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02-17-2013, 12:08 AM
Morning all.

Another hopeless nights sleep so may have daytime nap later to catch up ....

Back home this afternoon.


02-17-2013, 01:21 AM
Hi Washers,

Hi Geoff, I guess we are both light sleepers.

I had to wake up to take my meds - the dentist is concerned because I got such a raging infection so quickly even though I took a mega-dose of antibiotics 1 hour before they did the surgery (something I routinely do because of my knee replacements which are apparently susceptible to blood clots or whatever).

I am feeling much better, and my mouth is almost down to normal size. No plans for sunday.

I just finished reading the Saturday Wash, so I will just give everyone ((( ))) and :wave: and HAWL.


02-17-2013, 01:50 AM
morning Doris and Geoff

I just got home checked the lotto not won
its very cold outside my car had change from green to snowball white
over night now I of to snuggle up to the other half see if I can get sleep

Doris I wish thee well with dentist that one of my favorite place to fall a sleep in her chair

have fun may see you all later

HAWLTAIN :heart: 2 all else

02-17-2013, 03:56 AM
Good evening all.

Geoff ((()))

Doris ... OUCH. I feel for you.

Peter, we know you can't sleep at night because that's when you work. Happy ZZZZs for the day.

Piebald day today. We both woke late putting the fear of the thereafter in us, after all tomorrow is Monday. Slouched around, feeding cats, imbibing coffees, sighing. Always feel worse when I sleep in. Then lawn mowing. After the sheafs from the front lawn were stacked in the compost reactors, we started K2 which was a mess after trees and branches. Then the rain started coming down. We fled K2 after Roger chopped a path through the fallen grevillia as a short cut. BUT, the lawn there looks much better now it is mowed. :lol: We both had showers and nanny naps. more rain. Then we built a wonderful bonfire and started burning the debris of the storm.

Roast chicken on, better go and attend to wifely duties while Roger irons his work shirt. :angel:

02-17-2013, 03:57 AM
Good morning all, it's a beautiful morning here, not a cloud in the sky but a chilly 2C.

Just had a treat re watching the Joseph Zbukvic video (http://www.colourinyourlife.com.au/tv-show/item/107-joseph-zbukvic) on Colour in your Life. The man is a master!

Sorry you are still not sleeping Geoff, I never got a good night's sleep when I was working and always wake a 5 am still.

Glad your mouth is healing Doris, dentistry is such a trial. I just habe them pulled when they give trouble - call me gummy :)


Scene Chaser
02-17-2013, 04:49 AM
Good Day All,
8 F here, but quiet.
Ms. Feral came out for a quick petting and then returned just a quick for the warmth of her den…and the food dish I had just replenished.

Geoff, I had the same night’s sleep. Four solid hours. I’ll have a nap as well.

Hi Doris, glad the antibiotics are working.

Peter, sleep well.

Annie, seems like you do more than wifey duties while working in the yard. I should be burning fallen limbs but it’s just to cold.

Doug, looks like a wonderful video. I’ll watch it soon, thanks.

I have posted a recent painting (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1308143), but I should be doing other chores that need more attention.

02-17-2013, 05:31 AM

Tania et al just went home. I cooked a roast leg of lamb and roast vegetables for supper. Chard out of my garden, yum!!!

Elise made the most amazing cupcakes. Pity I don't dare try them. She wants to try making me some with almond flour, so I will give her my recipe and the ingredients.

Mummy took this photo, hurriedly before bringing them over to my place.

Cool eh. Miss Elise has a new icing tool too. She is quite the pastry chef..

I bought Tania an electric cake mixer for Christmas. It was something she has wanted for a very long time. Red of course. :p Elise told me tonight, when her mother showed her the box, she hugged it. :D You should have seen the rapt look on her face.


Geoff, so sorry your sleep patterns are up the whop!! By the way, I saw that post, "No, JJ. I am not going outside to take a photo" :p :lol:

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Peter..

:wave: Annie, Doug, Bill.


02-17-2013, 06:00 AM
Hello Everyone:wave: :wave:

It is almost 6 AM here in Ohio and it feels like a freezer outside. I was out and about on Sat. and chilled to the bone.

I am due at the Art Museum at 1pm to get acquainted with the gift shop ladies and start my training for volunteering. :clap: :clap:

The next exhibit for the Great Flood of 1913 in Dayton, OH will be starting late next week. I saw some really interesting photos at the lecture last week.

Geoff - I know how you feel about not sleeping. It would be a wonderous thing to get a full 8 hours of sleep. I managed 5 hrs last night.

Bill - Your painting was wonderful. Very nice colors and feel to the piece.
Ms. Ferral is a smart one.

Darla - Hope you are feeling better. Your tulip painting was GREAT.

Gail - It sounds like you are doing very well after your surgery. Don't overdue.

JJ - your grand daughter is really growing up and learning to cook is never a bad thing. I see young girls today and wonder what they are being taught in the area of home keeping and taking care of themselves.

I have been making out a list of some art supplies that I want to purchase soon. It keeps getting longer and longer. :lol: :lol:

I found a great pair of scissors at Marshalls on Friday. They are very long and pointed and will be great for cutting out images from mags for collage work.

I am enjoying a group on UStream on Wed and Thursday mornings by a lady called DeDe from Atlanta. To find her do search for Inkwell or Coffee and Art in the Morning. Some of her shows are recorded. She is such fun and does amazing collages and then she picks elements from her collages to do her paintings. Not watercolor but oils or acryllics.

On Thursday mornings she tries to use a book to talk about and do various techniques. Her laugh is great. If watching in real time you can join the chat. Anyway I'm having a ball with them.

Well better get off now and see if the Sunday paper has arrived.

Everyone have a nice day


Scene Chaser
02-17-2013, 06:14 AM
JJ, so nice the way you show love to your family. The cupcakes look good and I can't eat them either. I would just turn into one.

Anita, good that you are volunteering. It's a good way to stay active and meet people.


02-17-2013, 08:27 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!

Beautiful sunshine but it comes at a price, it is is -26C with windchill, that is around 14F.

No plans for the day yet. Sad that tonight is already the last show of Downton Abbey, I hope there will be a part 4 of the series.

My sinus' have been showing signs of an oncoming cold, I have been squirting salt water up, has kept it at bay but I know from experience that sooner or later the cold will win. I wonder, should I just give in or should I keep fighting it:rolleyes:

Doug, I agree, he is a master, will watch the link in a minute.

Bill, will look at your painting after I am done here too. Glad Ms. Feral has her nest to herself again. Was it the chickensoup drenched paper towel that did the trick???

Doris, I am really glad that your mouth is feeling better!!

Anita, I am so glad that your dad is feeling so much better and you can enjoy your life without the stress.

Annie, that storm really did your garden in:rolleyes:

JJ, if you are talking about one of those expensive mixers with all sorts of attachements then my DIL had wanted one of these for years too and finally got one for Xmas. She too was VERY happy. LOVELY cup cakes:thumbsup:

:wave: to Peter, Geoff and all yet to come!!! Sending good wishes to all not feeling well!!


02-17-2013, 09:18 AM
:wave: Good day everyone! Sunny and icy cold here too, I'll walk indoors today, do the stairs.

I'm sorry it's the last of Downton Abbey too, Uschi, it has been great to have that to look forward to each weekend. I am enjoying Saturday evenings though right now, Murder in Paradise is fun, and so is Pie in the Sky, and they will go on. I hope your sinus problem doesn't develop any further.

Glad you are recovering, Doris :heart:

Sweet photo, JJ, so nice that you have that good close relationship with your family. Elise is an artist too!

Loved your painting, Bill!

Thanks for that link, Doug, wonderful video!!!

Greetings to all to come, hope you all have a rewarding day!

:grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

02-17-2013, 09:41 AM
Hi......beautiful day here although wind getting up and temperature dropped to 7C.......

LynnM...........Dame Maggie Smith said this weekend that she has never watched ' Downton Abbey'!

Pie in the Sky......cannot believe that is still around! It was shown here 1994-97... Richard Griffths, who is even larger now, comes from around the corner from where Eileen was born...


Scene Chaser
02-17-2013, 09:59 AM
Uschi, the broth soaked paper towel wasn't working, so I used what it liked...cat food. :)

JJ, here are some fresh snow scenes for you, though I know you're sleeping now. I did take my camera outside. :)




02-17-2013, 10:09 AM
Nasty cold out there. I let the temperature in my house go down to 16C in the night, then at 6:30 a.m. it comes back on and usually by 8:00 a.m latest it is back up to 22C. It's 10:00 a.m. now and the heating still hasn't quite caught up.

Doug, Zbukvic's video is great, soooooo simple and yet soooo hard. I have noticed though that most of these loose, impressionistic landscapes by him and other artists are invariably in neutral grays. I am wondering if that is part of the trick, especially creating the atmosphere. I might just try that, mind you, my favourite atmosphere is bright sunshine:lol:

Lynn, I'll have to check out those shows.

Geoff, maybe she doesn't like that absolutely stiff, stuck up, narrow minded, character she is playing so well:lol:

Well, I am breakfasted and I think it is time to get into the shower.

P.S. Bill, yes, I now remember about reading about the cat food. Amazing that Ms. Feral is smart enough not to go after it:lol: Maybe I'll try that the next time one of those ground hogs needs to be caught:rolleyes: Beautiful photos!!!!

:wave: Uschi

02-17-2013, 10:26 AM
Doug, Zbukvic's video is great, soooooo simple and yet soooo hard. I have noticed though that most of these loose, impressionistic landscapes by him and other artists are invariably in neutral grays. I am wondering if that is part of the trick, especially creating the atmosphere. I might just try that, mind you, my favourite atmosphere is bright sunshine:lol:

:wave: Uschi

Uschi, colour choice is HUGE whether you are an imperssionistic or realistic painter. Take a photo and paint it twice using two very different colour palettes and you will see what I mean:D

:wave: to everyone and hugs to those that need them.


Scene Chaser
02-17-2013, 10:50 AM
Uschi, I've only caught two Woodchucks in my live trap. Some of the best bait for them is cantaloupe, sweet corn, lettuce, peas, fresh String Beans, strawberries, cucumbers, peaches and vinilla extract. I guess it's anything you grow in a garden. I think cantaloupe works best as it has a strong fragrance.

02-17-2013, 10:58 AM
YES Ona and I have long recognized yours:) and it works soooo wonderfully for you including the wonderful light you create:thumbsup:

I just can't get myself to think "neutral" when I see these succulent greens, and the brilliant colours of the flowers I like to paint BUT I will try one of those city scapes in neutral.

I AM showered and hair washed and am ready for some clean-up and a second coffee.

Bill, once again we Xposted - THANKS!!!!!! I WILL use that if and when it is necessary, hopefully NEVER again:eek:

02-17-2013, 11:07 AM
Hi Washer Buds... We have beautiful sunshine making yesterday's fresh snowfall sparkle and shine in the -13C cold...

I had so much fun shopping yesterday... We went to two different art stores and I bought some D. Smith paint, some floater frames and canvases, 3 packs of paper, a new #16 round brush, a tin of graphite pencils and a Christmas gift for my oldest Granddaughter! :) Wow, eh?

I made omelettes for last night's dinner... so easy... so good. I need to bake bread today.

I'll get my cherries painting varnished. It's a job that takes several hours because each coat needs to dry and cure.

Geoff, have you considered seeing your Doctor about using a short term sleep aid? You have to be exhausted...

((Doris)) I just *shudder* at your discomfort...

Peter, so sorry that you'll not be able to quit work!

What is the science behind that awful grogginess we feel from sleeping in? Annie, I need to know these things!!! :)

Thanks for the link Doug... fantastic video... I have an excerpt (Watercolor Clock) from his book, Mastering Atmosphere & Mood in Watercolor, and it's brilliant.

Bill, I love your newest painting... and your won't be remembered for the chores you should have done, but the paintings that you did... just sayin'... :)

Those cupcakes look delicious, JJ... Elise has decorated them beautifully! If you look on Pinterest for Gluten Free or Flourless cooking, you'll find lots of great recipes. We bought our Jon a stand mixer for Christmas a few years ago... in RED! :)

I chuckled at your growing list of art supplies, Anita... one can never have enough art supplies... never... :lol:

Uschi, I'm going to miss Downton Abbey, too!!!! Is there a fourth season? I think I'd give in to get the darned thing over and done with... :rolleyes:

Hi Lynn... are those programmes on PBS?

Hi Ona!

I've lazed around enough today... time to get the bread maker shakin' and bakin'... :wave:

Scene Chaser
02-17-2013, 11:51 AM
Char, I baked bread yesterday using the recipe that Lulu gave us, thanks to Doug. I know you have used it, too. I'm sold on it.
Thanks for the comment on my painting.

02-17-2013, 11:56 AM
I'll be watching Downton Abbey tonight too. I'm sure gonna miss it.

Yes they are doing another season.


02-17-2013, 12:16 PM
Char, I baked bread yesterday using the recipe that Lulu gave us, thanks to Doug. I know you have used it, too. I'm sold on it.
So did I Bill and I love it too. So easy to make. Thanks Lulu :heart:

Just been to a kitchen shop to get a quote for David's new kitchen ££££££


02-17-2013, 12:17 PM
Hello all,

Thanks for the kind words and hugs. I awoke once again with a headache but took something after breakfast and it's subsiding. I'm wondering if this isn't going into a sinus infection. I'll give it a few more days and if I don't feel better I'll visit the doctor.

Kelsea spent the night last night and is still sleeping! Teenagers. She thought her sister was staying too but she went home after spending the day with her boyfriend.

Larry went to his union meeting; the first one he's attended for a long, long time.

I need to stick something in the oven for dinner soon. Or at least plan on what we are having. I just haven't been in the mood for doing anything.

I did paint for a bit; more on my tulips. I've still not decided on a BG. I'm debating. I want to draw out something else to paint too.

JJ; your Elise is a true artist. What gorgeous cupcakes she's made. And to make some especially for ner Nana...how sweet.

Doug, I've just watched that video; you are right though he's a true master! Even though I love color and he doesn't use much I love his work. It's just amazing what he can do with just a stroke of his brush.:clap:

Annie, it sounds like you had a very busy Sunday!

Char, happy breadmaking!

Uschi and Anita; have fun watching Downtown Abbey. I cannot watch it unless I recorded it because it would not appeal to Larry. It would to me though; I love those kinds of shows.

Geoff, the only thing that is good about me getting sick....I'm able to sleep good!:lol:

Bill, beautiful pics of the fresh snow. It's sure beautiful LOOKING out there today but extremely COLD! But I love the bright sunshine.:thumbsup:

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

BBL:wave: :heart:

02-17-2013, 12:25 PM
Good morning Washers!!:wave:

Has been a bit of a busy week here in the great northwet…which has been decidedly dry this month.:confused: This morning is no exception and the morning sun is to some a welcome relief from the expected grey and dampness..Me? I like the grey, and get along quite nicely without TOO much sun…a bit here and there is nice though. :angel:

Will try very hard to get down to the studio today and get some paper wet! Anne has tomorrow off from school so may get her down there as well:crossfingers: today and tomorrow. May also try to get out and get some good shots of Mt Rainier in all her snowy adornments if the weather continues to cooperate!

Geoff…sorry for the poor nights rest.:( It happens to me at times as well, but not nearly as often and regularly as it does for you. Hope you can find some method of getting a good nights rest at some point!

Doris, glad that it seems as if the infection is responding to the antibiotics.:thumbsup: With joint replacements it can be really scary to have any infection at all! Hope that you are enjoying your new camera and getting some exciting shots of the Empire State Building with it! I have been asked to do some product photography in my watercolor studio…will be thinking about how I’d like to do the set ups in my small space there. It’s an interesting challenge as the customer wants me to shoot film (YAY!) and medium format slides. I may even get to drag out the RB67 and have some fun again!!

Peter…I only check for winning the lotto once a month..that way I get to fantasize all month long before being disappointed by not winning!!:rolleyes:

Annie, sounds like you did the yardwork without encountering jumper ants, leeches, or Annie-the-conda…and avoiding doing the ironing as well makes the day a full success!!:clap:

Doug, thanks for sharing that video, enjoyed it VERY much! May watch it again when I have more time!

Bill, I am with Betty’s idea (New Gamboge)…can mr raccoon up and feed him to Ms Feral!:angel: Have you caught your human varming on the game cam set up yet?? Loved the lighthouse painting…but I love light houses anyway!

JJ good cupcakes!! But it looks like Elise is making a bit of a rude gesture as well!:eek: :angel: Love your new mountain bike but was surprised that it was not RED!!

Anita, have fun volunteering at the museum! I was trained as a docent at the Museum of Glass here in Tacoma…but right after I started, I got offered a job by the Seattle Mariners…which is even MORE fun!!

Uschi…14F is plenty cold! So far I have managed to avoid all of the Downton Abbey shows! Keep up the sinus flushing…even if you do get the cold it will help to keep it shorter and less severe! My Annie’s sinus infection has passed, but the Dr wants her to keep doing nasal flushes for another week. To keep it at bay.

Lynn, I’ll get to walk outdoors today.. Have not seen Murder in Paradise…will have to look for it. Anne enjoyed watching several epsisodes of “As Time Goes By” last night…she’s seen them so many times she can almost recite the script!!

Geoff, have never seen Pie in the Sky either…We do get Doc Martin though!

Bill, what kind of trees are those around your house? Hickory? So tall and slim and straight! That view would make a good painting!!

Uschi, I too noticed how muted his paintings were color wise.

Ona So GOOD to see you dropping in ! Hope that you are feeling well currently!

Char! I may entice Anne to go with me to Daniel Smith’s on Monday (or maybe even today!) as I want to get a LARGE round brush for making lager washes on half sheet and larger paintings. I’m currently making Steel Cut oats for breakfast as MY Annie has arisen since I started this post! Apple bits, blueberries and cinnamon added will make it even more delish!

Doug….kitchens are EXPENSIVE!!! :eek: Anne wants to do ours this year too….it needs it but I am SO leery of the cost!!

Darla, do you do nasal washes? They work WONDERS! When I first learned of them I thought you’d have to be crazy to put salt water up your nose ON PURPOSE…but when the suffering got bad enough I gave it a try…and never looked back!! Your tulip painting is gorgeous! I’d go with a neutral background…perhaps a muted bluey grey?

Well it’s time to get the oats into the bowls and have some brekkies! See ya later gang!!

02-17-2013, 12:39 PM
Hi Hap, Zbukvic makes it looks so easy!

Times change, I installed our kitchen myself using Ikea units. The master stroke was putting four base units two high on the wall in an alcove and fitting them with wire drawers to make a larder unit. I have enough food in there to survive a famine :)

Hope you get better soon ((( Darla ))).


02-17-2013, 01:22 PM
It's a beautiful, sunny, but very cold and windy day here (28 F or minus 2.2 C) actual reading right now, at after 1:00 PM, made to seem colder by prevailing winds at 25 miles per hour. Today is one of the coldest of the season. We have had an entire winter's accumulation of only 1.5 inches of snow (compared to a normal average of 14.4" over the last 30 years, and 56" in 2009-10!) and those slight dustings have melted each time within hours. This is very, very strange weather, indeed. I fear for extreme heat and drought in the coming summer.

Uschi, Season 4 of Downton Abbey is on its way! Google "Downton Abbey Season 4" to find out when you can see it -- it hasn't begun showing in GB yet, and will not be aired until sometime in 2014 in the US, but it seems to be "in the can" already. Be careful not to click on anything that may be a spoiler! : )

I am so lucky: My grandson (15) put all the first three seasons on a thumb drive for me -- including all of season 3 before it was shown here, for a Christmas gift. I expect he got them from a pirate site, but I'm not asking! :D My computer has a 26 inch screen so it's as good (and as sharp) as TV. I am rationing myself -- only watching one show at a time -- but it's hard not to give in to the temptation to click right onto the next episode! The details are so rich, and the acting so superb, that I know I'll enjoy watching them again later.

It's especially fun for me, because although my English grandparents were definitely among the despised nouveau riche at the time, there are many references that seem familiar. For instance, my grandfather, only 28, but with a serious heart problem that kept him out of the army and caused his death at 56, was Managing Director of the London Times during WW One. My mother, still a young child, took phone messages for him at home from reporters at the front, because the servants and Times switchboard were not to be trusted with such sensitive bulletins. Lord Northcliff was owner of The Times, and certainly NOT among the newly rich -- and the Times was in direct editorial contrast to the gossipy papers of Sir Richard.

I have photos of my grandmother wearing the clothing seen in the series, and have both her silver (the exact tea set and "rat tail" tableware pattern used at Downton) and some of her dinner gowns and fabulous, extravagantly feathered hats. When my grandmother escaped the cold and the increasingly strict rationing in England during the years following WW Two (two eggs per person per month as late as the 1950s) and came to live with us in Connecticut, where life was definitely not grand but was generally prewar comfortable, she still changed into full evening regalia every single night before dinner -- although my mother was the cook in our home, and my sister and I were the only "servants" waiting on her. She was not a Dowager Countess, but was definitely playing the Maggie Smith character!

And my mother was NOT "Lady Elaine," even in their luxurious years -- her father turned down an offer of a title following WW One, because he wanted a grander one (remember Sir Richard, already knighted, saying he expected to become a baronet? That was my grandfather!) -- and as a result of his delusions of grandeur, he got no title at all. AND he ended up losing all their newly acquired fortune by purchasing and wagering on his stable of race horses! So it was "shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in two (not even three!) generations" for the English side of my family. They never lived like, or were themselves, anything close to the level of Downton Abbey or its family, but did live, for a while at least, much like the less grand London household in the original Upstairs Downstairs series (where Northcliff was the featured houseguest, in one episode).

I expect this is all Too Much Information, but seeing life at Downton is great fun, and the characters wonderfully written and acted -- and because I don't have TV, I have just begun to enjoy it after hearing everyone rattling on about it for a couple of years, so for me it's newly minted and delightful.

Geoff, if you're still reading <G> I generally fall into bed, and am sound asleep within minutes after 10:00 PM, but wake in about four hours, and cannot then go back to sleep. If I get up and read, or write, or do something useful like paying bills (especially if I do something useful!) I'm very sleepy again a couple of hours later and can enjoy another three or four hours of deep sleep before my day begins. I'm lucky I don't have to fit into anyone else's idea of a "normal" schedule. : ) Your disdain for Downton Abbey might make watching it in the wee hours just the thing to make you sleepy again!


02-17-2013, 01:55 PM
standing in the kitchen stirring a massive pot of vanilla rice pudding with one hand and typing with the other.

flooding below us is still rampant, all while we are also under bush fire warnings. The air is down to 15% humidity and the dew point is down to 8'.

With all the plant life dormant, any fires that start to day, along with the winds, will be a mess.

Re Dowton Abbey: no interest whatsoever, but I'm glad you all are finding something to watch.
Re "As Time Goes By" : "What's that you've got on your foot then?" Teehee

Zbubick does make it look easy, and that's what drives me to get the paper wet whenever I can.

Cold cold cold down here. The yankees have left their back doors open again. We dipped down to 32 last night, the garlic was covered and tucked in tightly :)

The Boy is moping around the house as he cannot find someone to play with. Moping teenager stage, oh joy.

OK, I MUST finish the pudding and get SOMETHING on the drawing board. MUST !

02-17-2013, 01:58 PM

Interesting past of your kinfolk, very interesting and something I do enjoy in others.......Disdain for Downton Abbey, No......I do not watch any of the modern 'historical dramas' which happen to include Downton, Midwifes, The Books of Jane Eyre/ Austen etc...Nor do I watch Britain/USA has talent, or X factor etc......just not my thing......Eileen will watch any permutation of the early things but rarely the latter..

I do like humour, a limited number of sports ( Rugby Union,Cricket,Golf & Athletics mainly) but 'my bag' is anything with 'an ology' on the end...Tonight I have watched Penguins ( Ornithology) Temples in Orkney ( Archeology) and am looking forward to a programme on Cosmology later......following the weekly farming programme....

I don't watch movies either in cinemas or at home........the favourites because of the 'tongue in cheek' element have to be the Spaghetti Westerns of Clint Eastwood....and Independence Day........

None of which help me to sleep either!



02-17-2013, 02:20 PM
Hi to All

A clear and cold day here, heavy frost due overnight

A signal is coming up on my car "your filter is in danger of clogging" what filter I say, anyway it will need to go to the garage tomorrow, the radio is crackling as well!

Geoff, a lot of ologies there, I must be a watercolourologist. I too love anything with ology, I love factual tv programmes, and hate docu dramas, I need Facts, Facts, Facts :lol:


02-17-2013, 02:30 PM
Yes, Char, the same station as Downton, makes for good entertainment for me on Saturday nights....not a hockey fan most of the time :) After those two is Land Girls, which I have got quite interested in. It is supplemented in a way by a program on Monday nights on our TVO at 7 PM, Wartime Farm, which re-enacts many of the same elements, but from an true historic point of view. After Wartime Farm, they run the episode of Downton Abbey that ran the previous Sunday, so you can always catch up if you miss one....but it is very late.

Uschi, I think you would enjoy them.

Geoff, I'm a fan of the 'ology' programs too, favourite is Coast right now, but I'm waiting for the Archaeology one, Time Team to come back. Interesting about 'Pie in the sky', never seen it over here before, it doesn't seem dated, but then I'm not familiar with places over there and how they might have changed. Doc Martin is done for now on our station, I wonder if it will come back. I saw that interview with the Dowager, I was struck with how she seemed so different.....gained weight or something, wonderful actress!

Scene Chaser
02-17-2013, 02:34 PM
Hi Darla, Hap is right about the nasal cleansers. I’ve mentioned the Netti Pot before, but it’s worth mentioning again. I sometimes get sinusitis and in the past always got the antibiotic shot to kill it. A few years ago, though, I discovered the Netti Pot and it works wonders for cleaning the nasal passages, and the bacteria goes away.

Doug, you saved a lot of money installing your own cabinets. I like your larder idea.

Hap, I haven’t set up the cam yet. Plan to have it ready for the gardening season, though.
The trees are mainly Ash, which are dying due to the Green Ash Borer brought over from the Asian continent. One of the less desirable imports. Can’t be avoided, I guess, with world trade as it is.
But I do have a lot of oak, maple, cherry and cottonwood. I have about a hundred pine and spruce that I planted about 35 years ago that are over thirty feet tall. They make a nice wind break from the North.
Lynn, sure would be interested in trying to paint a still life or two of your grandparent’s memorabilia. Have you thought of setting one or two up and taking some photos for us? The silver would be a great challenge, especially since I’ve never done silver.
You and I have the same sleeping habits.

I saw “As Time Goes By” and I think it’s a huge bore.

Henry, don’t waste your money. I think the filter is the dust filter usually hidden in your glove compartment. They are very expensive to replace and to my mind not worth it. However, if your car is telling you your fuel filter needs replacement, then do it.

02-17-2013, 02:45 PM
Bill, looking forward to seeing your garden raider captured by video...then turn it over to the police and let them deal with him! My grandfather would have given him a dose of rock salt from at shotgun...

Are you planning to replace your ash trees with another species that the borer does not prefer?

As Time goes By...not my cuppa either...but Anne loves it and also "Keeping up Appearances"...so I bought her both complete sets on DVD and she can enjoy them whenever she likes....I go to my computer and watch YouTube painting tutorials! :angel:

02-17-2013, 03:26 PM

Have watched the Coast replays time after time and still love it.......Doc Martin did watch a couple as it always had a humerous background.....

As Time Goes By....was that the old Judi Dench series with the laconic Geoffrey Palmer as was always watched...1995-2002...at teatime??? Very gentle'humour'........


02-17-2013, 03:43 PM
OH MY the air/dust filter! In my truck, the genius that designed it made it almost impossible to get to, and therefor, EXPENSIVE to change out. I've only done it once in 12 years.

Rice pudding is done and dinner (roast chicken) is in the oven for dinner.

02-17-2013, 03:48 PM
I love present time documentaries/information. Great Canadian one "DocZone" and "W5" as well as "Marketplace" also US "60 Minutes", even Lisa Ling on OWN. Love to watch programs on NOVA about the universe and its creation although I truly understand only a smidgen of it, but every time I see something similar a bit more sticks:lol:

Downton Abbey reminds me of my friend Maxine, another aupair (sp) girl like me who worked for the Duke of Gloucester at Kensington Palace in London in 1958/59. When I would visit we'd spend time in the servants' dinging room:)

Truthfully I wouldn't have wanted to live their lives.

Lynn/LC, how fascinating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:wave: Uschi

Scene Chaser
02-17-2013, 03:48 PM
Geoff, Have you seen "Chance?" It was from 1985. Extremely hilarious.

Hap, I will not be replacing any trees, but will be selling and moving, hopefully, withing the next two or three years.

02-17-2013, 05:21 PM
No Bill doesn't ring any bells with me,

Notice the book alongside Eileens bed is The Downton Abbey Story'......
She is watching Dancing on the Edge at moment which is about, I believe 20/30's dance bands and their effect on High Society i notice that it has some well known actors in, such as John Goodman as a Mr Big..

goodnight all, going to read the History of London street names whilst I listen to Planet Rock.


02-17-2013, 08:07 PM
Sweet photo, JJ, so nice that you have that good close relationship with your family. Elise is an artist too!:heart: She is an artist. She is great with her camera, so much so, that her Mother and I are buying her a DSLR camera for her 12th birthday in April. She is magical with her pencils too, and paints. She is a natural.

:heart: BILL :heart: Beautiful photos!!!!!! sigh. It is raining here, again..

Uschi, the thing is, with Joseph Zbukvic and his contemporaries, is they all use the same palette. They pride themselves on a dirty palette. It was novel in the beginning, but over the years, looking at his, Castognet, Pykel, and others, they are same ole, same ole. I am tired of them. I actually have three Zbukvic originals, I bought when I did a workshop with him in 2006, that I have never hung.

Those cupcakes look delicious, JJ... Elise has decorated them beautifully! If you look on Pinterest for Gluten Free or Flourless cooking, you'll find lots of great recipes. We bought our Jon a stand mixer for Christmas a few years ago... in RED! :)Tania and Elise love theirs. She sent me a photo via text but for some reason the save options wont show.

JJ good cupcakes!! But it looks like Elise is making a bit of a rude gesture as well!:eek: :angel: Love your new mountain bike but was surprised that it was not RED!!

I tried hard to get a red one. I rang every store in Qld that sells them. :( I will have a red seat, red grips, and I have a red helmet..:p
I had to look at the photo again, to see what you meant about Elise making a rude gesture. Oh. LOL She is pointing with the her second finger. She wouldn't have given it a thought, I sure didn't notice. Trust a man too. :p :D

I will be back later.

Love and hugs. :grouphug:

02-17-2013, 10:15 PM
UH OH ! I was left to my own devices today and ordered a LOBO today! LOL!

02-17-2013, 10:34 PM
Downton... seriously???? :crying: