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01-18-2013, 12:44 AM
Thought I'd check in and leave Geoff to sleep in.

Those frosty pictures were really pretty and Sylvia your sunset was spectacular!

Caryl you are naughty :lol: Love your gallery shots.

Hope you are getting better whatever the culture or accent, Henry. A cough in Hindi is the same as in Scottish.

Hot again today and dry. I haven't mowed lawns all summer. Normally mowing is my complaint for this time of year. Bushfires (http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-01-18/bushfire-threatens-gippsland-towns/4470274?WT.svl=news0) are burning now in Victoria. Mum is a long way away and very close to the great southern fire break. Read Ninety mile beach.

Starting to get jittery here. Abnormally dry summer and normally dry winter adds up to jitters.

Sorry, feel a bit down. Day went as usual. Dump, shopping, home and housework. Drew out a new painting but no pigment applied. Garden despondent. I'm not planting anything more until we get some rain.

:wave: BBL


01-18-2013, 01:13 AM
Morning Annie

Thanks for opening up,I did have nearly 5 straight hours sleep,wish I knew how!

Snow not yet arrived here so off to see my Mother lunchtime then spme of Eileens family


01-18-2013, 02:05 AM
It was hot today. Humid too, and the smoke from all the fires, has given me a headache, and a sore throat.

Bill, the tomato bush has gone. It is too hot for it now, and that tomato was the last. Oh well. I bet the critters really enjoyed it. :D

I have planted another row on Chard seedlings in there, as I eat a lot of chard!

Tania comes home tomorrow. I am excited!

01-18-2013, 02:40 AM
Good morning all. Just a covering of snow here but more expected today.

Hope you get some rain soon Annie, it's getting serious!


01-18-2013, 03:15 AM
Doug, when Hoppy the maimed scrub turkey has to see off a magpie for his banana (yes he is a boy so his maiming is doubly awful. I've seen his girls) things are getting worrying. Three refills of the birdbaths. And the lower to gound critter trough with the charming tree frog on it. Concete of course.

Geoff, glad you slept longly.

JJ the chard should last you all summer.Pick a leaf here or there as the dinner dictates, let the plant grow and make new ones. Fresh stuff forever. Stays fresher in the ground than the fridge.

Got to rise from torpor and cook dinner. Husband home and I love him. So I will cook! :lol:

01-18-2013, 03:34 AM
Yes, Annie, I do leave it in the ground, and just pick leaves. It is just that I do eat a lot of it.. :D

I have a lower to the ground critter trough too, well not so much a trough, as a huge pot plant base on an upturned pot. Possums love it, and the great big ole raven bathes in it. The other birdbath is used by the lorri's and the minors.

What would kill a pigeon, by ripping it's head off, and pecking at it? :eek:

01-18-2013, 03:37 AM
Cat? Crows only peck dead stuff .. Or soon to be dead.

01-18-2013, 03:47 AM
Guten Morgen!
Darf man hier auch etwas Werbung machen in eigener Sache -
oder muss man beim "Wash-Thread" Mitglied sein?
Ich lese hier immer von Hitze und Sommer und ich ersticke im
Schnee. Ich biete allen hier jede Menge kostenlos Schnee an,
soviel Sie wollen und soviel Sie tragen können.
Sie müssen nur den Transport organisieren und bezahlen.
Gleich gehe ich raus um mein Königreich von der weißen Last
zu befreien.
Hat übrigens schon jemand den Frühling gesehen?
Einen schönen Tag wünsche ich Ihnen!

Good morning!
Can we make this a little in-house advertising - or
when you have to "wash-thread" to be a member?
I am reading more heat and summer and I'm suffocating
in snow. I offer all this for free at a lot of snow, much as
you want and take as much as you can.
Soon I'm going out of my kingdom from the white load to
You must arrange and pay for only the transport.
Incidentally someone already seen the spring?
Have a nice day to you!


01-18-2013, 03:49 AM
Cat? Crows only peck dead stuff .. Or soon to be dead.Cat? The only cat brave enough to venture into my yard, is a very well fed tortie from next door. She is old, and hasn't been here in ages.

Ernst, I will take your snow, ship it on over. :D

For those of you who love architecture, have a look at this. The 50 Most Amazing University Libraries in the World (http://www.bestmastersprograms.org/50-amazing-university-libraries/)

Cooling down now, a delicious 28C A friend just told me it was 46degC in Sydney today.:eek:

01-18-2013, 04:22 AM
Ernst WELCOME to the wash. :heart: I'll just stop talking about hot until tomorrow, Cool breeze and darK now. I've been missing from the gallery, but I have say, I LOVE your work and dedication.:thumbsup:

01-18-2013, 05:17 AM
Good morning washers
Feeling slightly better after almost 36 hrs of sleep with only a couple of short 'feed the cat' breaks.

Hi Doug, Hi Geoff.
JJ, Chard = yum yum. Chard chips = double yummy yum yum.
Hello, Ernst. We have been lucky here in Manhattan so far - two serious snow predictions both totally missed us.
Annie, :crossfingers: for your Mum, and thinking COOL for you.

I have a ton of work to do today, but please dont ask me how it will get done while still feeling sluggish. Painters coming tomorrow (Sat.) morning to give the apartment a nice sprucing up. I need to pack up the books and take down the verticals - 14 feet of blinds covering the glass wall and door to the terrace. Just saying that has made my arthritis kick in (shoulders). Ow.

Ok. No pity party. Time to think about moving it along. Note I am still only in 'thinking about it' stage, but it's a start.

See ya later,

01-18-2013, 05:19 AM
(((Doris))) get the painters to take down the blinds.


01-18-2013, 05:50 AM
@=doppler I'll just stop talking about hot until tomorrow, Cool breeze and darK now.

Die Welt ist schon verrückt Anne, Sie leiden unter Hitze
und Trockenheit und hier herrscht Regen, Schnee und Kälte!
Wir würden gerne ein paar Grad rüberschicken.
Das Desaster auf dem australischen Kontinent verfolge ich täglich auf TV.
Diese Temperaturen kann man sich bei uns nicht vorstellen, hier kollabieren
die Menschen in Serie schon bei 86 F.
Wie sieht die Versorgung mit Trinkwasser aus, ist das in Ordnung?
The world is crazy Anne, you are suffering from heat and drought, and here
there is rain, snow and cold!
We would be happy to send over a few degrees.
The disaster on the Australian continent, I follow every day on TV.
These temperatures can be thought of us not here to collapse people already
in the series at 86 F.
What is the supply of drinking water, that's fine?


01-18-2013, 06:08 AM
Hi folks - I am back
with Dougs support (thanx) and a new PC I was able to log in again :wave:

01-18-2013, 06:29 AM
Lovely day here..no fog no new snow (yet) and really bright sunshine but obviously still very cold...by UK standards anyway......

Claire, as part of her multi-present Christmas gave us a voucher for £30 ($48.00) Meat Pack from a butchers on Teesside ( good present from a veggie isn't it!)...so that has to be collected today, will be interesting to see what we get.


Scene Chaser
01-18-2013, 06:42 AM
Good Day All,
It is 15 F, -9 C, with a little snow last night.
Like Ernst says, the world is upside down. Good to read you on the Wash, Ernst.

Annie, JJ, I’m getting worried for Australia.

JJ, a cat would chew off a bird’s head. What else, I do not know.

Doris, can’t someone please help you? You may relapse having not yet recovered.

Egon, I’ve wondered where you had gone. Welcome back.

Needless to say, I’ll be staying in the house today unless my tree removal service finally comes today.

01-18-2013, 07:08 AM
I think Australia is a little worried too, Bill.

01-18-2013, 08:32 AM
Good Morning all,
It is almost 8:30 a.m. on a bright morning here in Oakwood, temps are going to drop through the day getting colder. Brrrrr.

