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01-27-2013, 10:21 PM
Good Morning Washers.

The old sleep routine has returned!!! Hopefully there will be more before we finish the night.

Busy day ahead as expect/hope visit Hospital for Certificates & Registry then Solicitors then The Home to clear the room and finally a Supermarket as we are all but out of non-frozen food!

So back later


01-27-2013, 11:08 PM
Geoff, I sure hope you can get back to sleep... I'm having a cup of green tea before I toddle off. You have some busy days ahead, I'm afraid and I'll sure be thinking of you!

Ellen in Ont
01-28-2013, 12:10 AM
:wave: everyone,
Just on my way to bed. I had to take another Ibuprophen for the fever this afternoon but nothing since. I hope I've turned the corner with this. Son and DIL will both be back to work this morning and Max will be back in daycare. I hope he adjusts again after being off a week. :rolleyes:

Geoff - a few busy days ahead for sure. A good nights sleep will help.

Speaking of sleep I'm off to my bed. :crossfingers: no fever in the night.

01-28-2013, 02:40 AM
Good morning all. Calm before the storm - we are expecting gales and rain later. Not roofing weather!

Not freezing however - 3C.

Hope you are fast asleep Geoff, you have a busy ay ahead of you.

Don't rush back to work Ellen, by all accounts the 'flu is a difficult one to finish off.


01-28-2013, 03:23 AM
Not the nicest of days.

My cable was out for about 6 hours, so no internet, but I did have a bit of a clean up and read my book.

Surveying the damage. The arbor took out the brick wall the was anchoring it, as well. One of our trees will have to be cut down, a LilyPily, that is growing so beautifully, is so very healthy, but the soil is so sodden, that it is about to fall over. It is on the boundary line, and the neighbours property is below us. It will take out the fence and fall into their property. If it does go, it wont damage our houses. We can't do anything about it for a few days yet, Allan has to work.

Mopping up the studio, but the water is coming in as quick as I mop it up :(

I heard a huge crash on the roof last night, but I couldn't see anything this morning, and I must admit, I didn't go around the low side of the house. The neighbours tv aerial has blown over onto my roof. There is also a huge branch from the neighbours gum tree, that hit the side of the roof of the carport and bounced off back into their yard.

My neighbours still don't have eletricity, but they had a very long extension cord, that stretches from their back patio to ours, so I plugged it into our electric so they can keep their fridge running. They will have lights tonight too.

All day, I heard chainsaws, in between rainfalls. There are more bad winds on the way.

All in all, we got off lightly. Folks have lost their homes, their lives, so carelessly, lives lost that is. Why do people insist on sticky-beaking in a dangerous situation. The flooding is just horrendous in Bundaberg. (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-01-28/aerial-photo-of-flooding-in-bundaberg/4487628)

Brisbane (http://www.examiner.com.au/story/1262565/brisbane-flood-crisis/?cs=95) is preparing for flooding, some areas' already under water, as the flood waters come down the Brisbane river. It is not good.


01-28-2013, 04:00 AM
evening everyone:wave:
A holiday for us today, Auckland province anniversary.
Very sleepy tonight after very little activity today lol, but we did have a lovely long walk beside the lake this evening.
Has been a lovely warm day, temp got to 30C.

Really feeling for the people affected by the Queensland flooding. :heart: Your damage doesn't sound too minor either JJ, hope you can clean up and mop up soon.

Have cut my finger (ring, left hand) so can't type as I would normally, just a silly little thing, but I do bleed a lot, so have had to pack it quite a bit for the night. Will be okay in the morning I'm sure.
Have a funeral to go to at 10 am tomorrow, then a friend and I are going to the movies 'Marcello Marcello'. Probably quite light and silly, which will be a good change, and I know we will enjoy the Italian scenery.


Scene Chaser
01-28-2013, 06:32 AM
Good Day All,
JJ, what an ordeal. I had to look up "sticky beaking." Funny expression, but I love it. Did Allan have to drive over the bridge?

((Ellen)) hope you are at the end of it.

Annie, hoping you and Roger are ok. Hope to see you back soon.

Geoff, I'm a little worried about you and your lack of sleep. You are under so much stress.

Doug, it is warming here for a day or two and then we will get the gale winds, too.

Lulu, John should take all knives away from you. It seems you are always cutting yourself.

01-28-2013, 08:10 AM
JJ, I am thinking and praying that the storms leave soon. I have been in some minor flooding and high winds and it is scary and a lot of work for clean up.

Geoff, please be gentle to yourself. The next few days are going to be stressful. You and JJ will be in my prayers.

It is cold at 20 degrees here. We have had snow and freezing rain in the night,it is now snowing with little ice pellets! What do they call that? Roads are bad, schools are closed. I am a caregiver for an elderly woman and two of her sons. I hated to call them and tell them that I may or may no be there depending on the roads. I love being with them and this is the most rewarding job I have ever had. I know that the boys were disappointed when I called. Better to be safe. I have to drive 19 miles and I don't like bad roads. May be a painting day.

We are to get to get up to 45 degrees on Wed. Get out the shorts! Then back to the teens on Thurs.

Hugs and good thoughts to everyone.


01-28-2013, 08:35 AM
Thinking of you, Geoff. I remember it feels quite a relief in a way to have plenty to be doing during these difficult days.

Hope both Char and Ellen managed to get a good night's sleep!

I'm sorry you're having such dreadful weather, JJ. I loved "sticky beaking" too!

It sounds as if you had a lovely relaxing day, Lulu.

:wave: Bill and Pat.

Doug, I asked my DH (the real foot man :lol: ) and he recommended that you visit a podiatrist and get some proper orthotics for your plantar fasciitis. He said if they hurt they're not right.

I visited my GP this morning and got a med cert for another month. I'm hoping to be able to come off some of the pills I've been on - with luck I'll be able to think logically again then. I do hate not being able to remember words, or string thoughts together! Never mind, more painting time for me while I'm not at work. :thumbsup:

01-28-2013, 08:45 AM
We had freezing rain too in the night and all schools are closed; un-fortunately my work doesn't close so I'm here at my desk. It was treacherous driving into work :eek: but everyone seemed to be driving slow so that was good.;) I'm just glad it's warming up now and melting; we are supposed to have temps in the 50'sF tomorrow; with some thunderstorms!:confused: So strange for January in Michigan. Then later in the week it's supposed to get cold and temps in the single digits.:rolleyes: Up and down weather. My tulips and daffs probably will start sprouting.

JJ and Annie, I'm so glad you are safe; but sorry about your lose of trees, property. I pray that the worst is over with. Keep safe; I'd never want to experience a cyclone/hurricane. We've experienced flooding though and any act of Mother Nature can be devastating.

Ellen, don't you dare go back to work too soon. I hope your son and DIL didn't go back too soon. I hope Max does well at daycare today.

Several co-workers didn't come to work today; but I'm from the north...I've driven through it all; but I have to say that the freezing rain/drizzle is the WORST! So it'll be a quiet day here I think.

I never did get a chance to paint yesterday; we took our shower doors down as I've always hated them. It was quite a job. We now have a nice shower curtain and bar.:thumbsup:

LuLu, I too cut my ring finger; left hand. It wouldn't stop bleeding either and I'm now sporting a nice flourescent green bandage!:lol:

Char, enjoy your day if you don't have any students.

Kay, I'm glad you got the chance to catch up with an old friend.

Pat, it's good that you like your job; it sure does make the day go faster.

Sylvia, I hope you enjoyed your baked rice pudding...it sounds delicious. Larry hates raisins and I love them...so I can never bake anything with them in it or I'd have to eat it all by myself...and I certainly don't need that!

Geoff, I hope your day goes smoothly on so little sleep.

Hi there Kate!

I didn't sleep all that well either. Twice woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.:rolleyes:

I hope you all enjoy your day and embrace this Monday joyfully.

G'day:wave: :heart:

01-28-2013, 08:55 AM
Good morning... the temperatures warmed up quickly enough that we managed to dodge the freezing rain... thank goodness! We did get some wet, heavy snow and that has to be shovelled in short order before my Students begin to arrive.

JJ, you really do have a mess to clean up from the sounds of things... I hope the outside damage isn't too serious.

Last fall, Ted and I crossed the Confederation Bridge between P.E.I. and New Brunswick with hurricane Sandy on our heels... I can sure empathize with Alan because it IS scary!

((Ellen)) Babies tend to be much more adaptable than their parents and caregivers and I'm sure that little Max will do fine... Naturally, you'll all worry about him... :heart:

Sounds like really nasty weather's on its way to your area Doug! More leaking roofs... :(

Hi Lulu, I haven't heard of that movie, but silly fun and laughter is always a good thing... I know what you mean about a cut finger... of course, you continue to hit and knock it with everything you do... :rolleyes:

Pat, you made a good decision to stay safe... happy painting!

Kate, your posts are thoughtfully worded so you must be making some progress... probably not as fast as you'd like, though, eh? I sure hope that your headache has subsided!

Hi Darla... I'm sorry that you had to deal with all that stress of driving on slippery roads to get to work... these roller coaster temperatures are awful and I'd rather it just got cold and stayed cold.

I'd better get things movin' and groovin'... I hope that everyone has the very best possible day! :wave:

Island Nipper
01-28-2013, 09:02 AM
Hello everyone, the storms have abated here, it was nowhere near storm force 9 and the seas were just rough not high. The coast guard lost their radar though, not good in our busy seas.
I feel a bit silly about tearing up the painting but it was awful. Thanks for all your suggestions I will be more lenient on the paper next time. I had made the mistake of looking at some of the paintings I has done before I lost the use of my right hand, stupid idiot!
The squirrels sound very aggressive, we only have native reds here, greys are banned. The reds are lovely and timid.
Been watching Australia's woes on tv, fire, wind torrential rain and now floods, thinking of you all down there what a disaster.
Henry, shame about The tennis I used to get massive blisters when I was playing. Squash 5 times a week. Murray must stay a Scot for now his promotion to a Brit must wait?? Just a joke on the way the press in England refer to him.
My teasels call, expletives about to begin. More tea vicar?

01-28-2013, 09:12 AM
We are in the 60s and heading for the 70s today and tomorrow. Then come the severe thunderstorms tomorrow night as a cold front arrives. I cannot complain since there is no ice.

Dentist this afternoon to look at one of the new crowns. One of them started hurting in Vegas, and it was so bad last week that I had to take asprin. This weekend it stopped throbbing. But I want to get it checked out.

It was a lazy weekend, but a nice weekend. I did my laundry and watched the last season of Dallas. The new episodes start tonight.

JJ and Annie, please be careful when cleaning up your yards--especially if there are downed power lines.

Darla, I hate driving on ice, but like you, I know how to do it after growing up in Chicago. I am not afraid of me, I am afraid of all the other drivers who think you can go the speed limit.

Lulu, I am either knicking a finger with a knife or getting a burn in the kitchen. DH bought dinner last night to save me from myself.

Doug, Hope the storms don't do any damage.

Geoff, This will be a stressful week for you, so take care of yourself.

Hello to anyone I missed. Hugs and white light to those in need.

Ellen in Ont
01-28-2013, 09:37 AM
:wave: again,
No fever during the night :thumbsup: but the test comes later. For some reason it always comes on late afternoon for all of us. I am dressed for the first time in 4 days.:D Still have a sore throat and cough but I think I've turned a corner.

JJ - sounds like quite a lot of damage but not anything that can't be fixed. Stay safe. Running heavy duty appliances on extension cords is not the greatest but I guess it can't be helped. The longer the cord the more resistance builds up. Watch it for overheating.

I need a cup of coffee. Plans for today are filling out Brian's passport application. Why he didn't take care of it himself months ago I don't know.:rolleyes: if I don't get it done he will be the only one staying home from our son's Jamaican wedding in May. They wanted a small casual wedding so decided on a destination wedding. They would have been happy with just immediate family. There are about 80 people now going. :eek: good thing Lianne is a travel agent and is coordinating everything.

Pay it forward. Do something for someone else so they have a good start to the week.:D

01-28-2013, 10:09 AM
Good day. We had a bit of snow, but not the freezing rain they had said.

I didn't get a chance to paint yesterday. Ran an errand and did exercising and had company last evening. Today is bookwork, but I hope to paint, too. Also have to make a pumpkin pie.

JJ-Sounds like you had a scary night with the storm. Glad you are safe, but sounds like cleanup in ahead.
Goeff-Stress can really interfer with sleep patterns. Hope you get some relief soon.
Ellen-Glad you are feeling a bit better, but don't go back to work too soon so you don't suffer a relapse. Sounds like this flu is notorious for that.
Sylvia-Rice pudding, yum! I have made it once before. Will have to try your receipe. We like the brown rice more now.
Pat-Enjoy your painting day.
Darla-Icy roads terrify me. I can handle snow, but ice is another story. Hope it melts quickly today and your trip home is easy.

Book work ahead. Better get my shower and get busy.


01-28-2013, 10:46 AM
Hi folks, still no roofers!

Doug, I asked my DH (the real foot man ) and he recommended that you visit a podiatrist and get some proper orthotics for your plantar fasciitis. He said if they hurt they're not right.
Thanks Kate, in fact I have kept off it today so it hasn't been so bad.

My sister had 2 brain operations for aneurysms and had memory problems to begin with but seems OK now.

Take care Ellen, don't rush back to work. How did Brian go with his back ache?

I have just Skyped with Lyn - artmom. She got a new computer before Christmas and couldn't get in to wetcanvas. I have sent her a temporary password so hopefully we will see her here soon.


01-28-2013, 10:51 AM
:wave: Did you miss me???? I missed being able to sign in for about 4 or 5 weeks! Thanks to Sylvia and Doug, I got in today. :clap: :clap:

First, Happy New Year.

Second, my deep condolences to those who have lost loved ones while I have had to remain silent.

Third, hope all who have been sick are getting well and recover soon.:crossfingers:

Fourth, I really enjoyed hearing about your holiday doings, and seeing pics of grandkids, pets, etc.:)

Welcome to all the newbies I haven't been able to welcome.

My meds have settled down so I feel a bit better. However, still having trouble with oxygen dropping off upon movement -- and my legs and toes are purple from where I fell out of bed. :rolleyes:

Take care.


01-28-2013, 11:12 AM
LYN....yes I said several times, "I wish Lyn would check in, I'm worried about her." WELCOME BACK; I"m glad your meds have "settled down" and you are feeling a little better. YOU FELL?? :eek: Lyn, that is no good; ouch. Do take care.:heart:

Shirley, you must have been on the edge of the snow and freezing rain. Ours started out as snow but changed into freezing rain. Larry's truck was coated in ice when he left for work. My car was in the garage so wasn't covered.

Doug, it's a good idea to rest your foot; glad you're trying to stay off of it. Anything with the feet is awful; when it hurts to walk that is the worst.

YOu are right Nancy, it's the OTHER guy that one has to worry about; some people think just because they have 4-wheel drive they can drive fast on ice! NOT!:(

Ellen...WHOOHOO no fever; I hope it stays away.:thumbsup:

01-28-2013, 11:13 AM
Morning, zipping through I am scheduled for surgery today, minor walk in limp out, having a cyst removed, but realized I have not been under the knife in 30? years.
Good weekend, went to the Home and Landscape Expo at Sacramento's Expo center, bought a wall bed, queen sized (king in the UK) for the smallest bedroom, where Jack has his work out stuff. I am guessing our 13 year old Spencer, will want to be first to use it :rolleyes: he is a gadget guy.

Well about time to go, have a good day y'all :wave:

01-28-2013, 12:05 PM
Good Morning Everyone!!!

I have had quite the morning already.

I had an appointment at the hospital at 8:00 a.m.to see the specialist for a consult after the tests (echo cardiogram etc.) I had to look at my possibly blocked arteries in the legs.

I got up at just after 6:00 a.m. realized we had about 4" of snow on the ground and by the time I had to leave it had not yet been plowed. So a VERY slow and careful drive to the hospital.

Although I was to be the first patient, once there I waited, and waited, and waited, thought maybe the doctor had gotten stuck in the snow, but no, he was there but the computer didn't work and without the computer he had no way of seeing my file:rolleyes: Anyway, 1 1/2 hour later he managed to get some print out. The good news, the plaque build-up overall isn't too bad at all but there is a blockage on my left (hip replacement side) thigh.

Next a CT Scan of that area and maybe future angioplasty for that area.

During the time I was sitting in there we had freeszing rain. The roads were fine thanks to the salt but the sidewalk and driveway were pure, glassy ice.

Apart from that, table tennis in the afternoon:lol:

Lyn, and I thought you just didn't feel like talking:o So glad things have settled down a bit, lots of good thoughts coming your way!!!

Still have a sore throat and cough but I think I've turned a corner.

Ellen, I think we heard that very same phrase from Char three times over:evil: :lol: Take a few extra days of rest. WOW, that's a lot of people wanting a tast of the south. Too bad it isn't turing your winter.

Doug, I was wondering why you would have your roof replaced in the winter instead of the dry weather in summer, then realized, you don't have dry weather in summer:lol:

Henry and Nipper Geoff - re large blisters. Many years ago I took riding lessons. At that time over here Western Saddle was the way to go. Part of the lessons was that one lesson (one hour) had to be ridden on bare back. The horse's bare back but still - two HUGE blisters, guess where:eek: :lol:

Char, can't keep determined artists away:lol: Hope lunch with your mother was not too traumatric:)

Kate, :crossfingers: :crossfingers: that you can lose the medication and I am sure EVERYTHING will come back to you!!!:heart:

:grouphug: for our Australian friends!!!

:wave: to ALL here and all yet to come!!! and as always, sending good thoughts out to those of you net well!!

P.S.L Judy, hope all goes well !!!!


01-28-2013, 12:45 PM
From your mouth to God's ear

01-28-2013, 12:59 PM
:wave: Good day all! Can't tell if we are part of the freezing rain or not, but it looks pretty grey and damp out there. I hope it is just rain.

(((JJ))) and (((Annie))) Chaos in your lovely gardens, I hope everything is easily fixable. Sounds precarious, JJ, I hope the roof is not damaged too much.


Glad you are recovering, Ellen, do take some lessons from Char re this bug :heart:

I hope you are really better, Char :heart:

I had a lovely breakfast this morning from my menu....couldn't resist taking a photo. Squash and mushroom omelette on 100% rye bread with a cup of honeydew melon!


Great to see you back, Lyn!

Smiling about your horse experience, Uschi :) When I was 18 I went on a riding date, first time on a horse although I grew up with farm horses, western saddle, and we were taken along a trail with low lying branches....crazy friend in the lead decided it would be fun to gallop.....I was hanging on by the pommel and lying practically on the horses rump. Was not a happy camper, just lucky no one was hurt. The things we survive when young!

I love your little red squirrels, Nipper, we do have some reds here (not a pretty as yours), but the greys are taking over.....a very bold one runs across my balcony, and insists on looking for things in my flower pots, a real nuisance!

Good luck, Judy!

Hugs for those with cut fingers and other aches and pains :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

01-28-2013, 01:18 PM
Sheesh Lynn, you are LUXURIATING!!!!!! That would be my lunch or supper:lol: I usually, and have for years and years bought the European type of rye bread but recent;y have tried the 12 grain one, quite nice, but tastes slightly sweet. I don't know why companies have to mess around with a perfectly good product.

Time for MY lunch, I think I'll make the effort and do some juicing - raw beet, variety of peppers, cellery, 1 radish, apple and whatever else I can find:lol:

:wave: Uschi

01-28-2013, 01:26 PM
JJ , Sounds like you are getting hit like we did in October and November , when we lost our Utility box with a big bang and Everything was gone phones and heat and light . Then a tree fell over it all over again . It took weeks to recover . Grim.
I really feel for you and hope you have help to get through this .
Chin up . Thinking of you. We expect that the change in weathr will bring more and have things in place that will help , but Cell phones don't work here so we are disadvantaged a the start .
:( :( :( :( :( :( :cat: :wave:

01-28-2013, 02:09 PM
For anyone in UK, there's a programme on BBC HD at the moment about Venice's emergency services. Wonderful pictures!

01-28-2013, 02:11 PM
Thanks Kate!


01-28-2013, 02:44 PM
Thank goodness you are safe Annie, hope the storm abates.


01-28-2013, 02:46 PM
Good morning all.

Commisserations JJ. needless to say our yard is a mess. There was a huge branch on the driveway, branches scattered everywhere, two big trees down in the secret forest, lying over neighbours driveway. They are too big for us to handle so we will have to wait for SES help. neighbours are all OK. across the road several large gum trees were snapped off mid trunk. During the night the wind sounded like a freight trains, coming and going and coming. very very scary. No damage to the house so that is good. no power here yet. the fridges are a write off. last night the phone network 3G went down and this morning my phone is dead. iPad will be very shortly too.

No matter, we are safe, cats are safe if rather annoyed that they haven't been allowed out for a few days, we have candles, food, gas and water, even if it has to be lugged in a bucket, battery radio and garden will be remodeled after mother natures rather forceful suggestions.

little sis is flooded in but safe. Albert river.

I SO feel for the people facing flood.

Got to go and boil water for coffee.:wave:

BTW beautiful sunrise and clear skies now. The storm has moved into NSW and may even reach Sydney.

01-28-2013, 02:59 PM
Ok, "surgery" went well, did not even have to take off my clothes :clap: talked about London and the UK the whole time, he and his wife won a trip to London a few years back I must admit London is probably my favorite place to be.
The cyst was in reality a lipoma is a benign tumor, but now is on it way to be examined, just glad it's gone, by itself not a problem, but annoyed the bits around it.
Breakfast for me was at Del Taco :smug:

Darla, have you considered 1, making two rice puddings one with one without, or try just putting the raisins in part of the pudding? We had a maid in the Azores (ages ago before my lawyer son was just a wee bit) Who made rice pudding on the stove top, in a sauce pot. Lovely

Anyway my ordeal is over for the moment.

Geoff, I agree with the rest, you should go see a doctor about your sleepless nights. Could be something simple that could be fixed!


01-28-2013, 03:46 PM
Evening all........

Nice to have Lyn back with us....you have missed much!

Busy day starting with the Solicitors....who suggested that as 'my' inheritance woudn't be much I might like to do some of the leg work myself and save their charges....agreed.

Undertakers,very helpful but Hospital won't release body or issue Death Certificate as may be needed for a Coroners assessment.....expected this during day but didn't happen.....It does not matter as there isn't a rush any more.

Home,cleaning my Mothers accomodation took twice as long as expected mainly due to staff calling in with their regrets.......didn't know my Mother had so many different biscuit and sweet tins! Anyway now empty and only calling back in with a gift for the carers sometime....

Heavy rain tonight,not Australian type but very damping so was unable to complete emptying my car of clothes and vases......

JudyL......Eileen & I both lived and worked in London for many years, in fact we met on a train at Kings Cross, and this was about the same time as Uschi lived there..........but we both avoid it like the plague and only go for weddings and funerals, although I have to go for the day in about 3 weeks, I'll be there at 0900 for a 1000 meeting and leave meeting at 1500 for a 1600 train home....will see enough then!

Glad the 'op' went well Judy..

Annie & JJ......Wow you have really had it hard.


01-28-2013, 05:28 PM
Hi everyone... Students have gone... fog is setting in because the air is so warm just now... it's 6C!!!

I'm going to put dinner on in a few minutes, but have my feet up for now.

JJ and Annie... I'm glad that you're safe.

Uschi... :lol: Ouch, ouch, ouch!

When I was young, we had horses on the farm. Mine was a quarter horse who loved to race. One day he took off and I couldn't stop him as we raced through the orchard with those branches on the fruit trees whipping my face and arms... Dad finally caught up to us on the palomino, and got us stopped... I looked like I'd been beaten raw! :) My Sister's horse was a wonderful appaloosa pony...

Lyn, I thought perhaps you were taking a "break"... :) So glad you're back and that you're doing much better!

Lynn... your breakfast does look yummy!

Judy, glad that your op was over and done with so quickly!

Time to cook...

New Gamboge
01-28-2013, 05:33 PM
JJ and Annie -glad to hear no major damages for you, hope it stays that way - JJ did't you lose some paintings in your last flood? Hope the rest are safe this time.

Septic pump stopped working sometime in the last week - still ran, but didn't pump, so had the 2 tanks pumped out and the pump repaced this morning. Although Mum kept multiple copies of nearly everything when this house was rebuilt after the fire in 1999, I couldn't find the final diagram of the septic field, and the pump had no plate on it to say what size it was. Fortunately I was able to get in touch with the company that put the system in and get some of the necessary information. The new company fixed a few things that were poorly done the first time, and suggested a few more changes now required by the regulations, which we can take care of this summer.

Had some of the first bacon SIL cureed and smoked - very tasty. DD is really into lactic fermentation - and found a website that shows you how to make the sealer jar fermentors - if anyone is interested, I'll get the website from her.

:crossfingers: that things start to go better for everyone. Betty :cat::cat:

01-28-2013, 06:00 PM
:grouphug: Huge hugs to all those in need.. :grouphug:

The sun is shining, the humidity is up and my yard looks like a cyclone hit it.:lol:
I can't do any cleanup yet, as the arbor is far too heavy for me to lift, I tried. Going to have to get help.

I can't do anything about the neighbours tv aerial, they have to ring their real estate company and get them to arrange for removal. I just hope there is no more bad winds, or it is going to do some real damage.

The sheeting on her back patio roof, we removed, she and I. We climbed up and literally forced it off. It was a whole sheet of laserlite. It was well past it's use-by date, and had deteriorated badly. We were actually able to tear it. My ankle is screaming at me today, but, at least, neither she nor I had to put up with the continual banging as it flapped up and down. She has a big strapping housemate living with her, by the way, and when I asked where he was, she said, "in his bedroom" Oh my hero :(

Betty, my paintings are safe this time around. Not that I have many left :( I lost 50 paintings in the last storm/flood. Problem was, last time, I was overseas, when that last one happened, so I wasn't here to make sure everything was up high.

Kim came over this morning, and told me her power is back on, so thankfully, I no longer have an electrical cord between us. I was very worried, as it is quite a distance. At least they were able to save their food in the fridge, and they were able to have a light on last night, and watch tv.

Annie, I too feel badly for those in the flooded areas. It isn't over yet. We are lucky up on our hills, to some extent.

Bill, my former husband had to driver over that bridge to and from work. He said he was really scared. Once on the bridge, there is no stopping, so he continued on to work. He is head of security at the Control Centre at the Brisbane Airport, and really has no choice, but to go to work anyway.
The really weird thing, is that the airport was not closed during the worst of the storm. It was closed yesterday morning, when it was all over. Go figure.. I absolutely love flying, and I have flown in tropical storms. I don't think, I would have liked being up in this one, just quietly.

Coffee is calling me............

01-28-2013, 06:07 PM
Kim came over this morning, and told me her power is back on, so thankfully, I no longer have an electrical cord between us. I was very worried, as it is quite a distance. At least they were able to save their food in the fridge, and they were able to have a light on last night, and watch tv.

JJ that was a very neighbourly thing to do.


01-28-2013, 06:44 PM
just a quick pop in with an update.

Took Anne to the Dr's today; diagnosis::( flu with an additional sinus infection which has gotten into her ears as well.:eek: Home for the rest of the week and a course of Antibiotics and hopefully she'll be as right as rain by next monday! :crossfingers: :thumbsup:

I just got Anne settled in for a nap and when she wakes up it will be time for dinner...that soup yesterday turned out superb! And the flavors were bold enough that Annie could even pick some of them out! sinus infection and all!:clap:

Hugs to those that needs em!


01-28-2013, 07:15 PM
Sorry about your septic system, Betty... what a nuisance... and expense!

Good on you helping your neighbour, JJ...

((Hap's Annie))...

Scene Chaser
01-28-2013, 07:39 PM
Annie, JJ, so glad your are safe and so sorry for all the damage. It is so disheartening. Glad your paintings are safe, JJ. Annie, was the gallery damaged? I'm thinking of your paintings and all the precious art work there.

Hi Lyn, welcome back. Of course, we missed you. glad the medications are working for you.