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01-23-2013, 12:08 AM
Okay Geoff, I'm helping you out..........:clear:

Funny talking about parents past their prime. My Mom was a bit of a hoot!
She had odd ideas, but I could usually talk her around. One was when she thought God was sending people back, and was worried that Dad would need clothes. I told her that if God was going to send Dad back he was smart enough to send him back with clothes on :lol: That eased her mind, but she always "enjoyed ill health"

My story of my mum.....long gone now.........she was hallucinating on Parkinson's Disease drugs.....and Dad had a nun in the wardrobe....:lol: Sometimes you gotta laugh or you'd cry!

(((Geoff))) and anyone else with parent issues. Maybe one day we'll do the same to our own children :eek:

01-23-2013, 03:13 AM
Won't anyone come out to play?????
Perhaps it's because I put Tuesday instead of Wednesday!! does that warrant blue ears?? maybe pink?? :lol:

01-23-2013, 03:14 AM
Evening Lulu and all to follow.

Dad on the plane going home 2010. Looking suspiciously at a fat woman saying prayers into her fluffy jacket. Loudly. "Look at her, she's even eating her own baby" OMG It was not a pleasant trip. Dad bewildered in the luggage pick up area. Dad offering to drive. :crying: Dad asking me to pull over so he could go for a swim at Sale. Dad not recognizing his own cat and wondering if it would get along with the princess. Cat, which Mum and I diverted to pick up thinking it may place him in a reality again. Mum slept most of the way which was good. She is a TOTAL hero in all the past few years.

Gosh, arent we are all going to have fun in our own mellowed years. BTW NO-ONE is old unless they believe the numbers. What is in the mind and heart tells you truth. But don't climb ladders. Joints have their own way of speaking. A different truth.

Having said that, work, home, watering. Roger is watering what remains of his grass seeds. I didn't tell him about the flock of cockatoos who became really replenished .... after he went to work. :wink2: They are such beautiful birds. What they didn't get the scrub turkeys did.

Cats are in and fed and still quite nervy about the great outdoors.

Had to have a quiet giggle Lulu about calling 'Alfa in. Bill has the solution. I once asked how do you find a black cat in a black night. His laconic sensible answer was " rattle a tin of tuna " Still laughing.:lol:

Got to go and boil something for dinner. :wave:

01-23-2013, 03:14 AM
So pleased to see you Annie, thought I was smelly or something! :lol:
Tried all the rattling tricks with missy last night, nothing worked because her tummy was full when she fled!
Tonight she is safely inside, her brother is still out but he's easy, he's a male, he doesn't know when his tummy is full.......:D

01-23-2013, 03:24 AM
So pleased to see you Annie, thought I was smelly or something! :lol:
Tried all the rattling tricks with missy last night, nothing worked because her tummy was full when she fled!
Tonight she is safely inside, her brother is still out but he's easy, he's a male, he doesn't know when his tummy is full.......:D

BTW Lulu, it is Wednesday :lol: :lol: :lol: Red ears methinks.

OK I didn't notice it either so mine will be a coyly blushing shade of pink.

01-23-2013, 03:43 AM
Yes red ears I think Lulu :lol:

Good morning ladies and all to follow.

Well, still freezing here but dry which is good. Temperatures of 5C are forecast by the weekend but rain too. I think I prefer dry and cold.

Can't get a response from my roofer, he doesn't check his phone or email :mad:

From today's Daily Mail: "Does the £13 bottle of 12,000 year old Arctic iceberg water (on sale) have a sell by date?" :lol:

PS Hi JJ :wave:


01-23-2013, 03:48 AM
BTW Lulu, it is Wednesday :lol: :lol: :lol: Red ears methinks.Definitely red!!!!! :lol:

I went to the Cafe for coffee with Jean, picked up a couple of grocery items and came home. Put ankle up, as it is burning something horrid.

Got phone call, MRI appointment is now 9.15am, not 5.15pm. :thumbsup:

Tania rang me on her way home from work, she was taking Reece for an MRI on his knee. He has had a sore knee since he first started school. Now it really pains him if he stands on it for more than 10 minutes, or sits with it bent. We will know more on Friday. He is 15 now, so something can be done I am sure.. He is upset, as he can't go to kick-boxing at present.

