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01-20-2013, 02:59 AM
I shall start and risk Geoff sending back HIS blue ears.:lol:

Chocking out now to check! I am a coward.

:clear: All clear!

Was woken several times last night by the delicious sound of rain drumming on the roof. On and off. We got 8 mm in total. That a watering can over every square metre of our garden. Not enough but we will take what is offered. :thumbsup: Goondiwindi in the western Darling downs got 200mm plus. I just hope the Coonabarabran / Warrumbungle area with the fires got some of it too but they are about two hours (fastish ... Ahem... It is the Newell Highway) drive south west, so I doubt it. Weather bureau said the storm hovered for a long time over our western downs.

Ernst, it has cooled off a bit but more of the same forecast for next week.

BBL Cat herding calls :wave:

01-20-2013, 03:11 AM
We'll catch him yet Annie.........:D

fab day here, very warm and sunny.
Watching the Downton Abbey Christmas special :wave:

01-20-2013, 03:16 AM
Oh no you won't....

Looked in a few times from 3am here and thought the later it got the more likely a blue ears transfusion.

Welcome new Gail.

Back later inorning


01-20-2013, 03:20 AM
Me, I prefer Upstairs Downstairs, Lulu. In saying that we don't get Downton Abbey here on our Iview.

Cats are in, says the fabulously efficient and slightly neurotic cat herder.

Loki like a rocket when she heard the florentine chicken in a delicate sauce being opened. It was a can. Bo, when he heard the biscuits being poured. Dear shy boy sat on the stairs salivating. Loving human walked the stairs andi picked him up, gave him a kiss that an eight year old human would hate and gently plonked him in front of his bowl. Gave him another pat, which he tolerated barely and then he set to work. Either that or Loki gets all his gravy too.

Bill, I love the Doc Martin programme. You do not want to know what we call tossers here :wink2:

Doris, I hope Louies eye is better. Cats do get weepy eyes from time to time, without the dreaded cat flu. Usually get better all by themselves. Bit like us. Vet to home sounds a really good idea. One of my husbands friends who is a vet started a business doing just that after she she got married. Pay extra ? No such thing as a free cat even if you transport them? She lives too far from us in the southern suburbs to call on her services but she is doing well.

I think I may have to start dinner NOW :eek: :lol:

01-20-2013, 04:45 AM
Doc Martin.....I'm fascinated by his fat lips lol

Oh no you won't....

:lol: :lol:

Just finished watching the Downton Abbey special..........oh my..........

My lips are sealed..........but my eyes are leaking........


01-20-2013, 04:50 AM
Good morning folks :wave:

Thought I would wait until the blue ears were out of the way :)

Well, it's a dull grey day here but dry and no snow in the forecast. The south east gets it today. I feel for those refugees trapped at Heathrow airport waiting for their flights. You would thing the UK's major airport hub would be geared up to deal with what in American terms is a trivial amount of snow :rolleyes:

Don't know what has happened to the Colour in Your Life TV show, there has been nothing new since Christmas :confused:

I have never watched Downton or Upstairs Downstairs for that matter but enjoy the irascible Martin Clunes in Doc Martin and the scenery around Port Isaac. I would love to spend a holiday down there but it's such a long drive.


01-20-2013, 04:53 AM
Hello:wave: :wave:

Looks like I'm up with the early morning people again at 4:45AM here in OHIO.

A busy day yesterday with grocery shopping, a stop at Staples for some supplies and Kohl's dept store to buy a birthday present for my stepmom then dinner out with family to celebrate. Got home around 9pm and then watched my online mixed media friend from Canada till 11:30pm.

You'd think I'd sleep all night long:crying: :crying:

Just saw on my Facebook that the Ohio Storm Chasers are saying that there is the Potential for our next SNOW to be around Jan 26th so next weekend.

Our weather is to be very cold this week so plan on staying in and getting lots of paperwork done.

Tonight is Downton Abbey night for me. Last week ended with Matthew saving Downton with the $$$$ he came into from Lovinia. I know he is leaving the show at the end of this season and I'm trying to think how that will happen. SHHHHH ---Don't tell me all those over the pond:clear: :clear:

Well I think I'll go see if the Sunday paper is here and if not I'll read some in my latest novel "The Happiness Project". by Gretchen Rubin. There was much ado over this when it came out and I'm not too impressed so far.

Everyone have a great day


01-20-2013, 06:40 AM
Morning all.......

Like Doug I have never ever watched Downton Abbey or Upstairs Downstairs or even the Midwife one...have caught a couple of the early Doc Martin shows...which as they have humour I don't mind.

Warmer/greyer here..could do anything,

Passports.........One of the few good things to come from the European Community is the almost absence of borders or passport control.. Apart from when cruising 'foreign' the only time my passport is used is at airports as we still have to show photo ID, which could be a driving license before boarding any plane....I can drive from UK,through France into Spain/Portugal and across France again into Italy etc and never have to stop at a border....other than Switzerland.

As far as non-European travel is concerned the experiences of our trip to Alaska via Vancouver and then Asian Pacific Rim were 'interesting'.......a tiring couple of hours in Vancouver going through US Homeland Security....Alaska itself nothing..until we border crossed into Canada again..... Japan, all 3500 people on ship had to queue to be seen by their border people,photos and fingerprints, like in Vancouver....Korea just a presentation of passports, Russia a handover and examination but quickly done......and China a check of Visas at first port,quite slow, but then speedy at next two.....

Just been into Studio and feels very damp, roof needs attention when weather improves I think...

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((Char & Ted)))))))))))))))))))))) and anyone else...


01-20-2013, 06:50 AM
Double posted as first one took 15 minutes to send............


Scene Chaser
01-20-2013, 07:40 AM
Good Day All,
Terribly windy all night, which bothers me more than usual because of our dead and dying trees near the house and power lines. We lost power for a moment last night, which is also scary because of the cold we are having.

Anita, I started to read what you said about Downton Abby and then realized you were giving away the story that I had taped and not yet seen. :lol:

So, what’s up with you fuddy duddies that you aren’t watching Downton Abby? Is it the romance? :lol:

The sun is showing it’s glow on the horizon and threatening the wind to cease. I am grateful. I now see we had a light coating of snow last night. It is 20 F and about to get very cold for the next several days. Only light flurries expected.
I bought lumber yesterday and I’ll spend time in my shop building things. :)

01-20-2013, 08:04 AM
So, what’s up with you fuddy duddies that you aren’t watching Downton Abby? Is it the romance?

Schmaltz...... Bill.....and I don't mean the rendered Goose fat either!


**probably the same reason that we have not been to the cinema together since 1974***

Ellen in Ont
01-20-2013, 09:01 AM
:wave: everyone,
This is the one week in Jan every year when the temps never get over -20. :rolleyes: the windchill right now is -39 and it won't get any warmer today.

I decided to get my flu shot at work the other day. I don't usually get them but it is a bad flu season this year and I don't want to bring home anything to Max from work.

Char - besides the flu there are a few versions of Norovirus going around. Sounds like that is what you all have. The problem with that virus is that there are so many stains of it, you don't get an immunity just because you have had one. You and Ted could also get the one Matt has so wipe down common surfaces with bleach in water to avoid getting each others as much as possible. The virus also stays on surfaces for days. :( I hope you all start feeling better soon.

Welcome to our new Gail and Pat. You will soon find out how addictive the site is. :D

I am going to have a bite to eat and then dress up Brian to pose for ref photos for my next painting. I couldn't find what I needed in the ref library. I haven't told him yet. :D we are also filling out the paperwork for his passport today. The rest of us have ours.

Enjoy the weekend, stay warm or cool as needed and try to avoid those viruses everyone.

01-20-2013, 09:13 AM
Good Morning Everyone!!

40km ice cold wind blowing:eek:

Good thing I made arrangements for my scrabble buddies to come here this afternoon, that way I don't have to leave the house:smug:

Had an inpromptu request to babysit the grands last night so son and DIL could go to the movies. They very rarely do. Grands and I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks and three episodes of Glee:rolleyes: Kids swear they can understand every word of what the chipmunks say :confused: :confused: :lol:

Annie :clap: :clap: about the rain!!!!! :crossfingers: for more.

Also watching Downton Abbey:)

Geoff, must benice to travel all over Europe without a passport, even nicer, one could work all over Europe without a work permit.

Anita, if I woke up that early I wouldn't know what to do with myself, would feel like evening all over again.

Doug, I guess it would bankrupt England if they had to buy all this snow removal equipment. With these changes in weather they eventually might have to.

Welcome to Gail(2)!! What a coincidence to have two Gail's from almost the same area.

Hi Lulu!!!

Breakfast time.

Edit: Ellen, what are you turning poor Brian into????

:wave: Uschi

01-20-2013, 09:17 AM
Einen schönen Nachmittag!
Muss meine Augen etwas entspannen von konzentrierten schauen auf den
Monitor. Eine Webseite musste neu installiert werden und das hat einige
Stunden gedauert.
Jetzt bin ich fertig und freue mich auf den Nachmittagskaffee mit altem Gebäck
und Lebkuchen von Weihnachten. Sparsam geht die Welt zugrunde.
Haben Sie auch noch etwas in "Reserve"?
Anschließend gibt es einen kleinen Spaziergang um die Kalorien zu eliminieren.
Noch einen angenehmen Tag!

A nice afternoon!
Must my eyes relax a bit of concentrated look at the monitor. A website
had to be reinstalled and that has some lasted for hours.
Now I am ready and looking forward to the afternoon coffee with old
pastries Gingerbread and of Christmas. Sparingly is perishing the world.
They also have something else in "reserve"?
Then there is a small walk around the calories to eliminate.
Still a nice day!


01-20-2013, 09:52 AM
Hiya... It's a little colder and quite windy here in the SW of Ontario... no snow predicted till tomorrow.

We're all still down and out. Matt went to work and got sent home. I'm glad about that, but poor thing does need the hours. Ted is sleeping and I'm in the recliner because it's easier to breathe sitting up. My cold has finally moved into my chest. I slept my life away all day yesterday... :( It could be worse, so we really shouldn't complain.

:clap: for a little rain, Annie!

Lulu, for some reason I can't find the listing for Downton Abbey on our system... I did see the first episode, but now don't know what day or time it airs... :(

Hi Doug and Geoff... Our passports are valid for 5 years. The price has almost doubled and it's now $120... Mine has to be renewed this year.

Hi Anita... You sure had a busy day! Too bad you can't get a good night's sleep...

Hi Bill... perhaps you're going to have to hire a tree service to remove those big limbs...

Ellen, I think that we've been sharing, too... OMG... what are you dressing Brian up AS??? I can't wait to see this!

Hi Uschi... are you playing scrabble at the house? I :lol: about having to sit through Alvin...

Ernst, finishing up all those leftover cookies is a difficult job... but someone has to do it! :)

Welcome to the Wash NewGail! How neat that you live so close to Gail (I didn't have the heart to call her OldGail)...

I think I'll have a cup of green tea with lemon and honey... I hope you all have the very best possible day! :grouphug:

01-20-2013, 10:21 AM
Good morning all! It is a beautiful sunny, windy day in Penn. We have had some really hard gusts this morning. The wind was so great that it caught my barbecue and upset it. I had to go out and pick it up. Must have been a good gust as my barbecue is a pretty heavy one by Webber. We are at 40 F and they say that there is a bit of snow for the next couple of days.

The onion soup that I made was pretty good. I should dig up my recipe for Hungarian Mushroom Soup and make it next Friday or Saturday. Mmmmm....

I am waiting for 9:00 P.M. to roll around (it couldn't come too soon) so that I can watch Downton Abbey. Anita, Uschi and Bill, I am so glad that I am not the only one that watches it. I love Doc Martin! He seems to be such a fish out of water with his social skills. But I see that he is starting to warm to the town and town with him. I laughed so had when he was "lost" in the woods. He just needs to relax a bit.

Will be working on my painting and have to start getting my sales tax ready to submit this morning and afternoon. First the taxes and then painting. I really dislike book work; I really would rather be painting.

Hugs to all that are under the weather. I understand that the coughing just lingers for a bit. I am down with the stuff as well.

Well, the kittens, Smudge and Isis, are much too quiet. Better go see where they are and what they are up too. Isis marches to her own drummer and her sister, Smudge, follows along a bit. Simba, is being good and sleeping in the sun. He is 13 and he will just watch them.. Isis is a bit of a hussy and doesn't leave Simba alone sometimes. I have a bit of a circus around here.

Hope everyone has a great day.

01-20-2013, 10:32 AM
Char...UK full adult passport valid for 10 years is £72.50 (USD$115.00)..if you were born before 1929 it is free.

Yes Uschi...it is great to travel freely.


01-20-2013, 10:37 AM
for some reason I can't find the listing for Downton Abbey on our system... I did see the first episode, but now don't know what day or time it airs... :(

Char, VISION TV is currently running the first season of Downton Abbey, this will immediately be followed by the second season and then immediately by the third - Wednesday's at 9:00 p.m.

PBS is presently running the third season (Sunday evening). I think tonight is the 4th episode of Season 3.

So sorry this cold/flu/virus has impacted your whole family so badly. Get better quickly!!!

Ernst, "sparsam" ist gut wenn es um das Gebaeck essen geht:lol: Weil es in english kein "Sie" gibt, ausser das sehr altmodische "Thou" sind wir alle per Du. Also ein Baily's zum Bruderschaft drinken:thumbsup: :lol: (Sparingly is good when it comes to eating baked stuff. Since we no longer address each other with Thou in the english language we all address each other as You. Drinking a Baily's for brotherhood)

For those of you not familiar with this "drinking for Brotherhood" . In the german language, unless you know someone very well, people address each other with the formal Thou. When people are ready to switch to the informal You, they do it with a drink and arms hooked around each other and you drink to "Brotherhood". Ernst is addressing us with the "Thou", that is why I mentioned this.