Picked up my paintings that didn't get juried into the Works on Paper Show yesterday. Looked at the rest of the works that missed out too and I was in some pretty nice company. Can't wait to see the ones that made it when the Show opens. There were some amazing 3-D paper sculptures hanging on wires like a Calder piece of art. Can't imagine how long they took and the patience needed to cut them and form them. :cool:

Geoff, Happy meat shopping. What a nice present your daughter gave you, especially since she doesn't eat meat. :angel:

Doris, Needs must, eh. Hope you can get the blinds down and books packed and then take a loooooong nap or at least a rest time. Get well soon. Shame Louis can't help out with the work, eh. ;)

Ernst, Welcome to The Wash! No subscription required, just stop in and tell us what you are up to and how your day is going. :D

Since there are so many Swiss Chard afficianadoes here, I thought I'd share this family recipe. It is one of our favorite ways to have this tasty vegetable and has the benefit of being very healthy for you. Enjoy!

Swiss Chard Soup from Sylvia Dugan

2 tablespoons pancetta (may substitute olive oil for a vegetarian version)
1 medium onion, chopped
1 or 2 large cloves garlic, minced
1 small can tomatoes, crush with your hands
2 small potatoes, cubed
1 or 2 carrots, sliced thinly
1 large bunch of swiss chard, cut into pieces (include stems): Cut the green leaf part off the stems before cutting the stems crosswise into pieces. Stack the leafy parts and cut across the bunch into smaller pieces.
3 to 4 cups water or enough to make a nice pot of soup
1 cup rice
Parmesan Cheese

Chop the pancetta, onion, and garlic together. Add a little olive oil to the soup pot and mix in the pancetta/onion mixture. Cook over medium heat, stirring often, until the onion begins to turn brown (be careful not to let
it burn!).

Add the tomatoes and their liquid, stir and cook until some of the liquid evaporates and mixture thickens. Add the cut up carrots, swiss chard stems, and potatoes and stir and cook for a few minutes. Add the swiss chard leaves to the pot and mix to coat with the rest of the ingredients.

Cook over medium low heat about 20 minutes until the swiss chard wilts, stirring often to prevent sticking. Add water and salt and pepper to taste. Simmer about 45 minutes to an hour until carrots are tender.

Cook the rice separately in lightly salted water about 15 minutes until almost tender, then drain and add to the soup for the last 5 or 10 minutes. I use some of the rice water to thin the soup if needed.

Sprinkle each bowl of soup with Parmesan cheese when serving—do not omit this, it is an essential ingredient.

Serve with a nice loaf of Italian or French bread.

This is a soup my French Grandmother and Mother made all the time with swiss chard from the garden. Yummy and good for you.

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way.



01-18-2013, 08:33 AM
Good morning... sunny and chilly in SW Ontario... in fact, the sunrise was a magnificent splash of red and gold shimmering on leafless trees.

My throat is sore... Ted's coughing is back. We are sick again/still.

I turned American Idol on to watch last night. The Judging panel is awful and I turned the show off in favour of a PBS special about Stonehenge.

If I get to feeling better this afternoon, I'll make a quick run to town. I need to take some stuff to the Gallery. I was planning to visit my Mother, but don't want to share my germs with her.

((Annie)) The fires, heat and drought are plenty of reason to be jittering your sense of home and hearth... It's good to know that your Mom is safe... :grouphug:

Woohoo! for an almost decent night's sleep, Geoff! I like gift cards, but never thought of giving one for a meat package! What was in yours?

JJ, here I am complaining about my sore throat when all that smoke is choking everyone up in your region... :(

Hi Doug...

Welcome to the Wash, Ernst! I wouldn't mind a little bit of your snow... we're expecting some decently cold temperatures in the next few days, so we could hold onto it awhile.

Doris, pace yourself as you pack up and take down... hopefully, there's someone who can help you with those blinds.

Welcome back, Egon...

Hi Bill... is the tree removal service coming to deal with that big fallen limb?

Your soup sounds delicious, Sylvia... I'm sorry that your paintings didn't get juried in to the show... even though you're in good company, rejection is always a little hard...

I've prepped the coffee and I think I'll brew the pot... Ted is still in bed, coughing away and I suspect he'll try to lie in awhile. Matt's at work (and he's not feeling 100% either)... It's a no-tax day at the Store and he'll be overrun with Customers... In the meantime, I wish the very best possible day for everyone!

01-18-2013, 08:42 AM

I'm SO GLAD it's finally Friday; I'm ready for my weekend.:D

Even though we have nothing in particular planned it's always nice when the weekend rolls around.

I want to do some painting; finish my lighthouse painting; start an acrylic painting, work on my collage and perhaps do a quick gouache one too.:smug:

Welcome back Egon! I'm glad you have things all sorted out now.

WELCOME ERNST! It's cold here too; not much snow other than a dusting but COLD. They are saying that this coming up week we will have some of the coldest temps we've seen in TWO YEARS~!:eek: :confused: I'm glad I have the flannels on my bed.:wink2:

JJ, I'd think it was a cat; cannot think of any other animal that would kill a bird. I'm glad you like your new hose fittings so well.

Annie, praying you get some wet soon.

Bill, good idea....staying inside today.

Doug, that's all we have is a dusting too and we are only expecting a few flurries here and there; no accumulation of the white stuff.:thumbsup:

I talked to my Mom last night; she sounded very good. She's starting to feel better and we are expecting to make a trip up to see her next weekend. I have a baby shower to attend...weather permitting. I also talked to my big sister...it was a nice conversation...sure do miss her since we moved.(miss them all)

Char, YES the ticket prices have risen! :eek: Josh is paying for one of ours for us...thank goodness.;) We watched American Idol but it sure isn't what it used to be...this panel don't get along and the one I feel sorry for is Keith Urban...he is in the middle of two squabbling divas!:rolleyes:

Both Larry and I received our W2 forms (year ending totals of income) yesterday so now we can file our income taxes. Any money we get back will be put aside for our trip.

(((DORIS))) (((HENRY))) (((CHAR))) (((Anyone needing hugs and good thoughts))):heart:

Geoff have a good day "visiting family"

Caryl, I'm glad you are still wearing shorts....even if you have to wear socks with them.:lol:

Sylvia, I've never had Swiss Chard; but that soup makes me tempted to purchase some and give it a go. Sorry your painting weren't juried in; I hope you take pics to show us of the ones that did make it.

Have a GREAT DAY ONE AND ALL!:wave: :heart:

01-18-2013, 08:55 AM
Me again, with a problem - need some advice.

Yesterday, I noticed Louie's left eye seemed to be quite droopy, almost shut - but I slept most of day so I didn't get to check it out too much. Next time I looked, it seemed OK.

Today it seems less droopy, but he's blinking it a lot - and tons of mucous being secreted. Really, really a lot of it. Yesterday his ears were nice and chilly, and his nose was wet. Today not quite as cold and wet, but still would not normally be a cause for alarm to me if I hadn't noticed the eye.

Finally - and most important - there is no easy way to get him into a pet carrier for a trip to the vet. Last time I tried that, he fought so hard that I got a bad infection on my arm, so that has to be the very last resort.

Obviously, my sweet little marshmallow is only sweet when he feels safe. I can push him around/treat him, but nobody else dares get near him.

Ideas? Thoughts? Remedies?

Thanks everyone.

P.S. FYI - Louie is my cat.

01-18-2013, 08:56 AM
Also - Char and Bill - Doug said it right on the nose: Get the painter to do it. So obvious, like "Duh!"

Ellen in Ont
01-18-2013, 09:06 AM
:wave: everyone,
I only have to work 4 hours this afternoon for a nurse who has an appointment so the rest of the day is mine. We are heading uptown to do a little grocery shopping and go to a large sale that starts this morning. The city has sold the Shania Twain centre and the underground gold mine tour (remember them JJ?) to a mine that will demolish them and turn it into an open pit. So everything there is on sale. Lots of souvenirs but some good clothing as well.

Remember I got out my winter coat to walk in the -38 temps yesterday? I was too hot! :D I didn't even put my hood up. It is -36 wind chill right now but I'll wear my fall coat to go shopping.

Lynne - at the start of every winter season down coats should be fluffed up. Hold it upside down and shake and knead it to fluff up the down. I have even put mine in the drier with no heat for awhile. If it is a good quality down coat it will be like new.

Brian will be home from physio soon so I better have a bite to eat before we go. Have a good start to your weekend everyone.

01-18-2013, 09:16 AM
Doris, It sounds to me like Louie somehow scratched his eye and now it's irritated. He probably will need some antibiotic drops for it. Perhaps the vet would prescribe them WITHOUT you having to take him in. This happened to my son's dog while they were here over the Christmas break and they gave him some drops and it cleared it right up. Poor Louie.

01-18-2013, 09:32 AM
Doris, our Tuxedo is a scrapper and he gets his share of war wounds... When his eye got scratched, I bathed it with coloidal silver several times a day. It cleared up within several days... I also used it in Baby Feral's ears when he first adopted us... they were filthy with mites and he was too nervous to be taken anywhere... ultimately, he needed ear drops, but the scratching sores cleared up.

Scene Chaser
01-18-2013, 10:15 AM
Sylvia, thanks for the great recipe. I may substitute chicken broth for water and bacon bits for pancetta.
Sorry you didn’t make it into the show. There must be some fabulous works accepted. Too bad there isn’t a separate show for paintings not accepted. I bet people would be surprised at what they might have missed.

(((Char & Ted))), sorry you are ill again. It’s such a disruption to life. Thanks for explaining what quarter sheets are. I hope yours sell.
The tree service is expected here after lunch today.

Darla, I’m glad for you that it’s Friday, but to me it just interrupts my weekday routine. :lol:

Doris, I’d call the vet and ask for some advice, medication for Louie. Cold ears and wet nose are supposed to be ok, but may need a salve for the eye. What Darla said.

Ellen, we all know you are a descendent of the Eskimo. I heard Brian state once that he’d like to move south but you would have nothing to do with it. :)


01-18-2013, 11:18 AM
Ellen - I don't think I could do that anymore. Although I remember anything below -25' just all felt the same to me, it just changed how fast you could freeze to death or loose a limb or ear. I also remember taking a year to get used to it, not abandoning shorts until it hit 0'.

It took a year to get used to 130' F heat indexes here too.
Now, with nerve damage, I can't stand the cold. It actually burns like fire, cold water, cold air ugh.

only 28' when I got up today and I'm glad it's starting to warm to the 50s for the next week.

I really need to find SOMETHING to put on the board!
HENRY when are you going to show us your process?

01-18-2013, 01:15 PM
Hello wash fans,

Never got here to post yesterday. Was reading today's wash and couldn't figure out why I didn't understand half the posts until I looked at yesterday's wash and realized I'd only read two pages and now there are four!

Doris I have the same problem with my cats who were all ferals. If you can't get the vet to prescribe without seeing him -- Do you have any mobile vets where you are? -- there are ways to get them into carriers, none of them pleasant, but the more you do it the easier it becomes eventually. Just back off if you think they are going to scratch or bite. Does he like treats? My male cat will follow a treat to the end of the earth. Whiskas Temptations seem to be what they like best. Sometimes I can just throw treats in the carrier and he will go in to eat them. Then I close the door. :evil:

JJ and Annie so sorry about your heat and hte fires. I know what that is like. Stay inside to save your throat and lungs.

JJ a hawk will do that even though the pigeon may seem larger than the hawk. I was taking a walk to the post office one day, heard a noise over my head, and there was a Cooper's hawk tearing apart a pigeon while sitting on the branch of the tree overhead. They can swoop down and grab a bird in mid flight.

Sylvia that chard soup sounds delish. May try that. I'm still finishing up my vat of baby bok choy soup. Weather is heating up so I'll wait to see if it cools off again. That sky photo was fantastic. And if you painted that no one would believe it was real until you showed them the reference photo.

Caryl loved the exhibit with recipes. What a great idea for an exhibition catalogue. Your paintings are wonderful. I want to try the green tomato pie.

So sorry you're sick again Char. I did hear on the news yesterday that one of these infections going around is like that. It tends to seem like it's gone and then comes back. They described four types of infections that are going around besides the flu -- sounds like all of you have caught one or the other of them. :(

Well I had another audition yesterday, acting this time not singing. Went very well. They seemed to like it. The singing one went well, not as good as I would have liked, but okay. First one of the year -- that's always hard -- revving up again.

Oh I keep meaning to mention -- brain fog! -- for those watching Downton Abbey, did anyone see in the first episode there was a signpost in the village with directions and mileage pointing to Ripon and Thirsk? I never would have noticed but for Geoff mentioning the names in his posts. :D

So glad you were able to get five hours Geoff.

Ernst welcome to the wash.

I'l say what everyone else said and lots of HAWLTAIN for those under the weather.

:wave: :wave:


01-18-2013, 01:29 PM

Popping in before I get the tea on........as you can see it's been snowing since yesterday here - I haven't ventured out - fortunately I did the grocery shopping yesterday - phew!!


Nothing much to report from Brogan Towers - the guys are coming to remodel the bathroom for Mum in March but we are having one of them come visit before hand as there are a few things we aren't happy with.

Mum is due at the hospital on Tuesday for her pre op assessment - hopefully the snow won't cause a problem - John will take us in the black cab so we can put her in the wheelchair and straight out of the house and into the cab.

No way could she walk to the car......she is due her shoulder op on 30th this month - not sure how we will manage when she comes out but hey ho - worse things happen at sea. :thumbsup:

Have been meaning to start painting again but keep putting it off - am building up a great ref library of photos though.......lol.

Had a conversation with Mum yesterday re watching Wigan TV - its an online station that shows the Wigan Rugby matches that aren't on television. Had to explain to her that you could see it on a computer - she said she didn't have a computer so I mentioned that maybe her buying an ipad would be a good idea.

Explained what an ipad was and that she would be able to hold it on her lap to watch the rugby and I could look after it in between matches......;)

My brilliant plan didn't work - she wasn't interested........LOL.....oh well.....:(

Hoping everyone is doing ok - white light to those in need.

Well better get the tea on - it's Mum's favourite - fish and chips.....yummy!!

Waving to everyone :wave:


Pat xxx

01-18-2013, 01:42 PM
Good morning from Texas. High will be in 60s today before the next cold front arrives. :wave:

This was the first vacation where I did not worry about anyone or anything. We had a nice flight back and managed to unpack. Got on the scale this I morning and found I lost 3 pounds on the trip.

Helpful hint to all going to Vegas in the winter. Do not wear new jeans. My legs were chafed from the rough material and all the walking.

This morning, I have the pleasure of doing the laundry. I finally cleaned out the front hall closet and put a small chest of drawers in it to catch hats, scarfs, dog sweaters and coats. I also pulled out everything I do not wear. That will be dropped off on the way to see my mother.

Ellen, I freeze in the 30s even though I grew up in Chicago. I guess living in Florida and Texas has made me a sissy.

DH and Lucy just got home. One of the puppies she was playing with went after the tassels in her ears and she growled at them. She complained all the way home. I think she was telling DH all about her vacation and playmates.

JJ and Annie, I sure hope you start to get rain. We are still in a drought here, but only need six more inches of rain to fill up our lake. A few more storms, and we will be OK until summer.

01-18-2013, 02:36 PM
Hi all! Cold sunny in Vermont today. It was -2 F this morning. They are predicting -2 to -5 every night next week and days in the 10-20 range . I don't mind if it is sunny and not windy but today it is windy. Shortly I am going to go grocery shopping at Hannafords in Rutland and hate going out in the windy cold. Also have to stop at the Pet food store and Staples. Brrrr!!

I've been busy online listing things on Ebay for AL. Since I am home I might as well do something to help make money. I am really getting frustrated about not getting a job. It has been over a year since I have been out of work and it depresses me.

I guess alot of folks have been ill. The flu is rampant in the US as well as a new variety of the GI Rotovirus. Just about everyone I know has had a cold, the flu or the Gi bug. Al and I both had the cold but neither of the other 2. We both had flu shots. I dread the GI bug! I sure hope I don't get it.

Tomorrow is a Vermont Watercolor Society Board of Directors Meeting. It is 1 1/2 hrs away and starts at 9 and will run til 3PM. Long day but we have fun too in between all the business stuff. It has reallly become a large organization 245 members! We currently have a show going on at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center , an open unjuried show. I am in it. It started in Dec and runs til the middle of March. I had a doctor's appt last week and checked it out. We about 50 entries. It looks great as it is in the main hallway of the 4th floor. It gets alot of traffic. I don't know if many have sold or not, will find out at the meeting tomorrow.

Speaking of the hospital, I had an appt with the Pulmonologist. I have a new heart murmur and my provider sent me for an Echocardiogram which was questionable for a lung problem. I had pulmonary function test and labs last week and met with the specialist who feels I am ok, Thank God. However, the labs show I have significant iron deficiency anemia so now I am on an iron supplement. It seems as I get older more and more things crop up. I am so happy it wasn't a serious lung disease.

Geoff - your frost pics were beautiful!!
Sylvia - your sunset was gorgeous!

Can't answer all now as I need to get going. Will try to check in later!

Hugs to all who are ill!

Have a great day all!


01-18-2013, 03:11 PM
Good morning.

Ernst, water supply is fine. remember Brisbane was flooded two years ago so the dams are full. Up here and on many rural properties, we rely on rainwater to fill our tanks. Since there has been no rain to speak of, we buy water by the tanker load. While shopping yesterday at Samford, I noted a big line up of tankers next to the hydrant they fill from. I call the hydrant "Samford Springs" :lol:

Welcome back Egon.

:wave: To everyone else

Sun is up and there is work to do.

01-18-2013, 03:18 PM
Hi :wave: Kid free till after school, DD had the day off so she took them to school. We will have them after as ususal, Lauren has already requested pizza night, which is ususal.

Still cold but warming up slowly, speaking of cold, we will get the new freezer tomorrow :clap: I do love my fridge, but really want more space to freeze stuff in.

I have a doctors appointment today, mostly just annual check up but will mention the annoying pain in my back, right side.

Sylvia thanks for the recipe, we had chard in our back yard when I was a kid, Dad planted it there for the guinea pig, but we ate it as well.


Island Nipper
01-18-2013, 03:21 PM
Hi everyone, back in the wonderful world of the living, been exhausted. I will post when stronger, love and light to you folks.

01-18-2013, 03:57 PM
Morning all:wave:
Sunny Saturday morning here, and we are off to the gym and market soon.
Had our usual skype with the family last night and it's cold in the desert! well at least at night, getting down to 11C, dayime temps are still low to mid-20's, but it is winter there.

Love the soup recipe Sylvia, have saved it. I think chard is what we call silver beet here.

Hugs to everyone feeling sick or low. :heart:

01-18-2013, 04:36 PM
Hi all,
Glad some of you will give the soup recipe a try. Just wanted to say that those amounts are flexible, so you can add a bit more here and there or less. When I cook the rice, I only add as much as I think the soup needs and use the rest for something else. But I do like to add some of the rice cooking water to the soup for flavor. :D

Bill, I think your substitutions will work fine. My Nonna and my Mom used fatback but I can't find it anywhere. So then I tried salt pork and it was OK, but now I can get pancetta at the deli where I buy my lunch meats and I like that better.

Lulu, I think you are right, the Italians call Swiss Chard bietola. But JJ showed her garden pictures with silver beet growing and it was swiss chard by another name. :D

Hi Nipper, Welcome back. Hope you are feeling stronger soon, take care.

Reggie, Glad the results of the testing showed nothing serious with your lungs. Hope the iron supplements help too. :crossfingers: on a job popping up soon for you.

Pat, Saw on the news that England was bracing for a snow storm and you've shown us proof it was true. Stay warm.

Char, So sorry you and Ted are feeling poorly again. Sounds like that darn flu or whatever it is just likes your company too much. :o

:wave: to all who were here between my visits.



01-18-2013, 04:54 PM
Evening all........

Not the best of days......Mother even worse now down to 90% dementia I would guess...refuses to answer her phone as 'there is a conspiracy against her with the Home and the Hospital Nurses"........so have rung the few people that do ring and said don't bother she is ignoring you and me too...

Snow returned tonight...not too bad so far but laying.

Cold Water off...why? Called the Water Utility and they sent an engineer in two hours...so no complaints there......a neighbour has a leak and has cut our line.......so nop tea and toilets water! Tomorrow they will hopefully come and repairthis which is in his garden.......there will be a bill which I will give to him.


01-18-2013, 04:59 PM
Good Afternoon Washerbuds!!

Was cold her this morning, also windy and sunny. Changed to trying to snow again.

I had a good game of table tennis this afternoon, DIL's parents coming over for Marini Rossi and Banana bread after supper, so a really nice day!! Table tennis again tomorrow morning so something nice to look forward to:thumbsup:

Ernst, WILLKOMMEN!!!! Ich glaube das Wetter aendert sich jetzt wieder denn in meiner Jugend hatten wir auch so viel Schnee aber ueber die Jahre wurde euer Wetter fast tropisch:lol:

I was telling Ernst that in my youth we had a lot of snow but over the years the weather changed to almost tropical.

Egon, I was wondering what happened to you!! WOW it sure took a long time to get you back on WetCanvas. Glad you are back!!!!

Kay, you made me laugh with your "getting kitty into carrier" method:lol: I hope your auditions bear fruit!!!

Char, Oh NOOOO!! Not another turn of feeling sick. I sure hope it leaves quicker than the first time around.

Sylvia, I am sure you had excellent company in rejected paintings. As to your soup, I make a very similar one, except add a bunch more stuff like peppers, two different kinds of beans etc. No potatoes because I freeze a lot of the soup and the potatoes never taste that good once frozen. Often a good sized bowl of this is my supper - lots of protain and vitamins:thumbsup:

Darla, so glad your mom is perking back up again!!!!

Pat, I think you have more snow than we do:confused: :) If you mom is having such difficulty walking, was it really worth having the knee operation?? I hope that whatever procedures are planned for her all go well and are very beneficial!!

Reggie, gosh that is a long way to go for a meeting, you must REALLY enjoy that group!! I hope tomorrow is another great meeting for you all!!

Nipper Geoff, thanks for dropping in, hope you will regain your energy quickly.

:wave: to ALL!!!!


01-18-2013, 05:07 PM
32 deg celcius, at 8.00am I am hosting the Brisbane chapter of the 38th Worldwide Sketchcrawl. I have hat, water, and sunscreen in my plein air kit..


01-18-2013, 05:19 PM
For some reason you are double posting JJ.

Sorry to hear your mother has worsened Geoff, always a risk with anaesthetic with the elderly.

(((Char and Ted))) hope you can shake the cold off quickly. These days colds seem to go on for ever.

We have Transport chaos here in the UK with up to 4 inches of snow :rolleyes:

Good to see you Reggie, glad your pulmonary test was OK.


Scene Chaser
01-18-2013, 05:55 PM
Geoff, sorry to hear your mother has worsened.

Doug, 4 inches of snow is about all we've had this year.

My garage roof is free of the tree which was removed this afternoon. No damage done except from my wallet.


01-18-2013, 07:25 PM
Just checking in gang!
Things are ok, busy, but ok for the most part. Anne is still having trouble with joint pain but we're managing it with tylenol. Dr's appointment next week so we'll discuss it between us and then make out a list of questions for the Dr. Have actually gotten a little time to paint, but not a lot of it...and hardly anything more than a pop in on the computer...facebook usually for a three minute check to see if there are any messages, and the email.

Had to turn down about a $7K photo job:( but it would have meant a month of travel and being away from Anne...not going to happen right now.

Have not caught up with washes but will try to get some of them read over the weekend :crossfingers:

Hi to everyone and hugs to those who need em!!

New Gamboge
01-18-2013, 10:27 PM
Hi everyone - sorry to hear about all of the ills, and general aches and pains - they seem to multiply with age.

We went to the Shaw Discovery Centre in Sidney today - it's a small aquarium with all of the tenants from the Salish Sea, so all local. Steve, the octopus, was very active, going through a tube across the ceiling from one tank to another, and then back again. They got him last summer, and he picked out his name from a jar of names people had submitted. They will be releasing him back to the ocean soon as he has really grown - and National Geographic is going to be there to film it. Saw the 2 adult wolf eels - they are usually hiding, and lots of the babies. A kelp greenling daddy was carefully tending two clutches of eggs. Katja just loves going there, as do we all.

Nice to see so many new artists checking in. Jana, my daughter and I loved your dragon. Doris - your nephew's work is wonderful - we especially liked the sea one with pliers and other tools.

Betty :cat: