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02-01-2013, 11:20 PM
Good Morning all.

Sore throat now sniffles and sneezes!

Market this morning then a tidy up before Claire comes for lunch

Dry and brightnight outside no rain forecast

See you all later


02-02-2013, 02:11 AM
No rain forcast here either, but it is forcast to be 39C over the next few days, definitely not the weather to be doing anything outside that is for sure.

Well Guys, I will be returning to work next weekend, the idea now is that I will work until the end of the year then retire. The money I earn over that time will go into a separate account towards our Canada Alaska holiday which Monty is planning we do next year during his Long Service Leave. He will look at working until end of 2015 then retire himself.

Tomorrow, we are going down to the Farm in Jarradale (Tracey and Terry) and will stay for dinner, Monty is back for his 4 shifts on Monday.

I am going to have to get Monty to show me how to put links to specific Pics and Videos in our DropBox, then I can show you pics of my Wagtails.

Well, Take Care, I will try to be on here a bit more regularly, but the time is flying by and I have no idea where to. I do come and lurk most days as Lynn knows as she's sussed me out doing just that.

Lots of Love Carolynn. :heart::heart::grouphug::grouphug::):thumbsup::grouphug::grouphug::heart::heart::grouphug::grouphug::heart:

02-02-2013, 02:48 AM
Good morning all, freezing here after a clear night, slated to be a fine day for the roofers.

Poor Geoff, so it did develop, hope it's just a cold.

Hi Carolynn, so good to hear from you. Good news that you are fit enough to go back to work :clap: You have a wonderful holiday to look forward to, everyone's dream is to make that trip.

Got a letter from the power company the other day, as my account went £33 in debit they wanted to bump up my monthly payments by £34! We have been hundreds of pounds in credit until now. I told them "don't you know it's winter, what about all that credit I had during the summer?" They agreed to leave the payment as it was. It is they who average out my annual consumption and agree an average payment and for 3/4 of the year we are massively in credit. :mad: Next time I am in credit I'll ask them to send me a cheque for the balance.

rant over :lol:


02-02-2013, 04:08 AM
Hugs Geoff.

Hey there Carolynn, I am happy for you, that you have now made a definite decision. Relax and enjoy your time left at work. I know you love it so.

Doug, funny you should say that. I did just that this summer. My electricity company told me I was 300.00 in credit. I said good send me a cheque. Better in my bank earning interest than in there. I haven't been in debit yet, and they lowered my repayments.

Alan and I spent all afternoon clearing the broken tree limbs from the back property. We had to saw some off the trees - saw up some on the ground, and by hand, as we don't have access to a chainsaw. It was hard work, but is now done.

The retaining wall fell over totally. I touched it, just lightly, mind you, and over it went. :-( Luckily I jumped back, or I would have gone with it. There is nothing we can do to cleanup the fallen retaining wall nor the garden arbor, nor the block wall, until I can get someone to give me a quote for the repairs.

I found more damage too to the boundary fence retaining wall. It is a damned mess. :-( Never mind. Just a hiccup. I am done whining..

Still have to sort out with the neighbour up above me, for them to cut the tree down that leans right over my fence. The darn thing blew down onto the cat enclosure in the storm and broke a section of the roof. The woman's father can't see there is a problem. Time to get the camera out again.

I was going to go out this evening. I had a hankering to go for a ride on the Brisbane Wheel in the dark. I wanted to see the city all lit up. Well all good plans and all that. I was going to get the ferry. Tash, next door told me, sure, that was fine, but I wouldn't be able to get home again, as the ferry's are not running after dark. Oh poop. Too much debris still. in the Brisbane river. Oh well another time.



The results of Reece's MRI were, that he had a bruised bone. Thank heavens. The Dr put him on anti-inflammatories for a week. Voltaren :eek: I was appalled when Tania told me, he is too young to be on that.
My MRI The specialist told me he didn't need to operate on my ankle :thumbsup: and that I would heal.

02-02-2013, 04:34 AM
Good and nice morning to you all. Hope you all do well.
Sunny but as rugby season starts here I think I will watch TV instead of painting:D

02-02-2013, 06:26 AM
Bonjour Philippe.......Rugby for me too this afternoon, should be a better competition than last time......

Lynn LC made comment yesterday about the extra time available following our bereavement......this has certainly worked in the family favour as all but two of the surviving cousins will be at service,first time this has happened in my memory.......some of them we won't see again and my Mother being the last of their parents line has some significance.

Carolynn.......we enjoyed Alaska very much and would go again,perhaps not in September when it is closing down though! I have been secretly looking at a cruise which starts in Perth then around the bottom of Oz onto NZ and then back to Sydney...Eileen is 70 in December and think she would enjoy it...all depends on funds but we have not anything to prevent us going now.


02-02-2013, 07:44 AM
Gone quiet arfound here...

Doug, we have just booked a caravan rally at Southport 22-28th April before going over to Kirby Lonsdale for a week......are you likely to be around at that time or are you being a "World Traveller" again??



02-02-2013, 07:53 AM
Hi to All

Geoff, it seems that no one has escaped the dreaded lurgy this winter! an Ausie cruise sounds interesting

Philippe, rugby not my favourite sport, but I will glance at it if its on the TV

Doug, these power companies are a disgrace

JJ, good news regarding your ankle :thumbsup:

The owner of this car in an Edinburgh parking lot is in for a surprise


Speak later


02-02-2013, 08:24 AM
.are you likely to be around at that time
I assume so Geoff, nothing planned as yer, we'll meet up for dinner.

LOL Henry I saw that - the fool took down the tapes they had put up prior to resurfacing the car park and parked in his usual spot :rolleyes:

It's a nice day here, a little chilly to start with but better than rain.

Off to the theatre tonight with a pre-theatre supper. A play by a Scottish playwright:
Good Things” by Liz Lochhead, directed by Jan Hale. A charming romantic comedy. This poignant new play by “Scotland’s greatest dramatist” introduces Susan, a charity shop volunteer. Faced with a Dad who’s growing old disgracefully, a daughter in the throes of adolescence, and a mischievous ex-husband, will she ever find love second time round? Click here for pictures of the show.

“A delightful new play” (The Times)


Ellen in Ont
02-02-2013, 08:54 AM
:wave: everyone,
It is sunny on this Groundhog Day but it really doesn't matter to us. There is ALWAYS at least six more weeks of winter for us at this point. :rolleyes: More like12 weeks. :D This morning might look nice and bright but it is -38. At least there is no wind.

We are going to do a little shopping today and some house work but otherwise no plans.

Now that I'm feeling better I need to get back to drawing out my next painting.

Carolynn - an Alaskan cruise the the only one I have always wanted to take. I'm sure you will love it.

JJ - sorry to hear about your retaining walls. There must be large businesses there that specialize in landscaping. If they don't do the work maybe they know of good people who do.

I'm off to get some breakfast before it gets any later and the day is gone before I know it. Have a great weekend everyone.

Edit - son just called inviting us over for breakfast. I'm off. Zoom.

02-02-2013, 09:12 AM
:wave: Good day all! still snowing lightly here, ground is white again. The last few days I've been having fun watching the children skating on the outdoor rink across the way, finally it has stayed cold enough for the ice to be decent. It's a balancing act, the teens want to play hockey, the little ones just to muddle about, I hope their parents can work out fair sharing of ice time.

Interesting dilemma, Henry, would love to see the resolution!

Sounds like a wonderful trip, Geoff!

Nice to see you here Carolynn, glad you are well enough to continue with work.

Do you have solar power, Doug?

Sorry there's so much damage, JJ. If the tree hit the cat run, I guess it's fortunate that it wasn't the house. I hope it is not too difficult to find someone who can fix everything.

Hi Ellen, Philippe!

Have a rewarding day :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

02-02-2013, 09:24 AM
Do you have solar power, Doug?
No we don't although the roof faces due south. I'm a bit ambivalent about solar power. It is highly subsidised and the subsidy is paid by a levy on all other customers. In our case we would have to have the house rewired to take advantage of it, the wiring is 50 year old rubber sheathed :eek:

Glad you enjoyoing watching the skating.


Scene Chaser
02-02-2013, 09:31 AM
Good Day all,
Getting a light snow here at 16 F, -9 C. Ms. Feral is sitting under the bird feeder thinking the birds are going to fly down next to her.

Carolyn, so nice to hear from you. Gosh, it would be great to see you when you come to Canada. Maybe something could be arranged for a little Meet. A lot of us live within driving distance in the Ontario area.

Doug, rant is understood. Big business can be overbearing much of the time. Enjoy the dinner and theatre tonight.

JJ, It seems we are all fighting the elements. And, our neighbors.

Geoff, sounds like a great cruise. No snakes, spiders and leeches on the ship. Would be great if you could meet up with our Aussie and NZ friends.

The groundhog came out of his hole and did not see his shadow, so that means we can expect an early spring. Ellen, you must be more positive.

HI Lynn.

Time to walk the treadmill.

02-02-2013, 09:48 AM
Good morning... The Wash isn't too busy this morning... It's snowing lightly here and it looks pretty... there's not enough snow to make driving treacherous or to be shovelled up...

So Wiarton Willie didn't see his shadow this morning and Spring is only six weeks away... right. Ground hog day. My Son Chris' 39th Birthday.

Matt feels that he "nailed" his working interview last night. Poor guy was so full of nerves that he couldn't eat his dinner beforehand. Now we wait.

Ted's gathered up our trash and is on his way to the Transfer station with it. Then he's going to the mill to pick up bird seed (we buy a huge bag of the stuff)... when he comes home we'll head off to the grocery store.

It's an exciting life.

Congratulations Carolynn! You keep yourself so busy that retirement is perfect for you! I know you'll miss your babies, though... ((()))

Awh, Geoff... you've caught the... MAN COLD!!!! :eek: A cruise to celebrate Eileen's birthday sounds so neat!

Your new car's pretty nice looking, Doug! Our hydro typically costs a little more than $100 per month.

JJ, I'm sorry there's so much damage to be dealt with... but I'm glad that both you and Reece don't require any invasive procedures. I thought Voltaren was a topical nsaid... if it contains acetylsalicylic acid, you should be worried because he's definitely too young. (Reye's Syndrome)

:lol: Henry... there's a dilemma, eh?

Hi Philippe...

Ellen, we'll have to plan to take the Alaskan cruise together... it's the only one I've ever wanted to take also!

Hi Lynn... during our warm spell, the lake thawed... I love to watch the skaters, too... I'd love to be able to skate!

Solar energy... there are a lot of big panels being installed down here, along with all the wind generators... for awhile there was a push for homeowners to install the solar systems, but the subsidies have dried up and now and it's just too expensive to even consider...

Hi Bill!!!

I think I'll get another coffee before writing up my meal plan and grocery list... I wish the best possible day for everyone!

Strawberry Wine
02-02-2013, 10:04 AM
Good Day Washers ! cloudy and -10 C this morning... Wiarton Willy did not see his shadow nor did Pux.....? Phil In the US. Only 6 more weeks of winter :wink2: so they say - not that we have had much winter yet!

Geoff, stay home, stay home ! don't head into the shops or near other people just in case this is the start of the influenza... :crossfingers: that it is not but you don't want to pass it on if it is .

Carolynn, I agree with Geoff, it starts to get quite cool to down right cold in the month of September heading up the Alaskan coastline and quite a few of the tourist areas shut down after Labour Day. Try for mid to late August if you can. Where are you planning to travel in Canada ?

ELLen, glad you are feeling better Have a great breakfast !

JJ. sorry to hear about the devestation of your garden and yes it could have been the house but difficult and costly just the same and probably not worth it by putting the cost of repairs through your insurance. :thumbsup: on the good report on your ankle.

Doug, I agree, ask them for a cheque next time your credit climbs to an amount work cashing in. :)

We are heading into Sutton this morning to Home Hardware as they have a white toilet on sale that we have been waiting for a sale price. The seat is 2 inches higher off the ground than standard which will make it easier for me. TMI ???? We also have a scratch and win card that applies for today only that will give us a further 5% - 25% off

We may have lunch out!

:wave: to all



02-02-2013, 10:11 AM
Morning all !
The sun is screamingly bright it feels MUCH warmer out than the 40' that it is. Heading towards a cool and comfy 60' today.

The men folk are off North on a Boy Scout 10 mile hike for the day. So cleaning it is! I found lots of little mouse pressies in the garage this morning. So I spent an hour sweeping and placing down traps. ::crossing fingers:: that it doesn't get in the house again.

I'm heading in to town soon to look at a new embroidery maching. I'm hoping this one with be THE one. My last one relied on it's running software being on the computer, the machine just did the work. When computers and operating systems changed the company refused to update the software that ran the machine. SO I was stuck.

The one has the software in the machine. I should wander over to the fabric art board and see if anyone has any opinions on it over there. (I only do DH's work shirts, my work shirts, and DS scouting shirts. Nothing fancy - no girls here!)

Hibiscus on the painting board, just waiting for me to sit down ! LOL!

((Hugs)) to those that need them!

everyone have a great day!

02-02-2013, 10:38 AM
My Oz/NZ cruise idea has not even been discussed but I know she wants something special, as I did when we did Alaska and Pacific Rim two years ago...She reckons she wouldn't be up for such a flight but she flew to Vancouver and back from Beijing,both fairly long hauls.......

Back to the Rugby now....Ireland just beaten Wales.


02-02-2013, 10:39 AM
Coffee in hand... frustrated with my meal plan... we're going organic and gmo free... it's a challenge... we've been making more gluten free dishes to avoid the gmo wheat, corn and soy that's in so many products. But, it makes shopping really difficult.

Hi Gail... I hope that HH has the commode ( :) ) you're looking for!

Caryl, I have a Janome machine and it doesn't communicate with my computer either... it's ok to be a girl now and again... :p

Still snowing... Ted got home and cleaned off the porch for me... I'm not moving as fast as I usually do... Anyway... have a good one!

02-02-2013, 11:19 AM
Good Morning all,
It is just after 11:00 a.m. on a cloudy day here in Oakwood. We had a short snow shower this morning around 8:00 a.m. lasting about an hour, no accumulation. More is on its way though later today.

Just finished cleaning the downstairs (Larry does the upstairs), so I can relax and play a little now.

:music: :music: HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY TO OUR GRANDSON ATTICUS!!!! Here he is last year thinking about something serious:


JJ, So sorry you suffered so much property damage in this last big storm. Glad you were able to get some of the debris taken care of with Allan's help. My son had a similar problem as you with a neighbor's tree. One giant limb was overhanging Dash's bedroom and was extremely dangerous if there had been a big storm. Kent had to threaten to take him to court before he would trim the tree. :rolleyes: People can be so unreasonable at times. Good news about your and Reece's health problems though. Did the doctor give you any idea of how long it would be before your ankle healed by itself????

Henry, I can't believe they didn't just tow that car out and send the bill to the owner. That patch isn't going to match the rest of the roof when they get to recoating it now. :rolleyes:

Geoff, Hope you aren't coming down with the same thing that Char and I had...that's how it starts out, but then it just keeps getting worse. Try to get as much rest as you can and drink lots of liquids.

Char, :crossfingers: for Matt. Glad he felt good after his test.

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those who are on their way.



02-02-2013, 11:31 AM
Hello one and all,

It's snowing huge snowflakes at the moment. SO PRETTY. I'll try to get a pic in a bit.

THe groundhog didn't see his shadow...early Spring...yeah right. :lol: But then you just never know. With the warm spell we just had my bulbs started shooting out of the ground!

Doug, I LOVE your idea to request a check...serves them right! MUCH better for you to earn some interest on YOUR money than them!

(((GEOFF))) I'm hoping it's just a cold and you aren't getting that nasty flu.

Yesterday my co-worker who relieves me for my breaks and lunch called in sick; laringytis(SP?). She later came in! Just STAY home man; if you feel something coming on...by rights they should have sent her right back home!:o

Aww (((JJ))) it must be SO frustrating with all that needs repaired. Just try no to stress over it; it'll get done when it gets done.:heart: I'm glad you and Reece dont' need any surgery.

Ellen, brr...winter very seldom leaves us early either. I won't put my boots away just yet.

Char, I'm sure Matt nailed his interview and that he'll get that job!

Carolynn...how cool is that?? A trip to Canada and Alaska! I've always wanted to see Alaska. Meeting in Ontario, Canada would be a great opportunity for us. You could see Char, Patty, Ellen, Uschi, Lynn, Bill, shirley,me, .and the list goes on and on.:thumbsup: I'm glad you are going back to work even because it means that you are feeling better.:heart:

Bill, huge flakes here at the moment; expecing an accumulation today, tomorrow into Monday.



Caryl, that is awful about your machine...that company is the worst. What a waste for the people that owned their machines. Enjoy your 60F and sun.:envy:

Lynn, I hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

Phillipe...go ahead and watch some TV...I'll paint for both of us.:D

Gail we have one of those toilets at work and it's nice for those who cannot stoop very low Enjoy your day!;)

I did my 2 miles last evening and don't know if I'll do it today or not. I figure if I walk Monday through Friday then I can skip it for the weekends; but I just might hop on the treadmill in a bit; it'll go by quickly.

Larry just texted me saying that he missed his Saturday morning coffee with me. AWW... He had to work today until 3pm. I'm planning on doing some painting after a walk.:thumbsup:

I hope you all enjoy your day and are able to do soomething you enjoy; Take care everyone,


:wave: :grouphug:

02-02-2013, 12:07 PM

Just in the office finishing off the VAT return so before I get totally bog eyed with numbers thought I would pop in.

Judy - am so sorry to hear about your sister - my condolences ((()))).

JJ - poor you - hope you can get things back to normal soon. :heart:

Happy Birthday to Atticus - what a handsome boy and such a cool name too.

Well I still haven't received the letter from the hospital re Mum's cancelled appt so I rang them up again - seems I should expect it on Monday now. The nurse said that the gist of it was that they may be considering doing the scalene block anaesthetic but will know more when the letter eventually arrives.

Did get one letter from the hospital about some appt with some surgeon that I hadn't verified and so now they have referred Mum back to the GP - I have no idea which appt it is talking about and who the consultant mentioned is.....so will have to ring them on Monday too. Am also going to ring re her cataract operation see if they can fit her in while we are waiting for the shoulder one to be sorted out. Gosh can my life get more exciting I ask myself......LOL.

Am feeling a lot better - still got a few sniffles but apart from that am feeling fine especially as we have blue skies and sunshine today - woohooooo!!

Char - good luck to Matt .....am sure he nailed the interview - everything crossed over here and believe me at my age that isn't easy.

Well better go and get the VAT finished......waving to everyone :wave: and sending white light to those in need.


Pat xxx

02-02-2013, 01:14 PM
Munching lunch. Been out to JoAnn's for the last day of their 60% off sale.

Doug-Great car. Enjoy.
Goeff-Hope your sniffles are only that and you recover soon.
Carolyn-Glad to see you post and that you can go back to work now.
Char-Hope Matt gets the job. It is great he felt so positive about the interview.
Pat-All that doctor stuff takes so much time and is stressful. You are a great daughter to your mother.
JJ-Great news that you do not have to have the surgery. Did he suggest therapy when it is healed? So sorry about all your damage. Is that the new wall you had installed?

We have had a bit of snow this morning, but less than an inch. Cold, however.
Better move on in my day.


02-02-2013, 02:34 PM
67 right now :D ::running and ducking::

Strawberry Wine
02-02-2013, 02:52 PM
Back from shopping in Sutton and Keswick. Had lunch while we were out as well.

HH, sold out of the toilet we were looking for but will be shipped from the warehouse and be in store for us on Thursday. Sale price of course as well as the extra 5% discount of our scratch ticket. I love Sutton Home Hardware.

Darla, I so agree ! just stay home, especially this year with 3 bad virus circulating the Globe.

Sylvia, a very Happy Birthday to Atticus !!!

Char, do you think you can go totally organic ,GMF, and gluten free ?
I am afraid, I love my bread too much and have never been able to find any gluten free bread that meets my taste expectations. Do let me know how successful you are in that aspect.

Cheers, to all


02-02-2013, 03:19 PM
Sniffles just the same however am now shaking with cold and after a bath am going to bed..........


02-02-2013, 03:52 PM
Good morning.

Sunshine and clear blue sky. More clean up here too JJ. No landslips thank goodness and the trees that haven't been cut up will meet the chainsaw whenever. They can't go lower than flat on the ground. Got to clean inside the house too. Amazing amount of shredded leaves tramped inside. I blame the cats LOL

Very flat day for both of us yesterday. I think we need to get back to work and get some normality going. Still, better than being in Bundaberg cleaning up after massive flooding.

So Henry ... That's what happens when you drive around roadblocks! :eek: :lol:

Solar power .... Way too expensive at the moment but there is new technology coming which may make it more competitive, efficient and less cumbersome. They had subsidies here for a while and people were paid for feeding excess power back into the grid. Then they scrapped the subsidy and reduced the payback price to almost nothing. The power companies are certainly adept at making money if nothing else.

I still like the volts though.

Better get on with the allotted tasks for the day.:wave:

02-02-2013, 04:51 PM
Hiya... we're back from the grocery store and all items are put away... it's still snowing, keeping everything clean and white. I like it. It isn't enough to shovel... drat... :lol:

Matt's going out with friends tonight, so it's just Ted and I for dinner... I have a couple of nice chicken breasts that I bought today and I'll think of something to do with them.

Sylvia, I think that poor Caryl had something similar too... mine isn't totally gone, but I'm a whole lot better than my husband. His antibiotics are helping, but his cough just makes me cringe 'cause I know it hurts.

Your sweet Grandson shares a birthdate with my eldest son!

Darla, I agree with you about sick people staying home... I hope you managed to find some time to paint today...

Well, Pat... I'll cross all appendages over here in the hope that you can get all these appointments sorted out for your Mom!

Shirley, did you find some fabric for your valances?

Annie, some things are universal... and the fat pocketbooks of the oligopolies is one of them...

Gail, the challenge is huge... I wrote to Loblaws asking them about their Organic foods knowing that GMO's are supposedly prohibited in anything certified organic. I received a response assuring me that those products are safe. It's a start. Of course, that means that we can purchase organic flour. And, we found some Red Fifle at the Bulk Food Store. It has been designated a living artifact of our Canadian heritage.

There are other challenges... GMO wheat can be found in so many products... soy sauce, ketchup, my rolled oats! Eliminating all those products is a little more difficult... each day is a new step in the right direction. I have made three different gluten free cookie recipes that are SO good, btw!

Ok... time to make dinner!

02-02-2013, 05:59 PM
The Persistant Plague......six weeks of BLECH, ICK, EW, and OW!

02-02-2013, 08:14 PM
I thought Voltaren was a topical nsaid... if it contains acetylsalicylic acid, you should be worried because he's definitely too young. (Reye's Syndrome)I was on the understanding the Reyes Syndrome was caused by a viral illness..?
Voltaren (http://www.drugs.com/sfx/voltaren-side-effects.html) is a very nasty drug. It should be banned. Look here at the side effects. I was put on very high doses of Voltaren after my car crash, and it damaged the lining of my gut. I still can't believe that the Dr gave it to Reece, and only for a bruised bone. For petes sake..

Have a look at Sandra Ramacher's blog Healing Foods (http://thehealingfoodscookbook.blogspot.com.au/) She has some fabulous recipes, and she also cuts out all grain, which is the cause of so much gut upset and bloat, in men and women. I love her pancakes, made with almond flour/meal. :)

JJ, So sorry you suffered so much property damage in this last big storm. Glad you were able to get some of the debris taken care of with Allan's help. My son had a similar problem as you with a neighbor's tree. One giant limb was overhanging Dash's bedroom and was extremely dangerous if there had been a big storm. Kent had to threaten to take him to court before he would trim the tree. :rolleyes: People can be so unreasonable at times. Good news about your and Reece's health problems though. Did the doctor give you any idea of how long it would be before your ankle healed by itself????Dr's words regards my ankle. "Time will tell"

Yes people can very very unreasonable about property line trees.

I had a talk to the neighbour lady this morning. She is getting a man around and with the help of her elderly deaf father they intend to cut it down. I am very much concerned. There is no way it can be done without the help of three strong men and ropes. I mentioned this, and she said. "I am doing you a favour. I looked on the council website and any branches on your side of the fence are your responsibility."

I said "Yes that is right, but I can't get at that tree from my property, you are higher than I and there is a structure in the way, the council webiste indicates only if able to do safely". She said "which is why I am doing you a favour, and if it falls on your structure, I am not paying for it." I said "We shall see what happens" with a smile in my voice.
I was very pleasant to her.
She proceeded to tell me that some "Maori looking people" came to her house last time and charged her 1500.00. I asked why she paid them if she thought the job wasn't done properly. She said she didn't want trouble. I said with a smile in my voice, "You have to stop telling people you are on your own" She said that at least 5 times whilst talking to me. She can't be doing too bad, she bought a house.

So we shall see. If the thing falls on my structure and breaks it, her insurance will have to pay, and that is that.

Happy Birthday Atticus!!!

Love your snow photo Darla..

Huge hugs Pat.

Shirley, the specialist just said get on with my life. I shall see how it is in another month or so. I have been wearing a different ankle support for the last 3 months, give it another month or so and see what happen, I guess. I really don't know what to do next. I have to go back and see my GP this coming week.

Annie, I have to do the floors too today..


02-02-2013, 09:32 PM
We are watching the Detroit Redwings...losing against Columbus. Larry must be nervous...he's biting his fingernails.:rolleyes:

When he got home from work this afternoon we went to a couple of grocery stores. Like Char I'm trying to buy organic whenever I can. They say peppers and lettuce are the hardest to wash the pesticides off of.

With all the stomach problems I've been having lately I should also cut out all wheat. My Mother has Celiac's disease and I probably do too. I think as we age our stomach's just don't digest food the same; because they say you CAN aquire an allergy to anything at anytime in life. I know that I now must be lactose intolerant as milk and dairy bother me too...but I eat it anyway.:confused: Then I'm sorry when I do...but I LOVE ice cream and cheese and yogurt.

I got to paint for only about a 1/2 hour today. But at least I wet my brushes some.

The roads were a little slick when we went to the store. It's supposed to snow a bit tomorrow and Monday too. And it's quite frigid out there.

After the hockey game is over with which is soon; then we'll watch a movie.

JJ, I hope that lady can get someone to remove the tree WITHOUT damaging your house. Larry was given a prescription for Voltaren cream! I didn't know of all the horrific side effects! :eek: It's a good thing he rarely uses it. I don't think I'd give it to my child...just give him ibuprofen.

I really hope I can see Klaira tomorrow; it'll be two weeks since I've seen her tomorrow.:confused:

I hope you all have a pleasant end/start to your day.:wave: