses notified you of what was happening concerning your friend.

Gail I'm SO GLAD you are feeling stronger every day.:heart:

JJ, Elise looks so happy and her Mama looks so proud.:clap:

I just cannot believe that February is gone; and March will be up and down as far as the weather goes so that is good. Spring is right around the corner.:thumbsup:

I hope you all have a most wonderful and productive day!

BBL:wave: :heart:

Island Nipper
02-27-2013, 08:52 AM
Hi everyone, awful cold grey day here.
I am glad that wet has returned, I thought I had done something naughty.
Happy birthday Pat.
Off to experiment with granulating colours.

02-27-2013, 09:30 AM
Oh, it is SO good to see everyone today!

A special prize to Rusty, for saying we were all on "The Banned Wagon"
together! Wish I'd thought of that. <G>

JJ came to my rescue with the Facebook address. I have an FB membership, but never use it, and when I went to Facebook and tried every way I could think of to get to the WC site, I got nowhere. I was sure I hadn't done anything to be personally banned, but did think it would take Divine Intervention before I could be reinstated, especially since my membership had been unrecognized for the previous two days. (By Divine Intervention, I meant appealing to Doug for help, of course). Thank you, JJ for letting me know I was not cast out alone, but was in good company!

The worst part of being deprived of WC, and especially The Wash, was not knowing what to do during my morning coffee and later coffee breaks (which were "cigarette breaks" decades ago) -- those little periods of self- reward during the day, and which I always use now to visit The Wash to see what's happened to everyone in the previous couple of hours.

Random thoughts:

Doris, I was so disappointed that "Fresh Guacamole" didn't win the Oscar that it richly deserved! Wonderful that the hospital treated you like a family member when you were so worried about your friend.

Lulu, lovely picture of you and John at his birthday celebration! I copied that picture of John shearing a sheep that you posted a quite a while ago, and sent it to my grandchildren. I think it would make a wonderful painting. All muscle and glowing skin and power! Maybe a future challenge, Doug?

Annie, why do I suspect that your dinners are always actually very yummy, despite your dire predictions?

Bill, I am loving your latest paintings. They are lovely, and capture a unique and delicate feel.

Nipper Geoff, when you describe the weather and seas suroundng you, I always think of the formidable housekeeper in the Brit TV comedy series ("As Time Goes By?") who gave such ominous warnings about the shipping forecast. (How wonderful that your grandchildren live close enough for frequent visits. Do share pictures of them when you can -- maybe Nurse Beryl is good with a camera?).

June, fingers crossed that this latest enormous winter storm doesn't hit you with another wallop!

I'm heading out to the grocers to buy ingredients for a dessert I'm taking to a dinner party tomorrow night. Chocolate mousse, at the hostess's request. I've never made one before, but with a pound of dark Belgian chocolate and pint and a half of whipping (double) cream and coffee liqueur, how bad could it be? : )


02-27-2013, 10:02 AM
Geoff, its on at 8.15 am BBC2


That explains it Henry...apart from a quick look at local news my TV really starts with Bargain Hunt at 1215, sometimes I stop for a pot of tea and watch Homes under the Hammer!...at 1000.........

Happy Birthday Pat.


Scene Chaser
02-27-2013, 10:56 AM
Char, enjoy your book. Let me know if itís better than the movie. Iíve not seen it.

Gail, I think even some of us who have been around for a while wondered what we did wrong. Since the powers that be canít even take the time to update our guides and moderators, I donít think they care one bit about the wording. It must be frustrating to Doug, Sylvia and others. I may get banned for saying so. :clear:

Henry, that would be good fun to watch.

Uschi, sorry you canít play ping pong today. Youíll have to get a Wi for days like this. :)

Shirley, enjoy doing whatever you want.

Darla, glad your drive was not bad. Nice photo.
I heard that our March weather will probably be below normal temps. Boooo:(

Nipper, I heard that it was your fault. You naughty man. :)

Lynn, thanks for your comment re my painting. Enjoy your dinner party. Would love some of that Mousse.

I must go to drive and look at the damage. The snow that needs removing.

02-27-2013, 11:16 AM
:wave: Good day all! Light snow here, still falling, on top of the ice I am sure is out there. Not walking outside today, will tackle the stairs here!

Great that we are all back....like you, Lynn/LC I missed the company of this wonderful cyber family for my breaks during the day. I did realize it must be the system and not me.....never do anything naughty :lol:

You had a frustrating day yesterday Char, Murphy's law in operation, I guess. Glad life has settled down for you today. Re Life of Pi, I suspect I would prefer the book to the movie, it is a tour de force of electronic manipulation, but I think it is easier to suspend disbelief while reading. Same reason that I prefer reading the Hobbit....was wanting to see the movie until my grandson described the the battle scenes.....I don't even remember the battles in the book!

Elise is a delightful pixie, JJ, congratulations to her! (((hugs))) re the insurance nightmare.

Very exciting, Darla, to buy your tickets!!! I'll look forward to seeing photos from your trip :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT!!! Van looks pretty super, good luck with it!

I agree, Gail, that message is pretty disturbing, maybe this time they can do something about it.

Greetings to all I didn't mention, and all to come...hope you have a rewarding day! :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

02-27-2013, 11:26 AM
Hi again :wave:
Kids stayed over as it is "Late Start Wednesday" at school and they get to sleep in here. Really funny morning, I got up and saw Lauren (17) quietly giggling and indicated I should go over there. Brother Spencer (13) was rolled up like a burrito in the duvet on the floor between the bed and chest, with only his feet showing :lol: LOVED it, but don't think we got a picture though.
Spending most of the days at the rental, but I may escape as there is not much I can do, we'll see
Happy Birthday Pat, wish we could be there to celebrate with you.

Later :wave:

02-27-2013, 11:52 AM

Thank you for the birthday wishes - am having a good day so far - got some lovely presents - tennis game for my xbox - flowers - friendship photo frame and chocolate ....which is always good.....lol.

I cancelled my dental appt as i had a visitor and also the rogue tooth has settled down so am pain free - yeahhhh.

Had a strange text message frm a friend earlier saying she was in Ikea and wanted me to help her choose between two items as i had good taste :-p - i didn't click on the link as it was just too suspicious.

Thanks again for the good wishes....better go and get Mum's afternoon tea.


Pat xxx

02-27-2013, 12:32 PM
Hello washers!

So glad to be back. I take a day or two off and can't get back in. :( Ah well never mind.

Been doing boring housekeeping. Sometimes it just piles up so I take a few days off to do nothing but. Ick.

Also had a singing audition on Saturday. Had to do it with a migraine which is certainly less than fun.

I'm so sorry to have sent you that awful storm. You'll be happy to hear the weather here is absolutely perfect, so I shall mentally push it all your way. Cool crisp nights and sunny clear days at 75F. Unfortunately it's supposed to go up to 80 something this weekend. Wish I could stop that with my magic wand.

Bill love your new painting. Have you ever thought of doing a children's book with your illustrations? Something maybe on the history of Michigan? That would be fab.


Happy Birthday Pat!!! Love the signage. Love the van.

And Happy Birthday to Gaby's son. Reminds me of the Pirates of Penzance.

Judy -- folding laundry. Blecchh. That's what I was doing yesterday when I couldn't check in here. :crying:

Lynn LC -- chocolate mousse! :eek: Sign me up. Do take a picture so we can all drool over our keyboards.

Darla how many sleeps now? How exciting.

Oh Gail and all people with dogs and birds or who feed wild birds -- while surfing FB (oh what the desperate will resort to) I found out there has been a recall on some types of dog and bird food because of salmonella contamination. So I guess the time wasn't totally wasted.
Here's the link: https://www.avma.org/news/issues/recalls-alerts/pages/pet-food-safety-recalls-alerts.aspx

Well got to go and get some more stuff done. Buther.

HAWLTAIN and :wave: :wave: to all I haven't mentioned and all on the way.


Wind Song
02-27-2013, 12:34 PM
Hi Everyone:wave:

We are in a big snow storm at the moment!

Happy Birthday Pat!

JJ congrats to your grandaughter on her swimming prize!

Have a great one!

Ellen in Ont
02-27-2013, 01:05 PM
:wave: everyone,
Nice to be allowed back. :D I only have a minute. It has been hectic here. I worked the last two days and yesterday my mother had her gallbladder out laparoscopically. She and my sister stayed here overnight before leaving just now for the hour long drive home. She is doing well but still on heavy duty pain meds.

I am just on my way out to the optometrists to get the lenses changed in my glasses and then to my sons for supper.

Happy birthday Pat. :wave:

Gotta run.

02-27-2013, 01:30 PM
Just a quick pass through as my lunch is over. It's a beautiful spring day today, in the 30s when I leave for work and in the 50s during the day. Sun is shining brightly.

PAT: Happy Birthday and many, many more.

I really didn't realize how addicted I was to this website. :evil:


02-27-2013, 01:56 PM
Hi All,


Totally wacked after a hard day at work

hope you all have/had a good hump day


Island Nipper
02-27-2013, 04:06 PM
Ha,went to use the paper Keith had stretched for me only to find it had bent the plywood board when it dried. Humph, have to get thicker board.
Been waiting two weeks for the sun, ten mins after I was put to bed this afternoon, out it came. Double humph.
Lynn I will continue with the shipping forecasts. I will instruct nurse Beryl to take some photos, then duck! No I will. Post some.
Granulating colours are fun, I think I can feel a painting coming on.
Well I am supposed yo be asleep, better go before the torch light is spotted.
Peace and light to everyone, this really is a brilliant site.

02-27-2013, 04:45 PM
Hiya! It's been a warmish day and we didn't get much *weather*... it's really snowing now, though. Matt and his buddy didn't have any problems to and from London. Speaking of snow... here's my Son's home in Petawawa... he just sent this to us in email and says that it's still snowing...


I painted today. I completely ruined my marbles painting when I varnished it. I had not sufficiently sealed the work and all the colours bled into one another... what a mess. :( Ted pulled the staples for me and I'll recover the canvas with another piece of paper. But, I did paint up Doug's Challenge hibiscus and have another imaginary landscape started.

Bill, I already like the Author's writing style...

Nipper, yes, this is an amazing site! I *get* how your board was warped by your paper... I warped my last painting really bad and Ted had to set it into a frame and screw it down! :eek:

It's about time to think about making dinner... Have a nice evening/morning everyone!

02-27-2013, 06:58 PM
Well! I discovered after reading the Wash this morning I had forgotten to post :rolleyes: That explains why I got no email notifications.

So a belated Happy Birthday to Pat.

Just got in from an evening playing chicken foot at a friend's house. Nine of us in two teams. Always enjoyable.


Scene Chaser
02-27-2013, 07:22 PM
Doug, I was a little concerned. Have a good night.

02-27-2013, 07:37 PM
Has anyone else noticed that when you click on the little boxed arrow for the last post in the thread, it no longer takes you to the last post, but just to the top of that page? Or is it me?


02-27-2013, 07:39 PM
Loving the snow photos.

Thank you for the congratulations to Elise, she is very proud. She is a good little swimmer..

Geoff H Granulating watercolours sure are fun. Way too much fun, and when you add a drop of water to a damp wash, it gets even more exciting. :)

Shame about your painting Char.

Pat, I don't blame you for being suspicious. Did you call her instead and ask her what was up?

Lynn, you take care with the icy pavements..

Gail et al. I totally agree about that wording. Banned is so derogatory. Surely someone can rewrite it. I am betting a lot of people have found that message incredibly hurtful.

:wave: LynnLC I bet your chocolate mousse is a hit. Belgian chocolate is divine, and expensive..:eek: a whole pound!!

Yay Darla, you should have your tickets in your hot little hand now eh!

Well the sun is trying to shine here, I better move myself while it is dry and do some more cleanup in my yard. The skip bin is full and still more to go.. sigh.

02-27-2013, 07:42 PM
Kay, I thought it was me. Glad someone else noticed it too.. Hmmmmmmmm

02-27-2013, 10:53 PM
I know, yesterday is yesterday...
but I'd like to send a quick, but huuuuge thank you for all the birthday wishes for my son.
Will show him the posts today :)

Gaby :)

Pat, belated birthday wishes from my side. I hope, you had a wonderful day (without dentist, the chances are quite high, aren't they? :D )

Gail, yes it is confusing for newbies, if suddenly they get that message.
On the other hand, I wrote an e.mail to WC and waited for a reply in order to ask, what I did wrong and then I found the facebook page: so everything was better then :)
I am happy, that there is a possibility like WC, hence... no problem at all, if there are technical issues from time to time.