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01-20-2013, 10:22 PM

Thought I would pop in before I went to bed and I get to start the wash........woohoooo.


01-20-2013, 10:37 PM
K am back - wanted to post it so I didn't have to merge...:thumbsup:

Firstly if you don't want to know the latest ending of Downton Abbey please send chocolate to me........message me for the address......:thumbsup: :evil:

Well it hasn't snowed the last couple of days - although I think it has been cold but I haven't been out of the house.......lot of the snow has gone....oh no it hasn't - just looked out of the window.

Seems we have had some more which now means that the pavement will be really icy with the cold and the new snowfall. Mum has her appt tomorrow (Tues) at the hospital - should be ok though as we will take her in the black cab so she doesnt have to step out at all - straight in the wheelchair and in the car.

Had a quick read of yesterdays Wash = cracking pics of those bugs.

Novorvirus - that has been raging in this country - fortunately no one here got it - seemed the only advice was stay in bed - drink plenty fluids - should go in a day but take about 4 days to fully recover.....sounds nasty.

Had a bit of a fraught week - I had contacted my nephew Charlie to let him know that I hadn't forgotten him and his sister at Christmas but that his parents had sent the card and money back. He replied that he and his sister had sent the card back - I didn't believe it was him messaging me due to the quality of the grammar and spelling and use of punctuation. So I just told him to be good and work hard at school.

Next thing I get a text off his mother telling me NEVER to contact her kids again which then turned into a texting frenzy with her resorting to name calling and comments about my weight loss....and threatening to call the police:eek:

I kept my calm and used my sarcastic wit which seemed to make her more angry and she threatened to come up to the house - I told her that she was not coming here as it would upset my Mum....and I didn't want her blood staining the driveway. ;)

Then our John got involved and again I was the baddie - oh well - you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family members.

Nothing much more to report from Brogan Towers - poor Mum is in a lot of pain with her shoulder - the operation can't come quick enough - they want her in at 7.30am on the morning of the operation but am going to push for her to be admitted the night before........that should be fun.

Well I suppose I had better go and check on Mum before I hit the hay.........hope everyone is doing ok - sending white light to those in need.

Waving to everyone :wave:


Pat xxx

01-20-2013, 11:08 PM
Before you hit the hay Pat:eek: My, you are up late! or is that early lol

Give Winnie a gentle hug from us please:heart:

Norovirus is sweeping our country too, don't want it either:eek: and some info for all the germ phobics - a recent study concludes that hand-washing with soap is far more effective than alcohol hand wash, especially with the norovirus.

John and I bussed to the city today on our freebie gold card - easy peasy way of travelling to appointments and doing a bit of shopping.

Loved the bug pics of your brother's Henry. Wow, what sort of camera does he have? Obviously a very good macro lens on it.

Second Eldest Sister is calling soon, staying the night.
Better go and get some veges from the garden.

Get better soon all you who are not well :heart:


01-20-2013, 11:34 PM
Morning all.

Pat you have the knack of non-harmonisation with your family especially with the misuse of technology ie texts and FB!! I'm sure you will syrvive!!!

Yes sime gentle hugs for Winnie this week please.

Snow not arrived back here either but still forecast

Back later


01-21-2013, 02:07 AM
:clap: :thumbsup: :music: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLAN J:music: :music: :thumbsup: :clap: 'tis a biggie!! :heart: I hope you have had a great day..

Last night, we got 50mm of rain. It is raining very softly now, and I am hoping, it turns into a downpour overnight.

I went out, go a manicure, and am now sporting safety yellow toenails!!!:

Pat, so sorry you are having such a hard time with your family. HUGE hugs for you and more importantly our Nan!! :grouphug::heart:

Wow June, Russia surely did get a heap of snow. Poor people.

(((((Char))))) Sleeping is healing.

Henry, those are amazing bug photos your brother took.

Kate, I loved your snowman/daughter photo! I still haven't made a real snowman. sigh..........


Ernst, I love the Inspector Linley Mysteries, and Inspector Morse, and A Touch of Frost, and I used to watch Heartbeat too. (loved the music in that one.) I haven't seen any of these shows for a long time. I watch very little tv these days.

Lulu, I saw your comment about forgetting where I put my ankle. :lol: sadly no chance of that, it is too owie. :p

Ok, time to feed the kitties..... Guinevere is so very, very happy there is no dog in the house anymore.

Hugs to all.. :wave: :wave:

01-21-2013, 02:40 AM
Good evening all.

Pat (((()))) How you don't need all that malarkey! Hope Winnie's op goes well and that you sleep well.

JJ ... 50mm :eek: :envy: Got a few light showers overnight and some mizzle this afternoon but it is cool, if still very humid.

Work was unexpectedly hectic and overlong. Cats have been out and about and have obediently come in. Read HUNGRY! Roger is busy trimming the driveways of overhanging vines and branches ... dry and car scratchy ones. He offered for me to help but I gracefully declined. :lol:

Enjoy your sis time Lulu!


01-21-2013, 03:16 AM
Good morning all, a more earthly hour than (((Pat)).

We had a sprinkling of snow overnight and it is hovering around freezing. I haven't experienced anything like the snow June was showing us, although in 1947 it seemed so high as I was only six :) My brothers built an igloo in the back yard.

Fantastic macro pictures by your brother Henry.

Happy Birthday to Allan Jamieson

(((Pat))) sorry you are having family problems. Hope Winnie's pre-op goes well. Give her a hug from us.

Only thing I might do today is look under the kitchen sink to see how easy/hard it will be to change the leaking tap. I'll probably call in a plumber, I'm not as lithe as I once was (was I ever lithe??). Will probably make some more vegetable soup, it was good.

Ruth in knitting a bat wing jumper with donated wool.

Glad you are getting a little rain at last JJ, Annie, hope you get more.

Hugs to all suffering from viruses, we seem to have escaped so far. Maybe because we haven't done a lot of socialising the past month.

Finished my PD James book and started another.


01-21-2013, 03:34 AM

Didn't you have one just a year ago? :angel:

That first New Years Day caterpillar was brilliant Henry. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the memory jog Doug :wave:

01-21-2013, 03:52 AM

Didn't you have one just a year ago? :angel:


Happy birthday Allan! exactly one month older than John:) Hope you are having a wonderful day.

Hi Doug, JJ, Geoff, Annie........
Been having a good old yakkety yak with my (widowed) sister, she was feeling a bit down so thought she'd pop up (from Taupo Doug) for a few days. :heart:

Have just called the kids in for their supper, now will put them to bed.

01-21-2013, 03:55 AM
Have just called the kids in for their supper, now will put them to bed.
:lol: :lol: :lol:


01-21-2013, 04:47 AM
Me again......



Noticed my stubby fingers hit s few wrong keys in my missive on the iPod at 'stupid o'clock'....however,good news is that I fell asleep again shortly after and ended up with 7 hours kip!.....great.........and in the meantime it had started snowing again,only small but fairly dry flakes and therefore it is laying well............


01-21-2013, 04:53 AM
How is snow dry Geoff? Unless you are inside.

01-21-2013, 05:50 AM
How is snow dry Geoff? Unless you are inside.

Wet snow is very different Annie........large flakes and melts easily...dry snow lays and doesn't make good snowballs..........you can lose cats in it though!


01-21-2013, 06:04 AM

Well after sorting Mum out at 4am I fell into bed only for her to wake me at 6am- and couldn't get back to sleep. So had a shower - loaded the washing machine and had my breakfast - all by 8.30. So am now watching TV then am going to wake Mum up in a bit.

It hasn't stopped snowing - traffic is gridlocked and schools are shut - still amazed they shut schools - never did in my day.....mind you this claim culture doesn't help.

As for family trials - hopefully that's the end of it as long as she keeps out of my way!!

Better go and wake SWMBO up.


Pat xxx

01-21-2013, 06:06 AM
Oops forgot.....


01-21-2013, 07:22 AM
Good day all,

We had a lot of snow(for us anyway!) yesterday. Started mid afternoon and stopped in the early hours of this morning. Looks beautiful outside but very cold:eek:

Did write a long post earlier but it just vanished into the void:(

So hi to all here already and also to those yet to get here.:wave:

Hi Pat , sorry to hear of your family problem of late , I had a similar problem with one of my sister's last autumn, so unessesary I think in the grand sceme of things. I hope your mum has a safe Op:crossfingers:

Happy Birthday ALAN J , congratulations:clap: :clap:

Here are some photos from this morning , taken from my bedroom window.


http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/21-Jan-2013/163938-Snow_in_Jan_2013.jpg http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/21-Jan-2013/163938-Snowy_road.jpg


Have a safe and happy day all, I will be sorting out my watercolours into transparent a nd opaque, needs doing!! also cleaning the kitchen oven:eek: :eek:


01-21-2013, 07:22 AM
Tony, pretty snow photos!!!!!

I am off to bed. I am going to be sketching tomorrow.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :wave:

Ellen in Ont
01-21-2013, 07:36 AM
:wave: everyone,
The start of a new week and Max has another cold. DIL's mom (is there a correct term for parents of your DIL?) will babysit this morning and I am doing the afternoon. I'm sure he will catch everything one after another for months now that he has started daycare. He might as well get it over with now rather than later. :rolleyes:

The wind is calm so it will seem almost warm walking over to their house later. It is -34 right now.

Lulu - You are right that hand washing frequently is the key to not catching whatever is going around. However, there are some hand washes that work well. As long as it says 70% alcohol it will work well. However, even that won't help if you are close to someone sneezing or coughing and it is spread by droplet.:rolleyes:

Happy birthday Allan!

Pat- sorry you are being kept from contacting the children. They should never be used as pawns in a fight. Nothing you can do right now. Sounds like they are angry enough to take out a restraining order and you don't want it to go that far. Never text or email anything that you wouldn't want to be seen later in court. :rolleyes:

Annie - snow comes in an amazing number of forms. The colder it is, the dries it is. When it gets close to freezing the snow is wetter, can clump into larger flakes when falling, and sticks together to make snowballs and snowmen. It is also heavier to shovel. Drier snow is light, fluffy and doesn't stick together. There is also snow pellets (tiny round balls), sleet (a very wet snow/rain mix), ice crystals and ice fog (moisture in the air freezes and remains suspended) as well as just about every mixture of the above. If you are curious, you could always come up for a visit.:D

I need to get some breakfast and get the wash put in the dryer. Have a great start to the week everyone.

01-21-2013, 08:28 AM
Good Morning. Haven't been here for awhile, but I have read some of the threads in the past few days. Just been busy, so no real excuse.:confused:

Pat, so sorry you are having family trouble. I think a lot of people have those issues.
Allen, Happy Birthday!
Char, hope you and your family are beginning to feel more human
Doug, maybe your back would thank you if you hired that plumber.

Have my BG about finished on my hydrangea painting. It is close to being done. Guild juried show coming up the end of Feb., so I would like to finish and get it framed.

I have two pieces in the student show at the Center for the Arts. We went up and saw the show on Friday with out GD and it is an excellent show this year. Even quite a bit of graphite work, and also work by Armin Mersman who is a wonderful graphite artist who is gaining some national recognition.

Been working on some home projects and planning for others. I need new pads for the kitchen chairs and have decided to make them so I can get what I want. Been looking for material and that has been time consuming.

Have an appt. at 11am so better get moving. Have a great day. It is cold here. 11F here this morning. Tomorrow to be colder.


01-21-2013, 09:03 AM
Happy MOnday Washers,

It's SO COLD...and snowling lightly...that dry snow that Ellen just told you about. The roads are a little slippery too. I wore my boots this morning to work as the walkway's are slick and I don't want to fall; it seems the older one gets the balance goes.:confused: It was still 18F.

I too can remember huge snow storms...one when we were married and Jen was a baby; we had drifts up to the rooftops; our car was completely buried. We have pics of it. We just don't get snow like that anymore.

Ellen, yup ((Max)) will be sick a LOT now but later he'll be so healthy. The girls pediatrician told Jen they'll be the healthiest girls in a couple of years and those girls are rarely sick. Daycare builds up their immunities I guess.

Tony, neat pics of the snow. It's always so pretty when it's fresh.

(((CHAR))) glad you are resting; hoping you will feel better soon.

JJ, sleep good.

Geoff, WHOOHOO...you got some quality sleep!

Pat, that is too bad about your not being able to contact your nephew and niece. Like Ellen said, kids should NOT be used in that way.

Doug, I'm glad you and Ruth have so far kept healthy!

Annie, it's good that you received a little rain the other day; hoping you get a bit more.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALLAN! May your coming year be a wonderful one for you.

Shirley, making your own pads for your chairs will be time consuming for sure but you'll be glad you did it and they'll last longer than store bought ones! I bet the show was nice; I'll have to look up that graphite artist. I hope you show us your hydrangea painting when it's finished.

I'm working on a tulip painting (1/2 sheet). It's one of our own MADMUM's (RUTH) wonderful ref pics from the library.

I hope you all have a most wonderful day and that something creative comes your way. Keep safe.

G'Day:wave: :heart:

Strawberry Wine
01-21-2013, 09:08 AM
Good Day Washers ! - 14 C with no breeze to disturb the 3 inches of freshly fallen snow.

http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/21-Jan-2013/13320-Birthday_two.gif Allan Hope you had a wonderful day !

Glad that some of you down under got some much needed moisture. May it continue!

Lulu. my sisiter Nancy was here for several days Having sister time is always a good time. I am sure your sister's spirits will be lifted while she is visiting you

Geoff, thumbs up on the good sleep.

Henry, interesting critter photos yesterday. Hope the new antibiotics are starting to kick in.

Char, hope you are starting to feel better today.... Keep resting ! Stay home, no teaching and no visitors.

Pat, so very sad that you are unable to keep in contact with the kiddies. Hope you do not have too much trouble getting Winnie to the hospital on time...

Bread and buns are on the agenda this morning. So I better get started.

:wave: to all,



01-21-2013, 09:09 AM
Morning Everyone! Trying to wake up with a cup of hot coffee.... restless sleep last night. Its getting cool out here (-12C) but not nearly as cool as where my family is (Canadian prairies, -35C without the wind factored in). Its amazing how when I was growing up -12C didn't feel all that cold. Now, I got the heat turned up and layers of clothes on. :wink2:

Some painting planned for today, but my day job has to come first. Will stop by later to say hi!


01-21-2013, 09:34 AM

The menfolk are out on their 10 mile hike. It's heading for a stunning 65 today, but for now it's only 45. I'd have the whole house open for fresh air, but we are downwind from the BIG STINK, so the whole area smells of sewage. It's even crept in the house from poorly sealed windows. It's gross and gives me a headache.

Hugs to the broken and ill !
Have a good day all.

01-21-2013, 09:45 AM
Good morning. It's rather cold at -8C with barely a skiff of snow on the ground... the lake is finally freezing over, but the ice won't be very nice because of that bit of snow.

We're all still this side of the grass, so things can't be too bad... my congestion is breaking up which sounds incredibly gross but is a step in the right direction... and Magoo couldn't eat much of anything, but then he didn't return it to this side of his body, either... Ted is wheezing like an old geezer, but not coughing so much. Phew! Wasn't that just TMI?

I've cancelled all of today's Classes, not wanting to share our germs... but I may feel well enough to paint later... I don't remember sleeping this much in a very long time...

Happy 70th Allan Jamieson!!!

Pat, I don't understand why this woman is treating you so badly... you don't need that toxicity in your life. (((Winnie)))

Lulu, I agree with you about hand washing... I use the cleaner when I can't get to soap and water. :clap: for Sis' visit...

Hi Geoff... I thought perhaps you were sleep-typing... :evil:

JJ... your garden will love that bit of rain...

Annie, if you didn't need quality rainfall so badly, the mizzle would be nice to walk in... of course, your creepy leeches would probably be out and about...

Doug, we've begun calling the experts to do that kind of stuff too... I don't get up on ladders anymore, either... I make a lot of chicken soup... it's so easy and so good.

Nice photos, Tony!

Awh... poor little ((Max))... he's sure building up his immune system, Ellen!

Dry powder is so nice to cross country ski in... and when it gets really, really cold, I love the squeaky crunch of the snow under foot...

Congratulations on getting two pieces into the Student Show, Shirley! I'm looking forward to seeing your hydrangea painting!

I channel quilted the last set of chair pads I made... I love them because they always hold their shape. The channels are a bit of nuisance though, because they trap crumbs and cat hair! :lol:

Darla, I have one of Ruth's tulips photos in my To Do folder! It's a great time of year to be painting tulips... cheery and colourful...

Hi Gail... How nice that Nancy came to visit... I'm doing my best to get past this thing, so have done as you've instructed...

Hi Madelaine... On the news this morning, I saw that the Prairies were under severe wind watches, too...

((Caryl))... ew, ew, euwww...

So, I hope that everyone has the very best possible day... :grouphug:

01-21-2013, 11:07 AM
:wave: Good day everyone! -8C here with wind chill -12C, was planning to walk for groceries, maybe I'll make Lulu's bread instead....Am a bit short on protein, though.

Uschi, it is the Trim Down Club (http://www.trimdownclub.com), check it out, there is a video there that explains, but basically it is to use only unprocessed foods, minimal additives, and reduce wheat and some other specific foods. I am enjoying it, I'll PM you one of my menu's.

Nice snow photos, Tony, sounds as if parts of Britain have come to a standstill.

That's amazing, June, so hard for them to cope. I remember drifts that high along the roads in Manitoba when I was little, and although they still get the extreme cold, I don't thing there is so much snow. Here, the same story, winters are never green, but sometimes grey and brown a lot of the time, and the snow melts between storms. In 1969 when we first came to Ontario, we couldn't find space to put the snow off the driveway, the front lawn was 6' high and it kept falling off again when you threw it up.

Wonderful photos Henry, my he is good! I hope you are feeling a bit better.

((((Char)))) glad it is progressing as it should, but how tedious for you all.

Hugs to all under the weather :heart:

01-21-2013, 01:04 PM
Good Afternoon!!!

Cold outside but also sunny and not much wind, so it really isn't bad.

Ever since my hip replacement 5 1/2 years ago I would sit outside on my front porch and watch people walk by and think to myself, "oh, she or he has such a lovely, energetic walk, wish I could walk like that again", well, I CAN!!!!! It is on the treadmill but nevertheless I CAN!!! The young fellow there said that is cool and I answered it is sooooooo VERY cool:lol: It is amazing to me what a difference a very light hold on the side bar will do.

Walked 1/2 hour and brisker than last time. Then I tried out all the exercise machines:thumbsup: :thumbsup: No hardship whatsoever. I have one more freeby visit left but have already made up my mind that I will definitely join. It is also just up the road from me.

So my posts are going tro be even more boring - gym and table tennis, gym and table tennis, gym and table tennis..........:lol: :lol: :lol:

(((((Char))))) so sorry this nasty virus is still hanging in there. Glad you cancelled all of your activities, let yourself heal once and for all.

Lynn, looks like a great place, I will look at it properly later on. Actually I would love a few recipes, I do eat very healthy and really no unhealthy additives but get stuck for making something "tasty" except the soup:thumbsup:

Dr. Oz was demonstrating how one can barely tell the difference between sour cream and Greek yogourt. I have been buying the Liberte 0% fat Greek yogourt, take several tablespoons of that yogourt and mix in 1 teaspoon of mayonnaise and it makes a wonderful veggie dip. One can also add herbs, chives, dill etc.


Henry, isn't nature incredible!!! and your brother is an expert at making us look at it - SUPER!!!! Thank you for posting them!! Hope you are feeling better!!

Ellen, poor Max!!! He is also trying really hard to gift the rest of the family with ith:) Meant to ask you, has he adjusted to being happy at the daycare?

Tony, pretty photos!! Isn't it interesting, they look as if you had taken them with black and white film:D

Pat, sorry about your problem with your relatives. I hope all goes well with your mom tomorrow!!

I too can remember driving through a wall of snow like that to go skiing just a bit north of here (in the snow belt).

Dishes are waiting (last nights:eek: :eek: :evil: :lol: ) :wave: to ALL!!!


01-21-2013, 01:32 PM
Hi to all

A light dusting of snow here, but nothing to write ome about, down south are getting it worse

Lulu, my Brother uses a Canon 1ds Mark III with an L series lens, glad you and others liked the bug photos.

My sleep pattern is all over the place the last few days, no sleep at all last night, I must get it on an even keel!

Speak later


01-21-2013, 01:35 PM
Annie , when you get a shovel of the stuff in your hand and it weighs a Ton to throw over your shoulder or up and finally breaks your back , it is Wet Snow, when it is light and powdery, it is Dry snow and easier to shovel . Not and expert , but that has been my observation
That is my Easy explanation.:D
:evil: :cat: :wave:

01-21-2013, 01:38 PM
:wave: :wave: Washers

Just finished watching the Inauguration of the president -- all while trying to feed the cats and give Esme her shot without missing any of it (well didn't see some of it, but heard it). Made and ate breakfast while the president is having lunch with members of Congress. Then it's time for the inaugural pareade. Busy day!

Happy Birthday Allan!!!!

Pat glad you didn't get the blue ears. So sorry about the family squabbles. Big hugs and :crossfingers: for Winnie.

Darla and Shirley would love to see your florals. I drew up a water lily from a ref photo I took, but I am avoiding starting it. Why is that?

Char glad you are feeling better. Glad you cancelled your classes. You and Matt and Ted really need the rest.

Judy the coaches of the Superbowl teams are brothers. Jim Harbaugh coaches the 49ers and John Harbaugh coaches the Baltimore Ravens. Their parents will be sitting upstairs in a booth biting their nails and hair tearing I suspect. Both games Sunday were fantastic! Yes I know no one here cares much about American football.

Uschi so glad the treadmill is working for you. Enjoy.

JJ so glad you got some rain.

Annie I wish more rain for you.

LynnM so glad the new regime is working for you. Eating unprocessed food should be the goal of all of us, and we'd probably all be healthy as horses.

Ewww Caryl so sorry for the big stink.

Geoff :thumbsup: for seven hours!!!

Gorgeous photos Tony.

Ellen "the-other-in-laws"? :lol:

Well I'm going to get stuff done and watch the parade while doing it. :lol: Yes I have eyeballs in the back and sides of my head.

:wave: :wave: to all I haven't mentioned and all on the way



01-21-2013, 01:38 PM
Uschi , You are never boring .You are always exuberant .
Now, you want to hear Boring , come to my house !!!!
June:cat: :lol: :lol: :lol:

01-21-2013, 02:16 PM
Kay, my DH told me about the two brothers that are coaching the two teams that will be in the Superbowl. How cool is that? I watch football with my DH all the time; I prefer hockey but football is next. ;)I'll post the painting when I get finished with it.

Aww (((HENRY))) I'm so sorry you didn't get any sleep; hopefully you'll get a nap soon. Yes the bug photos were AHHMAZING!

USCHI, I too love walking on a treadmill. I've been walking in my basement famiily room. I turn on the TV and turn it up and walk; the time passes so quickly. I have an incline and speed adjustment control on mine.

Lynn, that site is great; thanks for sharing!

Caryl, I'm sorry about the "Big Stink"; that must be awful not to be able to open your windows and enjoy the breeze. :(

Someone said we have a snow advisory for our area on weather.com; I'm going to have to check it out.

Lately I've been having the hardest time with my eyes adjusting after reading. I think I just may have to start wearing my glasses more often; my stigmatism (sp?) or just old age...LOL

The sun is shining out at the moment but they are saying there are bands of snow heading our way; snow squalls I guess.

Back to my data entry now.

Scene Chaser
01-21-2013, 03:30 PM
Good Day All,
I've been busy watching the President's Inaugural proceedings. Very festive.

I've also spent time adding insulation to Ms. Ferals home. The temps will drop to below 0 F here tonight. Poor girl is just too afraid to stay in the house. But, she will survive, as it is much cozier now.

Happy Birthday Allan.


01-21-2013, 03:37 PM
Annie , when you get a shovel of the stuff in your hand and it weighs a Ton to throw over your shoulder or up and finally breaks your back , it is Wet Snow, when it is light and powdery, it is Dry snow and easier to shovel . Not and expert , but that has been my observation
That is my Easy explanation.

June may not be the scientific way of describing it...BUT you are dead right!!

Right...just as well I had a good nights sleep as today has been a nightmare...........Home rang at lunchtime to advise that Mother totally non compus mentis, Community Nurse had been in yesterday and returned today and GP called by her..........an hour later GP arrives and confirms her situation,asks for our approval to hospitalize,arranges for emergency admission.......ambulance arrives there within the hour and we head for Teesside to hospital.........Great service from NHS.

We were able to spend half an hour with the admission people to bring them up to speed on her situation since her operation two weeks ago...it rather appears that the skin graft hasn't taken as the colour has changed ....which may have caused infection...but may not have.............

So back tomorrow to see what progress made...

good night all


01-21-2013, 03:45 PM
I'll take 20 feet of styrofoam dry snow over 4 inches of wet snow any day!

The Big Stink has blow by now as the wind has shifted a bit. SO gross.

I wish I could walk on a treadmill. I still feel so out of it. I have a disconnect between my right ear and my eyes/brain, so I get motion sick REALLY easily. I cannot switch between the computer screen and tv, can't watch low def shows on the high def channels (they blur), I can even make myself carsick when I drive. FORGET treadmills, video games, or rides! BLECH....dizzy and sick.

01-21-2013, 03:51 PM
Geoff, so sorry your mother has taken aturn for the worse. I hope they can treat the infection.

(((Caryl))) how awful!


01-21-2013, 04:12 PM
Geoff what can they do for your mom?

Scene Chaser
01-21-2013, 04:25 PM
((Geoff)) hoping your mother recovers.

01-21-2013, 04:50 PM
Good afternoon... It's gotten colder throughout the day and it has snowed lightly on and off... no appreciable accumulation, but enough to brighten our landscape a little.

So... You know I'm not good at sitting still... I did take things easy, but I made a couple batches of peanut butter cookies... and some individual Sheppard pies are ready for the oven. I finished my third poppy. I'll snap photos of the three pieces tomorrow and then get them varnished.

Lynn, I'm going to check out your link... I think we're doing something very similar... Friends of ours have gone totally gluten free and we've reduced our gluten dramatically... I don't believe that we're sensitive to the wheat so much as the GMO that's invaded our grocery shelves.

Uschi, I think it has something to do with the change in our centre of gravity. When we shop for groceries, I can walk for a long time because the cart handle helps to stabilize my balance. No, I don't lean over the handles! :lol:

You can make yogurt cheese that's a great replacement for cream cheese too... just put a coffee filter in a sieve and put your yogurt in the filter. After a few hours, most of the whey will have dripped through. You can cover it and refrigerate it overnight to stiffen up even more. It's really delicious.


June, I actually like to shovel snow... Ted runs the snow blower and I shovel the porch and walks...

Kay, that's how I get most of my work done... I sit a few minutes, then get up and do something... come back and sit a few minutes, then off to get something else done. Is Esme taking her shots better?

Darla, you spend a lot of time in front of a monitor... I suspect that's not very good for your eyes... :(

Bill, you are so good to Ms. Feral... It's too bad she's so timid.

Caryl, is this a recent development??? ((()))

((Geoff)) I'm so sorry about your Mother's rapid decline...

I'm going to get dinner into the oven...

01-21-2013, 05:25 PM
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Char's Restful day :
Only Baked 3 batches of cookies , Pies for the week and painted a picture !!!!!!
Right!!!! You must be feeling a lot better , I hope !!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Actually ,we used to go out in Blizzards walking every night , shoveled off the cars at night and I thought it was all exhilerating and wonderful ! I felt strong and loved the cold air , Nothing like it .Taught my Southern boy to like it too.:evil: Hate to be hot and humidity . Snow at night is fabulous.
We always slept so well and were never cold. I love 4 distinct Seasons ,even though I can't go out , I still like seeing them.
June:cat: :wave:

01-21-2013, 06:10 PM
I agree, June, I was thinking the same thing as I read Char's post!!! Can't keep a good woman down (for long, anyway :))

Char, this sounds like what you are doing. It helps me to have the menus to know about quantity, and the recipes are good. I'm not using artificial sweetener, can't stand any of them, so will just not eat any sweets until I get to my target weight, then hope to have learned to limit my indulgences!

That is very unfortunate, Caryl, no wonder you are pretty housebound.

I ended up walking today, was lovely as the sun came out and there was only about 1/2 inch snow so it wasn't slippery on the trail. Temp was around -6C, perfect skiing weather, I do wish I still had my skis.....but I wouldn't be able to do it now, I guess.

Geoff, that doesn't sound good. By any chance is she dehydrated? That happened to my mum (about age 80), and as soon as she was in hospital on a drip, she recovered. She had the flu and hadn't been drinking enough.

Nearly time for the Wartime Farm, time to make supper.......have a good evening!

01-21-2013, 06:16 PM
Char -- Esme is getting better about the shots. I put a drop of Bach's Rescue Remedy on two treats and it seems to calm her down. This morning Opie wanted in on the party though (if he only knew what was in store :lol: ). Had to kick him out of the bathroom (not literally). He listens at the door and practically falls through when I open it. :lol: :lol: He just wants his treaties.

Darla I have that too when I stare at close range for a long time then try to see at a distance. I know I need glasses, but I have no insurance -- yet. Hoping they get these insurance exchanges up and running soon.

Geoff so sorry to hear about your mother.


In the 80's F again today. At least it's cool at night. Need to go move my car to the other side of the street for the street cleaning.


01-21-2013, 10:10 PM
Hello everyone...day is almost done....
Good to read about what you all have been doing all day....:)

I had a full day at work and then went to a foreign film movie...German movie called "Barbara" with some friends. Just got home and checking emails, and "the Wash" and having a cup of tea and then bed....

Geoff, I'm sorry to hear of your Mom. My Mom too has been very unwell for awhile - it is very hard when there is little you can do....my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Be well everyone feeling sick. Am sending only positive vibes.....

Sleep well....