My furkids got 2 suppers tonight, they are happy, and cheeky. :D


:wave: Doug

01-23-2013, 04:03 AM
Hi Doug, JJ :wave:
Hope Reece's knee is okay JJ. Very hard for kids to be inactive!

Yes red ears I think Lulu :lol:

But of course, red being my favourite colour!:lol: :lol:
Okay okay, not only red ears but red face as well......
It's all Geoff's fault, I was so anxious to please him..........:wink2: ....:D :lol:

(((Annie))) Dementia in our loved ones is awful....:heart:

01-23-2013, 04:15 AM
Some US friends of ours brought back a jar of salts from NZ. Merle said what the **** is this ? 10,000 year old salt and a use by date ?

Gone now. Boiling is reaching over. Spag Bol. :thumbsup:

PS Lulu. You are not :lol:

01-23-2013, 04:20 AM
Morning all
Red ears too now!

JudyL summed my Mother of the past well with her comments on her own dear one 'she enjoyed ill health'. Mother has about four thick files in hospital records dating back to ulcers in the late 1940's and was almost proud of the holidays we had to abandon or cancel. Yesterday she said " I know I am going to die as they have been embalming me for two days", she would't accept that you would do embalming afterwards!.........

Doug, same weather here not very inspiring and I have nit been out yet,may leave it till after lunch when I have to call at the Doctors


01-23-2013, 04:23 AM
Yesterday she said " I know I am going to die as they have been embalming me for two days", she would't accept that you would do embalming afterwards!.........

Sorry Geoff, I had to laugh at that!

How sad that she is 'proud' of her medical records....
I think the term now is 'the worried well'.

In days gone by when referral to specialist letters were sealed, I heard of someone having the courage to open hers and read it........It read 'Dear......., Here's another silly goose for you to pluck..' :lol: I don't think she made it to the appointment lol

Off to bed here, red ears and all :angel: :wave:

01-23-2013, 04:46 AM
Lulu.......it is as well that we can laugh about such things..it is these light moments that make things bearable.............

Another touch of humour for you feline lovers...



Scene Chaser
01-23-2013, 07:27 AM
Good Day All,
It is 5 F but still and the sky is clear. Looks like a peach will be rising in the east.,

My father was on Parkinson's medication, too. The hallucination we all remember most was when he called 911 (the police) to tell them there was a dead body lying on the lawn.

but he's easy, he's a male, he doesn't know when his tummy is full.......:D

Lulu, I resemble that remark. :lol:

Geoff, I, too, had to chuckle at your mother's remark. With all the drugs the doctors over here like to dispense, it does seem as though they are prematurely embalming us.

Must start a new painting today.

01-23-2013, 08:22 AM
Good morning... bright and cold here in SW Ontario this morning... not having to work out in this frigid air, I like it and hope that it'll help rid us of all those viruses that have been plaguing us since Christmas.

What a fun and chatty Wash this morning... time shifts, red ears and aging parents. That phrase "she enjoyed ill health" describes my own Mother to a "T". :)

Lulu, even with full tummies, our boys always come running to the shake of the treat bag... I don't know what are in those treats, but they sure do the trick!

Annie... *nodding* in agreement about arthritic joints... but ignoring our chronological age, we can sure be young at heart!!! Poor hopeful Roger...

Hi Doug... did your roofer ever call you? :mad:

I hope that Reece's knee isn't anything serious, JJ...

You're late checking in today Geoff... here's hoping it was because you finally slept well... and I hope your Mother shows a little improvement today, too...

Hi Bill... How's Ms. Feral this morning? I loved yesterday's painting!

You know... with all the preservatives in our food, we are probably being slowly embalmed in truth! :lol:

My last class of the week this afternoon, I need to get things ready and packed up this morning... I can play online for a few minutes though... and I wish the very best possible day for All! Hawltain... :grouphug:

01-23-2013, 08:35 AM
Hi folks! Well, it's snowing light flurries of fluffy flakes. It won't lay as it is 2C at the moment.

Char, maybe it's all those preservatives in food that is making people live longer :D

Nope! We have not heard from the roofer, we have come to the conclusion that he is on holiday.


Ellen in Ont
01-23-2013, 08:48 AM
:wave: everyone,
Another cold one this morning with windchill of -46. Here is a link to a couple of our local radio personalities trying science experiments in the cold. :D http://www.ezrocktimmins.com/2013/01/22/another-cold-weather-experiment/

My son and DIL are coming down with this cold now. She is staying home from work today but I will go over and watch Max while she gets some sleep later. He is awake most of the night with this cold. Low grade fever at times and runny nose but what is worrying is that he just wants to be held and carried all the time and isn't drinking as much as normal. I'll keep an eye on fluids.

I started drawing out my next painting but it is going to take awhile. I work the next two days. I got an email from someone in town looking for someone to do a portrait of herself for her fiancé but wants it by Valentines day! :eek: I explained the time involved in painting let alone framing it. :rolleyes:

Speaking of dementia, my Grandmother was in a nursing home the last year of her life. She was still sharp as anything, recognized everyone, and remembered birthdays. However, one day when I was with her for lunch she only ate half her sandwich and wrapped up the rest. I asked her if she was saving it for later and replied it was for the rabbit in the closet. She also believed that we were at war and insisted on me looking at the bullet holes in the side of her bed. Strange how it can effect some areas and not others.

I better get moving and get a few things done around here before my DIL calls. Have a great day everyone.

01-23-2013, 09:29 AM
Ellen.....my late MIL also was a sufferer and she had a little boy who came and stood by her bed but wouldn't talk to her.......shames isn't it.


01-23-2013, 09:49 AM
:wave: Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! Cold again here, thank goodness not as cold as Ellen has it :eek: Birthday party looming on Saturday, finally got myself together enough to work on GD's new doll cradle. I can't believe she is going to be 5! It is a lovely solid pine one made out at the Heritage village, which I got for a song in our Christmas sale. Now I have to sand and undercoat.....may be the only coat! I want to paint a little angel on it, will see what happens. Her dolly family is growing, and needs a bed :)

Other than that, it is more cooking and sorting through the menus tailoring them to my tastes. This revamping eating habits is time consuming, but worth it. Have held onto my losses so far, but it does go up and down.

My mum was on morphine for the last month of her life, and some of her hallucinations were not so good, but the one I liked was the white cat. Almost every time I came to see her she asked me where the white cat in my arms, or on the bed, came from.....we had a white cat when I was young, and maybe it was an echo of that memory. Up till then, at 83 she was very sharp. Much sympathy for all dealing with the elderly, I only hope someone has patience for me when I get there....maybe not so long now at the rate my memory is going :lol:

Super cartoon, Geoff, I laughed out loud!

JJ, I hope it's nothing serious....sports for the young are problematic in my view, I have two grandchildren with concussion histories, neither should be playing, even in fun games, in my opinion. Both have had three episodes now, one from rugby, one from soccer. Not reassuring for you, sorry.....but it happens. But a knee can be fixed.

Have a rewarding day :clap:

Strawberry Wine
01-23-2013, 09:49 AM
Good Day Washers from a very cold -22 C., 5 dgrees warmer than it was this morning at 7:00. It has been 4 winters since we have experienced temperatures this cold... Supposed to warm up on the weekend.

Ellen, pedialyte now comes in popsicle freezies but not sure if they would appeal to Max yet. Devin would suck on one when he had the Norvirus, He was able to keep a bit of it down and kept him hydrated enough to keep him out of hospital

Char, wagging finger, do not get too close to your students ; you should not be heading out to teach..... you are supposed to be resting. !!!!!!!

I have to head into town around noon for my check up with my family doctor. I wish I could re book it but it needs to be done before next Tuesday so hopefully there will be no one there that is coughing and sneezing. They do have masks for those who are sick and lots of sanitizer. :crossfingers:

Time to get a move on so waving to all




01-23-2013, 10:06 AM
Hello all and HAPPY HUMP DAY !

It's COOLD here and sunny. What a beautiful sight to look at but NOT to venture out there for too long. A slight warm up is in the forecast.

They are calling for a small storm system to move through today; we are expecting some light snow (1-2") then another one on Friday; the day we were planning on traveling north. I don't think we are going to go now. We'll wait until they are calling for clear weather. Traveling in snow never used to bother me but as I get older I don't like slipping and sliding around on the freeway with all those tractor trailer trucks these days.

I've been reading about places that we will visit during our trip; thanks to Doug for providing me with some links. It's fun to plan but it can be overwhelming too.:rolleyes:

I know we'll be old someday...well maybe not...my Mom said you never feel as old as you actually are. Listening to the older generation as they approach senility is tough. Sometimes like Geoff said if you cannot laugh you'd cry and laughing is GOOD FOR THE SOUL.:lol:

Ellen, I hope baby Max will start feeling better soon and that your son and DIL will have a quick sickness.

JJ, poor Reece and he cannot do his kick-boxing either. I hope it's nothing too serious.

LuLU you always look SO GOOD in red.:evil:

Doug, I cannot decide if I like it cold and dry or wet and warm...hmm...it's six of one and 1/2 dozen of another I think.;)

Geoff, that cartoon is so funny; now that's what I call a cheshire cat!

Annie...poor Roger's seeds.

Char, whoohoo your last class for this week. Did you finish your poppies...will we get to see them?

Gail...I know what you mean...you just HATE to go anywhere where there are people milling about...too many germs.

Bill, my aunt has Parkinsons and doesn't hallucinate; so I guess she's lucky.

Lynn, yes it's hard caring for our elderly parents. We just may be there someday and I hope if I am that I can give my kids a laugh or two. Have fun re-finishing the doll cradle.

May your Today be bright and happy.

G'Day and God Bless.:wave: :heart:

01-23-2013, 10:11 AM
While reading the news this a.m., came across an article about cats in New Zealand and how they are trying to get rid of them to protect the birds....
Must make some of you cat lovers want to scream....

01-23-2013, 12:31 PM
Hello washers,

I'm all discombobulated about what day it is because we had a Monday holiday here. Don't know what your excuse is Lulu, but red looks good on you.

So sorry about Reece's knee JJ. Hope it's a quick fix.

Ona I've been trying to think of an answer to give you since yesterday. Is Fallbrook near me? Well if you are talking what normal people would consider "near" then, no, it's not. But if we are talking what Californians might consider near then, yeah, maybe. It's over a 100 miles away. :lol: :lol: I've driven farther than that for a two minute audition before. :rolleyes:

We drove up to Seattle with my grandmother for my sister's wedding. She was pretty out of it by then, but she could come out with some zingers. My sister wore a rather diaphanous gown and in the middle of the ceremony my grandmother shouted out, "Why doesn't she put some clothes on?"

Lulu that's exactly what my grandfather always said.

That cartoon made me laugh Geoff.

Char, Char, Char. What Gail said. Hope you don't catch anything at the doctor's Gail. Wear a face mask yourself.

Brian that's nuts. Birds have other predators as well.

Chattering teeth icon inserted here Ellen. :eek:

Doug sorry about the roofer. He probably thought it was safe to go on holiday because nobody would want a roof done in January. Or else he didn't fancy climbing one in that weather. Wonder where he went? Spain? Maldives? Tenerife?

Uschi just finished a good book by a writer named John Hart called The Last Child. Unfortunately he's only written three books so far.

Which reminds me I got on the holds list at the library for Michael Connelly's latest. I started at 1097 for ninety some copies. Now there are 123 holdable copies. And I'm still at 895. Last time it took four months before I rose to the top of the list. :crying:

Well off to get some work done today.

:wave: :wave: to all I haven't mentioned individually and all on the way.

And a big HAWLTAIN!!


01-23-2013, 02:21 PM
Sunny and 70F in Coral Gables.

My father will be 96 in a few weeks. His immediate recall is terrible but otherwise his mind is intact. It is ironic to me that most of us wish to remain "with it" as we age. My father is "with it" yet is very aware of his physical wearing down. But he never complains and is both pleasantly surprised and grateful when he awakes each morning and, in his words, "finds I am still here."

But not everyone is so fortunate...it is not the being dead that is the problem, it is the dying part.

((((((((To all in pain and dealing with life's losses)))))))))

Most of my appliances seem to,have degenerated at the same time and waiting for repair people seems to be my occupation at this,time.

Kay, I read "The Last Child" a while back and felt it was gripping and well-written.

Started a new painting but can't quite get the energy to work on it.

01-23-2013, 02:44 PM
Evening all.........

Have looked in from time to time today as didn't go to hospital.......

Karl...nice of your Father to have that attitude......in my Mothers case she never wanted to reach 80 and she is nearly 98..............so not waking up would be her ideal.....hey ho.

Hospital sister that we saw yesterday took time out for a chat on the phone today....the not infected wound has been swabbed again and is infected and her chest and water is still subject to anti-biotics.....otherwise she has been showered and has eaten fairly well and has been ordering nurses around ( so that bit is normal).....so she is certainly there for another day/night but no decision on what to do with her head made yet........

So we will see what tomorrow brings.


01-23-2013, 03:12 PM
Kids been fed (actually they feed themselves :thumbsup: and gone, I have been instructed to pick Lauren (and BF a ride home :rolleyes: ) then to have her nails done, homecoming this weekend. Spencer will need a ride home as well he has wrestling practice after school.

Re: Elderly parents, the topper I think, was when Mom was recovering from something, and I was still in England. My sister sent me a message to PLEASE! call Mum as she was convinced that I had left Jack for a Biker and was having his baby :eek: and would I PLEASE call her. I was WAY past having babies! I can only think that she was watching some soap opera.
Dad had problems, but had had strokes, he was always trying to "go home"
Once left the hospital where he was put when he was found asleep under a "hole in the wall" (B of A) His "roomate" was annoyed cause Dad put the wrong clothes. Jack was the only one who could deal with him, usually by taking him to a Burger King.

Mustach, need to buy things to fill up my new freezer! :clap:

01-23-2013, 03:50 PM
Good Afternoon Everyone!!!

It is still cold outside but boy, oh boy, it was COLD this morning. -22C plus windschill. As I said before, we have forgotten how cold our January can be.

Was the first time I wore my beanie hat with flower (everyone loved it) and I even wore mittens when driving to table tennis.

The trainer who now comes once a week was driving us HAAARRD, I actually had a twenty minute nap after lunch.

Amazing what the mind can do, all would be soooo funny if it weren't so sad. My admiration to all of you having to deal with this and hopefully none of us will end up there:crossfingers:

Karl, YUP, being dead doesn't worry me, the dying part is VERY scary.

Kay, I have a list with your favourite books/authors, definitely like the same stuff you do, will add the Last Child on. I accidentally came across a book by Harlan Coben and I really like his style and subject matters and he wrote LOTS of books. Didn't know Michael Connolly's newest is already out again. I am really glad that shots for Esme are getting easier.

Darla, planning long drives for this time of year is always a dodgy affair. Better safe than sorry!!!!

Gail:eek: :eek: going to the doctor right now is really not a good idea. If I were you I would definitely wear a mask.

Char:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: you make me shake my head and laugh at the same time. I can just see you as an old lady NOT listening to ANY good advise:lol: Tapping my fingers waiting for a look at the poppies:)

JJ, I thought Reece played soccer, did he give it up?? Kick boxing is good too, I hope this knee isn't holding him back too long. Lots of young people in physio therapy when I was taking it.

Ellen, I hope your family feels better soon and hope you don't catch anything in the bargain.

Geoff, fun cartoon.

Look at this guy's art (http://dirtycarart.com/), I'd never wash my car again.

:wave: to ALL!!!


01-23-2013, 04:23 PM
Hi to All

Geoff, I hope the docs manage to stablize your mother.

I'm still crocked, in and out of bed, but I did buy a new line of Acrylic Gouache paints, by Turner Colour Works, Jackson Art supplies are selling a set of six tubes for £2.20! on Ebay special offer, one per customer. I will try them out when feeling more human


01-23-2013, 04:37 PM
[QUOTE=Flattwo]Hi to All

Geoff, I hope the docs manage to stablize your mother.

I'm still crocked, in and out of bed, but I did buy a new line of Acrylic Gouache paints, by Turner Colour Works, Jackson Art supplies are selling a set of six tubes for £2.20! on Ebay special offer, one per customer. I will try them out when feeling more human


Thanks for your wishes Henry may try those paints myself as never heard of them before.


01-23-2013, 04:58 PM
While reading the news this a.m., came across an article about cats in New Zealand and how they are trying to get rid of them to protect the birds....
Must make some of you cat lovers want to scream....

.....and the person behind it has more money than sense........we'd be over-run with rodents in no time!:eek:

01-23-2013, 05:05 PM
Sorry you are still under the weather, Henry. Those paints, as it says, being acrylic are permanent once dry and can't be reactivated like the watercolour gouache....lovely flat colours for sure....you probably already know that.

Glad your mum is somewhat back to her old self, Geoff, certainly eats up your time and concern.

Have the undercoat on the cradle, just worked on a sort of decal of little angels to put on the headboard. Then I'll cover it all with waterbased varnish to give it a gloss. This has been fun, haven't done any of this sort of painting for some time!

That was the time slot, Uschi, I just got the date wrong, I have Cogeco cable. I'm looking forward to it :)

01-23-2013, 06:01 PM
I hear that Downton Abbey won British TV Award for best drama series tonight, no I didn't vote......


01-23-2013, 06:11 PM
Look at this guy's art (http://dirtycarart.com/), I'd never wash my car again.

Yes, but does he do windows? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I read some of Harlan Coben's. Can't remember why I stopped. I probably lost track of which ones I read, and then I started reading one all over again and got frustrated.


01-23-2013, 08:05 PM
Got the hiccups! :)

01-23-2013, 08:12 PM
Good Evening... I had a great afternoon at the Centre... My group is making a lot of progress with their individual compositions... We worked on a colour theory exercise and then they worked on their paintings... I asked them to come up to my desk with their questions so I didn't have to walk the room for three hours! :lol:

I put a batch of chicken wings in the oven to roast, made up some celery and carrot sticks along with a little blue cheese dip and then put my feet up for an hour.

So... dinner's been had, dishes are done and I'll try to sit through American Idol... Not sure I can do it, though because the judging is just spoiling the whole show...

There was actually an item on today's News about the need to control New Zealand's bird killing cat populations. :rolleyes:

Geoff and Henry... I don't understand what advantage there is to acrylic gouache. :confused:

Uschi, I'll try to snap photos of the poppy paintings tomorrow...

Good on your Dad, Karl! You hail from great genes!

I'll say my g'nites to All... have a nice evening/morning... :heart:

01-23-2013, 08:43 PM

I don't know what the advantage is acrylic gouache is either, but at £2.20 for 6 tubes it is worth trying to find out :)


01-23-2013, 09:02 PM
I'll say! Wow, Henry, that's quite a bargain! Hope you're feeling better tonight.

American Idol's a bust. The bickering is too much.

I'm going to take my Ken Follett book up to bed and read... saying g'nite once and for all! :)

01-23-2013, 10:40 PM
Good day and Good night washers....
Long day but spent the evening watching Downton Abbey - I've watched the first 3 episodes of Season 1 now - think I'm hooked.

I agree Char - the bickering of the judges has totally spoiled American Idol for me and I've been a real fan in the past...shame....

Hope everyone stays well or gets better - hopefully tomorrow will be a good day - will say a little prayer for all those sick and suffering or watching others suffer....

Until tomorrow...a new day....

01-23-2013, 10:56 PM
Hi, been busy, picked up Lauren after school and we went to get her nails done, for Homecoming, tips, black sparkly with rinestones. Just the tips, the rest just nail color, not bad, just looks a bit unfinished. I will never understand some fashions.
Then we went next door to buy stuff to fill my freezer :smug:
The kids have gone home, thank goodness love them but they are just a bit exausting.