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01-23-2013, 11:45 PM
Good Morning

Awake since 2am so. thought I had better Wash start

No plans apart from hospital



01-24-2013, 12:00 AM
Good Morning Geoff,

I'm so sorry that you have so much trouble sleeping. Being deaf in one ear, I sleep on my good ear and hear nothing. I hope that your mother is getting better.

Lulu: Here are the two large Zentangles that I have at the office that have shading added with a soft pencil.



Doug, I had to switch to Firefox to upload my photos. Safari would not let me upload. I have been trying for two nights and finally figured out to switch browsers.

Today was one of those days. There was a major traffic jam on the main road because of an accident on the major highway. I went the back roads to the office. Could not open the office door with my new key. Had to go back down to borrow the master key from the operator, and then go back up and unlock the door, then return the key, and back upstairs. Sign on to the computer, and up pops the reminder for a meeting in 15 minutes. I completely forgot about and had to drive across town with a major traffic jam. I made it two minutes late. The rest of the day was fun.

I will catch up tomorrow! Hugs to all in need.

01-24-2013, 12:09 AM
Very impressive Nancy!

Listening to Bach Cello Suites but still no slumber!


01-24-2013, 12:16 AM
Hi Geoff, glad you saved me from myself today .:D

Nancy, wowee! those are fantastic! what size?

Today is our grandaughter Abbie's 11th birthday, the first time ever she has to go to school on her birthday! lol
School in NZ doesn't start for another week yet.

01-24-2013, 12:27 AM
They are 8 by 10 inches. The shading makes them pop.

Thank you Geoff. They are very addictive to make.

Got to get to bed.:wave:

01-24-2013, 12:48 AM
Wowsers Nancy :thumbsup:

Thanks so much for your kinds word in regards to Reece's knee. He had the MRI late yesterday afternoon, and wont see the Dr until late next week. He handled the MRI really well, unlike me this morning. I am ashamed to say, I had tears running down my face, in spite of the headset and some decent Jazz music playing. I wont know my results until 30th of this month.

Doug, I bought a new mouse, seeing as you think my old mouse is faulty, hence all the double posts I have been making. The old mouse was old. It was the same one I had taken with me to Canada in 2009. So let's see how this one goes.

(((Henry))) That was a bargain buy on those paints. You should have gotten your lovely wife to also purchase some for you.. ;)

Char, you are feeling better?

Seedy, I don't think cats should be banned, and that New Zealand guy is very radical. I do think, however, that they be registered, and kept indoors with a fully enclosed run for outside access.

Uschi, Reece did play Rugby League for 6 years. He gave it up at the end of 2012, because it got far too political. He just wanted to play. He was thinking of becoming a referee, but took up kick-boxing at Bevan's suggestion, instead. He does love it so, as well as the Army Cadets he joined.
I have seen that guys "car art" before. He is great eh!!

Lynn, I wish your grandson wasn't playing contact sports anymore too. 3 concussions is 3 too many. The lasting effects just don't bear thinking about.

Kay, I have just about finished reeding Jack of Diamonds by Bryce Courtney and then I am going back to the Diana Gabaldon series.

:wave: Darla. I will never be old, and that is that!!

My ankle is so hot, right now, you could fry an egg on it. I am off to get an ice pack..

later :wave:

01-24-2013, 02:26 AM
Good evening.

What a wonderful day! Drove home with sprinkles on the car under cloudy skies and once home a beautiful deluge and thick mist. Cats were not so excited.

Ex Tropical Cyclone Oswald is wending his way south easterly down the coast as a rain depression. Tully in far north Queensland, got 600mm in 24 hours, but then it IS the wettest place in Australia. Rockhampton is being deluged and our deluge :crossfingers: is starting. Bliss. We really need it.

Mind you I had just paid for more Barricade fire retardant gel. It'll get here from North Queensland a bit later than expected due to the Bruce Highway being cut by floodwaters. :lol: :cool:

It has a ten year shelf life and is the cheapest house insurance for forested areas I can think of. Spray it on cars, windows, house, gardens. Nontoxic. When demonstrated the guy put his fingers in the stuff and then put a blowtorch on his fingers. :eek: Our other lot of Barricade was a bit on the old side but push come to shove, we'll use that too. We do have real insurance too BTW.

Why did I order from FNQ? The Brisbane "agent" didn't give me time of day and the Trinity Fire Service in FNQ were SUPERB!!!! It is a US product. :thumbsup: Should be compulsory for fire trucks and isolated places I think. Hope I never ever have to prove the point.

Apart from that, Roger has come home and sprayed Charlie Carp over the back gardens. it is still misty and lovely and cool.

Glad your MRI went well JJ.

Nancy, as van Morrison said "my momma told me there'd be days like that" . It is a refrain I am familiar with . Your zentangles are SUPERB!!!

Geoff, sleep better tomorrow.

Lulu, I agree. Get rid of the cats? N No! What about the rats and foxes and feral dogs and feral pigs and goats and horses(brumbies) and camels? The genie is truly out of the bottle here as well as in NZ and I hope this call to arms from this fellow falls flat on its face. Species specific vindictiveness. I have had an idea for a cartoon for a long time. Two builders, holding up a dead cat while congratulating each other for their greenness. In the background is a builders dog savaging koalas and possums as they fall from bull dozed trees.

Management of our animals is important. Viz a viz you calling in 'Alfa for half an hour. Keep them in at night. Yes JJ, desexing and all the rest. But I do let my
kitties out in the day. Nothing can match the joy of watching a black streak bolting down the garden and finding herself up the jacaranda tree. I even saw Bo run once :eek:

Anyways, I've rambled on enough. Roger is still spraying Charlie Carp and has announced he wants fish and chips for dinner :rolleyes: :lol: :lol:

01-24-2013, 02:41 AM
Good morning all, still dry and still freezing here.

Wonderful zentangles Nancy, so complicated.

Glad you are getting some rain at last Annie.

Art class this morning, it will be a macro floral.


01-24-2013, 03:49 AM
Finally fell asleep sometime after 6.30 and then a bird hit the window about 8.15 so that was the end of that!!

Glad the rains are with you Annie we are due them here again at weekend!


01-24-2013, 03:53 AM
Annie, that is the beauty of you living in the countryside. Cats out in the streets here, a have a very, very short lifespan. Desexing yes, along with registering should be law!
I didn't know consumers could buy fire retardant gel..

Lorikeets are signing their night song! Noisy and I love it!

Have fun with your art class Doug.

01-24-2013, 03:59 AM
Finally fell asleep sometime after 6.30 and then a bird hit the window about 8.15 so that was the end of that!!

You need a cat Geoff..........lol

Hi Annie, Doug, JJ...

Yes, Annie, there are many more predators than cats. Can't imagine keeping cats in a 'pen' outside either! They don't go far, actually, but yes, definitely inside at night. I'd never sleep properly if they weren't!

May the rain continue to fall on Mt Nebo:thumbsup:

zzzzzzzzz...........Bed is calling :wave:

01-24-2013, 04:08 AM
Registering and desexing ARE law, JJ for anyone who cares. My cats are compliant, after they have been fed. :angel: They have done out and it is wet and yicky.So they are in.

01-24-2013, 04:12 AM
Registering and desexing ARE law, JJ.How is it policed? My guys are desexed, they all were before they were 1 year old. They ar enot registered, as the council said I didn't need to, because of their age, and the fact I have a huge enclosure for them. That is why I didn't realise it had been made a law. I don't plan on having anymore furkids when the last too go either.

01-24-2013, 05:31 AM
This guy came to visit me this late afternoon, he was looking for something to eat. He didn't get anything from me, so he looked in my pot plants. :D




Scene Chaser
01-24-2013, 05:41 AM
Good Day All,
A disturbed night's sleep here, too. Mainly arthritic pain.

When we lived in the city, our two cats stayed indoors. In the country they run the yard and though they catch the occasional bird it is mostly rodents that they help depopulate.

JJ, I use to have no problem with MRI's but now I need Valium and a double shot of scotch. :)

Nancy, amazing work. Must take ages to produce.


01-24-2013, 06:02 AM
Good Morning all,
It is quarter to six in the a.m. here in very cold Oakwood. We had a half inch of snow fall overnight and the ground looks white and pristine at the moment. Hopefully those driving to work will have the sense to slow down and take care.

Larry and I went shopping and to the Library yesterday, so we'll stay home and be snug and warm today.

Re the cat controversy in NZ. We've seen the reports on the news here, and I hoped the effort to eradicate cats wouldn't go very far. :rolleyes: When we first moved to Oakwood, we used to laugh at our little neighborhood newspaper, The Oakwood Register, because we would see notices of "Cat at large" being listed. Evidentally there is a citywide regulation that cats shouldn't be allowed to roam freely. Tell that to the cat(s) we sometimes see saundering through our yard. :lol: We keep wishing they would help keep the squirrel population under control. That's what has exploded exponentially around here. :mad:

JJ, When I had an MRI a couple of years ago, the technician said "You have to stop moving." and I replied, "Then turn that awful noise off." He hadn't asked what kind of music I wanted to be played during the procedure and just picked something HE would probably enjoy. Definitely NOT my cup of tea, so then he asked what I would like to hear and I told him and everything went smoothly after that. :rolleyes: Glad Reese was able to get his taken without any problems. Hope the Doctors can figure out about his knee.

Annie, Hope you'll never have to use that fire retardant spray because the fires don't come close to your little Eden. I haven't heard of it being used here, although California definitely needs something like that because they have big fire storms almost yearly.

Kay, We also read the same authors a lot. My DH is reading the new Michael Connally book now. When he finishes, I'll read it if he thinks I'll enjoy it. I also read Harlan Coban and have one called Drop Shot in my stack to read right now. It's not a new one, but one I missed along the way when I started reading him.

Nancy, Your zentangles are beautifully done. Wow! The art class that is held in the mornings where I take my class in the afternoon is working on zentangles at the moment, so I've enjoyed seeing some of their works. Last week they were doing their initials and turning them into zentangles. Nothing as elaborate as yours though. :D

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those on their way. White light to all who are ailing or aching.



Strawberry Wine
01-24-2013, 07:24 AM
Good Day Washers ! A little milder this morning at - 16 C. A warming trend starts tomorrow and we will be back up to +2 and rain over the weekend. Hoping we get the snow and not the rain.

JJ, why were you crying having a MRI ?? Was it the position they put your ankle in? I took a valium the first time I had an MRI and then I got recalled back the next day because the radiologist needed a contrast dye and no pill to take. Now, I just keep my eyes closed and relax, even though I am us quite claustrophobic in other situations, like flying.
What kind of bird is that? At first I thought it was a Kookooburra but now not sure. He looks similar to a woodpecker.

Sylvia, I am smiling about hearing music during an MRI. The machine makes too much noise for me to hear any music. :)

Geoff, you really need to discuss your insomnia with your Doctor. The long term effects can be very harmful to your body.

Char, glad you had a good time at class and put your feet up when you got home... I would go for the book over american idol any evening. :) Now REST today !

Nancy, your zentangles are beautiful !!!!!! What a start to your day:eek: Hope the rest of it was easy !

Our town has a cat license policy as well but not sure how many people actually have one... Unlike our dog licensing and it's regulations, it is just too difficult to enforce. We have lots of feral and domestic cats wandering through our property and street but very rarely do we see a dog that is loose and that usually turns out to be an escapee.

Uschi, I had to go to the Doctors for my pre op exam. I used lots of sanitizer though.

Annie, :thumbsup: on the rain. WE used to have to purchase water weekly in July and August for years because of a shallow well and several years of drought until water and sewers were extended to our area. Once we hooked up to town water we have had a nice balance of rain and sun and heat. Except for this past summer.

Time to get moving so waving to all



01-24-2013, 08:40 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!

-16C (-25C with windchill) here too and clear blue sky and bright sunshine:thumbsup:

I'll be going for my 1/2 hour walk at the gym and use up my last freebie and then sign up.

My teacher son said that half his class is off sick.

Nancy, LOVE those zentangles!!!!!!!!!!!

Annie, :clap: :clap: for rain and it is really good that such a retardant spray is available. Murphy's Law, if you have it you'll never need to use it.

JJ, why the clostraphobia, the machine would only be over the lower part of your leg. Anyway, I really hope the MRI shows something useful/fixable for you and for Reece. That bird does look a lot like our woodpeckers.

Char, I hope that flu has finally left you and your family!!!!

BBL :wave: to all here and all yet to come!!


01-24-2013, 08:43 AM
HAppy Thursday Washers,

Another COLD morning here; 7 degrees with a wind chill of -7F! Sun is out though and we got a light dusting of snow last night so the roadways were a little slick this morning.

I didn't sleep well last night and I feel so tired this morning; I'm drinking coffee in an effort to wake up a bit. I hope it works. :rolleyes:

We feed the birds and always have. We have a cat that never goes outside. Our neighbors have several cats that they let roam all over the place. We've seen dead birds and it makes me mad. I know it's their natural instinct to kill things but I think like most of you; cats shouldn't be let to roam day and night. I cannot see the sense in banning cats altogether.

American Idol is horrible this year. The judging is horrendous, they bicker constantly and insult each other on camera. The contestants are very talented this year too but it makes me not want to watch it at all.

I finally got to see Klaira for a bit last evening. Jen was over with the girls. She has another cold but was happy to see Nana.:smug: She's such a delicate little thing and Jen worries because she just doesn't ever want to eat. Jen said no matter what she offers her she doesn't want it. I told her she better talk to the pediatrician about it. She's going to be 2 in May and only weighs about 18-20 lbs! She's always been off the charts (low end) for weight and height; but she should be gaining some.

I've been a good girl and walking on my treadmill every evening...it makes me feel good.:thumbsup:

I'm glad it's almost the weekend; since we decided not to go north I think we will do some house cleaning and I plan on painting and perhaps we'll take in a movie.

JJ, that must be a kookabura; it sure does look like our woodpeckers; they have that thick beak. Pretty little things; thanks for sharing. I'm sorry you didn't much like having your MRI; but glad Reese has his all done too.

Nancy, those zentangles are lovely; my aunt does them too. That must have been a rather hectic morning for you running all around to make your meeting.

I've been thinking of Lyn lately and hoping she's doing okay.

Annie, that fire retardant gel sounds like a good thing to have living in a fire zone.:thumbsup:

Doug, happy floral painting; they are my very favorite to paint...any type of Flowers. I struggle with landscapes.:confused:

Waving to you all and to all yet to come to the wash.:wave:

I'm sending hugs and good thoughts to all in need.:grouphug:

Have a great day,
I'll BBL,:wave: :heart:

Strawberry Wine
01-24-2013, 09:06 AM
Uschi Enjoy your free and warm walk !

Darla, Gillian was only 25 lbs when she went to kindergarten and needed help for the first few weeks getting up on the first step of the school bus.

2 year old kiddies eat so very little and become quite fussy as their taste buds really start to develop. Suggest to Jen that she only put a very small amount of food on her plate and to use a small plate (luncheon size) Often, children are overwhelmed by the portion size that an adult serves them and then they don't want to eat any of it. She probably has no trouble eating a snack, because that is a portion size that she can deal with. Devin went on a yogurt kick in the Spring and for a few weeks there was not too much else he ate, and now most of the time he is eating a variety of foods.



01-24-2013, 09:11 AM
Hi folks, sun is out and its thawing fast 3C.

I gave my class a Hibiscus macro to paint from one of my RIL photos. I gave them all a quarter sheet of SW 200llb rough and told them to make it as large as possible. By the end of the 2 hours they were all going great guns.


Just baked a chocolate cake, now going to stew some apple.


01-24-2013, 09:14 AM
Good Morning All!

Thanks for the kind words about my Zentangles. What I do love about them is there are no rules. It is almost like creating a fantasy world. The large ones can take up to a week to complete. The designs come from a "tangled" mind. :lol:

JJ, back in 1985 I was the first one to have a MRI at the University of South Florida when insurance did not even cover them. There was no music to mask the sounds of the machine, and you were rolled into the machine on a flat bed. After a few hours of that, I then had to have CT Scans. I ended up with claustrophobia. The end result was a set of pictures showing the exact area where my brain tumor was located. I can honestly say that I have an extra hole in my head. Ironically, after the surgery, I had a creative and artistic burst that has never left. :eek:

Darla and everyone suffering from the frigid winter temperatures. Our weather man explained the reason for the huge dip in the jet stream is because of the lack of ice at the North Pole. He also warned that our spring could see a lot of tornadoes. Just keep warm as best you can. I, too, would be worried since Klaira has not gained any weight.

Today will be a quiet day at work. Lots to do, so I must sign off for now. White light and hugs to all in need.

01-24-2013, 10:02 AM
:music: :music: Happy Anniversary to Me (and Ted) :music: :music:

Can't believe that I've been married to my best friend for 26 years!

Good morning Washers! I have no voice today... laryngitis is ba-ack... My eyeballs are hot! :lol: Ted is coughing and hacking... We'll be healthy one of these days. Never mind... we're going out for dinner tonight and then to the show... I'm not sure what we'll see... maybe the Hobbit.

The sun is brilliant. There's a light skiff of fresh snow on the ground. It's nothing that needs sweeping or shovelling. I want to get my three poppy paintings varnished today... because of their vibrant colour, it'll be slow going to get them sealed without the reds bleeding.

A call to Artists locally has been sent out and the exhibition is themed "Barriers"... I'm not sure it's my cup of tea, so I'm mulling about whether or not to paint anything for it.

I'm sorry you had yet another bad night, Geoff... do you catch a nap during the day? I don't know how you function.

Nancy, your zentangles are absolutely gorgeous. I thought, for some reason, they had to be 3x3" and I love what you've done with yours! What a start to your day! :eek:

Happy Birthday to your Abbie, Lulu!

JJ, it's too bad you were so frightened of a machine. I hope the results of your MRI will yield a positive plan of action.

I thought your handsome little visitor looked a bit like our Kingfisher...

Canada has colonies of feral cats that are really a big problem in populated centres. What's raises your faith in humanity, though, is that there are groups of kind hearted people who've been live-trapping them and then paying to have them neutered, releasing them back to the colony. They've also been setting out food when temperatures dip to dangerously cold levels.

When we took Sneakers (Baby Feral) to be neutered, the bill was over $200. Many families can't afford this, so they just don't bother. And then, when kittens can't be given away to good homes they're often just dropped off somewhere (like our house)... If neutering were made affordable, I think the problem wouldn't be as big... just my 2c worth... and since Canada is getting rid of our pennies, even that isn't worth much of anything! :lol:

Sylvia, it seems that my Beginner Class has been approved. I'll be working on those pointers you sent me and will send my outline back to you. Have you heard anything about your class?

Blessed rain, Annie... :lol: Roger's taste buds...

Hi Bill... One of my former colleagues used your medicinal choices in order to get on a plane... :rolleyes: Ted keeps telling me we need to move to Arizona because, apparently, that warm and dry air is good for arthritics.

Doug, I love that reference! I'd also love to see photos of your Class holding up their paintings!

Gail, I loved that big grey guy who visits your garden... how's the igloo holding up?

Hi Uschi... I know you'll enjoy your walk!

Darla, I know you're really worried about little Klaira... her body won't allow her to starve and she'll begin eating you out of house and home when the time is right...

My second son, Jon (Army Son) weighed 20+ lbs. at 6 weeks old. Homeliest child on the planet.

I wish everyone the very best possible day! Take care of yourselves and be happy, healthy and creative! :heart:

p.s. Nancy... what a inspirational experience you shared with us!

01-24-2013, 10:08 AM
A good Thursday or evening to all ....hope this finds all doing well and being productive. Just got back from Denver yesterday around 4pm after leaving Denver around 12pm on Tuesday..........I'm getting to old for those straight through drives and catching a 4-5 hours nap in a rest stop.......

Mom survived the ER adventure.....congestive heart failure and COPD, complicated with nerve and muscle damage in her neck leaving her unable to swallow anything without aspirating some of it into her lungs......after a week in the hospital, the Doctors recommended hospice as the prognosis was 3-5 days...... a week and a half at most before she succumbed to the conditions. We moved her to a long term care / hospice center and she has steadily improved daily. By time I left on Tuesday, she was getting about with her walker in her room, dressing herself and eating 3 meals a day......I've got her to slow her eating down with counting to 20 between each bite, not talking while she is eating and only drinking thickened liquids.........it's called gravity feeding method and it seems to be working for her. Much less chocking or aspirating of materials. Still, it's just a matter of time before she gets a lung infection or her heart gives out completely (only 25% functioning and half of that is going back the wrong)......but knowing my mom that could be months or even a year.......she loves making doctors eat their words. Anyways, she will remain in long term care and I, my brother and sister spent a lot of the past week clearing out personal items from her condo that we wanted to keep, making arrangements for a wounded veterans support agency to claim the rest of her furniture before the condo goes over to the reverse mortgage group.......it was a difficult couple of weeks and I'm so glad to be home.........

Now I can upload the 3 SD cards of photos that I took (lots of new resource materials). The first week I don't think the temps got above freezing, but the last week we saw day temps in the mid 60's - low 70's.....unusually for this time of the year. Yesterday was nice when I got back home to Memphis, but today we have a cold front moving in. Temps will be dropping all day to day (cold and grey) with a chance of some frozen precipitation this evening...........welcome home!

i got to visit one of my favorite art supply stores though (downtown Denver) and stock up on a few items......met up with an old art buddy from high school in Boulder and made plans to work on a joint show together later this year or next in a gallery she co-owns..........just goes to show that even in the midst of a storm, there is always a silver lining.........

Well, got lots of unpacking to get to and catching up with emails and phone calls.........good thoughts today for all, healing for those in need and Annie, I've found that one of those pointer laser pens is great for getting stubborn cats inside at night.........

Peace, love and hope..........Steve

01-24-2013, 10:09 AM
Good morning washers,

I have a lot of reading to catch up on, but I need some advice at the moment.

It has been a hectic and stressful week but now, 5 infected cat scratches, 2 aborted vet visits, 2 days of apartment painting, and bilious mustard yellow walls later, I have a healthy cat and decent looking apartment and a dead/dying dieffenbachia plant that needs serious help.

The painters [a long story that I will condense by saying: yellow paint on the carpet] moved my 6-foot, 34-year-old dieffenbachia (dumb cane) onto the terrace and left it there in the cold along with many other items also too heavy for me to move back inside. It took me 3 days to get a neighbor to help me move it back inside - the young folk around here were all away at work and play during civilized daytime hours.

It is seriously limp and leaning over/bowed. Any hope? Any suggestions?


Incidentally, I gave that plant to my mother when she was in hospital - it was a $3 five-and-dime single 6" stalk in a tiny plastic pot. It is now a full, bushy 6 or 7 feet with 6 stalks.

01-24-2013, 10:29 AM
Hello everyone,

Happy Anniversary CHAR &TED

Have a good day all

01-24-2013, 11:32 AM
Good Morning all. My corner of Dixieland is bathed in the BigStink again. Totally revolting. Today it is tinged with a hint of ammonia. Nasty.

Happy Anniversary Char and Ted! (DH said the Hobbit was about 35 minutes too long, but enjoyable enough)

Laughing at and rolling my eyes at Nancy's Weatherman.

Spent all day doing heavy housework yesterday; deep dusting, ceiling fans, bed linens, shower curtains etc, and boy oh boy is my shoulder letting me know it didn't appreciate it today. Is there a doctor in the house with xray vision?

Working on the marketing list, thinking of making Bavarian Pretzels this afternoon, trolling the RIL for SOMETHING to put on the board.

Have a great day all.

01-24-2013, 02:39 PM
Doris, I looked up cold dieffenbachia care and all I found was "don't let it get too cold" not much help, hope it improves.

Must do some running around, and need to finish cleaning the lovely old slighly odd orange chest I got from my dad. He kept it by his rock saw in the garage and kept rocks in it. It is 45" tall, and 3 feet wide and 20" deep, and 8 25 1/2" drawers and 8 7+" drawers. Sometime I will try and get a photo of it. Not sure what it was supposed to be, but Dad got it for 5$ and I have alway loved it.

I did make a chicken salad with shredded chicken I cooked in the slow cooker. Very nice, I put the rest in a chicken tortilla soup also nice.

Now to get the things I could not get yesterday :smug:

01-24-2013, 02:45 PM
(((Doris))) fingers crossed for your dieffenbacchia :crossfingers:

Congratulations to Char an Ted enjoy your day.


01-24-2013, 03:02 PM
My living room is filled from one end to the other with brilliant sunshine - LOVE it!!

Walk went very well, upped the speed - no heavy breathing yet, haven't dared to click on the "incline", that's when the heavy breathing will start:lol: Maybe next time. Youngsters are jogging at high speed on either side of me:clear: :lol: I also enjoy using the machinery for leg, shoulder and back muscles. So, I signed up.

Since I don't kow the first thing about iPods I asked my DIL for information and she assured me that a series 1 would be quite adequate for what I want, music and ability to download books from the library, so I can listen to it while I am on the treadmill. She suggested to buy a used one on Kijiji, so I asked her to buy one for me.


Doris, wonderful that kitty is better!! Take good care of those scratches!! As to the plant, if the roots were frozen it would take quite the time for it to recover, if at all. I am thinking of annual plants in the garden, once the frost hit them, that's it. Yours is tropical:eek:

Steve, difficult times indeed. Your mom reminded me of my mother.

She was always in awe of doctors, lawyers etc. My sister and family were called to be there for my mother's last breath and sitting at my mother's bedside; my mother is laying there almost gone. That is when the doctor walks in, my mother sits bolt upright and immediately chastizes my sister for not getting up so the doctor can sit down. My mother lived about another 8 years after that till almost 100 and there were several episodes like the one above.

Doug, BEAUTIFUL Hibiscus!! I too would love to see your student's attempts.

Darla, re Klaira, I agree with Char, on the other hand I can well understand your daughter's worrying.

:wave: Uschi

01-24-2013, 03:25 PM
I also enjoy using the machinery for leg, shoulder and back muscles. So, I signed up.

Go Uschi!! A girl after my own heart!:clap:

Happy birthday to Char and Ted!:heart:

The family went out to dinner for Abbie's birthday and this was part of the menu :D


01-24-2013, 03:49 PM
Brief reply.......just after my last posting the Hospital rang to say Mother appeared to be in rapid decline...so we went straight there and sat in for 7 hours....yes she is heading downwards and if the antibiotics have not been able to assist her chest problem by tomorrow they will be withdrawn. We managed to get a lady Chaplain in for prayers this lunchtime which was really the only time Mother was awake and she told her where she was married and confirmed....the rest of the time she was asleep.....

We will see what tomorrow brings.......No hugs needed yet.


01-24-2013, 03:56 PM
Well you're getting them anyway ((((Geoff)))). Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

01-24-2013, 04:04 PM
Nurse Matt has an Interview!!!! :clap:

I've posted my poppies in the Gallery and you can Click Here (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?p=19441853#post19441853) to have a look...

I'll be back in a few minutes... I need to change computers... Ted wants the desktop, so I'll move to the laptop...

I'm back...

((Geoff)) Like Lulu, I'm sending a hug and gentle thoughts your way...

Those wouldn't be my first choice for lunch, Lulu! :lol:

Uschi, those youngsters will consider themselves very lucky to be as active as you are when their time comes!

Steve, welcome home... I hope your Mother continues to improve.

Can't help you Doris... probably "wait and see" is all you can do now... :(

:wave: Caryl, Tony, Judy, Darla and Doug...

Ted and I are going out for dinner, so I'd better apply a little face paint!

01-24-2013, 04:32 PM
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO CHAR AND TED! I hope it's a great day for you and that you enjoy many, many, many more.Your paintings are WONDERFUL!:clap:

Uschi, yup that's when my heavy breathing takes place; when I up the incline...also my knees have started hurting. I like to go in fast in intervals. I had to laugh at your story about your Mom.:D

Almost time to go home. and the sun is very low in the sky and more clouds now, but still COLD.

((Geoff)) :heart:

Doris, I'd say your plant is toast. I doubt that it'll come back but then it just might. They are pretty sensitive to cold.:confused: And so much history in your plant too.

01-24-2013, 05:55 PM
Geoff, thinking of you


01-24-2013, 05:56 PM
Thanks everyone


01-24-2013, 06:00 PM
(((Geoff))) a stressful time for you.


Scene Chaser
01-24-2013, 06:25 PM


01-24-2013, 06:52 PM
JJ, why were you crying having a MRI ?? Was it the position they put your ankle in? I took a valium the first time I had an MRI and then I got recalled back the next day because the radiologist needed a contrast dye and no pill to take. Now, I just keep my eyes closed and relax, even though I am us quite claustrophobic in other situations, like flying.
What kind of bird is that? At first I thought it was a Kookooburra but now not sure. He looks similar to a woodpecker. Yes, he is a Kookaburra. :)

I didn't mean to cry. I was up to my neck in the machine which surprised me. They had me flat on my back, with my ankle in a rigid support, toes pointing to heaven. I must admit at one point the impulses from the MRI hurt. It rapid pressure. I had my eyes closed the whole time. I feel like a real goose for crying..

I am claustrophobic in small spaces, a result from waking up in a pitch black garage, in the back seat of the car, as a baby. I may have been about 18 months old. My folks had taken me for a drive to get me to go to sleep. When they returned home, they left me in the car, rather than risking waking me. Bad decision. I have not, and will not ever forget that terror.

Darla, I can't understand why folks let their cats out at night. Cats are nocturnal, that is when they do all their damage. I had a neighbour once, who said she couldn't keep her cat in at night, he would howl. I suggested she get him neutered, she sis, and he stopped fussing to go out.:thumbsup: I hope it is a simple fix to get Kliara to put on weight.

Doug, beautiful Hibiscus. Love that salmon colour. I haven't eaten chocolate cake in so long I don't remember.. (Insert dropped lip icon here)

JJ, back in 1985 I was the first one to have a MRI at the University of South Florida when insurance did not even cover them. There was no music to mask the sounds of the machine, and you were rolled into the machine on a flat bed. After a few hours of that, I then had to have CT Scans. I ended up with claustrophobia. The end result was a set of pictures showing the exact area where my brain tumor was located. I can honestly say that I have an extra hole in my head. Ironically, after the surgery, I had a creative and artistic burst that has never left. They are terribly noisy yes. Tania said, when Reece had his, he was not offered music.:confused: He is only 15, but he is a big strapping boy. Still. He had Tania sit in the room with him. (maybe I will get her to sit with me if I ever have another one)
I am glad you have an artistic burst. I love your Zentangles!! ;-)

(((((Char))))) Maybe you did too much too soon. :heart: I wholeheartedly agree with you, if neutering were made affordable, more cats would be done. That is a tricky one though. There was a group here, who were offering $50.00 neutering. Turns out, they were using a low grade anaesthetic, and the cats were either feeling dreadful pain, and dying on the table. :mad: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

:grouphug: Steve :grouphug:

Doris, I am so sorry your plant has suffered. I would cut back all the dead leaves and stalks, so the plant isn't wasting energy trying to revive them. Give it a very week solution of Thrive plant food, as per the instructions on the box for weak plants. I buy the granule packet.

Lulu, Happy Birthday to Abbie. :lol: at the menu.

Uschi, you go girl!!!

:grouphug: :grouphug: Geoff :grouphug: :grouphug: I am so sorry. I am sure you have mixed feelings..:heart:

YAY NURSE MATT Good Luck, Break a leg, you go boy!!!!!!:thumbsup:

Coffee is calling me.....:wave:

01-24-2013, 09:00 PM
Hello everyone....:wave:

It's been happy, funny and sad reading all of your news today....

Firstly Happy Anniverary Char! 26 years! Today that's a real accomplishment and to still be best friends! CONGRATS! and to 26 more wonderful years! (at least!) :clap:

Also, your poppies are absolutely gorgeous - it is my goal to be able to paint such wonderful poppies one day soon - they are one of my favourite flowers - I love the colours!

All the talk of cats and feral cats is both amusing and disturbing. I am a real cat lover and have 2 very spoiled kitty babies - Max & Molly (well, they aren't really babies - they are 3 1/2, but they are definitely my "babies" and they are definitely spoiled. They rule my home....they just let me live here and pay the bills! :lol: It's so sad to hear them contemplating what they are in New Zealand....there must be another alternative to get the population under control....

And lastly Geoff - my thoughts and prayers are with you....

Be well everyone....

01-24-2013, 10:05 PM
Happy anniversary Char and Ted.


JJ, no reason to feel badly about the MRI reaction. We all have our devils....some are just more inconvenient than others.

01-24-2013, 10:29 PM
JJ, no reason to feel badly about the MRI reaction. We all have our devils....some are just more inconvenient than others.

Exactly...one of mine is heights...can reduce me to a quivering mess...
On my grandaughter's birthday she got taken up the world's tallest building (in Dubai I presume)....hope they're not planning on taking me there!:eek:

It seems that the 'cat thing' has been blown out of proportion by the media...so what's new? What Mr Morgan is proposing is responsible ownership of cats and I certainly agree with that. In New Zealand we currently don't, by law, have to have them registered or even neutered.

01-25-2013, 04:16 AM
Thank you Karl and Lulu. :heart: