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01-28-2013, 09:08 PM
morning to all the world

I got some new glasses took them back as they were for driving
and I could not see the dashboard or anything with in 8 feet as it was all blurb
getting them changed for bifocals

but I also pick up new reading glasses that good for see the computer screen and should be good for Drawing

I hope thee are all as well as Me or better preferably that myself & I

HAWLTAIN :D :heart:2 ALL

01-28-2013, 09:21 PM
It's still Monday evening here Peter. Almost time to hit the bed; morning comes so early

We are expecting temps to rise overnight and tomorrow we could have some thunderstorms and steady rain. Tomorrow night heavy rain; we could get up to 3 inches!:confused: Flood watches are up. Un-real weather for January. I don't think it's good for the health either. Warm then cold.:rolleyes:

Peter, bifocals sure do help and I hope you will be able to see better; especially for driving.

I walked 2 miles on my treadmill tonight. I came home put dinner in the oven then did my walk; when I was done dinner was ready.:thumbsup: Larry was outside getting some things all ready for the coming rain.

The girl that relieved me for my morning break this morning went home (she only works 1/2 days) and started vomiting.:( I sure hope it's not something I can catch.

Aww ((((Hap's Anne)))) hope she will be feeling better real soon Hap.

(((ELLEN and family)))


Waving to you all have a GREAT DAY:wave: :heart:

01-28-2013, 10:23 PM
Morning All.

Thanks for stopping me getting another Kewpie Doll Peter!

Rain has stopped mow but high winds and very moonlit

back again at more sensible time


Scene Chaser
01-28-2013, 11:21 PM
Darla, clean your work area with alcohol s[ray or wipes. She may have the Norovirus. A very bad illness.

01-28-2013, 11:48 PM
((Darla)) :crossfingers: Bill's right... norovirus is running rampant...

Hi Peter and Geoff...

I'll say g'nite to All... :wave:

01-29-2013, 12:27 AM
Darla, clean your work area with alcohol s[ray or wipes. She may have the Norovirus. A very bad illness.
We had an hour long programme on Winter Flus and Norovirus last night on BBC2 The boffins reckoned alcohol based washes were of little use against it.
Eileen had it on our very first cruise!


01-29-2013, 03:11 AM
Good morning all, dry and 6C here.

Had one of Geoff's nights - I woke up at 3 am sneezing!

We're expecting the roofers today though I don't think they will be able to do much more than erect their scaffolding. Rain forecast for the next few days :rolleyes:

Ruth has her physio this morning and this evening we are celebrating dinner with friends.

Hope you don't catch norovirus Darla, it sounds horrendous.


01-29-2013, 03:41 AM

Well I was able to get out into my back yard proper today, and survey the damage. It is far worse than I thought :( it is structural. Going to take some repairing. I am a little overwhelmed right now..

Her is a link (http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/queensland/brisbane-risks-running-out-of-drinking-water-20130129-2dij8.html)for you to see what is happening here right now. There is a wee video.

:grouphug: to all in need :grouphug: :heart:

01-29-2013, 05:29 AM
Stopping by to say hi. I saw a short segment on the news last night about the flooding in Australia (I have to watch BBC news to really find out what is happening in the world!). J.J., that's a scary video. I hope the river stays in its banks. We used to live in an area that had constant flooding and it was very stressful. I hope there's not too much structural damage.

Colorado is having beautiful weather for this time of year...50s and 60s. It's a bit colder today with snow up on the ski slopes. The flu and Norovirus are raging and since my immune system can't fight viruses well, I pretty much stay home until late spring. If I do go to the store I wipe the groceries down with a hydrogen peroxide spray because the checkers are constantly coughing into their hands and then bagging the food!

I hope those of you who are sick recover quickly. I was just telling my daughter that I don't remember all these outbreaks when she and her sisters were young. They missed a few days of school a year, but nothing serious. I don't know if increased international travel plus overuse of antibiotics is creating more exposure and less ability to fight the stufff, or if we were just lucky!

I stopped by a local park Saturday and took a few pictures of the geese and gulls on the lake which had a thin sheet of ice. It was nice to get out and walk around a bit. We should be getting several more snowstorms before spring. We really need it for the snowpack which fills our reservoirs when it melts.

Hope you all have a healthy and happy Tuesday!




Scene Chaser
01-29-2013, 05:38 AM
We had an hour long programme on Winter Flus and Norovirus last night on BBC2 The boffins reckoned alcohol based washes were of little use against it.
Eileen had it on our very first cruise!


Maybe bleach? I'd use anything short of fire to clean the area.

JJ, couldn't load the video but I hope the people are able to manage the water. If I were you, I'd at least stock up on drinking water by filling any available containers.

Jan, good advice on wiping down the groceries. We did the same thing this week after shopping.

It's suppose to be in the 50's F here today and tomorrow, but drop down to single digits in two days. :eek:

Doug, enjoy your evening.

I am doing financial work today.


01-29-2013, 06:03 AM
hi everyone, late late tonight, in fact it's nearly tomorrow here......just on 11.58 pm and I'm usually fast asleep, but it's a warm muggy night, plus we just started with our oil landscape class again for the new term and my mind feels stimulated still!
Feeling very rusty and it's nothing to write home about but it's good to be back in class, so I'll show you anyway, done in two hours with palette knife and brush.

Lovely photos Jan! thinking of all with health or other difficulties, especially those in QLD :heart:

The clock has struck 12 - if I'm very quick I can get back into bed before I'm changed forever!:lol: :lol: :wave:


01-29-2013, 06:07 AM
A lovely landscape Lulu :thumbsup:

Lovely photos Jan, I look forward to seeing blue skies again.

No sign of the roofer. probably a good thing as we are expecting rain and strong winds this week. Lows are queueing up in the Atlantic :rolleyes:

I heard that the high flood level has passed through Brisbane without any problems.


01-29-2013, 07:03 AM
Lulu....great picture...........moody old sky there!

Still no news hospitalwise.......and in the storms last night our telephone landline is off...so can't ring out/in.....and have to go three miles for mobile signal.........oddly enough broadband still on.


01-29-2013, 08:15 AM
Yes I did wipe down my desk and area; for what it's worth; I had already used the phone, computer, etc before she got sick! Oh well; I'm NOT going to worry about it if it's meant to be then so be it. I HATE the norovirus and they are saying the strain that is going around is horrendous. UGH.

I think you are right Jan, with overuse of antibiotics the strains become more resistant. Those are neat pics of the gulls; a lovely blue sky!

I don't think I slept very well last night; because I feel quite tired this morning. I remember waking up hearing it just POURING out and then I heard thunder and saw lightening. It felt like Spring. We can expect more rain today and tonight before temps drop again and we get some snow.

JJ, I'm so sorry you have structural damage. I hope it can be fixed without too much expense or effort. I'm just thankful you and your family and pets are fine. I hope your studio is salvageable. ((Thinking of you and Annie)):heart:

LuLu, nighty night. Your oil landscape is just beautiful. I love the palette; so pleasing to the eye; peaceful scene.

Geoff, the hospital sure is taking their time with releasing the body or getting you a death certificate.

Doug, we are probably sending our wind, rain, etc over your way. Good to just stay inside on days like this. If I didn't have to go to work I'd stay holed up with a good painting book.:thumbsup:

Tonight the girls will be over as Jen closes and they like to spend Tuesday nights with us. They've both become vegetarian's like their Mom so it is a little harder planning on dinner. I have a pasta dish in mind though.

Have a Blessed Day/Evening/Afternoon Everyone and may you be inspired to create!:wave:

01-29-2013, 08:54 AM
Good morning! So we got lots of rain during the night... the back driveway is something of a lake along with the sidewalk leading to our porch, which also has water laying on top of it. If all this freezes, we'll be dealing with skating rinks! Our temperatures are predicted to drop by tomorrow, so hopefully all this water will find someplace to go... because the ground is still frozen, it's all lying on top.

Two Classes today, so I need to keep this brief. I was late getting out of bed today. Ted didn't sleep well during the night and since misery loves company, neither did I. He's "popped" a rib from all the coughing and is in a lot of pain.

I began painting a bowl of cherries from a reference I selected in the RIL... It's really been fun, but I haven't begun the cherries themselves.

Matt says that your positive energy was appreciated during his interview. He hopes to find out later this week if he's going to work as a Nurse or not...

I use vinegar to disinfect my surfaces. I made my own orange cleaner by steeping our orange rinds (we ate the oranges) in vinegar for some number of days.

:crossfingers: You're not getting sick, Doug! How's your foot?

JJ, is this structural damage on your home? The flooding situation is so terrible... we saw it on last night's news...

Jan, your photos are fun! The geese here were "skating" across the ice and made me laugh...

Bill and Jan... I agree that all your produce needs to be washed when you bring it home... just think of all the people who've *tested* it for freshness.

Lulu, your beautiful landscape is reminiscent of an old world painting with the palette you chose... I love those warm tone, especially in your sky!


Darla, keep black beans and rice on hand for a complete protein. Or you can serve up quinoa as another protein choice. If the girls eat eggs and cheese, your options are even better for making their meals...

I'd better get moving... I hope everyone has the very best possible day full of GOOD health and creativity!!! :heart:

01-29-2013, 09:05 AM
It is dark outside as rain is on the way. I even brought lunch today because I just don't want to go out in the rain. We are watching the storm as it crosses the five counties west of us. Temps will go down after the storm to the 50s, but go back up to the 60s in time for the weekend. Crazy weather this year. Two years ago we had back to back ice storms just in time for hosting the Super Bowl.

Yesterday was glorious in the 70s. I went shopping at lunch and bought some new tops to wear to work. They were all 65% off, so I really got quite a few for the money.

JJ, I am so sorry to hear that you will have to make repairs to your house. Maybe your homeowners insurance will be able to pay for the repairs from the storm. Take photos of the damage before you start to clear away the debris.

Lulu, I love the painting. It is so much fun to explore another medium.

Hello to everyone before and after me. I have to get busy and start entering new electric meter numbers for 500+ accounts. Our electric company changed out to smart meters, so all the departments need an update on their accounts.

Hugs to all in need.

01-29-2013, 09:07 AM
Ted didn't sleep well during the night and since misery loves company, neither did I. He's "popped" a rib from all the coughing and is in a lot of pain. ......... Matt says that your positive energy was appreciated during his interview. He hopes to find out later this week if he's going to work as a Nurse or not... :crossfingers: You're not getting sick, Doug! How's your foot?

Poor Ted, that's painful! :eek:
Here's wishing Matt all the best for a positive result from his interview :crossfingers:
Nothing has developed Char and my foot has eased somewhat. Hopefully by keeping off it for a while it will heal itself.

Still no sign of the roofers.

Sketching on my iPad and reaing my Kindle is keeping me occupied :)


Ellen in Ont
01-29-2013, 09:15 AM
:wave: everyone,
I'm feeling almost human this morning. :D I did turn down offered shifts tonight and tomorrow at work as I am still weak and a little dizzy so I don't have to work until Thursday. I should be good by then.

The strength of the alcohol wash is what is important in hand sanitizers. Look for 70% solution and it will be effective. Much harder to find though. Even if you don't have it, the key to not getting sick from viruses on surfaces is to keep your hands away from your face and wash them often.

Lulu - love the painting.

Char - good luck to Mat getting a job as a nurse. :crossfingers: I hope Ted gets some relief from his rib pain soon.

I am off to get a cup of coffee. Have a good day everyone and stay safe.

01-29-2013, 09:44 AM
Morning all! Here we are in with 6 in of new snow and 20F. Tomorrow it is going to be 54F and rainy so goodbye snow, CRAZY Weather!

I have a job interview , most likely on thurs , at the prison in Springfield. Not getting too excited as it could be a letdown. There is also another advertised that I am looking into. Here's hoping somethng is the right one for me.

Speaking of jobs and medicine, yes there is a very bad, very contagious Noro virus that is rampant all over the world. They are calling it the Sydney Virus because it originated in Sydney, Australia. People who are normally immune to these bugs are NOT immune to this. Alcohol wipes and gels are useless against it. You need to clean with BLEACH. You have viral spreading ( Through skin shedding etc. ) up tio 7 days so if you get it and got to work the next day you can still spread it for up to a week. The best defense is to wash your hands frequently! Don't run to the doctor's office if you have it. They want you to stay away so you don't spread it to all the other patients and staff in the office. My friend went to a party last weekend and of the 20 people there 18 got it within a day or 2. Try to drink fluids, don't worry about food, fluids are the most important to keep from getting dehydrated. If you are not able to stop vomiting go to the ER. Getting iv fluids will break the chain and stop the vomiting.

On to a happier subject.....

Comcast now has caller id on your tv, so the other night we were watching tv and the phone rang and allof a sudden a name and phone number appeared on the screen. It is the ultimate thing for couch potatos.. You don't even have to get up to check the caller id!!! Now if youy could answer it on the tv that would something. Then you'd never have to get up!! Boy are we a spoiled lot!!!

JJ- so sorry about the damage to you yard and house. Thank goodness you didn't get a lot of flooding,

Geoff- I have been having the broken sleep nights alot lately. Then I drag around all day. Hope you are getitng so good nights of sleep.

Jan- thanks for sharing the beautiful pics with us!

Hi Doug, Char, Lulu, Darla, Peter, and anyone else I may have missed.

Everyone have a great day. I'm off to list stuff on EBAY.


01-29-2013, 09:54 AM
Well a good Tuesday morning or day to all.......I don't know about you all but I'm about ready to scrap 2013 and just say we did it and start over with 2014. Between my mom out in Colorado and my MIL here, it seems we've lived at one hospital or the other and rehab centers since last Thanksgiving and I, for one, am just about tired of it.....I think my MIL has more mental damage than expected, she's reverted to acting like a toddler now and see long term care center in her future for sure......anyways, this too shall pass.

Finishing up a contract job today that began yesterday for a previous employer....nothing great design wise, but a quick $1200 payday.......really hoping that in the next couple of days I can get back to some serious painting......and relax.

Jan, I was just out in your neighborhood for 3 weeks.......would love it if I could convince my wife to make the move........nice shots of the lake and the geese. You're right about the weather being really strange........it will be in the mid 70's here in Memphis today with high risk of sever thunderstorms tonight with high winds, hail, and tornadoes......mid winter..... go figure. Possible snow flurries tomorrow.

for our friends "down under", I've got plans for an Ark if you need them......

Good thoughts for all today, healing for those in need and a wish for those who need lifting up that something crosses your path today that just reinforces the thought the above the darkest storm clouds the sun still shines..............

Peace, love and hope................Steve

01-29-2013, 10:21 AM
http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/29-Jan-2013/196272-mootor_bike.jpg lovely painting Lulu beautiful pics Jan ,I hope everyone is getting around the colds and flue' I am still fighting to get rid of this chest infection and the antibiotics are finished today .oh well never mind .we mustn't moan. here is one from 1949on my flying Scot motor cycle ,,with a radiator I used to have to keep stopping to fill when riding around the peak district with my girl friend notice I had painted a kestrel on the side car ,. those were the days

01-29-2013, 10:23 AM
Afternoon all......

Still grey and drizzle here.......picked up copy will from Solicitors earlier and that is still as far as we have got.....no there isn't a panic now and the delay means a cousin & wife can get over from Auckland NZ OK....

Lots of unpacking to do now,slowly,and so far only family photo albums and some of the plants have seen daylight...clothes will almost all go out to recycling for charity........new stuff will go to charity shops.....she was so small that much of her clothing would only fit an 8 year old!


01-29-2013, 10:25 AM
:wave: Good day everyone! sort of grey-white out there, frozen rain/snow still on the ground but may get washed away soon. No volunteering today, my driver decided not to go, and I don't mind. We are in the off season, and no big projects on the go. So no excuses, I need to clear up in here, too many pins on the floor and spools of thread sitting around!

Lovely photos, Jan!

That painting looks pretty special to me, Lulu :thumbsup: love the palette.

So far no one in the family has caught whatever GS had at our party :crossfingers: it doesn't happen. Makes me scared to go out these days. My hands are so dry from all the washing, no sooner get the lotion on that I have to wash again! bleach, Bill :eek:

Hang in there Steve, this too will pass.......

Good luck, Reggie!

Good luck to Matt, too, Char, and a hug for (((Ted))).

Super picture, Alan, you handsome fellow!

Have a rewarding day :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

01-29-2013, 10:42 AM
Torrential rain falling here... I just KNOW that my flat roof is going to leak and I'm powerless to stop it... :mad: Ted's Doctor had him go in right away, so he's off to town.

My Student's father suffered a stroke yesterday, so she's sadly at the hospital with him... he's been very unwell since late fall and this latest episode doesn't bode well... My heart and prayers are with her of course...

So... I worked on the background of my cherry bowl. I'm just waiting for those very wet washes to dry... given our weather, it could be a little while and I may have to help things along with the hair blower.

Sneakers (Baby Feral) wanted to play outside in the rain... he whined so pitifully at the door that I let him out... he ran through the puddles, dragging his lame leg through the mud remembering that he hates "outdoors" and wanted right back in... muddy and filthy, of course... :rolleyes: Now he's on his blanket (yes, he has his own blankie) washing down his toes...

Hi Nancy... Congratulations on the great bargains!

Don't forget to show us your ipad paintings, Doug.

You must be going stir crazy with this enforced rest, Ellen! :p

Reggie, I'll keep all appendages crossed for your success with these interviews! :crossfingers:

Steve, isn't it fun working when all the stress of a "job" is gone? Good on you for the easy pay cheque! More art supplies, eh?

Alan, you rogue! :) Great pic!

Hopefully my paper is dry... see you in awhile...

I x-posted with Geoff and Lynn...

Geoff, I don't envy this part of saying goodbye to your Mother... ((()))

Lynn, I agree with you about the bleach... :crossfingers: that you've dodged the flu!

01-29-2013, 11:11 AM
Good Morning /Evening All -

Almost 8 AM here, and the sun is just above the horizon following gorgeous red brush strokes behind the tree silhouettes a half hour ago, while on the opposite side of the house, an enormous full moon was hanging between bands of dark cloud, just 15 minutes earlier. We may not see much more of
the sun today, as warm air and fog are arriving from the South. Supposed to reach almost 60F by tomorrow, accompanied by unseasonable thunderstorms. Icy roads and freezing rain yesterday at this hour caused Govt. offices to delay opening until noon, and schools to open two hours late! Now, after these two days of "spring," we expect cold and snow again to end the week. What a seesaw! Usually, we get Bill's and Darla's weather two days later, and Sylvia's one day after she reports hers. Oddly, since we are pretty far away and much farther south, and our winters much shorter, we very often have the same weather as Uschi -- be it humidity heat, fog, rain or snow -- at about the same time.

Norovirus: There was a radio program here, too, from the Centers for Disease Control. The most alarming warning was, as Geoff mentioned, that the alcohol wipes will not do any good for cleaning hands after exposure at the grocer's etc., nor will peroxide. It requires a thorough soap and water "surgical scrub" while singing "Happy Birthday" twice through. Worse yet, (Darla!) is that the virus remains alive and dangerous for up to TWO WEEKS even on completely dry surfaces like door knobs!!! Can't bleach everything, but it could help on phones, keyboards, and tops of cans from the grocery. I guess stripping outer leaves from veggies like lettuces, and peeling other fresh fruits and carrots, beets, etc. -- as if visiting and cooking in a third world country -- might be the best way to evade viruses left by produce "squeezers." : )

I have to go to my health service for a routine but necessary blood test (to check on clotting time under my coumadin Rx). I've already gone two weeks past the due date, and have been getting nagging telephone reminders from the doctor's office, but I've been very reluctant to enter that area, a hotbed of sneezing, coughing, actively ill people. I should probably wear a mask and disposable gloves, but I'd feel really silly about actually doing that. (I have seriously considered the gloves for grocery shopping, though!)

JJ and Annie -- what a frightening storm you've been through! Annie, will all those torrents of water bring dangerous beasties and creepy-crawlies up into the area surrounding your house? JJ, you didn't say where your structural damage was -- to the garden wall? To the house? In any case, thank goodness both of you survived the immediate storm dangers.

Among my immediate neighbors huge blue tarps are still covering roofs, chimneys, and other structural damage to homes, where it is taking this long to get repairs, since the terrifying freak storm on June 20, because widespread serious damage has customers lined up waiting for estimates, insurance settlements and the better repair people.
In New Jersey, I have two friends who have either not yet been able to move back into their terribly damaged homes following September's hurricane/storm Sandy, or in one case, just got hot water restored after almost four months!

What an assault from Nature, from extremes of heat and fire and drought; wind storms, volcanoes, earthquakes and deluge; and now, two widespread and horribly nasty and actually dangerous viruses sweeping the world!

Considering all that has been going on around our planet, we are very fortunate that despite these various plagues of health and dangerous weather, we are all still "present and accounted for." That is nothing short of miraculous, and something we can be very, very grateful for! : )

Lynn/LC~ (Note time? I "sent" this almost two hours ago, and have just seen that it didn't appear. Try, try again . . . .)

01-29-2013, 11:16 AM
Morning :music:
Kids have come and went, they are spending the night here as they don't have to be at school till 9-something on Wednesday. Spencer has a new haircut, which left him looking almost. I am crocheting a cap for him to wear under his bike helmet, in the mean time, I dug out a gender neutral cap for him to wear, still cold here in the morning.

Norovirus, I am convinced we got that when we stayed at a nephew's home once. Their kids had been sick, but were over it, but Jack and I got sick :( . After we had gone they all went to a family thing after we had gone and were still spreading the thing.
I think the problem may be you can still spread the virus long after you are "over" it. Nasty stuff.

I am in recover, back still sore this morning and realllllly tired, will take it easy today.

01-29-2013, 11:28 AM
Best of luck with the job interview Reggie, it's been a long time.

I'm still learning the ins and outs of the SketchClub app Char, but here are the last two i have done:

Flathead Lake, Montana

Oban Ferry

You need to have patience, although there's an undo feature you can still make drastic errors.


01-29-2013, 12:18 PM

Popping in to let you know am still around.......Mum's operation has been cancelled - I got a phone call from the ward yesterday asking me did I know why. Told them I didn't know it had been cancelled - she said a letter had been sent to us but they didn't have a copy ....well neither did I. Am thinking it is maybe that Mum will have to see the cardiologist - a bit frustrating as am finding it more and more difficult to control the pain.

Well Friday night out with the girls was an adventure to say the least - we had a real humdinger of a snowstorm and I was sat in the pub in town thinking no one was going to turn up. Then one arrived then a second one who didn't stay because of the snow so my friend Susan and I had one drink and we set off back to Susan's house.

Later on she and her husband ran me home - firstly we couldn't get the car off the driveway - then when we got to the main road there were cars abandoned all over the place.....we managed to get about a mile from my house before we hit traffic stuck as they couldn't get up the hill. I told them to drop me off and set off to walk home. Was quite pleasant really and there were lots of people about trying to help stranded motorists.

I had phoned home along the way telling them where I was but when I got in they had both been panicking. I told them I was an adult and was quite capable of getting home....I was more worried about Jamie as he was travelling from Manchester and they had closed the motorway. He finally got home at 3am....I told him about Mum and John panicking and he said.....well you know Mum people of your age can die in the snow. :eek: :eek:

Then to top it off on Saturday we found that a branch from the very tall lelandii trees next door had bent over with the weight of the snow and was laid out across the garden.


Fortunately it didn't hit the conservatory or damage the fence....we have told him that the trees are too high - maybe this will persuade him to cut them down a bit. All the snow has gone now thankfully so we just have good old rain to contend with.

Am full of a head cold at the moment - but needs must so am dosed up with paracetomal - no staying in bed being pampered am afraid.....lol

Sending white light to all those under the weather.

Lulu - love the painting......and you too Doug - must get an ipad one of these days.....lol

Char - sorry to hear about your students father.....fingers crossed for Matt. :heart:

(((((Geoff)))) ((((Ellen)))) ((((Ted))) and ((()))) anyone else I may have missed.

Well I had better make a move - am sure SWMBO will be gasping for a cup of tea by now.

Waving to everyone :wave:


Pat xxx

01-29-2013, 12:34 PM
Another joy of this Noro Virus dishwashing by hand and most machines (without sanitizer settings) and clothes washing doesn't kill it either. Which is why it is also spreading on mass residence areas. The ick in the laundry is spreading it to OTHER people's laundry. Geesh.

Heading for 80 today and HUMID. STORMY STORMY later tonight and into tomorrow,then back down to 60, and back up to 70. :) Normal for this time of year here.

Poor Ted!

My sister has pneumonia after her bout with the flu. She snapped three ribs and they are STILL trying to find an antibiotic that works.

I just donated 6 paintings to local auctions for fundraisers. Wow, it's hard to let some of those go! But it is for a good cause.

Be well all.

BTW those cart wipes work great on everything! IF you use them as a barrier/handle cover, not as a wipe ! :D LOL, which is what I've been doing!!

01-29-2013, 12:37 PM
Phones still off...could be Friday!....however received a text(SMS) from Hospital....forms are ready for processing so tomorrow we can get going properly......

Pat.....I knew it was bad here but in downtown Wigan astonishing!


01-29-2013, 01:10 PM
Hi to All

Mad, mad weather all around the World!

The Novo virus bug stays alive for approz 7 houras on sufaces such as shopping trolley handles, chip an pin machines, this is where most people catch the bug.

Lulu. that is a really good landscape painting
Here is a link to my painting from your Whakatane photo http://robertsonart.blogspot.co.uk/

Doug, super work with the app, the Oban ferry mis excellent.

I must get 6 watercolours framed for next months major exhibitions


01-29-2013, 01:39 PM
Hello all,

Actually got some stuff done yesterday. Here's what the fur kids thought of that:
You are sooo boring, mom! :lol:

Finally cleaned up the last of the burned on cheesecake in the oven from Christmas. I'd sprayed Easy Off oven cleaner in there before I got the migraine last week, so I guess that did it. Washed the dishes, took out the garbage, moved the car twice for the street cleaning (forgot to move it Sunday night, so ran out Monday morning, then again after 3pm for today's sweeping). Then worked on jewelry making.

Pat I heard about the car pile up outside Wigan. Glad you got home okay. So sorry about the cancellation.

Geoff glad you finally heard from the hospital. Don't envy you all that sorting. So hard. By the way that blue tarp behind the cats in the photo is covering boxes of stuff from my mother's house. The cats love the perch. :rolleyes: Allows them to look out the window.

Lulu I love your painting. So painterly if you understand what I mean. It just has that impressionist feel. You are so talented.

So are you Doug. I love your iPad paintings. The water in that second one is amazing. Maybe I should get that for my iPad. Since I never seem to use my real paints any more. :(

Oh ouch for Ted Char. And :crossfingers: for Matt.

Nancy I don't think I ever said how much I loved your Zentangles. Please excuse the brain fog!

Darla I hope you don't get sick. By the way, I did not get sick from my teacher in class. I don't think he was sick JJ. I just think he maybe didn't feel well for some reason.

So sorry about your garden JJ. Hope it isn't a long drawn out fix.

And Annie glad you are all okay, although sorry about your garden as well. Gum trees are really brittle as trees go. We have lots them imported from Australia in the 19thC by people who thought they'd make good windbreaks. :rolleyes: They are fire hazards and fall down like matchsticks with our cycles of drought and torrential rains. Hmmm. Just like where you are.

We are having weird weather too. Freezing cold then warm up and pouring rain. We get two kinds of storms -- tropical ones coming up from the south and northern ones coming down from the Arctic.

Hands. I have very little skin left from washing them.

Gorgeous country you live in Jan.


:crossfingers: for you Reggie.

:wave: :wave: Peter, Bill, LynnLC, LynnM, Caryl, Judy, Alan, Ellen.

By the way -- Last night I was listening to Radio 4 and the Shipping Forecast came on. I love the Shipping Forecast. :D Took me back. Can't believe it's been 12 years since I lived in London. I loved it.



We x-posted Henry. Beautiful new painting. Love it.

01-29-2013, 02:34 PM
I just read this article on MSN about the norovirus;

Scary, even automatic diswashers cannot kill it!


Kay, yup bad smells and different lighting can cause a migraine; but then you knew that. For anyone who gets them...they are horrible; I'm just glad I don't get them nearly as much as I used to. CUTE KITTIES...they look very comfy!I didn't know you used to live in London.

Henry, at our supermarkets they furnish anti-bacterial wipes to wash the handles of the shopping carts with...but that probably doesn't kill it either; but it would kill most things I think.

I guess if a person doesn't get sick once in a while their body cannot build up the immunities to fight off much. I'm just glad I'm healthy (as far as I know now). I feel for the people who are immunio-suppressed, like Hap's Anne; because then they have to be sick longer and fight harder.

It was raining heavily a while ago and it's been so dark and dreary all day. Tomorrow they are saying it'll be in the 50'sF then plummet to 19F overnight...then snow on Thursday and Friday. This weather cannot be good for lingering sicknesses..I think we need the frigid air to kill off those germs. ;)

EDIT: Sorry Caryl I didn't see your post until AFTER I posted this. Yes un-real that washing cannot kill it.

Lynn, see article above.

Doug, those are very nice paintings; you sure are getting the hang of it nicely!

PAt, poor Winnie, hope she'll get the go ahead soon. Glad you made it home safely from your GAL'S night out!

01-29-2013, 03:36 PM
Annie, I am so sorry to hear of your awful winds . I know the scary sound at night too well . Now flooding ?? I hope you are okay .
Reggie ,keeping fingers crossed for you on this one .:crossfingers:
Pat , Ugh, that looks too familiar . Hope it missed everything . We weren't so Lucky .
Weather here So Crazy ! Freezing for Days , day and night like 12, at night and snow and sleet . Suddenly it is 50 and 60, like Spring and my legs are a wreck from the changes , Louie's steel too.
Poor Ted , Char. :( :(
June:) :wave:

01-29-2013, 03:49 PM
Morning all,
another hot day coming up, late 20's, making the most of the cooler morning to do things outside.

Thanks for the comments re my painting, am quite liking it this morning, and have been through a selection of my own photos on what next to paint.
We only ever use up to six colours.

Henry, I LOVE what you did with the Whakatane painting - another big WOW from me! Your style is so unique :thumbsup: Have sent the link to my friends too.

Char, am still trying to work out why you have the butt icon next to your post??
Ouch about Ted's rib! and :crossfingers: for Matt too!

Love your ipad paintings Doug.

Kay, big smile here at your kittles:) Last night I checked to see where the cats sleep when I put them to bed (in the laundry). Well, we knew that Gary sleeps on a cushion high up on top of the dryer, but could never work out where 'Falfa slept, because she's always at the door when we open it in the morning. I sneaked in last night, and she had made a home right under the washing in the dirty laundry basket! :eek: lol

Better fly or I'll get nothing done :wave:

01-29-2013, 04:16 PM
Pat, glad you managed to plow your way through the storm.Snow like that can be dangerous. A man got stuck in the snow the last big storm we had, left his girlfriend in the car while he went to get help, but he didn't make it. After awhile the storm got better and she found him :eek:

I am feeling like someone has been poking around my backside with a sharp object, Oh yes, the have!

We are going to the Senior Center to check it out, they have coffee there :rolleyes:

mustache, bbl

Scene Chaser
01-29-2013, 07:45 PM
Henry, love your Whakatane painting.