View Full Version : Get ready for March lightfast testing! Join the WWWTP!

Cariboo Bill
02-16-2013, 10:34 AM
Hi All

It is the middle of the month and here I am again to encourage you to think about joining the WWWTP (World Wide Watercolor Test Program) and help to provide an up to date look at current professional watercolor paints.

My goal for this post is very modest as I have come to understand that there are many reasons for not participating and i respect all of those. However I have some hope that perhaps 2 more people will decide to start testing. I would be ecstatic if 5 people joined the testing process because of this post.

You could consider that rather than some boring almost scientific task of testing paint you were providing therapy for a snow bound mid February cabin fevered Canadian in the far north. (It's not really the "far" north but see I will stoop fairly low to encourage participation. :angel: )

Hopefully one of you will as well take pity and comment in this thread so that I know that at least one person read it. (Isn't that pitfull, all of this is sort of like a 5 year old who wants you to come out and play. :wave: )