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01-10-2013, 01:49 AM
Morning all.

Made decision at 0400 not to start Wash but nobody else about....

Rubbish night again so off for a few holes of golf then see my Mother, which I am not looking forward too I am afraid


01-10-2013, 02:39 AM
Morning Geoff. Thought I'd leave the ears with thee.

Another hot day that has ended with gusty cool NE winds, smoke from Bribie Island, Storms collecting on the main range (great dividing range) and exactly zip here. Sun is getting low in that particularly mellow golden way it does with smoke around in the atmosphere.

Watering done but it is getting pointless, except for the pots. And the birdbaths.
And the ferns. And the roses. Etc etc. :lol:

Glad your procedure went well Darla. And CONGRATULATIONS Sylvia :heart:

Did some painting today but nothing to show for it. Think I'll start again. I've lost my track with all the catatonia. Fresh paper and paint excites me. :thumbsup:

:wave: To all following

01-10-2013, 02:42 AM

Hiya Geoff, Annie and all.....

I also had a lousy night. Took me forever to go to sleep, then ankle pain woke me up again..

I went to the movies this afternoon. Saw Jack Reacher. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0790724/) It was a bit corny in places, but over all, a good movie.

For Bill :)

This is from the far end, that is my black russian tomato plant on the left.

From the patio end. :)

Going to put my feet up..:wave:

01-10-2013, 03:31 AM
Good morning all. Dull but dry so far and a little colder at 3C/38F.

Sorry you had a bad night Geoff.

I went to bed with earache - a stabbing pain every few minutes :eek: Luckily I slept through and so far it has gone this morning :crossfingers:

Hi Annie, I hope the fires stay off the mountain.

Hi JJ, your veggies are coming along fine.

Yes, congratulations on the all clear Sylvia, and for Darla too.

Art class this morning, I'll take in the gouache paints for a demo.


01-10-2013, 03:55 AM
Fires are a long long way away Doug. The wind is simply strong and blowing smoke.

Roger regularly goes to bed with an earache Doug :lol: :angel: I asked why he sleeps with the pillow over his head? Muffled reply "it's more comfortable" :cool:

Island Nipper
01-10-2013, 05:27 AM
Good morning all grey here again.

I hope everyone who's ailing feel better soon.

Sylvia what a relief that must be, well done.

The flu jab here is not live, it used to be hence peoples bad experiences, its ok now though.

Star, welcome, that avatar is it a Tamara Lempicker painting?. I LOVE HER WORK.

Bye for now.

01-10-2013, 05:46 AM
Short brained me GeoffH, though Nipper might be a better handle. And Star!

You all arrive in the middle of our night. Welcome Star.:thumbsup:

Nipper, you are up real early, though it may be breakfast time there. I don't calculate time zones very well. Look after your jewel.:heart:

Time for our bed now :wave:

01-10-2013, 05:46 AM
Good morning washers,

Nice to be back. Missed you all. Particularly worried about our australia friends, hope everyone is doing well and staying cool-ish.

Just a quick visit before my brother gets moving to take me back home. I have been staying with him for a couple of weeks, recovering from - of all things - kidney stones!!

I'm still stunned - can't believe this. I really thought I had food poisoning. When the ER doc told me what the CAT-scan showed, I actually asked him if he was sure he had the right patient. Anyway, by the time I stoped playing stoic and tottered off to the hospital I was apparently severely infected, so they kept me for 5 days. Then my-brother-the-geek took me home for the holidays. He's a nice kid.

Eager to get home and play with my brand new 24" LED monitor. I will catch y'all later, after I have caught up on some of the Washes.


01-10-2013, 06:02 AM
:eek: Doris. :heart: (((()))))

When you get home, snuggles and kisss to Louis your love .:heart: He will get you better :)

yeah, I'm still awake. I'm watching a strangely emaciated Nigella Lawson cook healthy stuff. Cannot believe the press has tramped her that much. She used to be buxom!!! Only token chocolate and ice cream in this programme. OK not so... She has just made an ice cream burger ?? Can she not move to Scotland and enjoy deep fried mars bars like sensible healthy people?

Now the lids are really falling :wave: :wave:

Scene Chaser
01-10-2013, 06:25 AM
Good Day All,
Geoff, I did get only five hours but I hope to take a nap. I hope your visit with your Mother goes well.

Annie, the best gift I ever gave my wife was ear phones for watching TV in bed. That way I can sleep ON my pillow.:lol:

JJ, I love your garden. :thumbsup: It looks well protected from animals. Do I see some Russian tomatoes ready to eat? I grew them once and they were the best I ever had.

Doug, sorry about the ear pain. Perhaps you should have it checked. Here is an article (http://www.buzzle.com/articles/stabbing-pain-in-ear.html) I found that might be helpful.

Geoff H, I think they no longer use eggs to produce the vaccines. But what do I know.

(((Doris,))) sorry you had kidney stones. A painful experience I hope I never have. Glad you are on the mend. And as Annie says about Lewis. Who is taking care of him?

01-10-2013, 06:42 AM
Bill, yes. I love the black russian tomatoes. You saw right, and I have a big container in the fridge of them. They are prolific fruiterers.


01-10-2013, 07:17 AM
Good day everyone,

A foggy morning so far after yesterday's lovely sunshine. It was a clear evening last night,so great for stargazing, as i am following the live program that is on BBC2 tv this week. Great to find out so much about the universe surrounding us. I use an app on my Ipod touch to tell me what star or constellation I am looking at in the sky. So neat!!

Hi and welcome to Star, you will feel right at home here, we are all so friendly.

Hi Annie, glad the fires are well away from you, try to keep cool in all that heat:eek:

Hi JJ, sorry to hear the ankle affected your rest, hope something is done to ease it soon. Your veg cage looks great, are those your silver beet on the ground next to the brassicas?

Hi Doug, earache is such an uncomfortable problem as you can't get to the source to relieve it, my old Mum used to put in a warm drop of olive oil to ease the discomfort, don't know if it was a good idea though! Enjoy the gouache class.

Hi Geoff, hope you get to enjoy your golf today and also your visit to your mother.

Hi Nipper Geoff, Have a good day

Hi Doris, welcome back to the fold. Sorry to hear of your painful episode with the Kidney stones:eek: hope you are on the mend now:crossfingers:

Hi Bill , getting bad nights always knocks me out too, hope you get to have a nap to recharge:lol:

A big
hi to all washers still to arrive here, have a great day my friends:thumbsup:

Take care all


01-10-2013, 08:52 AM
Good Morning!!

We had sun yesterday and it looks like we might also get some today plus the beginning of the Spring thaw, so not too cold.

I have nothing exciting to talk about, I have to go to Home Depot to get a fresh filter for my furnace.

Health care system is urging people to get the flu shot because of the upper respiratory problems.

Our youngest (58) and most energetic table tennis player had a major heart attack. It's interesting, none of them ever have the heart attack while playing, always while they are sitting comfortably and relaxing at home.

Sylvia, I am so happy for you about the "good bye handshake".:clap: :clap:

Darla, glad the procedure is over and the results are good:clap: :clap:

JJ, nice looking Swiss Chard!!!!

(((((Oh Doris)))))), who would have guessed that you were hiding out in the hospital. So glad it is all over and done with!!!

Doug, I hope your ear ache subsides, I remember you had the same thing not too long ago. I too am a believer in warm olive oil in the ear.

Geoff H, I hope your strength held up so you could have a good visit with your son and grandson:crossfingers:

Char and Caryl, :crossfingers: :crossfingers: for quick improvements!!

:wave: to Bill, Annie, Geoff, Tony and all yet to come!!! Sending good thoughts for all not well!!!


01-10-2013, 09:06 AM
Afternoon all.....

Firstly, I am told that flu vaccine is still 'grown' initially in chickens eggs, the largest manufacturer uses over 90 million of them!..but the end result is not determined as 'live' as it is chemically killed to preserve the proteins etc. I never have one now.........did have one once some 10 years ago and ended up with 6 weeks of 'flu! In UK everyone over 60 plus certain vulnerable groups can have them on-demand during the winter.

Golf, course was frozen apart from last two holes where it had melted and was muddy...but enjoyable if rubbish golf!

Mother......well I cannot repeat everything she said today/last evening but all but 5% was total rubbish although presented in a very reasonable manner! The hospital had altered her medication and she was also somewhat shellshocked.....so they called her GP out this morning and they also sent a nurse to check her bloods etc........she reverts back to previous medication plus she has some mild infections requiring antibiotics........all supplied free of course.

They had done the scalp cancer removal as well as the 'repair' to her leg...this means we don't have to take her back next week but did involve some 4 hours of operation/skin grafting under 'locals'...at 97!

Snow is forecast for next three weeks in meantime we have a nice Springlike day with some buds appearing mixed up with the pansies and marigolds left from last year..........

(((((((((((((((To all but especially Doris))))))))))))))))


01-10-2013, 09:12 AM
Happy Thursday Washers!

It's cool but partly sunny this morning. A brisk wind is swirling around out there. We expect rain tonight and possibly some THUNDERSTORMS;) It will feel like Spring this weekend with highs in the 50'sF:clap: We've had such a mild winter so far and that probably is why the flu is rampant; but I have to say it's sure nice not having to deal with the snow.

Tomorrow might be slippery driving into work though as if we get rain and then the temps drop the roads will have black ice.:(

Yes my procedure went well yesterday and I'm back at work this morning. Only a little sore throat when swallowing and that's to be expected.

We are planning on renting a steam cleaner and getting our large carpet rug, steps and downstairs couch done before we have to watch Klaira this Saturday. Jen and Matt are attending some seminar. Her toys are all downstairs in our family room and that is where we must steam clean the carpet. After Josh's dog's visited it needs it.:thumbsup: If we do it tonight then it'll have a few days' drying time.

I'm hoping to paint a bit this weekend. At least that is in my plans. I need to organize my art area as some "stuff" got placed there over the Holidays and needs to be put away.

(((DORIS))) oh boy kidney stones are NOT any fun at all. My DH has had them for twenty years now. I hope your infection is gone now.

It sounds like many here need some quality sleep. It seems like it's a rare thing now a days if someone gets good sleep night after night. I know Sylvia does; I guess she's a lucky lady. Larry and I went to bed early last night and still woke up feeling not at all rested. :confused:

JJ, nice garden plants. Yum....fresh tomatoes are delicious; especially the Black Russian ones!

I hope you all enjoy your day today and that it brings you some happiness!

BBL:wave: :heart:

01-10-2013, 09:19 AM
Hi all of you behind the fog

01-10-2013, 09:20 AM
Good morning. Looks like it will be a sunny day. That is such treat this time of year.
Spent yesterday on office work in prep for tax time, mainly recording stuff and filing. Need to spend some time cleaning out files yet.
Finally got caught up on our sleep from a few nights when we didn't sleep well.

Sylvia, Congratulations on passing the 5 year mark. It is nice you got such a good report and you do not have to be checked as often.
Char, so sorry the flu is back. I hope with rest you can get this thing beat quickly.
JJ, your garden looks lovely. Hope you can get that ankle resolved so that you are without pain and can do the things you love.
Doug, I had ear aches regularly when I was small. It hurts. They finally developed antibiotics and that ended the agony. And I guess I outgrew them. Hope yours stays away.
Darla, glad your medical procedure turned out fine. It is usually the anxiety that is the worst. Sorry you had to wait so long.
Doris, I know about kidney stones. I just had one this past year and had to have lithrotrypsy done on it. Fortunately I did not have a lot of pain with this one, but one I had 27yr. ago, I did. Glad yours got resolved.

I had a flu shot and certainly want to avoid the flu as it would not be good for me with my limited lung capacity. I try to do as Sylvia does, wash hands, use hand sanitizer when out, and keep out of crowds. I get a shot every year and have not had the flu since the '70's. Sure hope that continues.

Better get going. The morning is waning.


01-10-2013, 09:28 AM
Good morning Washers... our snow has pretty much melted away... there's still a little dirty stuff still on the ground but will be completely gone by the weekend. We're looking for double digit temperatures!

My fever has broken (again) and my sinuses are finally working overtime... my ears are full and aching a little, but I hope that will take care of itself as things begin to finally drain away. My throat is still really sore... I'm thinking of ((Caryl)).

I did nothing productive yesterday... I read my book. I watched tv (there's a useless waste of time that I'll never get back)... I did make dinner...

Geoff, I'm sorry that your nights' sleep are so disturbed, lately, and really hope your morning visit went well.

Annie, I wish we could get Nigella Lawson's show here... I had to google her to see what she's done about her weight...

Our home is built over a gravel deposit... subsequently, the soil drains quickly and keeping everything watered has always been a challenge. It's the reason we began gardening in raised beds and containers... certainly not as desperate as drought, but an effective way to control and hold the moisture. And, bonus... not backbreaking to get the weeding done.

Your garden looks well protected, JJ... and that mulch should help keep the moisture in the ground.

Doug, glad that the earache has abated... I'll bet your Students will love the gouache!

Nipper... yup... I like that nickname too! And, you ARE up with the chickens!

Welcome back Doris... I was getting set to wonder what the heck happened to you again! So sorry about the kidney stones! Ouch, ouch, ouch...

You've got great eyes, Bill!!! I still can't see those tomatoes! :lol:

Hi Tony... our Gail (Strawberry Wine) is a stargazer too...

Hi Uschi... I missed you yesterday... most of the people I know who took the flu shot have gotten the flu... :rolleyes: So sorry about your friend!

((Geoff))... at least you did get to play some rubbish golf and work out some of your frustrations...

Hi ((Darla))... I'm glad your procedure went well... one of the best decisions we made was to lift all our carpets and refinish our floors... it's so much easier to keep up with all the kitty hair!

Where are you Philippe???? Can't see you through your fog...

Hi Shirley... I sure hope you can avoid the flu, also...

Welcome to the Wash, Star...

I've let my coffee get cold... (swallowing still a bit uncomfortable)... I'm going to get a fresh cup and browse awhile before doing something productive... poppies are calling me... :) Have the very best possible day Painter People! Stay well and hug your loved ones! :grouphug:

01-10-2013, 09:37 AM
Char, we have all solid oak floors through out our home except one carpeted area rug that we use in front of our TV downstairs; and the steps are also carpeted. That is the only place; best decision we ever made too. ;) POPPIES? Can't wait to see them!

Shirley, good thinking; staying out of crowds during flu season. It's hard though because you have to visit the grocery store and other places at times. I also use hand sanitizer after visiting any stores and avoid touching my face until I do use it! I keep a bottle right in my car and a small one in my purse. I like how the grocery stores have sanitizing wipes to use on the handles of the grocery carts.

My hot mug of coffee is really tasting good this morning; after yesterday not being able to have any. I'm drinking water too though because I was a bit dehydrated.

01-10-2013, 09:42 AM
Doug, glad that the earache has abated... I'll bet your Students will love the gouache!
Yes thank goodness the earache has abated. The students (seems a funny term to use for OAP's :D ) were intrigued by gouache. What interested them most was the ability to paint over mistakes light on dark. At least one is going to get hers out and use them. I showed them Deborah's mini gouache paintings and they loved them.

I asked in the Café if anyone is using Windows 8 an if there are any problems with it?


Strawberry Wine
01-10-2013, 10:29 AM
Morning Washers ! 1.5 C with cloudy skies here today. Maybe we will see a little sun for a bit this afternoon.

I have to zip into town for a few things this morning and then the rest of the day is mine.

:crossfingers: that I will not get this influenza. Dan and I both had our flu shots this past November. I think what Dan is recovering from a much scaled down version of the targeted flu. Someone was asking and I do believe that the vacine is still created using an egg base.

Darla, glad your test is over with and you are enjoying your morning coffee again.

Char, your resting orders did not include getting up and making dinner. :rolleyes:

Welcome to the wash Star!

Doris, ouch, ouch, ouch !!!! Did they ultra sound blast them out ?

Bill and JJ, I don't see any tomatoes either :) but i am going to try one of Russian type this summer.

JJ, never, never, never, put tomatoes in the fridge. A bowl on the counter is best. Pick only the amount you can eat in a day or two. The tomatoes will stay much longer on the vine than you think they will.

Tony, I have been watching Jupiter rising in the east, Orion and the 7 sisters star cluster recently but we have had very few clear nights. Santa brought my almost 7 year old grandson a requested telescope. Not sure if has had much opportunity to look through it much though.

Well if I am going out to shop and get back by lunch time I better get moving. :wave: to everyone !!



01-10-2013, 10:29 AM
Morning (here anyway) and the kids have come and on their way to school on their bikes. A bit cold but dry anyway.
(((Doris))) I had 2 kidney stones and could not believe the pain! at the time I said worse than giving birth, well I suppose it is giving birth in a way, to a stone. The second one was on Super Bowl Sunday :eek:

Today is Chemo day, the second on the new "cocktil" so far no side effects :crossfingers: But the nurses there are so nice it is not a bad way to spend the day.

Flu here is being warned about, supposed to be a really bad one. At the hospital they ask every time we walk by "Have you had your flu shot?" I do feel like having a sign "yes"

mustache, got to get moving.


01-10-2013, 11:16 AM
Good Morning all,
It is just about 11:00 a.m. here in cloudy Oakwood. They are predicting some rain this afternoon, so more of the snow should be gone when it is over.

I've spent the morning finishing my little painting of a Snail Creeper I started in class last Monday. (You can see it in my signature line.) Everyone in my class was intrigued by the reference photo, so I told them I would look it up and report on it next week. One interesting quote I found was from Thomas Jefferson who called it "The most beautiful bean plant in the world."

I've also been doing some prep work on the Beginners WC Class I hope to be teaching in March...if the person doing the Hithergreen Brochure puts the write up in so people know about it. (She left it out the last time the class was offered. :rolleyes: )

Thanks for the nice wishes. I hope that anyone battling the big C has such good results as I have had so far. :crossfingers:

Doris, Nice to see you back. Ouch on the kidney stones, glad you are feeling better though.

JJ, I've seen black tomatoes in our local supermarket (at a premium price, of course), but they weren't called Russian Black Tomatoes...I wonder if there is more than one variety of them. Your garden looks terrific. I like the fencing...does it go across the top too...that is what we had to do because the squirrels use the wire sides to climb up and over if you don't. :mad:

Judy, Hope the chemo treatments continue not to give Jack any problem. I think the nurses and doctors who specialize in cancer care really are wonderfully supportive individuals. I used to sit and read my book during treatment while Larry went grocery shopping. :D

The flu epidemic has really hit hard here in the States...hospitals are having to put up Flu Tents (large tents like the kind they use in war zones or emergency areas) to take the overflow from the Emergency Rooms. Saw a doctor on TV being interviewed and he said it is still possible to get the flu even if you've had the flu shot, BUT your case will not be as severe as it would have been if you didn't have one. No vaccine is 100% effective since the flu virus mutates and is different from year to year.

Geoff, Sorry your elderly mother is having so many health problems. Does she understand what all these different surgeries are for?

Char, your resting orders did not include getting up and making dinner.
Ahem, are you paying attention there, Char????? I know you find it hard to sit and smell the roses, maybe sit and paint instead and let Matt and Ted and the herd of kitties fend for themselves while you get better. :D

Tony and Uschi and Doug,
I didn't get earaches very often, but when I did, I remember my Mom warming a little bit of olive oil on a spoon and drizzling it in my ear and putting some cotton in to keep it there too. It usually felt good even if it didn't really do anything to cure the earache. :D

Darla, :thumbsup: on using the steam cleaner to do the rug, especially after the dog ran rampant over it.

Shirley, I get a kick out of the people who carefully use the sanitizer cloths before pushing the cart around the grocery store. As soon as they pick up something from a shelf that someone else has touched, that negates any effort they made to sanitize the bar. That is why it is more effective to do it after leaving the store like Darla does. :lol: Of course, Larry tells me I don't wash LONG enough, but it seems to be working so far.

Annie, I've seen before and after photos of Nigella Lawson and thought it was interesting. Haven't seen her program in a while now, they used to have it on one of our channels and I always enjoyed it.

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way.



01-10-2013, 11:28 AM
Good evening all :wave: :heart:

cold and dark evening here. It's also rainy. :-) Just few minutes and I will leave my office and go home. No plans for today, except stay at home and maybe sketch new painting or some rossetes for friends music instruments. Feel a much better - no fever or tiredness after long time... except my ears, so because of them I have new antibiotics. I worry for that a lot. I had 3 different kinds during last half of year ... it's too much. But as soon as possible I will try to avoid them. But that ears troubles probably goes with this kind of flu, because almost 5 people around has the same and as I read wash, many of you too. :crossfingers:

JJ ... oh those vegies, wish I could have fresh greens from garden. I miss fresh vegetable .... hmmm .. hm..... maybe I should go home through the market. There is generaly very poor goods at shops but I know one really good shop with fresh and good looking greens - its run by vietnamiese family and it's best. Good idea ... good inspiration for evening.

and yes... somebody mentioned Avatar :-) Who knows maybe our czech next president will be blue as a sky. Sadly there is nobody to vote for and my only favorite half japanese was banned from game very unfair way just month before. So czech presidental elections (tomorrow) will be probably one of the most crazy in history. :evil:

01-10-2013, 11:46 AM
Beds made... kitchen tidied... litter cleaned... bathroom cleaned... where in heaven's name did the morning go? Ok... I did check in on Winter of the World awhile... I love all those people. Yes, I do know they aren't real.

Sylvia, I'm in the very beginning stages of putting together a Beginner's Workshop... any help you can give me will be much appreciated!

Doug... it's been my experience that every other Microsoft update is dicey... Windows ME unstable/XP stable... So, because Windows 7 was the stable update to quirky Vista, I'm suspicious that Windows 8 is the precursor to a more stable system yet to come... Keep us posted...

Judy... :crossfingers: of the effectiveness of this cocktail!

Gail... good advice on the tomatoes because they really do get mealy in the fridge... but with Australia's heat wave, keeping them on a counter could be a problem... I KNEW you'd be checking out the stars!

Darla... I wasn't a germaphobe... but I've become one, I'm afraid... given any thought about that place where you put your purse AFTER a baby in his /her soggy diaper has been sitting... *shudder*

Jana... I saw your tattooed candidate on the news! :lol: Wow, eh? We shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but he really is a sight... (((feel better)))

01-10-2013, 12:34 PM
Morning all from Nearly Voiceless Dixieland. Oh well.

For my fellow germaphobes, not only do I wipe down the cart, but I also have a mini can of lysol and do the steering wheel/seatbelt, door of my truck. Purell my hands, and when I get home wash wash wash. Bleck. Even at my sickest, I was still doing things, just not contaminating the world. This flu is contagious 2 days prior to symtoms showing up and 5 -8 days after they start. So I kept away from people. It's sad when you have a favorite scent of Lysol. ::rolleyes::

Woke up to cloudy but 70 degrees this morning. I actually kicked on the air this morning just to pull out some of the moisture in the house.

Nothing planned for the day except crawling through the watercolor library and seeing what stays or goes.

Pot Roast for supper.

01-10-2013, 01:13 PM
Quick good afternoon. Weather warmed up a little at 60 degrees now. The sun shone for about an hour, and now clouds have moved in again.

My co-worker who is 8 mos. pregnant called in sick. I was not around her too much yesterday and she sits at least 10 feet away from me, so I think I will be OK. I have my disinfecting wipes out and am wiping down anything I can think of to make sure I do not catch anything.

Caryl, I hope that you get better soon. I'm sure my DH has flipped on the air at the house. I'll be freezing when I get home.

Jana, By the time you read this you will have a new president or a run off will be taking place. I have not seen anything on the national news here, so I will have to investigate. :)

Doug, I never had earaches until I was 30. Then I had a rash of them about five years ago. Once the fluid built up, I was totally deaf. I had to have 3 sets of tubes to correct the problem.

Geoff, I am glad you mother is doing better. Mine could never survive any surgery with her blood pressure and COPD/Asthma.

I made a quick run to Hobby Lobby to pick up bristol board since it is on sale for 40% off, and some more pens to take with me on vacation waiting in the airports and on the airplane.

Hugs to all in need.

01-10-2013, 03:05 PM
Hi again, everybody.

I have the most amazing news! My nephew has been nominated for an Academy Award!!

Pes (his professional name) has been nominated for "Best Animated Short Film" for a film he wrote and directed, called "Fresh Guacamole." Here is a link to his website and the film: www.eatpes.com (http://www.eatpes.com)

Check it out - it's very cute and charming. All of his work is.

Thanks for all your support - and commiseration - about my kidney stones. I still absolutely cannot believe I had them. I am still furious.

The doctors tried lithotripsy - the ultrasound - but it only broke up the stones and they did not pass out, so they ended up going after them. Their big concern apparently was the bad infection I had. As I said, I thought I had some kind of food poisoning - what else would hurt so badly from out of nowhere - so I ignored it for 2 days before I went to the doctor. At the hospital they gave me major pain killers immediately (my own physician had called them) so I didn't care what they did as long as they kept the morphine coming.

All better now. My neighbor apparently took good care of Louie - he barely even came out from under the bed to say hello to me this morning. As soon as I find the directions here for re-sizing images I will post my photo of him.

Check out Pes's film - you will enjoy it.


01-10-2013, 03:31 PM
Congratulations for your nephew Doris.

See the link in my signature for resizing on line.


01-10-2013, 03:54 PM

For UK artists

Jacksons are selling Sennelier 10 ml watercolours for £2 each, they normal cost up to £7.50


01-10-2013, 04:46 PM
Although I am a retired physician, I am not particularly germophobic. However, it does make sense to clean the handle of the cart in the supermarket when you first get it because the transfer of the germs occurs when you touch the handle then touch your face/nose. As someone else pointed out, the kiddie seat in the cart is another problematic area. If you really want to go nuts, the pens or styluses used to sign credit cards are a particular problem as a lot of people handle them and you hold them tightly. The flu virus is transmissible for about 7 hours on inanimate objects like pens. This is a pretty long time.

Still,the best prevention is the vaccine and this year they guessed correctly and it does cover this year's strain of virus. As was pointed out the virus is dead, but the vaccine is still grown on eggs. I believe the nasal vaccine given to kids is live, but I am not certain and am too lazy to look it up.

Back to regular programming.

01-10-2013, 05:43 PM
Back from the hospital, yes the staff who work in the Chemo suite are the best, they are caring and always good for conversation and a laugh as long as it is not too busy. So far (touch wood) there have not been any side effects.

Now for lunch I always pack a lunch for Jack but I need mine now.

01-10-2013, 06:15 PM
Awoke early the the heavy smell of smoke. My eyes and nose are burning. The sky is a dreadful colour. I am guessing this is from the Bribie Island fires. I haven't heard on the news, there are any new ones. It is a delicious 29 deg C at present, breeze is blowing. Would be about 20 knots down on the bay.

My ankle. My Dr rang me and told me that it is pointless going to the ER, that I have to go to the specialist appointment on the 14th, and "then we will see"

Your veg cage looks great, are those your silver beet on the ground next to the brassicas?Yes, yes they are, and very tasty they are too! :)

Uschi, did your player survive the heart attack?

Geoff, glad you got out on the golf course. Sorry about your mother.:heart: I am glad her operations are all over though.

(((Darla))) (((Char))) (((Caryl)))

JJ, never, never, never, put tomatoes in the fridge. A bowl on the counter is best. Pick only the amount you can eat in a day or two. The tomatoes will stay much longer on the vine than you think they will.
OK, but, why?

Sylvia, yes, the bird wire goes over the top too.

JJ ... oh those vegies, wish I could have fresh greens from garden. I miss fresh vegetable .... hmmm .. hm..... maybe I should go home through the market. There is generaly very poor goods at shops but I know one really good shop with fresh and good looking greens - its run by vietnamiese family and it's best. Good idea ... good inspiration for evening.

I love vietnamese greens!!! In fact, Kim surprised me last night, when she cooked dinner she brought me some over!!! Yum!!!!!

It's sad when you have a favorite scent of Lysol. ::rolleyes::
:lol: :heart:

I have the most amazing news! My nephew has been nominated for an Academy Award!!

Pes (his professional name) has been nominated for "Best Animated Short Film" for a film he wrote and directed, called "Fresh Guacamole." Here is a link to his website and the film: www.eatpes.com (http://www.eatpes.com)

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Check it out - it's very cute and charming. All of his work is.

I have the most amazing news! My nephew has been nominated for an Academy Award!!

Pes (his professional name) has been nominated for "Best Animated Short Film" for a film he wrote and directed, called "Fresh Guacamole." Here is a link to his website and the film: www.eatpes.com (http://www.eatpes.com)

[COLOR=#000000][FONT=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Check it out - it's very cute and charming. All of his work is.

CONGRATULATIONS to your nephew Doris!!!:clap: :thumbsup: :clap:

Coffee is calling me, so is my vacuum cleaner..:rolleyes:

Strawberry Wine
01-10-2013, 08:45 PM
Quick pop in from me

JJ, tomatoe's texture and flavour change as the temperature drops. That starts to happen at about 15 C. 59 F. For safety reasons fridges are usually set at 40 F. 8.5 C.

If you can't eat the tomatoes fast enough then stew them or make salsa or just freeze them for later use.

Hope this helps clarify.



01-10-2013, 08:57 PM
Good evening one and all... it was a lovely, warm and sunny afternoon here in SW Ontario... I brewed a cup of green tea and read my book by a west window... nice... I also worked on my second poppy painting and have nearly finished it... I'll begin working on the third one to this series after I've stretched paper over the canvas...

Hi Caryl... I sure hope your throat begins to heal soon...

Hi Nancy... are you going on vacation soon?

Congratulations to your Nephew, Doris! How exciting!!! :clap: Louie was glad to see you, but because he's a kitty he couldn't dare let you know it!

Hi Henry and Doug...

Karl, I read that the telephone receiver is also pretty disgusting... and the key pads for entering our pin when using a debit or credit card...

:thumbsup: Judy...

JJ, storing your tomatoes in the fridge will change their taste and texture... they become mealy... however, if you bring them back out to sit on the counter a day or so before eating them, some of the enzymes will have reactivated.

:lol: Great minds think alike Gail! We had a jar of stewed tomatoes for dinner tonight... I added some chicken stock to the jar and we ate it as soup with grilled cheese sandwiches!

G'nite/g'morning Everyone...

01-11-2013, 12:12 AM
Thanks, Gail/Char. :heart:

01-11-2013, 01:12 AM
Char, only three more sleeps. DH came down with a runny nose and sneezing. I found out I have been exposed to the flu. My knee is killing me when I try to turn my leg. So, it will be nothing short of a miracle if we actually make it to Vegas. Oh, and I am fighting with one of my mother's doctors for not refilling 3 medications.

Whatever happens, happens. My boss is half Finnish, so he told me that Finns and Poles are hardy and do not catch what is going around. I replied back about good peasant stock. He is first generation American on his mother's side, and I am second generation on my mother's side.

Got to go to bed, so that I can get up in the morning.