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03-28-2001, 06:04 PM
Just another very "beginnish" question for all of you experts <g>
Was wondering if anyone could provide me with their evaluation of the manufacturers offering Mixed Sets and Portrait, Landscape Sets, etc seperately.
Am I safe to assume that you HAVE to order the Portrait or Landscape Sets to obtain the colors that are contained within them or are those colors also included in the General Mixture Sets??? In other words, if a person buys a Mixed Set and then later buys a Landscape Set, will most of the new purchase be duplicates of what is already owned??
Thanks in advance for any and all responses to another beginner question.

03-28-2001, 07:21 PM

This isn't a beginner's question, it's a toughie question that's hard to answer http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

Pastel manufacturers, unlike watercolor, do not list their colors on the boxes. I dislike that immensely. In my opinion, it makes it more expensive to buy pastels in the long run.

As for the set colors, you'll definitely get some duplicates between boxes, as well as colors that you will probably never use. As to whether most would be included in an assorted set, that's pretty much up to the manufacturer.

I can only report on what I observed with Rembrandt, as that is the brand that I started with. I originally purchased their 30 flesh color box and loved it. I then wanted to expand out, and bought the 90 portrait color set. There were colors in the flesh box that I had grown fond of that were not included in the 90 box and several colors that I have, even to this day, never used. I was rather disappointed with that and ended up purchasing my favorite colors separately.

I purchased the 90 landscape box about a month later and yes, there were a few duplicates. Now, all told that's 210 Rembrandt pastels I've purchased via sets since September of 1999. As of today I have 18 put away in my duplicates inventory box.

That's not too bad at all.

I've never purchased an assorted set of Rembrandts, so I can't answer your question on that one. I hope someone else can.

Nowadays, when I buy a set, I always buy the complete set or a very small sample set.

Hope this helps!


I really wish pastel manufacturers would list all the colors in the portrait and landscape boxes, then you could just buy one and then the needed individual colors for the other when the occasion arose.

Hrm, this looks like a future project for my web site at some point http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif

Anyone have a box set of pastels that they have not mixed with anything? Care to list the brand and colors included?

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03-29-2001, 04:39 PM
I have the 45 landscape colors from Rembrandt still in tack. At least they are easy enough to tell apart from my Nupastels!! :-) But when I got these, the manufacturer nicely includes a color chart to let you know all the colors. I promptly circled the colors they gave me so I could easily determine if I needed a darker or lighter shade some time in the future. Oh...also....Rembrandt uses a number system with their colors. For instance 205 is Lemon Yellow...but there are 5 of them in the set. 205.5 is the pure color (.5 denotes pure color) 205.3 is a darker shade, whereas 205.8, .9, .12 are tints of the pure color. So, keeping this in mind...here they are: (45 landscape set)

100 White
205.8 Lemon yellow tint
201.5 Light Yellow
202.5 Deep Yellow
236.5 Light Orange
370.5 Permanent red light
372.5 Permanent red
318.8 Carmine tint
331.5 Madder lake deep
397.7 Permanent rose tint
545.5 Red Violet
536.9 Violet tint
548.7 Blue Violet tint
506.5 Ultramarine
506.7 Ultramarine tint
505.9 Ultramarine light tint
508.7 Prussian blue tint
570.5 Phthalo blue
640.7 Blueish green tint
627.5 Cinnabar green deep
619.5 Permanent green deep
675.5 Phthalo green
618.5 Permanent green light
618.9 Permanent green light tint
626.3 Cinnabar green light shade
626.5 Cinnabar green light
626.10 Cinnabar green light tint
620.3 Olive green shade
620.5 Olive green
620.7 Olive green tint
227.5 Yellow ochre
227.7 Yellow ochre tint
227.9 Yellow ochre tint
234.5 Raw sienna
231.7 Golf ochre tint
408.5 Raw umber
408.10 Raw umber tint
411.5 Burnt sienna
411.7 Burnet sienna tint
411.9 Burnt sienna tint
409.5 Burnt umber
409.7 Burnt umber tint
704.8 Grey tint
727.8 Bluish grey tint
700.5 Black

I don't think that I mentioned the higher the number in the tints (705.7, 705.9, etc)
the lighter the color.

I hope this helps!! Sometimes you can get color charts at your local art store and then you can record the colors you have.

This set, plus the Nupastels are the first sets that I have owned. I am worried that when I use up a color, I will not be able to remember what color that I used.

Roan...do you have suggestions for that?????

Good luck on your pastel adventure...I am having a ball!!!


03-29-2001, 09:22 PM
Thanks for all of the posts so far in regards to my inquiry------greatly appreciated.
I just realized that maybe I should also ask the following question also:
Basically, am wondering whether anyone else could verify the contents of the above set that was purchased by Nancy??? The reason I am asking this is because I am wondering whether the sets that the manufacturers sell always contain the exact same colors and tints or whether each and every batch of sets varies from all of the others---depending upon what the manufacturer has the most of at the time they are made up.
Hopefully all sets would contain the exact same products but am wondering if they possibly don't and thus the reasoning behind the manuf. never stating what is contained on the box.
Very interesting post and sincerely hope that many more of you will be willing and able to contribute to the thread since it may help all of us in our purchasing decisions.

03-29-2001, 10:11 PM
60 1/2 Set

201.5, 201.7
202.5, 202.7
205.5, 205.8
227.5, 227.7, 227.9
235.5, 235.8
236.5, 236.9
397.7, 397.9
408.5, 408.7, 408.9
409.5, 409.7, 409.9
411.5, 411.7, 411.9
506.5, 506.7
545.3, 545.5
618.5, 618.9
620.3, 620.7
626.3, 626.5, 626.9
627.3, 627.5
640.7, 640.9
675.5, 675.8
704.5, 704.8
727.5, 727.8

But, the bad news is the statement after the color listing: "minor changes in contents reserved".


03-30-2001, 08:31 PM
I bought a couple of small sets of Rembrandts before I finally decided to "get serious" about pastels whereupon I bought a 200 piece set (approximately... I can't remember the exact number). I couldn't stand it that I was always saying "gee I need a green in between this green and that green". So, anyway, what I'm trying to say is... if you don't mind spending $300 dollars or so... go ahead and get a big set to avoid frustration. Just my opinion.

Rick Lee
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03-31-2001, 01:21 AM
My daughter and I each purchased a portrait set from Winsor & Newton at different times from different stores (about 6 months apart) and we had two sticks that were different between the sets. They were the same color but different tints. (I don't remember the colors, but we compared when she bought hers and I remember the "minor" differences.) I am sorry, but I no longer know which sticks were in the set(s). After that I went to buying only individual sticks.


04-02-2001, 07:28 PM
From one beginner to another, I started out only about 4 months ago and I orignally bought the 90 piece landscape set from Rembrandt. I quickly diagnosed myself with "Pastel buying syndrome" and had to have more. It's addicting, but when I started working with them, I didn't have the colors I wanted and of course, I want ALL the colors! I have decided it is better to buy the sticks individually. I found a woman named Susan Clinkscales who sells Schmincke (my favorites) for $2.25 each and I can tell you how to find her. I was just in Taos and picked up some Schmincke for half off at Artisan Santa Fe. I don't know how it happened, but I now have several hundred pastels. I ended up buying quite a lot of Unison, I like them better than the rembrandts. Usually there is a sale somewhere on pastel open stock, you just need to check all the sites. Roan has them all listed in her website. Dakota is the best for selection and I took full advantage of their sale on Unison. I would suggest buying open stock, a few colors of several brands, then decide which ones you like. Be sure to try them on different surfaces. I didn't like the Unisons on Mi Tienes paper, but love them on Sennelier La Carte and Wallis. When you figure out which ones feel the best to you, then get open stock of those. I also just tried the Diane Townsend pastels which are very expensive. Terry Ludwig makes great pastels also, very soft. Hope this helps.