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02-10-2013, 01:38 AM
morning all

just got home wet windy dark bar orange glow from Oxford to the north


02-10-2013, 01:53 AM
Hi Peter. Our sun has not set yet as yours is rising.

Warm and beautiful day today. Bit of gardening, lots of avoidance of housework, some painting :thumbsup: at last. Just have to get the laundry off the washing line now. Cats are in. Bo voluntarily. Loki because she treed another goanna today. Only a little one at one metre, but the silly doff head was going to go up that tree after it. She ran away when the clomping human came to collect her. back in half an hour later for company. Doors shut.

Cars de mulched and gleaming. They were undercover during the storm but the wind blew stuff everywhere. And the local bird population seemed to have take shelter in the joists of our carports judging by the lines across both cars.

Happy the birds came through though. Something's you can wash, others you can't .


02-10-2013, 03:53 AM
Good morning Peter, good evening Annie.

A dreary morning here after a rainy night.

Had a lovely dinner with friends yesterday, fun chat and advice all around about leaks.


02-10-2013, 04:25 AM
Morning all

Did look several times during an overlong night

Think the bar of light above Oxford would be street lights on clouds as our sun set about 6pm here!

Dry but gloomy


02-10-2013, 04:55 AM
Good Morning all,
It is a little before 5:00 a.m. here in still sleeping Oakwood. Dry and cool, no snow in the forecast. :D I think it all went up to New England.

Grocery shopping this morning, maybe a bit of painting this afternoon. My Monday afternoon classes start up again tomorrow, so I'd like to show some progress on my painting. It has sat on the shelf feeling neglected the last two weeks. :o

:wave: to Peter, Annie, Geoff, Doug, and all who are on their way.



02-10-2013, 05:27 AM
Good morning washers,

Hi Peter, Doug, Geoff.
Annie - definitely NO houseowrk today. Tell them I said so!
Sylvia - you are right. We got the snow. And how!

My friend who lives in the same town as June has told me they got 22" of snow. Less than an hour drive from here, but a different world.

NYC ended up with 11+" of snow, but here in midtown Manhattan one would never really be inconvenienced by it. Sidewalks have been cleared by the owners (by law), and the roads have been plowed and re-plowed and plowed a third or fourth time. The real stress will come when the snow starts melting and leaves big, dirty puddles of slush at every street corner, then freezes overnight, then melts again... and leaves bigger, deeper puddles of cold slush, then freezes, and melts, and . . . and . . . and again.

I treated myself recently to a nice digital SLR camera and I am still trying to learn all its options and possibilities. I am currently taking nightly photos of the Empire State Building, using different setting and options and trying out various ideas. They have put in a new, computerized lighting system to light the tower, so the nightly colors have been fun to watch and photograph. Last night there must have been some kind of bug in the system, because the lights would flash bright red, then turn red and yellow, then go orange. It was not in any discernible pattern, and not in any planned way. It was very clearly a problem, not a planned demo of color mixing, but it was wonderful to watch it.

Still dark here, may just go back to bed.

:wave: :wave: to all to come.


02-10-2013, 06:37 AM
Just got in the door. Had dinner with my daughter tonight. She cooks a wonderful baked chicken. :) She gave a photo from her half sister, of Elise and Charlotte. I will treasure it. It is a gift from Roslyn.

I am going to look at mountain bikes tomorrow, all going well.


Love and hugs and healing vibes...

02-10-2013, 07:56 AM
Light sleety rain now.........

.............think I am starting another cold.........


02-10-2013, 08:25 AM
Good morning from a sunny SW of Ontario... we're expecting warmer air to flow through her by tomorrow bringing rain with it... :(

I didn't get up with Matt before he left for work. But, I had prepped the coffee so he just had to turn it on... One of his perks is that his meals are provided by the Residence, so he eats whatever was cooked that day...

It's Laundry Day. Sad to think that Sunday has become our day to get the washing done, but so be it. Otherwise, I have no specific plans for the day. I'm sure that something will come up. In the meantime, I can hear my brushes begging for water.

June, you made me laugh with your surprise of the snow piled up on the unshovelled deck! With all the power outages in your area, I'm so glad that you sill have yours!

I'm sure you're sleeping soundly by now, Peter... hope your shift was uneventful...

Annie, I love that sentiment... "Something's you can wash, others you can't ."

Doug and Geoff, don't you feel that you'll never dry out?? :( I hope your back is better, Doug... and I'm sorry that your sleep didn't happen, Geoff.

Interesting how we can get to a certain point in a painting and then just lose interest in it, Sylvia...

Your photo project sounds really interesting, Doris... I hope you'll post them!

Hmmm... one more injury device for you, JJ! :lol:

I haven't had breakfast yet... so, I think I'll forage for something... and a second cup of coffee... I'm sending out lots of positive energy and good thoughts for all... please have a happy and healthy (as much as possible) day!!!

Strawberry Wine
02-10-2013, 08:51 AM
Good Day Washers! Blue skies and - 20 C this morning and thankfully not a breath of wind.

Feeling pretty good this morning. It must be Dan's coffee that is helping because I really missed that while in the hospital.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers in the thread that Char started. !!!!!!! You certainly helped my healing process.

Doris, whoo hoo, a new camera :thumbsup: What make?

Char, has Matt been able to give up his job at the Super Store?

JJ, with your track record I hope a new mountain bike comes with training wheels. :)

Sylvia, I need to work on and finish a painting in a few days or I lose interest as well.

Geoff, probably the same cold, this years virus just keeps resurfacing and resurfacing and re.......

:wave: to Annie, Peter, Doug and all on their way in. I have been up for a couple of hours now and need a lie down. BBL



02-10-2013, 08:53 AM
Hi Gail.........

Nice to have you back 'Washing'


02-10-2013, 08:54 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!

-18C but brilliant blue sky, sunshine and the forest behind my house is covered in hoar frost - PRETTY!!

Forecast - freezing rain this evening and then rain tomorrow.

Friend Jodi was visiting yesterday afternoon and downloaded my bought music onto the iPod - 3 albums - Argentine Tango, Bill Haley and Artie Shaw and it all sounds soooo good with the new head phones. My only fear is that I'll start doing dance steps on the tread mill and slide right off:lol:

I saw a really disturbing documentary on TV (W5 for canadians) where they are reporting the prevalence of physical abuse in the long term care centers. Not abuse from workers but from other patients who are going through the aggressive stages of dementia or Alzheimers.

I haven't yet decided if I should invite my two scrabble buddies for some afternoon games but for sure I am going to the gym and listening to the music I love.

One of our table tennis players is down with the fly, we shake hands after each and every table tennis game, so figure it out, 4 per table, shake hands with three people times at least six or seven games. The possibilities are enedless:rolleyes: :eek: :)

Geoff, they say if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Your cold was fairly easy so it finishing so quickly was probably too good to be true. Hope this one is done quickly too.

Char, I guess you haven't heard if Gail made it home or not. Enjoy today, tomorrow you'll be working hard again.


I am ready for breakfast too so :wave: to ALL and wish you a good day!!


02-10-2013, 08:59 AM
Gail, you are home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!

02-10-2013, 10:05 AM
It's me again.

Gail, it is really so wonderful to see you back here. Glad you are home, hope you continue to heal. My new camera is a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. It came with a small 4"x5", 50-page start-up guide and a cd with a full User Manual. I can't read too much on line with so the cd was not any help to me. I will not start to tell you what I went through to get Canon to send me a hard copy of the Manual - I didn't want to print or pay for 300 pages.

JJ - dont let 'those people' tease you about your accident-prone-ness [?]- I admire your strength and energy on a mountain bike.

Char - of course I will post photos - but it is a long time before there will be any that are worthy of posting. Among other things, right now it is too cold to spend enough time on the terrace framing/planning shots, even though it is glass-enclosed.

If I can do it justice, those new lights are breath-taking.


Wind Song
02-10-2013, 10:06 AM
Hi Everyone:wave:

Wow Gail you are home:heart:

Our plan today is to shovel out the other side of the driveway! It is a pretty big drive, we can park six cars.

I am organizing my studio as I seem to have paintings going on in 3 different rooms in the house at the moment!:lol:

Uschi I hope you don't get that flu or cold! I have had the cold all week and it is a nasty one! It is really slowing me down!

Char did you ever get the warped stretcher bars sorted out?

It has happened to some of my colleagues with really large frames over 4 feet and the canvas had to come off completely and be restretched onto a new frame.

JJ a mountain bike, please do get a helmut!

Doris have fun with the new camera!

Doug dinner with friends is always nice!

Hi Geoff, Peter, Sylvia and Annie.

Have a great one!

02-10-2013, 11:01 AM
:wave: Good day everyone! Lovely sun again today, the melt has started, I can see drips coming off the roof and soon will hear them in the downspout. I got my ac###ics out to paint the clogs I am making for a doll, and they were kind of tempting. I have the open ones, felt sort of like gouache, but not the same nice texture.... I got them to use for printmaking as some have been using them, maybe they have other uses :)

Gail, so nice to see you back....healing vibes going your way :heart:

So glad, June, that you had no serious damage. I remember one year taking photos of our sliding doors half covered with snow after a big storm. We had another door that was protected, though. I hope you have had someone to remove the rest of the snow.

Hurray for painting, Annie, I am avoiding housework too, maybe some painting will result :rolleyes:

Hi Peter, Doug, Geoff, Sylvia, Doris, JJ (get a helmet too!), Char, Uschi, Sharon and all to come.....I hope you have a rewarding day! :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

Scene Chaser
02-10-2013, 11:14 AM
Good Day All,

Gail, so good to hear from you, and that you can enjoy Dan's coffee at home.
Heal well!

Doris, nice camera. The new cameras have so many capabilities, it seems possibilities are endless.

I'm painting and installing imitation window grids to six door wall sections today. It will take more than a day.


02-10-2013, 11:26 AM
Hi Bill you sound busy.

I have an hour up in the loft trying too clear up some of the mess left by the roofers. More to do.

Good news! Had a call from Peter, he is flying over a week today for a week's work in the UK and will be able to spend some time with us.


02-10-2013, 11:28 AM
Good Morning all,

It's cloudy and mild here with some rain in the forecast. Tonight it'll probably freeze and tomorrow's drive into work will be...well not so good. What else is new?

:clap: GAIL:clap: So glad you are home and enjoying Dan's coffee. I pray that you will continue to gain strength and heal. :heart:

JJ, yes indeed; get a helmet and do be careful; you'll be okay.

Char, hope you can get those brushes wet.

I had such a relaxing day yesterday. Didn't do much except paint, watch TV (Detroit Redwings won) and walk on my treadmill; then when Larry got home he puttered around the house doing small chores and I kept painting and did some reading and internetting. Then he ran and picked us up some subs and we ate while watching a couple of movies. A very good, un-stressful day.

I checked on Kaitlyn yesterday; she was mad because her Mom wouldn't let her go anywhere.:rolleyes: She said "She thinks I have a life threatening disease!" I told her "YOU DO!" And advised her to just rest and take it easy. I'm planning on talking to Jen and telling her not to send her back to school too early...to prevent a relapse.

So far no one else has gotten it; it'll be 4 days tomorrow since we were first exposed.:crossfingers: I'm hoping little Klaira doesn't get it; or Larry because he doesn't have any sick days at the factory where he works.

Sylvia, you feel like I feel with my current painting; I'm bored with it. It's a painting of one of Ruth's (Madmum) photo references of tulips. It's a beautiful pic and it's coming along well but...it's just not holding my interest anymore. I've put so many glazes on the blooms and leaves I just want to be done with it; however I still have the background to do...the WORST part.:(

Doris, I'll look forward to seeing a pic of the light show on the Empire State Building. Good for you insisting on a paper manual.:thumbsup:

I've read of some of the record breaking snowfalls in the east and it's astounding along with the winds. I read about the 11 year old young boy who died of carbon monoxide poisioning; and the 81 year old woman struck and killed by a hit and run driver!:eek: SO SAD.

Doug, I'm glad you had a good time at your dinner and had great conversation.

((GEOFF))) not ANOTHER cold...already?:heart:

Peter, what you up to?

Oh Annie it sounds like LOki has NO fear at all; glad it went okay with the goanna and he didn't climb the tree after it.

Hello Sharon.

Oh NO Uschi...the wait to see if you are going to get it is awful.:confused: :confused: I'm :crossfingers: that you DON'T.

Lynn, I bought some acrylics(oops..spelled it out) a couple of years ago and have yet to paint with them. It's a whole tox of large tubes of heavy body. I've been wanting to paint something with them and will have to man-up and just do it!:lol: I keep taking them out and looking at all the lovely colors...someday.

Bill we had those window grids in our house up north; they add so much to the character of the home.

Nothing much planned for today; more painting and watching the Detroit Redwing game at 12:30. We WON yesterday afternoon! I doubt that Jen, Matt and the girls will come over but maybe.

The birds are sure eating a lot...hope that's not a sign of too bad of weather coming.

I hope you all enjoy your day/evening.

BYE! :wave: :grouphug:

02-10-2013, 01:05 PM
Morning all, just barely!
Whoops, now it's noon.

GAIL - welcome HOME!

Another LONG weather work day for me. Huge storms and massive amounds of rain about to hit the deep south and another blizzard is plowing through the mid section. Tornadoes on the menu for us later.

I spent all day yesterday sorting and organizing, and all because I wanted to get my sewing machine out! It was burried DEEP into the storage locker. Getting to that required me to fully empty a 10 foot deep 6 foot high storage room, which led to cleaning, which led to sorting threads, finding needle box.....cleaning out the homeschool closet, the dishwasher, the laundry, then I noticed how grungy the windows were looking, the the garage door doorknob fell off in my hand, then I noticed all the leaves that had blown in the garage.............Good Grief!

With work I may have to put off the mending until tomorrow.

Watercolor canvas is still blank.

Have a great day!

02-10-2013, 01:09 PM
Hello Washers,

First -- Gail so glad you are back home and feeling better. :grouphug:

Second -- thank you all very much. I am pretty surprised and pleased to be cast in something. It's called Moonbound 24 (http://www.moonbound24.com/#). I'm hoping it's a sort of Dr. Who type sci-fi, but funnier.

Well we are having the weirdest weather here. First it got up into the 80's F then plunged. Don't think we made the news because of the storm on the east coast, but there was a pile up on the grapevine going out of the LA basin Friday night. It's basically the main route into and out of LA and on Friday nights everyone is leaving for the weekend. Rain turned to snow turned to hail and back to sleeting rain. Snow down to an elevation of 1800 feet. :eek: Not people going fast. That traffic never goes fast, but caught out because of the fast moving storm. The CHP were leading people off onto exit ramps and side roads for HOURS. Closed the grapevine down as well.

Saturday morning I woke up at 7:30am to the radio news reader telling me it was 39F in Pasadena. It snowed in La Canada Flintridge. You have no idea how rare that is. Just to give you some idea, normally snow does not fall below elevations of 4000 feet.

I went over to Barnsdall Park where I take my jewelry classes because the Tool Man was there. Once a session he comes so we can buy jewelry tools. His prices are substantially lower than retail. But it was freezing! By the time I was through I couldn't feel my fingers and my nose was running. Was going to go home and eat lunch and then go see the Caravaggio exhibit at LACMA, but I was too tired. I am going today. I became a member of the museum since I seem to go there so often. I get a free ticket to each special exhibit with my membership. :thumbsup: They are usually $20.

JJ I used to love biking. I'd bike thirty or forty miles in a day during the summers when I was in high school. Then I moved to LA. I once nearly was run over by Telly Savalas. I never liked him after that. :lol: Do take care.

Darla so glad you can take a restful weekend.

Uschi I hope you don't get the dreaded 'lurgie. Perhaps you could institute a policy for the winter of not shaking hands 'for health reasons.'

Lynn I have a boatload of a%*@#lcs. I haven't used them in (scratching head icon) inserted here. Have some fun with them. Printing with them sounds interesting.

Doug that's lovely news! Glad you had a good dinner with friends.

Bill I'm confused. Take pictures so we can see what that looks like. Is it like trompe l'oeil?

Doris your new camera sounds wonderful. Let us know how you like it. I've been thinking of getting an SLR to photograph my jewelry.

Sharon had to laugh about the paintings going on in every room. Hope you get your studio organized. By the way, how did that painting end up in the attic of your friends house?

Wow Annie Loki is a fearless little devil isn't she? I like that sentiment too.

Char I wish I had a laundry day. That would mean I had a my own washer and dryer instead of hoping to find one free in the laundry room.

((((Geoff)))))) feel better.

:wave: Peter.

Awwww for your neglected painting Sylvia. Mine's been sitting drawn out for . . . :eek:

I did finish three pieces of jewelry with another just needing the stones set.

Well must get ready to go to the museum. Ticket is for 12:30pm, and I'm still slow pokin' around here.

Edit -- Hi Caryl :eek: I'm exhausted just reading that.



02-10-2013, 01:24 PM
Didn't do me much good either! HA!

02-10-2013, 01:29 PM
Gail , You are home ! Bravo . Take it real easy now :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Char, I am glad I made you laugh !! I called Frank and told him about it . Louie said he couldn't believe I was so nice . I told him the kid made an honest mistake. Poor Frank fell off the roof years ago and broke Both legs , he is older now nd having his sons do the heavy work .
Doris , Yes, we had 20 inches, but I hear my home -town Hamden just outside of New Haven ,had 40 inches, even worse . Hard to believe.
Cannot recall anything like that ever there .
Hopeffully it will now go into the 40's and we will get rid of some of it . I feel so much for the the Coastal New Yorkers still suffering homeless sfter 4months . They are being treated badly by Fema and other agencies .
Hope everyone is good after this blast .
June:clear: :wave:

02-10-2013, 01:54 PM
Hi Bill, no there is quite a bit of heat percolating through the insulate ceiling and the open loft hatch.

Looking forward to your photos, I don't quite get what you are doing.


Scene Chaser
02-10-2013, 01:57 PM
Kay, I'll show a photo when I've completed one. No, not trompe l'oeil, but real wood.
I guess is if you name a city after Canada, you're just asking for snow. :lol

Doug, is it cold in the loft? Careful up there.


02-10-2013, 02:07 PM
Cloudy and warm in Coral Gables.

:) Gail is home.

I painted watercolors for about 18 years in isolation, usually "realistic" landscapes. Nothing terrific but impressed friends and family...but they were the only people who saw them. Then I stumbled onto Wet Canvas a few years ago. Loose, tight, colorists, tonalists, staining, not staining, Virgil,Johannes....Aaaargh, my head was splitting. Every painting I try is done differently. People in pictures, FUB...all this is radical to me. And then Ona's transcendent paintings, Lulu and Atlees's portraits to name only a very few. I'm an old man...change is traumatic.

And then, a partial exit from" lurkdom." And worrying about Ms Feral, and JJs ankle and Annie's cats and Doug's back and Hap's Annie. And Geoff's and Darla's and others' losses.

What a wonderful gift is Wet Canvas and all of you...lurker or not.

I truly wish you all more gratifying days.

Ellen in Ont
02-10-2013, 02:38 PM
:wave: everyone,
I picked up a nightshift last night so I'm feeling exhausted this afternoon. I don't have the energy to reply to everyone but just wanted to say welcome home Gail. :heart:

Uschi - use hand sanitizer after shaking hands and offer it to everyone. :thumbsup:

I haven't eaten anything yet so I'm off to do that. I hope everyone not well starts to feel better soon.

Wind Song
02-10-2013, 03:10 PM
Kay I had left 4 paintings in my friends attic where 4 of us get together to paint!
I retrived them the following morning and have finished them!lol

02-10-2013, 03:37 PM
Good afternoon! It's beginning to cloud up here, so I think perhaps that darned weatherman might have been right about the rain... It's +3C and the snow is melting, as well.

I've been doing a couple of line and wash studies... Fun stuff... I always wish that I could paint with that much abandon when doing a "real" painting! :lol:

Ted's watching an old James Bond movie with Roger Moore as Bond... terrible acting... terrible sound and special effects... :rolleyes:

I'm sure glad that you're back home, ((Gail))! Magoo's going to have to work a couple of jobs until he can get a "full time" job somewhere... those are rare as hen's teeth...

Uschi, I'm hoping you don't catch this! We watched that documentary, too, and it goes even beyond disturbing... criminal... :mad:

What a shame you had to cajole Canon into providing you with a hard copy manual, Doris! We have an older Rebel and love it!

Hi Sharon... the warped canvas is partly my own fault because I buy the really cheap ones from Michael's. Ted will drop it into a frame and screw it down for me... You're sure painting up a storm, eh?

Painting is painting, Lynn... even if it is the dreaded ac^%*#cs...

Bill, I'm not sure I understand what you're making... is this for your home?

How wonderful that Peter'll be able to stay with you so soon after his last visit, Doug!!!!

Darla, I'm glad you've given yourself a nice relaxing weekend... you and Larry work so hard... I sure hope you don't come down with the flu!

That's exactly the way it goes, Caryl... one thing leads to another, then another and then another... :lol: sorry

Kay, my Son is a Dr. Who Fan... I peeked at the website... everyone's wearing tin foil!

June, I fear there's another storm on its way to you! :eek:

((Karl)) *nodding* It's the truth...

Ellen, I think it might be too late for Uschi to use the hand sanitizer now... :) Get some rest...

:wave: I need to put my paint stuff away...

02-10-2013, 04:39 PM
Well still light rain, Cousin rang from Exmouth saying they have heavy rain but none of the forecast snow ,but they will come by rail now.

Goodnight all


02-10-2013, 05:27 PM
It was an absolutely GORGEOUS day weatherwise. Bright sunshine that warmed everything up.

I did something unpleasant to a couple of muscles while doing my gym stuff, either it was that machine I hadn't tried before or overdid another machine I did use before:lol: I always look at these happenings in a positive way, thinking and hoping that something that was tight and painful before had loosened itself up:lol: So I am hoping that is what it was. I took an Aleve and am alright for the time being.

Many years ago when I was a mature student at the University I smoked a marijuana cigarette (yes, only one) just to see what it was all about, and the one thing I realized, and was confirmed by the professor, was that the time perception was completely different. I can't remember exactly, either the time went way slower or way faster than I would normally perceive.

Well, today was one of those days, very weird, my brain thought three hours had passed when in reality it was only one. I actually checked my clocks because I couldn't believe it. WEIRD!! and it couldn't have been the ham sandwich I had for lunch:angel:

Char, glad you watched the program because I was actually going to send you the link for watching it on the computer, bad as it is, I thought it would be important for Matt to see this.

I am NOT planning on getting the cold or the flu:lol: I really do keep in mind not to touch my face and I do thoroughly wash my hands the minute I walk into the house. I suggested to leave the handshaking for the time being but nobody pays any attention.

Karl, YUP:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Doug, wonderful news about Peter's visit!!!

June, so glad you managed to get through the storm unscathed!!

Bill, I think you need to give a bit more of an explanation, I am not sure what you are doing either:lol:

Kay, you realize we are expecting photos of your latest creativity!! I agree, weird weather.

Caryl, halfway through I would have sang :music:tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow :music: or something italian like maniana:lol:

Darla, I am so gald you are enjoying a few relaxing days.


What Char said:)

:wave: Uschi

02-10-2013, 05:44 PM
:wave: Hi all! Been away from the wash for over a week and a lot has happened!
We had the snow storm too but only a foot. Our home town Stamford, CT got almost 2 ft. like June did in New Canaan. We used to live about 3 miles from her.
I think parts of Stamford had a power outages. VT is so good, they are used to this and the storm ended at 4 am Sat and the road was all clear by 7am!! Tomorrow we are expectinf snow and rain as the temps rise into the 30's, which means ice as the temps drop to the single digits tomorrow night. Not good!

Well I have GREAT NEWS!!! I got the job at the prison!! I interviewed last Thurs and they called me on Tues. They offered me the same salary as I made at the VA so I am so glad! I am waiting for the contract to come so I can negotiate the time off and then sign it! I hopefully will be able to get my license by the middle of next month and can start then! It is Springfield which is only 25 mins away so I'll spend a lot less on gas than going to the VA and the route is well populated ( houses and businesses ) so it will be a good safe route to travel.
I will work with the prison Doctor , whom I already know. We will be the full time medical staff daily from 8am - 4pm, M-F. Now I hzve to get my DEA license from the Federal Gov't so I can prescribe again.

Gail- So glad you are home and hope you feel much better soon! Will pray all goes well for you!

Char - hope you had fun painting today! Congrats to Matt on his first nursing job! He must be thrilled and so proud!!! Tell him lots of luck!

Ellen- you amaze me the way you do so much! Don't overdo and get ill. Happy Belated BD to Brian!

Doug- hope your back is better than it was a few days ago. Ice it 3 times a day for 5 mins and MOtrin 400 mg every 6 hrs and take it with food always.
Congrats on the great looking new car and the nice new roof!

Geoff- I am so sorry about yourloss of your Mom and hope the serivce goes well.

Darla- drive carefully tomorrow. I recommend Ammonium Lactate lotion for your hands. It used to be a prescription but is now over the counter and works extremely well. My hands are bad too and it is the only thing that works for me. I used to prescribe it often to my patients who always raved about it helping them. Use it at night as it is sticky. It works extremely well for dry cracked heels also.

Nipper- congrats Grandpa!!!

Kay- Congrats on your new role!!!That is so exciting!! Glad your jewelry making is going well! I miss doing it! I used to love my classes and designing and making new pieces. Post some of your new ones for us to see.

Doris- you should brag about your nephew! That is exciting! My nephew is a film editor and is in LA now working on a movie that is expectied to be nominated for
AA's. He had worked on a lot of really good movies and just loves what he does!
Enjoy your new camera! Please post your Empire State Photos.

Carolynn- good luck going back to work!

Judy - I am so sorry about your sister. Treasure the good memories, it does help. I miss my Mom and Dad terribly and the memories sure help!

Anita- hope all is well with you. Any job bites yet? Hang in there it will happen!


Bill- Your latest project sounds interesting. Please post pics!

June- stay in and warm and safe!

:wave: to Sylvia, Karl, Sharon, Peter,Lynn Caryl and anyone I may have missed!

Time to go list some stuff on ebay and order a pizza for dinner!

Have a great nite all!


02-10-2013, 05:56 PM
Hmmm... one more injury device for you, JJ! :lol: ;) The day I turned 60 I thought, no way!! There has to be a mistake, no way am I 60. I feel 40 is all. So. I decided, I may not be able to change the numbers, but hey, if I have to be an old lady, I sure as heck am going to be a fit old lady. :lol:

JJ, with your track record I hope a new mountain bike comes with training wheels. :) :eek: Are you saying I am accident prone??
Welcome home. ((((( :heart: )))))

Uschi. I carry a wee bottle of antibacterial gel. I have given up worrying about the looks I get. With my immune system running on less than 25% I am taking no chances. So far I have stayed cold free for a couple of years. The last flu I had, was from the passenger sitting next to me on the airplane back from Canada. :rolleyes:

Doris. aaaaaaaaaaw hugs girly and thanks.. These gals have known me for a very long time. I can take their ribbing. :p Have fun with your camera.

Sharon, helmets are mandatory. I am wondering about knee/elbow guards though. :lol:

Lynn, I keep going back to your wonderful snow thread. Thank you again. :heart: A photo of the clogs and doll when you are finished please.

Bill, sounds interesting. Photo? I can't quite get an idea of what you are doing?

Yay Doug. How neat for you. Will Peter be on his own?

Speaking of lofts. When I migrated to Australia back in 1986, I left my mirrored 21st Key with Mum Taylor. I went back in 1992 and was going to take it home with me, but she swore blind I didn't leave it there. I was disappointed, as it had a lot of signatures on the back of my family now dead, including my parents.

Last night, Tania handed me my key. Dad Taylor had found it in the loft when he was clearing it, and gave it to Tania to bring home. Sadly all the signatures have faded and can no longer be distinguished, except for my former husbands. His is there clear as day. :lol:

Darla, say driving tomorrow. I am glad Jen is not letting Kaitlyn out and about, not just for her sake, but for others as well. Hugs.

Kay, I used to bike a lot to when I lived in New Zealand. I loved it then too. It was a great mode of transport, even in the rain.
I have decided, if I ride down to the local shops, I am riding on the footpath on Creek Road. There are total idiots driving on that road, and I don't feel to be taken out by a car or a bus for that matter. :D I will be fine, I belong to a mountain bike riding group. They ride on bike paths, in and out of the bush. I am excited to be able to finally join them..

Gosh June, that is one heck of a lot of snow. I am glad the two of you are ok and warm..

Coffee is calling me.

:wave: all

Love and hugs

02-10-2013, 06:00 PM

02-10-2013, 06:25 PM
Kay - ROFLMAO - the guy with the cat!
Break a leg!

02-10-2013, 06:27 PM
Congratulations on the job Reggie.

Peter will be on his own JJ.


02-10-2013, 08:03 PM
Walked to LACMA to see the Caravaggio Exhibit (http://www.lacma.org/art/exhibition/bodies-and-shadows-caravaggio-and-his-legacy) and then home. My legs hurt like ----- blazes! But it was wonderful. Closing day. Hope the link still works by the time any of you see this post. Bought a lovely book on Caravaggio published by Taschen -- inexpensive and I got a 10% discount for being a member of the museum. :D

Okay, okay, I'll get some photos of the new pieces.

Yes we all had to wear tin foil helmets as part of the audition. You could make your own or use one of theirs.. You know I had to make my own. And, no, I'm not showing it to you. I threw part of it out anyway. :p Suffice it to say it involved my purple Susie Who pom pommed head band. :evil:


02-11-2013, 01:25 AM
Bravo Reggie !!! Soinds like along drive again and alot of serious work .
Yes Char, they say rain and ice . I hope not, as I have not had help for 3 days and I am running out of stuff Soon , so I hope the help will come tomorrow .
I knew we would be hit eventully .:( :( :( :(
Uschi , You Lost 3 hours ???? How could that be ?? I think that it is worth just talking to the Dr. about it. My experience with Louie was similar , he was standing still and not answering me for a moment in the kitchen . It led me to call 911 and he Was having a TIA. He seemed normal up to that time and I thought he was fooling with me . But it was a stroke . It led to a host of things for many years. I am worried about you being alone, seriously .
Louie and I smoked a M cig once and It had No effecrt on me ,so I smoked another and That had no effect ,so I said Phooie and decided to stick to MY regular ones because I enjoyed it, at least!

02-11-2013, 08:37 AM
:clap: Congratulations Reggie!!!

:lol: June... I liked to smoke, too, and only quit because it's SO socially unacceptable...

JJ, what is a 21st key? Glad you got it back even if I don't know what it is.

02-11-2013, 06:37 PM
The custom down under is, when one turns 21 one has a party and gets a key. (The key to the door) Mine is mirrored with the date I turned 21. The date reads as if I was worn in 1973 :p :D :thumbsup: