View Full Version : Not too late for a New Year's Resolution to join the WWWTP!

Cariboo Bill
01-21-2013, 08:19 AM
Hi All
Here I am again urging you to consider testing your current watercolor paints to help extend the range of the World Wide Watercolor Testing Project. Take perhaps an hour and lay out your swatches then put them in the window on February first and we have one more data point on the globe.

You love watercolors and their gorgeous effects so help that reputation along with sound, up to date light fast information.

We have no one testing in Europe/Great Britain and I know that we have quite a number of people on Wetcanvas from there.

Hoping to see you come on board and sorry I won't go away (unless of course you officially toss me out of the forum, I am Canadian after all and polite to a fault).

Threads for participating in the World Wide Watercolor Test Program

Preparing test sheets:

Discussions about the test program, paints, and general progress

Registration thread: this is where you enter your paint names and color index number if you want to post an image of your test page that is fine too. The Registration thread is a sticky thread up at the top of the page:


01-21-2013, 01:50 PM
Can we have one of those tiny world maps with pins showing the locations where a test chart is up? It sure looks cool and might inspire participation...

I think Google map has the feature, and allows setting a label for each pin (paint manufacturer?). I don't know if or how it can be shared... Maybe when the images come in, that can be added too (if images can be added to pins).

Cariboo Bill
01-21-2013, 04:46 PM
That is a good idea Indraneel and I will head lover to Google to investigate the possibilities, I would think off the top of my head that if it can be done at all it might need to be a link to their site to see it but that would be OK too.

We do seem to need something more compelling than me doing the posts, hopefully stuff will pick up at least a little bit as we get closer to Feb 1.

I couldn't find a lot to work with in Google except for general Google Maps or Google earth , I will hold that as a final option since you would have to know what you were looking for to find those pins in the midst of everything else.

There is a pinablemap.com site that I am looking at, it might work out since you can make a customized map and then add to it.