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02-04-2013, 09:17 PM
morning again from me myself & him
Originally Posted by ollieowl
I'll try
but I'm shy

Oh yes I am

Doug: that a neet way of get light into your studio bit drastic those :D:lol:

To Annie , Uschi ,Char,Pat ,:Thankthee for your thoughts

BIll, I just use a knife...but I do cut my fingers all the time...especially right after Larry sharpens them and forgets to tell me. :( Oh the joys of being a cook.
well DARLA it doe's add some flavor that tomato sauce

Originally Posted by lifespalette
Would someone please tell me what is a mandolin....h

if thee do chop the tip of a finger don;t worry it only take about a year to grow back mine is nearly back to normal since I chop it off in the back door of lorry trailer at work it just the very tip that got to stop irritating me now about 1/4inch circle to go :thumbsup:

P.S I have a Mandolin not try'ed to slice my other finger with it yet bought it the week before playing with the back of lorry so I'm nervous about play with it too

02-04-2013, 10:59 PM
Morning Peter,

Thanks bird of the night for Wash starting again.

Today have meeting with Vicar who will be doing the service next week, she had visited my Mother in distant past so knew her

Thereafter continue the de-clutter at home.

Back later


02-04-2013, 10:59 PM
Hi Peter:wave: go for gold tomorrow and you will start a kewpie collection too!

well DARLA it doe's add some flavor that tomato sauce

Ewwwwwwwwwwwww :lol:

Has been a warm day, but we are just now experiencing a sudden dip in temperature, has dropped about 8degrees in half an hour, now down to 17C :eek: We did have 10 mm of rain overnight though.
I realised yesterday that the birds have gone, hopefully a bit of moisture will bring them back.

I've joined the waiting room lol
Just back from the physio - sprained a muscle in my lower back.
Also have to see a hand specialist for my hand injury (that happened same time as I cut it back in November).

Thinking of you all and especially those who are hurting in any way :heart:

Better go and have an early meal before going out to art class.:wave:

02-05-2013, 02:06 AM
Good morning all, though not so good here :(

Been up half the night catching drips - the temporary join between the old and new roofing felt on the front of the house is leaking and we have water running out of a ceiling light onto the bed :rolleyes: Difficult to sleep with a bucket catching drips on the bed!

An early call to the roofer is on the cards!

(((Lulu))) hope your back strain is not serious.


02-05-2013, 02:43 AM
Hi Peter:wave: go for gold tomorrow and you will start a kewpie collection too!.:wave:

me be back "sorry for swearing"To Work only of Sun & Mon days off :o

HAWLTAIN :heart:2 all other :thumbsup:

02-05-2013, 03:32 AM
Good evening.

Peter :eek: Throw the mandolin. Banjos are better :lol:

I do remember cutting up blanks for wood turning on the band saw and stupidly crossing my hands. Nearly sawed off my right ring finger. No pain, only vibration stopped me. A tendon repair later and several years later, all is well. Still got the gulp Xray. Got to love the hand surgeons.

The worst, in terms of pain, cuts I have ever had were from newly sharpened knives. Darla :heart:

Sleep in now Geoff!

Stay warm, safe and well Lulu.

Doug, that is not funny. Water dripping down light fittings? :eek: Bucket or not, there will be more to do. Did like your new roofing but only when it is complete. :heart:

Sun is going down and I have to cook something delicious for dinner tonight. Diced and roasted potatoes, onion, cubed chicken, tika tala sauce and then fried noodles on top? Greens will be the last of our unmelted/dissolved lettuces, factory tomatoes for colour and our last cucumber as a side.

BBL :wave:

02-05-2013, 03:35 AM
Oh dear Doug..not a good start.

For the cat lovers..


Snowing here.........my cold very loose and not nice.


02-05-2013, 03:58 AM
:lol: :lol: :lol: Geoff.

02-05-2013, 04:02 AM
haha love that Geoff :D

Doug, that is terrible! :eek: Hope it is rectified quickly.
My sprained back muscle is not serious, in the sacroiliac area and is just painful when I've been sitting, or turn quickly, hopefully it will mend soonish - can only do gym for upper body meantime, but I can do some walking with good support shoes. I certainly want it fixed before I have to endure a 14 hour flight:eek:
My hand (thumb area) is more concerning to me, the physio thought it would need splinting, it is my left thumb and yes, I'm left-handed. Will know more after I've seen the specialist. Thumbs crossed lol

Annie, your meal sounds delicious to me, and having eaten so early I feel the need for another meal now! Why do I get so hungry after 2 hrs of art class lol Loved it, more impressionist landscape tonight, surprising how it all comes together in the end.
Off to eat then to read for a bit before bed. Nite!:wave:

02-05-2013, 04:14 AM
Good morning washers,

Doug - I was going to admire your roof, but not now. Bummer about the leak.


Hi Geoff, Peter, Annie

I am with Uschi on the Mandoline issue = WIMPS!!
They are actually a wonderful labor-saving gadget, and safe enough if you use the finger guard. I have three mandolines: one is really wonderful (and embarrassingly expensive) but becomes a production to use it so it only gets set up when I am working on a party/(lots of food); one is a simple, small, plastic one that gets used constantly for everything; the third was a waste of time and money, is totally useless, and needs to be gotten rid of.

My recipe file is overflowing also, mostly with "one of these days" recipes. I used to call them my "retirement recipes," but now I am. . .

Had a nice day Sunday - went to a Game party but left early because one of the guys was getting loud and obnoxious. I know he abuses his wife, but there is not much anyone can do without her agreement, is there?

Dentist on Tuesday. No other plans - which is how I like life.

See y'all later,


Island Nipper
02-05-2013, 04:57 AM
Good morning everyone. Sunny with moderate westerlies.

Woken on my recliner early. Beryl's daughter in labour, she was hoping to have the baby at home but complications, has been rushed to hospital. Nurse Beryl has rushed off to pick up little Esme our Granddaughter. I sit here with everything crossed with the phones laid out before me.

Hope to post good news later.

02-05-2013, 05:33 AM
Nipper ... :crossfingers: that all will go well. :heart:

BTW Grandad Nipper again ? :heart: :heart: Will wait to hear.

Off for well ? deserved slumber now. Dinner planned was a theory half proven. TIMING is of the essence.


Scene Chaser
02-05-2013, 06:13 AM
Good Day All,

5 F. Trash lorry has come and gone.
Ms. Feral has had a thief come to take her food and trash her water several nights now. Iíll have to set my live trap for the raccoon. Raccoons have no saliva glands and must have water to swallow food. Hence, the dirtied water. And, since they may carry rabies, it is important to sterilize her dishes.

Don't be afraid of kewpie dolls, Peter. :)

Lulu, sorry your hand is giving you problems. Didnít realize it was that serious. Probably, also, not a time to play Chubby Checkerís ďTwist and Shout.Ē

Doug, I imagine you have had some words for the roofers. :eek:

Annie, dinner sounds delicious. Very creative, actually. I love oven fried potatoes. Iíll have to do them for dinner while I roast a chicken.

Geoff, love the poster.:cat: Hope the meeting with the vicar goes well.

Doris, too bad about the loud, abusive one spoiling the party. Iíd have left, too, as he makes for not a safe gathering.
Iíll just use the food processor. They are safer for men.

Geoff H, Iím sure you are on pins and needles. We will be hoping to hear good news.

Must have breakfast.


02-05-2013, 07:29 AM
Hi to All

Blizzard conditions here, car snowed in!

Doug, that is a bummer about your leaking roof, better to find out now rather than later I suppose.

Darla, there is always one who spoils the party!

Re cuts, I had a knive stick in between my thumbnail and finger, I lost the nail, it did grow back

One of my Brothers has just returned from a week in Lanzarote, it is a volcanic island and looks like the moon he said, but warm!

Bill, I didn't know that Racoons carry Rabies, we don't have that disease here in the UK...poor Ms Feral!

I read that a guy was walking along a beach here and came across a pile of Whale vomit, he is selling it for £100,000 :eek:

Speak Later


02-05-2013, 07:40 AM
We had a full gale an a downpour overnight followed by an inch of wet snow. Can't really blame the roofers, just one of those things.

Hope you catch that varmint Bill.


Scene Chaser
02-05-2013, 08:00 AM
Ms. Feral is somewhat protected from rabies with a shot last year when I had her fixed. I am always very careful with raccoon, especially since I haven't had a rabies shot. :)

Henry, 100,000 sounds good for ambergris. I would put it up for bid as he could get more. I'd walk the beaches for it but there aren't that many whales in Lake Huron.


02-05-2013, 08:01 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!

-17C and the sun is coming up. No wind yet:thumbsup:

Nothing much happening here, going for lunch with friend, walk on the treadmill in the afternoon and some housework.

Peter, colourful morning greeting:thumbsup:

Annie, shivers running up and down my back:eek:

Nipper Geoff, :crossfingers: :crossfingers: for a safe delivery of your new grandchild.

Lulu, re your back muscle, so easily done, hope you can work it out quickly. Don't forget to show us your newest painting!!

Bill, can't really blame the starving thief who steals from the rich:lol:

Doug, :eek: :eek: about the leak!! Is that because the roofers hadn't quite finished?????

Henry, smiled at the photo in yesterday's wash!! Someone must have forbidden you all to smile:lol:

Geoff - ooohhhh, cute!!!

Doris, smart move leaving the party early!!

:wave: to all here and all yet to come!!!! As always, thinking of our friends who aren't feeling well!!!


Ellen in Ont
02-05-2013, 08:12 AM
:wave: everyone,
A day off today and then day shift tomorrow. I haven't caught up reading the last couple of days of washes so I'll do that next. It's still very cold but nice sunshine here the last few days.

I am still working on the drawing of my next painting but I'll put it on my blog once I have it ready to start painting. I used Brian as the model but it isn't a portrait of him. :D Speaking of Brian, today is his birthday. Since he is working we won't be doing anything to celebrate today.

My mother saw a surgeon yesterday and is booked to have her gall bladder out on the 26th. It will done laparoscopically as a day surgery so she will be spending the night here after. She is 79 but in relatively good health so I am hoping she has no complications.

I have a small list of chores to do and then have a nice cup of coffee. Have as good a day as possible everyone.

02-05-2013, 08:17 AM
I just had a look at Ona's Blog and saw she has won yet another award - CONGRATULATIONS ONA!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and teddy is definitely GUIULTY but very CUTE!!!

Ellen, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Brian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and :crossfingers: for your mom AND, I am so glad you are feeling better!!!


02-05-2013, 08:42 AM
Doug, about the leak!! Is that because the roofers hadn't quite finished?????

Yes Uschi, they had got half way up the front roof before the rain started yesterday and overlapped the old and new sarking felt. Unfortunately we had a gale overnight which lifted the overlap an let the rain in. They have now completed felting the roof and it should be completely watertight :crossfingers:

Raining again now so they finished just in time. Supposed to be fine tomorrow so they should get the main roof tiled.


02-05-2013, 08:50 AM
Morning Washers,

It is a VERY cold morning here 5F. Hoarfrost covered everything and it was magical. Sparkly and frosty. The sun is now out and I see blue sky. We are expecting a bit of a dusting this afternoon...again.

I awoke with a headache this morning...I think I must have slept wrong on my pillow.:confused: Anyway I've just taken some ibuprofen so hoping that will kick in soon.

((LULU)) I hope your back will heal up nicely very soon.

Annie, your meal sounded so scrumptious!

Doris, yes there is always someone who has to ruin a party for others.

Doug, a leak? I'm glad the roofers have the felting all on now; and I hope any more rain holds off.

Henry, why does this place that your brother went look like the moon? Very rocky? Oh I see you said it's a volcanic island...very interesting.

Bill, those darn raccoons; they can be so intrusive AND destructive...just as bad as squirrels.:rolleyes:

Uschi, enjoy your day.

Ellen, I'm SO GLAD you are feeling much better these days. I'll be praying that your Mom's procedure/surgery goes smoothly for all involved.

Peter, oh yuck.....blood in the tomato sauce...bluck...

Geoff, I bet the vicar will do a nice job on the service for your Mom especially if she knew her personally.

Hey Nip...I'm also :crossfingers: for a great outcome for all involved.

I hope everyone enjoys their day/evening.

BBL:wave: :heart:

02-05-2013, 08:59 AM
Good morning... we enjoyed a bit of hoar frost early today making our trees look quite magical... The sun is shining now and most of it has dropped away.

I have two Classes today. This morning we're going to begin doing eye studies. I'm happy about this because I'd like to do an "eye" portrait of each of my Boys as one of their Christmas gifts.

I prefer my very sharp santoku knife that I use for almost everything. It can slice through anything from fresh tomatoes to raw meat without resistance. I have a mandolin and use it for thinly slicing potatoes, but that's about it. It has a guard. I use the guard. :)

My Mother once took the end of a finger off using her mandolin. *shudder*

Ted's friend (mine too) cut the end of his thumb off on a band saw. *shudder*

Peter, we enjoy your visits to the Wash regardless whether or not you start it. Besides... we know how much sleepless Geoff loves to get teased about it.

Geoff, I hope the meeting with your Vicar went well... I'm sure it did... it's a gentle thing.

((Lulu)) You're falling apart going to rack and ruin... :crossfingers: that the damage to your thumb isn't permanent especially since you're a Southpaw!

Doug, roofers typically don't work during the winter months here and I've been a little surprised that they are working on yours. I hope those leaks don't damage your ceilings. :(

Annie, your dinner sounds absolutely yummy!

Doris, it's too bad that your afternoon was spoiled... abuse is about control and that poor woman is probably afraid to admit she's worthwhile... just acknowledge her so she knows that she's not invisible... you're right that you cannot help her until she's ready to help herself.

Nipper, praying that all goes well with your Daughter and the new baby!

It's too darned bad that Ms. Feral stubbornly refuses to acclimate to "indoors", Bill!

:eek: Henry, that's just gross!

You've got a nice active day planned, Uschi!

:wave: Everyone... I need to get showered and dressed asap! I've forgotten the time and now I'm running late! Have the best possible day!


Happy Birthday to Brian, Ellen! ((Darla)) I hope your headache eases...

02-05-2013, 09:13 AM
Doug, roofers typically don't work during the winter months here and I've been a little surprised that they are working on yours. I hope those leaks don't damage your ceilings.

We have had so much rain during the summer and autumn Char, the chance is the winter will be drier. We have only had one day's rain since they started last Wednesday.


Strawberry Wine
02-05-2013, 09:36 AM
Good Day Washers!

We woke to - 17 C (0 F.) but it has already risen to - 11C and will continue to rise over the day with the possibility of a little snow.

After a month long battery of scans, MRI's and various other tests I will be heading back into hospital tomorrow for more lung surgery. I will most likely be in hospital 5 days and, of course, there is no wifi connection in the ASCU so will be out of touch until I am home again. Dan will keep in touch with Char.
Pearl will be vacationing at the Breeders as of late this afternoon as we have to be at the hospital for 8:30 tomorrow morning. I know she will have a good time. All healing vibes sent my way will be gratefully accepted. :)

I too, have one of those inexpensive mandolins which does a pretty decent job but I have often thought about purchasing a professional one. Not sure what the difference would be though. and I ALWAYS use the hand guard.

Geoff, sounds like you have a miserable chest cold but not the dreaded influneza. Just be careful, use lots of sanitizer and hand washing when you are out and about as your immune system is most likely quite weak at the moment.

Ellen , wish Brian a very :music: Happy Birthday :music: from Dan and I.

Doug, will your bedroom ceiling need repair? Hope the roofers have the job completed by now and you will be able to sleep well tonight.

Bill, I am surprised that you have a racoon visiting Ms Feral's food and water. We don't usually see them from Dec - mid March or early April.
Maybe a porcupine ? or a raccoon that is hibernating very close by

Uschi, you are a whirlwind of activity. :thumbsup:

Lulu, heal quickly !

Nipper Geoff, :heart: waiting and hoping to read of the safe arrival of your Grand child soon.

Char, eye studies :thumbsup: , I wish I was in your class today. :crossfingers: that you are painting some blue eyes so I can eventually see your steps if you photograph them.

Well, I have a few things to do today, water all the plants, get Pearl's food ready, and notes to make for Dan, fill all the bird feeders, etc.etc. so I better get a move on.

:wave: to all I have missed and those on their way in. BBL



02-05-2013, 09:56 AM
:grouphug: Gail :grouphug: I hope everything goes well tomorrow :heart:

No damage to the ceiling thank goodness thanks to the light fitting :rolleyes:

Happy Birthday to Brian


02-05-2013, 09:58 AM
:wave: Good day all! Bright sun and sparkly trees here, too, will be nice for my walk down to the dentist. Possible problem with an old crown, pain is in my ear, but doc says there's no infection there, so most likely a tooth....we will see.

Gail, my thoughts will be with you :heart:

I hope things work out for your hand, Lulu, that must be so annoying. But you are still painting! Maybe it helps you to be more impressionistic :)

Happy classes, Char, sounds like a good subject.


Too bad about the roof, Doug, hope there is no interior damage.

Love the poster, Geoff! they are so beautiful.

Hi Uschi, Ellen (Happy Birthday to Brian!), Bill, Henry, Nipper, Annie, Doris, Peter, and all to come....have a rewarding day!

:grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

02-05-2013, 10:04 AM
Hello all, as I read most of you are under cold or snow. Here is just grail stones falling, then sun , then rain, then rain ... well it's windy.

02-05-2013, 10:49 AM
Morning, here anyway, kids have come and gone on their bikes to school. Nice day for a ride, so far. Jack is going, to get tires put on the car. Today IHOP is giving away a short stack of pancakes, for a donation to charity, so we will go there later.

Racoons and rain & roofs, both remind me of the house we were renting in Campbell. Our neighbors found a racoon who had gotten in via the cat flap and eaten so much he could not get out :eek: . While we were living there the roof was being replaced, and in the night it started to rain, in buckets, then the sound of feet on the roof, the garage had not been finished so they came to finish it in the rain, bless em.

I kind of miss Geoff starting the wash, even if I don't get to the computer till there are 2 washes to read.

Oh well another day awaits what surprises will be discovered.

02-05-2013, 10:57 AM
No racoons here...not today anyway and no ambergris either Bill....

Meeting with Vicar went well, as I knew it would, turns out we have a few mutual friends and I used to work in her home town.....

I'm coughing and spluttering well so looks as if a full blown cold is all we are having this time around........I don't feel well enough for the offered game of golf on Thursday at moment so may say 'pass' till after funeral now.

We did have gales during night followed by a dusting of snow at 0600, now all gone apart from on the nearby 'tops'....

Glad u liked the kitten picture.


02-05-2013, 11:02 AM
:heart: (((GAIL))):heart: Hugs, prayers, and white healing vibes beaming your way; may your surgery be successful and your recovery quick.:grouphug:

Headache still there...nauseating too. Maybe after lunch it will subside. Thanks for the hugs.


Judy I heard that advertisement on the radio on my way into work this morning; free short stack's. YUM.

(((GEoff))), that kitten pic was so cute.

((LYNN)) oh ouch a toothache is the absolutel WORST; that and an earache. I hope the dentist can help you.

Still have brilliant sunshine here...love that sun.:cool:

02-05-2013, 11:29 AM
A good Tuesday morning and day to all.....beautiful here today, sunny and should climb to the low 60's by this afternoon...if I had taken the time to stop and get my new battery for my cycle yesterday I could be riding today, but it was raining and I didn't want to get out of the truck again....call me lazy, but I rather view it as prudent sensible behavior. Today will be more conducive to running that errand and getting it installed.

Geoff, I can totally relate to the decluttering exercise.....yesterday, we found a new facility for the MIL, now we just have the logistics of getting her moved and she has become very accepting of the fact that she will not be able to go back to her independent living center after rehab, so we will begin the process of clearing out her current abode......furniture won't be the problem, it's all the stuff....and I mean stuff. She has a collection of cheap nut crackers (200+ for sure), they are everywhere..... and figurines....so not looking forward to this.

Doug sorry about the roof man.....it never fails, start a reroofing project and the weather will turn in a heartbeat just to play with you.....but once it is done hopefully your problem will be remedied.

Lulu good luck with the hand issue.....I've got permanent numbness of the index and middle finger on my left hand and it's annoying as all get out....I can't imagine if it was on my right hand as I'm right handed.....I hope the specialist can work it out for you.

Well, I'm torn today between the desire to sit down and paint or to work on finishing up the redesign of our remodel plans. The wife and I have decided to go ahead with enlarging the only bathroom to create a wet area that will encompass both a free standing soaking tub and 2 person shower area and bumping out a window sitting nook on the front bedroom with a new gable end feature to the exterior with clear story windows to throw in more light. I doubt we will recoup our investment completely, but as we may be stuck here for awhile, we just decided we might as well do it for our comfort.....who knows maybe the market will improve by time we get ready to move on.

Well... burning daylight. A good day to all, healing and comfort where needed, inspiration and hugs to all :grouphug: .....

Peace, love and hope....these are the building blocks to happiness.....Steve.

02-05-2013, 11:39 AM
Yeah, we're going for lunch, you do need to donate to the Children's Miracle Network, I will take my own syrup, don't like their sugar free variety.

Wind Song
02-05-2013, 11:40 AM
Hello Everyone:wave:

I will be thinking of you Gail:heart: :grouphug:

Doug I hope the roofers get your roof sorted out!

Happy Birthday Ellen to your Brian!

Lulu good luck with your hand!

Have a great one!

02-05-2013, 12:06 PM

I'm just resting my eyes from painting a miniature. You can go bossed eyed after a while. Still, at least they get painted relatively quickly:D

((((Lulu))) hope your hand is ok

(((Gail))) sending you hugs

(((geoff))) (((Lynn)) (((and anyone else who needs one)))

Thanks Uschi:)

well my break time is over. Back to the brushes :heart:


02-05-2013, 12:21 PM
Steve...wherE one can't utilise the charity movements I generally use that well know USA invention 'freecycle'......but for a collection of nutcrackers perhaps a 'kitchenalia' store??


Scene Chaser
02-05-2013, 01:44 PM
((((Gail)))) Hope all goes well with surgery and hospital.
No porcupines here. Might be a possum, though.

Happy Birthday to Brian.

Lynn, hope all goes well with the tooth.


02-05-2013, 02:02 PM

Well it has been horrendous day here in downtown Wigan - fortunately we had sleet and not the forecast snow but some areas haven't been as lucky.

Mum was not good this morning - she was in a lot of pain with her shoulder - she couldn't move her arm - managed to get her dressed and downstairs then put her arm in a sling - gave her a hot water bottle and some paracetomal - seems to have worked as she has more movement. This happens to her at odd times - all we can do is get her to rest it.

I phoned the secretary of the consultant from the chest clinic regarding reissuing a prescription for the Mucidane tablets for her chest. I had rung her two weeks ago and was expecting her to have faxed it through to our doctors but she only did it on Friday. I was not happy - apart from that she is proper 'snotty' in her attitude - I had to stop myself from reminding her that she was only a secretary not the chairman of the NHS...(no offence to any secretaries btw ;) )

Heard from my friend Sheila - seems the hospice nurse has been to the house - Richie is very happy with him as he asked Richie what he wanted from them - not what they wanted to do .....

Ellen - Happy Birthday to Brian xxx - hope your Mum's surgery goes well.

Doug - ooh not the weather to have a roof leak.

Geoff - thinking about you (((())))

Lulu - well that's put paid to your hitchhiking days for a while.....:evil: ;)

Well better go and get tea on........waving to everyone :wave: and sending white light to all in need.


Pat xxx

02-05-2013, 02:19 PM
Thanks for your good wishes, folks.....dentist says nothing visible, even on x-ray, so must be sinus. So back to the irrigation and hot compresses and hope for the best. Will also try a migraine pill, who knows, maybe it's some sort of weird one, I sure don't want antibiotics.

Double hugs for you, Darla, I know what it is like working with one :eek:

That is a lot of nutcrackers, Steve :)

(((Winnie and Pat)))

I'm making clogs for a doll today :rolleyes:

02-05-2013, 06:18 PM
After a month long battery of scans, MRI's and various other tests I will be heading back into hospital tomorrow for more lung surgery. I will most likely be in hospital 5 days and, of course, there is no wifi connection in the ASCU so will be out of touch until I am home again. Dan will keep in touch with Char. :grouphug: :heart: :heart: :heart: :grouphug:

:wave: Peter

Lulu, hope you are feeling better today..

Doug, did the roofer come to sort out the leak>

Mandolins, I have one and use it occasionally, very carefully. I use the hand guard. Mine was an expensive one, a gift, and I must say it is great!! My favourite cutting tool is my a Mezzaluna.

Geoff, love the kitty photo! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Doris, I got a invitation in the mail from my dentist, for my 6 monthly check up. It starts out, "Judy-Joy, your smile is important to us..." So's my wallet. I will ring later..

Bill, give Ms Feral a double pat from me.

Ellen, hugs for your mother..

Darla, I hope you don't take ibuprofen too often, it is detrimental to your kidneys and bladder. Remember Heidi? She passed away from bladder cancer, caused she proved from long term ibruprofen use as prescribed by her Dr's :(

Lynn, hugs.

Pat and Nan big hugs.

Must dash... Have to go to the Post Office, have coffee with Jean, and be back for yet another tradesman to quote my repair work. I just want it started.. oh well.. If my upper level slips into my lower level be it on the insurance company's head. :D


02-05-2013, 08:49 PM
Evening all! I'm finally sliding into the wash. It's almost time for Geoff to earn his ears for tomorrow!

I found it terribly hard to stay inside today. We hit 79'! LOVERLY!

I managed to clean all the windows inside and out, and make it to the market. Mercy the prices of groceries lately! I treated myself to a single serve peanut butter M&Ms for National Meteorologist's Day!:clap:

Paper is stretched and must start painting.

Doug - I'm glad they got your roof sorted. I hope it didn't do any hidden damage in the lamp or ceiling.

:wave: Peter, Geoff, Uschi, Ellen, Darla, Doris,Lynn, Judy, Philippe, KuKu, Annie,
Sharon, Pat, JJ ! :wave:

Any News Yet Geoff?!?!?!

Bill - so nice of you (distemper is an even BIGGER problem!)

Henry - it isn't whale sick, it's...well.....from the other end...blech

Char - I agree, a good knife is GOLD. I love my ceramic Kyocero knife. 13 years old and sharper than a scalpel STILL. Cuts tomatoes paper thin!

Steve - the bathroom redo sounds WONDERFUL

Ona- Congrats!

02-05-2013, 09:13 PM
Good Evening all,
Just zippppping through on my way up to bed and a new book to read.

Wanted to wish Gail a successful surgery tomorrow. :crossfingers: that all will go well and you'll be back posting on your recovery quickly. In the meantime, I know Char will keep us up to snuff. White light zooming your way, my friend. :grouphug:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ellen's Brian today as well. :D

Lynn, Hope the irrigation, etc. help alleviate the pain. :grouphug:

Bill, Good luck catching the varmint who is bothering Ms Feral's quarters and food. :mad: Probably is a possom or perhaps a raccoon.

White light to Geoff, Pat, Winnie, JJ, and everyone else who is under the weather in one way or another.

:wave: to all, SYTomorrow.


02-05-2013, 09:36 PM
JJ, I take ibuprofen occasionally when I get a headache or muscle aches. IT's scary; I'd never heard about the link between bladder cancer and ibuprofen. :confused: Years ago before I had my hysterectomy I was on 800 mg of Motrin (Ibuprofen) for the pain of endometrosis!:eek: Gee I wonder if kidney cancer can be caused from taking it too? I really don't take it regularly though. I guess regular coated aspirin would be better.

My headache finally went away about 3:30. :thumbsup: I went home made dinner and walked my 2 miles on my treadmill. :smug: Watching the Detroit Redwings losing against Calgary in hockey. One more period...crossing my finger they can pull off a win.:crossfingers:

I just saw where there was an 8.0 earthquake in the Solomon Islands; triggered a tsunami warning for Australia, and New Zealand! Hope it amounts to nothing.:eek: :(

Night all:wave:

Wind Song
02-05-2013, 09:37 PM
I just had the most amaizing conversation with Gail, Strawberry Wine!

I am hoping and praying that everything goes well!!!!!!

02-05-2013, 10:04 PM
Thought I would join in the end of Tuesday Wash and wait for Ollie to start Wednesday and earn his first Kewpie Doll!!

Gail, good luck today (((((()))))

jj. I think you read too much on the health/medicine balance situation, we are all different chemically and our personal eeactions to foods and drugs is going to vary immensely surely?? I have long term re-occuring bladder cancer problems, which presently are non-active, and I also have some kidney problems which are increasing in activity, scans again next month, but there has never been any suggestion that medicines have had some effect on me, rather the opposite .....as things like allopurinol have minimised my risks.

Knives, bought a ceramic bread knife last year and found it excellent for fine slicing.

Hugs and white light to all who need them today

Going to try for some sleep again now.


02-05-2013, 10:04 PM
Odd, I have been reading that they have found that the use of ibuprofen has been found to reduce the chance of
bladder cancer.

02-05-2013, 10:30 PM
jj. I think you read too much on the health/medicine balance situation, we are all different chemically and our personal eeactions to foods and drugs is going to vary immensely surely?? I have long term re-occuring bladder cancer problems, which presently are non-active, and I also have some kidney problems which are increasing in activity, scans again next month, but there has never been any suggestion that medicines have had some effect on me, rather the opposite .....as things like allopurinol have minimised my risks.
No Geoff, I don't. The information I gave to Darla was from my Dr actually. He doesn't prescribe iprobrufen unless it is absolutely necessary, and when he does, he warns not to take it for long.
I didn't say it was the only cause of bladder cancer, there are many causes for this. There are many causes for kidney cancer as well. Medications is just one of them.:heart:

02-05-2013, 10:35 PM
Hi All... I've had a nice day... a long one, but nice. It's snowing lightly again and there's more snow on the way...

Matt got the job at St. Andrew's Residence! He's going in for orientation tomorrow. He'll start out as a "Casual" Nurse. He isn't too concerned about that because he said that the Part time and Casual people get a lot of hours due to call-ins. As a young single man, he's ok with that.

Gail's on my mind and I'll be thinking of her through tomorrow... lots of positive energy and good thoughts are blasting in her direction.

I take nsaids periodically because they really do relieve pain and inflammation in my arthritis much better than tylenol. I never taken them long term or in excess. Like everything in life, moderation is the key (I hope).

We have a new stray cat... he's a beautiful black and white... he lets me pet him, so I've inspected his stuff and he's nice and healthy... good coat... no pests in his ears... our boys hate him... I've been feeding him because I won't see him starve... some mean and terrible person has dropped him off at our house and the Humane Society won't take any more cats. If I take him in, they'll euthanize him. :mad: I don't want another cat.

I'll say goodnight... HAWLTAIN... :heart:

Strawberry Wine
02-05-2013, 11:00 PM
Thank you everyone for the healing vibes and positive energy directed my way. It is very much appreciated. Now I am going to have a tall glass of gingerale ( non diet) that has to be consumed by midnight. :) and head up stairs to read.

I may pop in early tomorrow a.m. to see if Peter has won himself a cute little dolly.

Cheers to All,


02-05-2013, 11:13 PM
JJ the information I got regarding ibuprophen came from an Australian study

02-05-2013, 11:41 PM
A similar study from Dartmouth also suggested a decreased risk of bladder cancer in people taking ibuprofen. Of course, this isn't definitive and one should not run out and OD on Advil...but there seems little risk in moderate use for aches and pains.

02-06-2013, 12:11 AM
I just saw where there was an 8.0 earthquake in the Solomon Islands; triggered a tsunami warning for Australia, and New Zealand! Hope it amounts to nothing.:eek: :(

I see on the news site that we are expecting a 1m wave in Northland around 6 pm.....
Sad for the people of the Solomons.

Congratulations to Matt, Char!:thumbsup:

Healing hugs and prayers for your surgery Gail:heart:

Happy birthday to Ellen's Brian!

Regarding drugs.........every single one of them has a possible side-effect......I took a voltaren last night for my back pain lol feels much more comfortable today. I seldom take them, but they do have their uses, like any drug.

02-06-2013, 01:12 AM
Tsunami Warning cancelled fort Australia.

Voltaren, (http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/diet-and-fitness/study-links-voltaren-and-nurofen-to-strokes-20100913-159d6.html) Ibuprofe (http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/meds/a682159.html#side-effects)n, Motrin (http://www.rxlist.com/ibuprofen-drug.htm), nurofen are the same product. The product is dangersous in the long term.

YAY for Matt!!!!! :clap: :thumbsup: :clap:

Char photo of new kitty please. :)