View Full Version : Five Days left to prepare test sheets!

Cariboo Bill
01-26-2013, 09:43 AM
Hi All
Once again here I am hoping to get just one more of you to join the lightfast testing project here on Wet Canvas. It will take several hours to get it organized but once done you need to only check it once every 4 months so not too difficult a task.

We need more European representation if at all possible, our only tester at the moment is in Spain.

Threads for participating in the World Wide Watercolor Test Program
Preparing test sheets:

Discussions about the test program, paints, and general progress

Registration thread: this is where you
if you want to post an image of your test page that is fine too. The Registration thread is a sticky thread up at the top of the page:

Hoping to have at least one of you decide to help out and help develop a valuable resource.

01-26-2013, 10:58 AM
Good luck with the tests, Bill. It is a valuable service for all of us.

Hope more testers will join in.


Cariboo Bill
01-26-2013, 02:56 PM
Thanks Sylvia i sometimes get a bit depressed when I post these and they sink to the bottom of the page with a "0" beside them all the way (sigh!) But it isn't going to stop me reminding people, I think one of the things I might NOT be getting across the idea that we want EVERYBODY to test their paints so that we have LOTS of data and multiple tests on the same paint as possible. I guess i will do a thread on that tomorrow or Monday.