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02-02-2013, 10:57 PM
Morning all.

Ok what am I doing starting the Wash again,??

I came to bed at 10 pm shivering and qent into a deep hot dreamless sleep, tgwn awoke after only 2 hours and have just dozed vy not ahovering since theb, odd isnt it?

Today I am soing nothing more than letter writing.

Good wash yesterday


02-02-2013, 11:21 PM
Geoff I think you've picked up the plague.

I recall mine starting with sneezing and a sore throat, merging into fever.....
on top of everything else .... :( I hope you feel better soon.

02-03-2013, 12:08 AM
Hiya... it's just midnight here and I'm heading off to bed. I watched a very old favourite movie, Imitation of Life (with Lana Turner) and I'm still a little teary. Gets me every time.

There's still a bit of fine snow drifting down. The kitties want out and I won't let them... they're not happy.

JJ... one day at a time, eh? Aspirin has been linked to Reyes with children under 18 years of age... just being cautious...

((Geoff)) I'm sorry to say that you just might have the flu, or whatever we're calling this terrible affliction... Rest, stay warm, lots of fluids...

Caryl... did you find a new embroidery machine?

I'm off to bed... this weather has been making my big, swollen joints kind of achey so I did take some aspirin. I'm a little over 18. Wishing my Son a Happy Birthday today, I realized that he's just a year younger than when I had Matthew... wow... Ok... after that revelation, I need to take my old bones off to bed.

Have a good one!

02-03-2013, 12:09 AM
I am exhausted.. I was still awake at 3.00am, planning a strategy for my yard repairs and clean up. Daft I know, but ..........

Thank you Char, I am passing the information onto Tania. :heart:


02-03-2013, 01:01 AM
Hi :wave: Still Saturday here, it seems I just get to read todays Wash and the next day's is already up, but my whole day has been a bit odd. Jack got up before the sun to go to Spencer's wrestling match with DD & DSIL on the other side of Sacramento. Boy did well but would do better if he would concentrate more during practices (or so the coach said, I do belive him) Really glad I didn't go, as a 3 year old discovered the fire alarm :rolleyes: tended to delay things till the fire department could get there. I did go out to check on Lauren, who was working at home, then went to the store to replenish my supply of Skinny Cow for the new freezer :smug:

Hap thank you so much for your words of comfort, it meant a lot. Margaret had suffered so much I do think she had had enough.

My neice wants me to take Margaret's dog, an overweight, totally spoiled dependant white fluffy thing. Jack said if we take him, and he does not work out he will go to the pound :eek: But I do understand, I don't want him
either. I told my neice that she should try to find someone else if she can.

Oh well, BBL Super Bowl Sunday, we're going over to the kids to watch the
49ers win :crossfingers:

02-03-2013, 01:12 AM
Well we had another Blackout last night right before supper , so I had no stove . Ordered pizza delivery as the middle of town was in business . lasted long enough for the generator to deplete . Ugh ! The high wind wouldn't quit for awhole day more .
Tonight it is snowing and will until tomorrow My bones are achey from the intense changes in temperature )and the shower yesterday ,that puts me down for a day or 2 . They have taken to charging me the going rate for a Mere Dusting of snow as they are losing business from lack of snow
Ann came , hope she can get a Taxi out to the Train Station tomorrow . She insisted on coming . I warned her to no avail , I hate her walking up the twist of our hill, with oncoming cars slipping around , but she is so stubborn . (Gets it all from her Father , of course .:evil: )
Watched more of my Christmas present ,a 5 CD Lecture Series ,with photos of Pompeii . I learned things I never knew about the place.
How they made clothes from raw wool ,cleaned and dyed it, what they ate and what the towns really looked like . All factual, from the remains of the Volcano unearthed from the ashes through the years . Loved it. So many New places and things unearthed since we saw it 30 or 40 years ago .
Thinking about bed , boring but necessary ,
June:) :wave:

02-03-2013, 03:21 AM
Good evening all.

Geoff, get better. :heart:

Caryl :wave: ADSL down until next week.

JJ, if the retaining wall is shared between two properties, isn't it a part of a fence? As such neighbours should share in the repair. If they don't their yard will land in your yard next rain? Insurers should help depending on their definition of "flood".:rolleyes: BTW Brisbane has very particular rules about tree management. Look them up. I'm pretty sure your neighbour can't just cut off huge branches and have them land in your yard.

June , I certainly don't envy wind. :heart:

Big cleanup today. Inside, outside. Car still looks like a mobile mulch pile but that was a step too far. Tomorrow for that. Still lots to do but no one likes having nothing to do ? :lol:

Off to cook and shower after such a busy day :wave:

02-03-2013, 04:23 AM
Hi everyone, just about bed-time here but thought I'd pop in first.

Happy birthday to Char's son and Sylvia's grandson!

Thought of Henry when I saw this pic on fb :)


02-03-2013, 04:39 AM
Good morning all from a dull and damp West Lancashire. 6C.

Poor Geoff, I hope it doesn't develop. I was woken at 5.22am by the smoke alarm battery alert going every 30 seconds :rolleyes:

JJ, I would have thought the retaining wall would be a joint responsibility and part of the boundary. Put it this way, if the land slips into your garden her house may follow :eek: Take a slope of 30 degrees maximum from your garden and assess whether it would impinge on her foundations.

Cute photo Lulu.

A quiet day in prospect, no roofers,TV watching.

Did some Sharpie sketches of Marlette Corn Mill yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised by the result. Not fit to show but it is encouraging me to do a couple of pen and wash paintings.


02-03-2013, 04:56 AM
Morning again........

I notice my trembling fingers did a good job on my opening post....iPods at 0330 are not the easiest to steer!

Doug,Claire bouught me a pack of Sharpies and I had not thought of trying them as tools.....weather grey,grey & grey here no rain yet.......

Have been out of village for the papers and some Strepsils but staying put now..


02-03-2013, 05:27 AM
A warning Geoff, they penetrate the paper. My sharpie was a thick one, I have a double ended one thick and thin which would be better, though I think my usual fine liners will be even better. I am taken with the work of Nina Johansson (http://www.ninajohansson.se/2013/02/drawing-with-mittens/) and I think I should be sketching local scenes using .3 and .7 fine liners.


02-03-2013, 06:32 AM
Annie, and Doug. I am on the high side of the of the boundary fence Both the fence and small retaining wall are slipping into the neighbours property, because of the sheer volume of water that went through my property from run off from the properties above me, and from the rain. We got at least 350ml of water in 4 days.

In the real world, the neighbour would be responsible for half. The only way I can make him pay, is to take him to court. The council told me a long time ago, that if I want to replace the fence or repair it, he is liable for 50%, but, I have to pay for it first, then take him to court the the 50% I can't afford to do that.

Oh and the previous owners of this house had problems with the owner of the house below many years ago. There is a retaining wall about 4 foot inside my property. It is there, because the previous owner could not get the owner of the property below to pay half. It really looks silly. It doesn't run the length of the property, it is wasting space, but without it, my back yard will fall down into his property. The boundary fence is a joke.

I wanted to put a fence up from the end of my house down to the front garden. Mr Gallagher, the owner, told me if I did, he would knock it down. I believed him, and to date I have no fence.

The property in question, is a rental. Paul Gallagher has many rentals. He told me once about 10 years ago, he had about 20. He doesn't care an iota about them, not interested in spending money.

As for the tree, nothing happened. No one came and cut it down. I don't know why. Yes there are laws about someone chopping a tree on their property and in the process damaging a neighbours property, but again, it becomes a court case. These things are dragged out at great expense. In my experience, the courts are not on the side of good in this country.

Scene Chaser
02-03-2013, 07:47 AM
Good Day All,
The sun is coming up and itís 6 F.

Char, :music: happy birthday:music: to your son. Hope your arthritic pain subsides.


Lulu, what a funny photo. :)

Annie, nature sure has made a mess of your yard. Iím sure the work is exhausting.

Doug, looking forward to seeing your pen and wash paintings. Will you complete one of the mill?

JJ, an interesting way to annex your neighborís property. Over here, it would be our responsibility to repair the fence, unless both properties had an investment.

Just trying to stay warm. I may start my taxes.:(


02-03-2013, 08:00 AM
Hi Bill, yes, I'll do a couple at least. One of the train waiting to be loaded, and one of the street front at least.


02-03-2013, 09:30 AM
Good morning from c-c-c-cold, cloudy Virginia, where a pretty, steady snow is drifting down and starting to stick. It's pretty only because I'm firmly entrenched in the warm studio today. Hubby started a fire in the woodstove early...the warmth is starting to drift down the hall to where I'm sat at my worktable.

Speaking of hubby, he's crazy! He's gone up to his unheated workshop to prep a section of a big cherry tree trunk he fetched home yesterday from a friend's farm. It will eventually become beautiful turned wooden bowls...or firewood (the turning process can be fickle despite best efforts). I don't know how he can work in this cold but he loves it so. I was glad to hear him on the phone the other day getting estimates to have the entire workshop (which is a 30 x 40 pole building originally built to be an equipment shed) sprayed on the inside with foam insulation. If he does that, it will make sense to install some kind of heat. And then he can work in relative comfort.

I'm working on a portrait today and probably *should* go into town later to look at a prospective space for a September workshop I am organizing for Iain Stewart (http://www.stewartwatercolors.com) whose work I love. I've wanted to take a workshop from him, and the most affordable way is to organize it myself and attend free as a perk for doing that job. So I gave him a call and he responded enthusiastically to my proposal. Real nice guy...looking forward getting all the details pinned down but today is probably not going to be that day, haha.

Hubby has "TexMex" cooking low and slow in anticipation of indulging in the tradition of watching the SuperBowl (only for the commercials, in my case; I don't get football at all) while stuffing our faces with comfort food. His recipe involves pork and beans, ground beef and venison, onions, a touch of jalapenos (he would overload it with them but I can't abide them), and brown sugar. It is a very hearty dish, perfectly suited for today's weather.

My dogs are asking for a walk...I think they're just going to have to content themselves with going out the dog door for a romp in the fenced yard.

My 85-year old mom has been visiting since early January; she's here another week. Quite a weather adjustment compared to sunny Arizona where she lives but she seems to be enjoying seeing snow again. We had a big day out visiting relatives yesterday so she announced quite firmly that she was going to spend today "watching my programs" until the SuperBowl comes on. I bet you before noon, she'll up and about cleaning...she enjoys it and I'm not going to stop her! I found her upstairs the other day cleaning windows. "What are you doing, Mom!!!" I asked. "I like washing windows. It keeps me limber." she replied. I about died laughing...and am tempted to tear up her return ticket so she has to stay here forever! I am really enjoying her visit. We are laughing and reminiscing a lot about the crazy, fairly dysfunctional years our family experienced while I was growing up. She's always been so resilient (a trait I apparently inherited) and remains a feisty thing at 85, prone to making flirty comments about cute young men and older handsome men on TV! It remains to be seen if I inherit THAT particular trait. :angel:

Stay warm, everyone. And for those who don't feel well, hope you are better soon...Geoff...sending e-chicken soup, the cure-all for "the plague"!

02-03-2013, 09:30 AM
:wave: Good day all! sun here, lovely and bright, and cold, a light dusting of snow, just enough to clean things up, as Char says. Today my daughter is picking me up for us to go to Ikea, a new mattress for me I hope.

Thanks for that link, Doug, she does lovely work.


It's OK Caryl, you don't have to duck and run, I am quite enjoying our weather now that it is at normal temps for this time of year.

I had a lovely walk yesterday on the trail with fine snow just gently drifting down, about -7C with hardly any wind. It made me think of x-country skiing in the woods in the days when I belonged to a ski club. We would all pile into the bus at 7AM and drive up to 2 hr to find snow, and if there was little snow, often ending at the complex at Hardwood Hills where they groom the trails. Good memories!

Sounds like that is an excellent series, June, I would love that! Must look out for it. I hope things settle down for you weatherwise, must be difficult when you are so tied to the place.


(((Char))) hope you got a good sleep

Hi Lulu, Annie, Judy, Bill and all to come, hope you have a rewarding day!

:grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

02-03-2013, 09:35 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!!

Sun is shinging but I don't know for how long because the forecast says "flurries". -18C BRRR.

I am taking Ava to the swimming pool and actually get in the water with her. I am not thrilled about this but am doing it to try and bring her up to par in her swimming lessons. She is in the beginners group for her age but most of the other kids had previous lessons.

Gym afterwards.

Char, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chris!!!!

Sylvia, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Atticus!!!!! He and Ethan are almost the same age.

JJ, I am so sorry you are having all this trouble with your neighbors and the damage. I'd call the City offices and find out EXACTLY what the rules are for YOUR situation. As for the Voltaren for Reece. Voltaren is just one of the anti inflametories, I am sure he can take a different kind . Mind you, all anti inflametories are nasty to the stomach - PERIOD!!!

Geoff, I hope it is just a cold. Interesting, with all these lurgies going around we are now glad that it is "just" a cold:)

Doug, is the roof done?? Are you having actual tiles or kind of asphalt shingles on your houses??

I was side tracked so probably many other posts in between but breakfast is calling. Later!!

:wave: Uschi

02-03-2013, 10:32 AM
Hi folks!

Yes Uschi we are having smooth grey concrete tiles instead of the green sanded ones we had before. The sanded ones collect lots of moss which the birds throw down onto the paving. Only the rear slope of the roof is completed, they will do the front tile hanging tomorrow and the front slope of the roof on the first fine day we get.

I'll post a picture of the house from the laptop, I'm on the ipad at the moment, the laptop is busy cataloguing my photos.



Wind Song
02-03-2013, 10:57 AM
Hi Everyone:wave:

I have two pots of Chili simmering on the stove and one I will send back to Toronto with my son!

Superbowl tradition although I usually don't watch the game.

Plan on painting this afternoon after my son's visit!

Have a great one!

02-03-2013, 11:01 AM
Uschi....I think a cold rather than 'the lurgy'....am no worse still aching and sneezing but feel lots better than last evening.

Still finishing sorting my Mothers things out,most is going to a Mental Health Charity...a car full in fact...........Eileen must have been infected by the clearing-out bug as she is attacking one of (7) wardrobes.........


02-03-2013, 11:06 AM
Hello one and all,

Snowing a fine snow here and I'm sure the roads are slippery. We aren't going anywhere today so that is okay. Tomorrow morning though will be another story...:rolleyes:

Lucky you Carole, that should be a GREAT workshop. Enjoy watching the superbowl...which is what we'll be doing too. And I'm with you about watching the commercials. Enjoy the Tex-Mex too!

JJ, what a dilema you have; I hope it will all work itself out for you.:heart:

Char, isn't it weird when your kids reach an age when you can remember being that age. It can seem like such a short time ago.:crying:

Doug, yes do post a pic of your new roof tiles. Oh...just saw the pic, it should look very nice with the gray, smooth times.:thumbsup:

LuLu, I saw that pic on Facebook too, how cool is that?

Geoff, rest indeed. I'm hoping that you won't get the full on flu.:heart:

Judy, you have fun watching the superbowl too.

Bill, taxes.....ugh...I guess it's that time of year again.

June, you poor thing; you've sure had more than your share of power outages this winter. STAY WARM; so sorry you ache.:heart:

Hi there Lynn, have a great time at IKEA; I love going there.

Uschi, I'm sending the "flurries" up to you.:evil:

Sharon, enjoy your visit with your son AND your chili!

HI CHAR, we cross posted!

I want to get a move on here; I'm hoping to paint today; and bake something along with make some nacho dip for later.

Enjoy your day/evening everyone.:wave: :grouphug:

02-03-2013, 11:06 AM
Hi everyone... it's snowing gently yet again... our accumulation over the past few days is only a couple of inches or so... the wonderfully clean white is keeping me cheerful!

My arthritis doesn't usually bother me much... on rainy days it'll ache a little... but yesterday, it was the deep ache that you just can't seem to get any relief from. I'm good today...

I have a nice loaf of bread rising in the breadmaker. I'll take it out at the end of the dough cycle and bake it traditionally because I prefer the crust from the oven...

I shall work on my cherry painting this afternoon while our clothes are laundering... man and machine...

((Judy)) Your day was sure a full one!

((June)) The weather has not been your friend lately! I sure hope you're toasty warm today... You have raised a good daughter.

Once done, a big cleanup is so satisfying Annie!

Lulu, I saw that too and it made me smile...

Doug, I don't believe that your sketches are not fit to show... :)

Geoff (and Doug)... I have some super fine sharpies that are really fun to draw with... and they don't seem to put down as much ink as the wider nibs.

JJ... Uschi's given you great advice... find out exactly what your bylaws are before talking to these wonderful neighbours again...

Hi Brindle... you've got lots of *stuff* going on! Tex mex sounds yummy... and how neat that your Mother is that limber!

Oh Lynn... how I miss cross country skiing!

Have a great swim, Uschi... you know that I'd love to join you!

Doug, I'd love to see photos of your new roof! The Blue Jays like to collect the detritus from our eaves troughs, dropping it on the porch... yucky...

Hi Sharon!

I'd better check on my bread dough... Have a great day everyone!

02-03-2013, 11:11 AM
I posted a photo of the house as it was above ^^^^


02-03-2013, 11:35 AM
Good morning all. The warm weather is back, and I am not complaining.:) I did all my running around yesterday, so I can clean the house this morning and watch the game tonight.

Visited Mom yesterday. She told me that she decided to walk the other day. She confessed that she fell down but was able to get back up. Yesterday, she had help, but could only walk about ten feet. I have to find her leg brace, so that she can try again. Her left foot does not work correctly, and she stopped doing her exercises. I am happy that she is feeling better and wants to get around.

Last night we went to the movies to see Stand Up Guys about three old Mafia brothers. It was funny, sad, and full of surprises. We both left with tears in our eyes.

Geoff, I am so sorry you are not feeling well. You must have picked up something from all the running around you have had to do.

JJ, I am so sorry that your neighbors are putting you through so much angst. I would certainly check with you city's government about the landlord's responsibility. Are there funds available from the government for the natural disaster?

Doug, I use Faber Castellated Pitt artist pens which have no fumes and do not bleed through the paper. They are Indian ink and come in shades of gray and various widths.

Got to run, I will be back later. White light and hugs to those in need.

02-03-2013, 11:46 AM
:wave: Morning all !

Geoff - I'm glad you're feeling well enough to be out and moving about.

Carole - My brother in law has a large shed, about the same size, which he also uses as a work and wood shop. He insulated it and uses an electric space heater to take the edge off. With all the insulation, he says it doesn't take much. (He's even further north than you.)

Darla - Isn't that FUN?! I think the other direction. I start looking at me and my mom. Now I'm at the age I can remember HER at! ACK!

Char - Yes I did! I went down to the shop where they were "holding a machine" for me. It wasn't there. I asked if they would be willing to sell the floor model. It had very few hours on it as they only used it for demos. They took half the price off and gave me the full warantee as if it were brand new. Since I will be using it so rarely, that made me VERY happy! It's a Bernette Bernina Deco 340 (same as the Jernome). All I use it for is our work shirts and scout things. I already have all the art and designs and just need to convert the formats.

OK off to put a roast in the oven.

02-03-2013, 12:06 PM
I just took some great photos of my mom outside...had to share this one, which is my favorite. Hope it makes y'all smile. Just goes to show you're never too old to catch snowflakes on your tongue!

The snow is starting to accumulate now and looks very pretty.


02-03-2013, 12:18 PM
Yes Nancy I have a set of Pitt pens an various sizes, I'll probably use them.

Lovely photo of your Mum Carole :heart:


02-03-2013, 12:50 PM
Hi to All

Doug, good link, she is an excellent Drauhtsperson, I must get back to drawing soon.

I bought my wife a Tens machine in an attempt to ease her pain, she feels it is helping to a degree. She is getting a bone scan next Wednesday.

Super photo Carole

I have spent the day indoors for a change, to wet to venture out!

Speak later


02-03-2013, 03:19 PM
Carole, super photo of your mum, that's how I feel out in the gentle snow, too! I can see why you would like to work with that artist, wow!

Darla, Ikea lived up to my expectations, and I had some one on one (or two!) time with my DD and SIL without kids....nice to have a conversation :) I did get a mattress, but not sure about it. I have 90 days to exchange it, so I think that will be OK. I have to wait till it fully expands before I can tell. But my hip is not happy after 4 nights in my chair, so I'll give the mattress a good try.

Wasn't it great, Char, to go zipping through the woods, the silence, and the birds......I was imagining that as I marched along the trail, trying to lengthen my stride. I see people going by on skis all the time, so have to live vicariously.

Nancy, I bought some of those pens a while ago, and several were dried up...I was quite annoyed. I still have the brush one, though, and it is nice and flexible. It is a good idea to test them if you are buying.

Sounds like a good deal, Caryl. I'm contemplating a new machine, I have a basic, basic one as I do a lot by hand, but I can see this one is not intended for fairly continuous use.

02-03-2013, 04:04 PM
Evening all.....

Just put the recycling boxes/bins out for early collection tomorrow ( see I know how to live!) Lovely night, not cold and very calm but forecast seems to show that whole of UK due for snow again this coming week...

Found a couple of new reference pictures of local scenes which may just bring me back to weilding a brush again....

Anyway, good night all (((((((((((((((((to all who need them))))))))))))))))

Hopefully wont be back at 03.30 as usual....I am having my first alcohol for over a week some Spiced Jamican Rum...very pleasant


02-03-2013, 07:39 PM
Hi Everyone, I always forget about this branch of the watercolor forum. Enjoyed reading your posts. I've been back to WC several times today...husbands watching Superbowl...I used to watch too, but lost interest in the last few years. We live near Philadelphia, a big sport town...we're just a few miles across the river in New Jersey. I wish everyone a happy upcoming week.

02-04-2013, 01:10 AM
9ers lost but a close game. Interesting though they had a power failure in the middle of the game, watched a lot of interesting ads.