Hi Pat, sounds like a prett y good day for you!!!

:wave: Uschi

01-20-2013, 10:51 AM
Good morning all!
Sceamingly sunny here and headed for 60, and in the mid 60s the rest of the week. The garlic is looking good and about 20 inches tall. (softnecks)

All the sickies, I really feel for you. 5 weeks. Give the plague a solid 5 weeks. The cough, short breath, and exhaustion lasts and lasts.

Hubby and the Boy and the other scouts working on the hiking merit badge have another 10 mile hike tomorrow. I planned a 10 mile route through and around town as it is MLK day and Montgomery is HUGELY historic in that era as well as the civil war. So they'll be off sight seeing and walking and walking and walking.

A couple of pelicans planned for the watercolour table today. I need to find a good reference for some seagrass critters and work on them as well. The motivation is there, now to find the energy.

Dinner....hmmmm either Lutheran chicken sandwhiches or egg and cheese souffle. Decisions, decisions.........

01-20-2013, 10:57 AM
:wave: Good day all! sunny and cold here, not going anywhere. Major house organization coming up, have been just letting things go over the holidays and reality has struck :lol: If I were adhering to my Scottish roots I would have had everything spick and span for Jan 1....

Char, I sent you a PM re Downton. Sorry about the viral persistence, :crossfingers: it's gone soon.

Lulu, I think we had that special between Christmas and New Years, now we have Season 3. My eyes were damp too!

I am pretty thrilled with the results of my new way of eating, 10 lb. off since Jan 1, and I don't have any cravings....in fact, I don't even want a cookie, and baked goods were my downfall. It is an interesting community of people, like here they come from all over the world, and like here, everyone is very supportive.

Bill, in case you didn't see my last post yesterday, I watch these programs on WNED out of Buffalo, in general they have a great lineup on weekends....except for I, Claudius....can't handle that one!

Annie, rain :thumbsup:

I hope you all have a rewarding day :clap:

01-20-2013, 11:11 AM
Good morning everyone!
Thanks so much for the many welcomes - I am so happy to be here.....

It is very cold here in Newmarket today, -20 or something like that with the wind chill....and I must venture out later today to visit my daughter and my Mom. It is snowing some as well, so the drive isn't going to be pleasant. Maybe it will let up before I have to go.... much rather be curled on the couch with a good book, my cats, and a glass of wine.... :cat:

I hope everyone not feeling well will be feeling better soon - lots of flu and "bugs" going around this year it seems.

I'm slow onto Downton Abbey - awaiting Seasons 1 and 2 DVD to be restocked into the stores so I can watch everything from the beginning. My daughter was going to buy them for me for Christmas but all stores out of stock - so I have a gift certificate to buy when they come in....it's been quite a sensation this Downton - can't wait to start watching.....

Have a good day everyone - stay warm in Canada, US and UK .... and cool Down Under....

01-20-2013, 11:33 AM

OOPS---didn't mean to let something out about Downton. I think they show last weeks episode before this weeks on PBS.

It has already been on the internet that the man who plays Matthew will be leaving at the end of the season and I caught something last week online that I hope does not happen but will not say.

I'm thinking of getting a bunch of friends together to watch the last episode together.

Can't believe that Char and family are still so sick. Sure hope you guys feel better soon.


Scene Chaser
01-20-2013, 11:37 AM

01-20-2013, 11:58 AM
Good Morning all,
It is almost quarter to 12 noon here in bright, sunny, COLD Oakwood. It is deceptive because it looks so nice, but when you are out in it, it is very chilly.

Larry and I have gone shopping and I'll be making a pot roast for our Sunday dinner this afternoon. Love a flavorful pot roast made with beef chuck pieces, potatoes, carrots, celery, onions and lots of gravy!!! :D

I am really enjoying Downton Abbey. We've watched all the different seasons and are now on Season 3. Love the clothes and the settings. Saw Ralph Lauren in a brief segment intro, so I guess he is doing the clothing designs. :thumbsup: to him if he is. Compare those gorgeous gowns the ladies in Downton wear with the cheap trashy ones our "stars" were falling out of at the Golden Globes and Academy Awards ceremonies.

Please, please, please....no spoilers about what is happening or going to happen. Some of us prefer to see the story unfold as each week comes up. ;)

Gail 2, That's a good way to do it. Get acquainted with the characters and the events from the beginning. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure. Have you checked your Library to see if they have it in? I know our library is stocking a lot of electronic media these days, although I still like them for the old fashioned king — paper books. ;)

Lynn, Sounds like you are really doing great with your diet and changing your way of eating so it will stay with you, not yo-yo up and down with your weight. :thumbsup: I wish our PBS station would play I, Claudius again. I remember watching it a long time ago. I'm fascinated with Ancient Rome and all those crazy rulers they had.

GramPat, Small world, isn't it! :lol: You live in a beautiful part of Pennsylvania. Haven't been back to Penn State in a long time, so I'm sure it is a lot different than when we were students there....Rip Engle was the football coach and Joe Paterno his assistant. That'll give you a clue how long ago it was.

Geoff, I think our U.S. passports are also good for 10 years. I've had several. I used to like the old days when they would stamp it each time you went to a different country.

Doug, I don't think our PBS is carrying the Doc Martin Show. I'll have to tell Larry to keep a look out for it.

:wave: to all, gotta go get lunch ready now. This afternoon a friend from art class and I are going up to Wright State University's Art Gallery to see a show with drawings. Don't know anything more about it, but it's always fun to look at art. ;)



01-20-2013, 12:19 PM
Sylvia, have you read any of Colleen McCullough's books about ancient Rome? She writes very well, and then there's Lindsay Davis and her books about the detective in the time of Julius Cesar....love them! Enjoy the gallery :)

01-20-2013, 12:39 PM
:wave: to all and a special :wave: to the new Gail. You aren't that far from me either:thumbsup:

(((hugs to all those with nasty viruses))) I'm still under the weather after blacking out on Thursday so am taking things easy.

very curious to know what you are up to Ellen:) Hope Brian was a willing model. I've been trying for ages to get James to model but he is very reluctant :rolleyes:

going to try to do some painting now. I'm near the end of a painting at its calling me to be finished :evil: Good job its a small one, easier to balance on my lap on the sofa :)


01-20-2013, 01:11 PM
So has anyone noticed the signpost in the first episode of the third season of Downton? It shows the direction and miles to Ripon and Thirsk. For those who haven't started season three keep an eye out! Hope that's not too much of a spoiler.

Ona I love your new double portrait.

Char we could do as the Girl Scouts -- Gold Gail and Silver Gail and Gold Pat and Silver Pat -- as in :music: "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold." :music: :D So sorry you are all down with the crud.

Welcome Silver Pat and Silver Gail! :lol:

Okay I'll bite Caryl -- What's the difference between a regular chicken sandwich and a Lutheran chicken sandwich? Don't tell me it goes to church on Sunday.

MMMmmmm Ernst -- gingerbread dunked in coffee. MMMMMmmmmmm. I may have to go buy Trader Joe's gluten free ginger snaps. Must resist.

Uschi thanks for the explanation. I couldn't understand Alvin and the chipmunks even when I was a kid. Same goes for Donald Duck. I never liked his cartoons for that reason. Daffy on the other hand was my favorite! "The Scarlet Pumpernickel" -- the best.

Yesterday saw "Silver Linings Playbook." What a wonderful movie!! Highly recommend it.

Well it's hot here. We had such beautiful weather for awhile. High 30's F at night, high 50's F to about 60F day time. Now it's gone up into the 80's!!! I am not ready for this. I don't want another spring and summer like last year. I am going to have to think about buying an air conditioner or two. (one for living room, one for bedroom). Bummer.

Judy -- BIG game today! Go 49ers!!!!!!

Well must get the day going before I plop on the sofa for the big game. :D

HAWLTAIN and :wave: :wave: to all on the way.


01-20-2013, 01:24 PM
Hello everyone.

The wind was just howling when Larry and I went to bed at 1:30 am. We watched the Detroit Redwings lose their first hockey game; it's the first time in 55 years that they got shut out in their first game of the season.:rolleyes: Then we put in a movie that turned out to be a 3 hour movie! So we had to watch the whole thing.;)

The wind sounded like a freight train; at first I thought it was a helicopter flying low. We had our power flicker but never actually lost it. There were many people though who have the same power company who are still without it.

It's VERY COLD with some light wind today and will be frigid until Thursday. I'm hoping for NO storms next weekend as we are going to go up to see my Mom. If there are ANY storms predicted we are not going. I don't like traveling in the winter when the roads are icy. It's just not worth the hazards.

Our passports cost $110.00 (good for 10 years) and the United States Postal Services charged us $40.00 each for our pictures and a "passport fee.":confused: So it was a pretty costly day.

I never got a chance to paint yesterday but plan to today. We went to three grocery stores and stocked up on specials they were having.

We are having roasted chicken for dinner tonight; and I think the girls will come over; they usually come for Sunday dinner. Sometimes Jen and Matt come too but lately they've been staying home which is okay as then we can spend some quality time with Kaitlyn and Kelsea and see what's new in their world. I miss my Klaira time though; I haven't seen here since last Sunday.

It's just starting to flurry here a bit; we'll probably get just enough to make the roads slippery for work travel in the morning.

I'd LOVE to watch Downtown Abbey but it wouldn't appeal to Larry; he'd record it for me but I'd have to go back and watch all the seasons and I just don't know when I'd have time to watch them.

I'm sending hugs and healing vibes to all in need; and hope you all will start to feel better soon.:grouphug: It's a bad flu season this year and whenever we go out we are careful to wash our hands very thoroughly when we get home.

HAPPY SUNDAY to you all.:wave: :heart:

Wind Song
01-20-2013, 01:46 PM
Hi Everyone:wave:

The weather outside is frightful!

I can't see the school from the back deck!


Have a great one!

01-20-2013, 01:52 PM
We had something like this in Maine when we were stationed there, but this is really awful . Son was an infant and we went home to CT. for Christmas , Had to stop at a base nearby and had no crib, so we put in a drawer. Louie was AWOL , no phones to caall in to our base ! We returned next morning and could not get to our door .
Take a look. I can never complain about snow again ,I think !:wink2:
A friend just returned from Belarusse and said he was so glad to be back to Ct., because the snow was horrendous there . He grew up with it too . I thought he was exaggerating , He wasn't .
June:) :wave:

01-20-2013, 01:53 PM
Hello, everyone. Quite a bit of snow here since yesterday. I don't think it has stopped all day today. Our daughters came over for lunch, and built a couple of snowmen in the back garden.


This is my elder daughter (with her creation), and we're hoping to be able to go to her university graduation ceremony this week. It will be my first outing since a spot of brain surgery in mid December, so I'm keeping fingers crossed that the snow is gone before the big day. Though I will be wearing a hat in any case! :lol: It sounds as if a great number of washers have been affected by the dreaded lurgy. I hope you all recover quickly, and please keep all germs safely confined! Coughing is not recommended in this house at the moment. :eek: :eek:

01-20-2013, 01:54 PM
Good Morning everyone,

Weather is going to be beautiful today, but tonight a new Blue Norther blows in. Such is winter in Texas.

Yesterday, I cleaned the house. Just a few more tiny chores to do, and I can sit back and watch the football playoffs. While doing that, I have a mountain of paperwork to go through. I also have to balance three checking accounts, and set up my budget for the rest of the year. Boring but necessary. Vacation is almost over.:(

Char, I hope that you and the family get well soon. Sleep is the best medicine.

Welcome to all the new members!

Must get dressed and go visit Mom. Everyone have a wonderful day!

01-20-2013, 02:00 PM
Hi to All

I have been sleeping a lot since Friday because of this lung infection, fed up lying around

Ona, please take it easy

Downtown , midwives and all that suff, they are womans shows, are they not :evil:

Unfortunatly 4 people were killed by an avalanche in Glencoe yesterday, it is such a dangerous and unpredictable place, but people will insist on hill climbing in the middle of winter!

Kate, good job on the snowman!

Speak later


01-20-2013, 02:07 PM
(((Kate))) now that was serious. I wish you a complete recovery.


01-20-2013, 02:10 PM
So has anyone noticed the signpost in the first episode of the third season of Downton? It shows the direction and miles to Ripon and Thirsk.


Ona, also love your poirtrait!!

Lynn, I'm not going on a diet but am curious, which one are you following?? and :clap: :clap: for you!!!!

I am also enjoying Downton Abbey but oh my God are these people stuck up:eek: Which reminds me, Watched "the Royals" on Doc Zone, a very good Canadian

sorry, they are here

01-20-2013, 02:18 PM
@=Uschi Weil es in english kein "Sie" gibt, ausser das sehr altmodische "Thou" sind wir alle per Du.
Also ein Baily's zum Bruderschaft drinken.

Vielen Dank Uschi! Ja man tut sich manchmal sehr schwer mit der
Anrede. In einem deutschen Forum einer Zeitung wird großer Wert
darauf gelegt mit "SIE" angesprochen zu werden.
Ich werde mich hier in Zukunft bemühen, mit einem freundlichen
"DU" zu antworten!
Auf diesen Schreck wird es nicht bei einem Baily's zum Bruderschaft
trinken bleiben - Du kennst sicher den Spruch: Auf einem Bein kann
man nicht lange stehen!
Prost ich heiße Ernst!
Thank you Uschi! Yes you are doing sometimes very difficult with the
Information Salutation. In a German newspaper a forum is great value
laid out with "THEY" to be addressed.
I will try this in the future, with a friendly "YOU" replies!
In this fright is not a Baily's for Fraternity of drink Me - You surely
know the saying on one leg can you can not stand long enough!
My name is Ernst Prost!

Heute im Abendprogramm gibt es zwei herrliche Krimi-Serien aus
England. Zuerst Inspector Lynley und seiner reizenden Assistentin
Havers, anschließend Inspektor Barnaby. Ich liebe ja die englische
Architektur und die Landschaften.
Today in the evening program, there are two wonderful crime series
England. First Inspector Lynley and his lovely assistant Havers, then
Inspector Barnaby. I do love the English architecture and landscapes.


01-20-2013, 02:23 PM
Sunday, The Big Game day, (not Cal & Stanford) I do not plan to watch it, I find it stressful, besides I figure it will be a good day to do some shopping (nothing exciting mostly paper products)
Just saw the President take the oath of office, the big one will be tomorrow, but nice to know it's legal.

JOY JOY JOY! DD and her lovely Mother-in-law have just invited me to go shopping with them :clap:

My son gave me the Downtown Abbey set for Christmas, but I have not set aside time to watch it yet, do watch Doc Matin when we catch it, Jack LOVES it and got hooked when we lived in the UK I really only miss the This Morning show, with the lovely Phil and QI and the equally lovely Steven Fry, that I consider an education as well as a hoot!

mustache, please :crossfingers: for the 49ers :heart:

01-20-2013, 02:46 PM
[QUOTE=Lulu, I think we had that special between Christmas and New Years, now we have Season 3. My eyes were damp too!


Lynn, no this was the second Christmas special, after Season 3.
Not saying nuthink! lol except to say that I was hoping to see Geoff at the Thirsk picnic:lol: :lol:

((((Kate)))) :heart:

Another sister coming to stay tonight:thumbsup:

01-20-2013, 03:15 PM
Lynn, no this was the second Christmas special, after Season 3.
Not saying nuthink! lol except to say that I was hoping to see Geoff at the Thirsk picnic:lol: :lol:

Didn't get an invite!...and it is only 10 minutes away...been there today to buy a battery charger.


Scene Chaser
01-20-2013, 03:32 PM
Ernst, I like Inspector Barnaby, also. It is called Midsommer Mysteries here. Some great English architecture in the scenes.

01-20-2013, 03:35 PM

My Brother in northern Thailand has taken there images of bugs, thought you would like to see them



Island Nipper
01-20-2013, 03:56 PM
Hi everyone.
Nice bugs Henry.
Bill, Doc Martin is written by Dominic Minghella, the brother of Anthony ( The English Patient) who tragically died in 2008. Their mother Gloria Minghella Established the Isle of Wight Motor Neurone Association (ALS), as well as being one of the First Lady prison visitors in the country her services were recognised when she was honoured by the Queen. The family have made and sold fantastic ice cream on the Island for many years.
I hope to be able to get up and be normal again tomorrow and who knows might paint. Hurrah.
Back to ZZZZ's love and light to everyone.

01-20-2013, 04:11 PM
There are female screams coming from the lounge, bew series of that Midwife thing!!

Sylvia, yes having stamps in passports are rare in Europe now with no borders. I remember we had a day in Alaska when we went into the Yukon and somewhere outside Dawson the guide said the library would stamp passports for a small fee.....there was a long queue of mainly American ladies there. Oddly enough many were the same ladies who went round China & Japan buying cans if beer ' that we can't get at home!'


01-20-2013, 04:28 PM
RE Lutheran Chicken.....
sorry about that :) There is a Lutheran church 14 houses from my mom's house. EVERY event they have the ladies of the Lutheran Church make Lutheran Chicken Sandwhiches. They cook chicken breast meat all morning with a small amount of onion, pepper and salt and a little broth. Then they shred the chicken finely and then serve it very wet on white dinner rolls. YUM!

Alas, we are instead having American spaghetti (meat sauce mixed into spiral noodles) and garlic bread.

Tomorrow we will have Lutheran Chicken :D

01-20-2013, 06:04 PM
Sylvia Ralph Lauren didn't design the tcostumes for Downton Abby. He's one of the sponsors of Masterpiece Theatre. He's sort of ripped off the idea of the period costumes for his new collection. These commercials on PBS really annoy me.

Wow June that's some snow!

Henry great photos. They would make great paintings.

The 49ers just won the game Judy. It was a very exciting game!!!!! They came back from 17 points down to win.
:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :thumbsup:

Don't if you can tell I'm excited? :lol:


01-20-2013, 06:14 PM
:clap: :clap: :clap: The 49ers are going to the Super Bowl:clap: :clap: :clap:
(by the skin of their teeth)
I was there for the last 15 minutes of the game a real nail biter.

Us "girls" had a lovely time shopping and had lunch at Noodles & Company

Even the sun came out.

01-20-2013, 06:42 PM

The snooker World Championships are on and it's just as exciting!


01-20-2013, 06:51 PM
Mark Selby has just won in a terrific final frame.


01-20-2013, 07:11 PM
Hi all,

Home again....weather wasn't as bad as I'd feared for my afternoon travels....still *#@% cold though!! :( Sitting here now though drinking a glass of red wine, waiting for my roasted chicken and veggies to finish up...yum

Ona! Another neighbour! Perhaps even closer in distance than Gold Gail. Isn't it amazing to join a site like this and meet people so close to home....and so far away too! :wave:

Henry, those bugs are simply.....well, buggy! EEK! :eek: I'm very much into photography as well, so amazing photos!

Should go - have to get settled onto the couch for the Sunday night TV watching, although not much is on these days on Sunday evenings - hoping some shows will start up again soon.....but, TV time is knitting time and I'm knitting a blankey for my grandson on the way in May so must work on that!

Back to work tomorrow, so hoping weather stays at bay for the driving. Get well to everyone under the weather! And all have a great Monday!

Silver Gail :wink2:

01-20-2013, 08:15 PM
Sharon, a white out...we have no snow to speak of.

June, now THAT is a TON of snow!:eek: Ugh...it'd take until June for it to melt.:confused:

It's now 18F here! By morning they are saying 1F. BRRR.

There isn't much on TV tonight; Larry has watched football all day and I've painted; while doing some laundry. We have had a nice dinner just the two of us. The girls ended up not coming over; they said they weren't allowed to.
I miss them.:(

Back to work tomorrow after a quiet but pleasant weekend. We talked for a bit to Josh; he was walking the doggies at the dog park in his sweatshirt; it's 58F there! :envy:

(((Kate))) I'm glad you are home now from your surgery and what a neat pic of your daughter and her creation.:thumbsup:

Well gotta go see if my washes are dry; I'm painting a floral now.:thumbsup:

Good evening.:wave:

01-20-2013, 08:41 PM
Good Evening everyone,

Wonderful visit with my mother. She is in a great mood, and we laughed so hard when I told her about our trip. At the end, I had to turn on the light and look at her lip. It looked black and blue. Mystery solved, she ate a grape lollipop. I thought she had a new disease! Her only problem is extreme itching again.

I made grilled chicken wings for dinner, a big salad, and baked french fries. It was very yummy. We had to run back to the market to buy chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and cherries. I just made homemade chocolate milk shakes. Messy process, but so good. (Milk, chocolate ice cream, and chocolate syrup blended. Then whipped cream and a cherry on top.) I am very low on Vitamin D, and I have been craving milk shakes.

Congratulations to San Francisco!

Now I have to tackle all the paperwork.

Hugs and white light to those in need.

01-20-2013, 08:52 PM
Good evening Painter Pals... So, I've slept my life away yet again today... I did, however, manage to get my laundry done and out of the way... Matthew slept most of the day as well... Ted ran out to get a few groceries for us... milk, bread and such.

I called my Students and cancelled both my Classes tomorrow. Two of my Students were grateful because they've been sick, too...

I thought about painting... :)

Henry, I love bugs... they're so magnificently coloured and textured... I sure hope you get to feeling better soon!

It's good to see you here Nipper...

Thanks for your help Lynn and Uschi... Downton Abbey is listed on PBS as Masterpiece Classic... :rolleyes:

The snow photos are looking cold and wintery!

Kate, I sure hope you're able to attend your daughter's graduation...

June, when I was 10 or 11 years old, our snow banks reached almost as high as the telephone wires... Dad took photos but I don't know what happened to them. Now, we have more green grass than snow.

Caryl... reminds me of chicken and sliders that I'm now craving...

G'nite buds... I need to take something for my fever...

01-20-2013, 10:12 PM
So the 49ers will be playing the Baltimore Ravens, interesting note, there will be 2 brothers playing also, one for the Niners, and one for the Ravens.
Should be iteresting.

01-20-2013, 10:16 PM
Yes Darla and Kay , more than I have ever seen before.

01-20-2013, 10:27 PM
Well that posted before I even hit the Button !!!!!:eek: :eek:
Char , I also recall Real snow as a child . Now it is green grass all the time here too ,even now ,with just a smattering of snow. Can't get used to this, it disturbs me so much . I worry that we will lose our Pine trees eventually , they need winter snow .
You must rest , You know sleep is the healer of all things, so do yourself a favor and rest up now .You drive yourself enough for 6 people.
You will heal up faster if you relax and drink your Orange juice and sleep when you feel the need . It 's probably an enforced Rest -Up for the 3 of you.
Dr June:evil: :evil: :evil: :wink2: :wave: