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01-06-2013, 10:57 PM
Morning World

My isn't the year flying by!

Sylvia,I have a few more of those pet pics to amuse....even though I am the least pet person you could find Ii still find them amusing.
Have a few things to do today obviously including calling on my Mother

Back later


01-06-2013, 11:13 PM
Evening Geoff the kewpie collector.....

It's nice to have wind here late afternoon to bring the temp down a bit. got to 31C earlier, currently 25.5 at 5 pm. Must go and water the garden again, lucky we have an unlimited supply of water.

Thinking of all those who are unwell or who have someone close to them unwell. :heart:
Caryl ((( ))) you've been sick too long!
Back to my painting.

01-07-2013, 02:32 AM
Good morning Geoff, Lulu and all to follow.

Still dark here but dry an 6C so no ice to scrape.

Things are back to normal now, holidays are over.

Hap the ladder man - please take care. Hope you are not still doing that :eek:

I fell off the bottom step of a stool before Christmas and could have knocked myself out :rolleyes:


01-07-2013, 02:54 AM

Well I have had a frustrating day..

The specialist I was given the referral for, Geffrey Peereboom, hasn't got an appointment until May.

His secretary gave me two numbers to ring, for other specialists.

First one. Ben Forster.
His secretary told me to fax the referral through, to see if I was "important enough". Her words. I did that this morning. Heard nothing from her, so just rang back 3 hours later, to see if she received the fax.
She said yes, and she would ring me in a week. I said, "Oh, I will get an appointment in a week" ? She said "No, it will take her a week to get the referral to the specialist." I said. Then I get an appointment? She said No. He would then decide if he wanted to see me.

I rang the second specialist. Terry Saxby.
His secretary made an appointment for the 14th January for 9.15am. Just one thing, it is going to cost me $160.00. I will get $70.00 back on medicare. She wanted me to know, that if I need an operation, it is going to cost me several thousands of dollars, as he has huge gap payments with medicare, and private healthcare.

I have an appointment tomorrow for another matter, so on Wednesday, I am taking the CT scan to the Wynnum hospital emergency department and I am going to sit, and wait..

Our health system sucks.

01-07-2013, 04:00 AM
Another echo, Caryl..... You have been sick too long. Remember the 1940s discovery of penicillin? Plain and unadorned. Sorry, ***** tonsils does it to me.
Loved your commentary on the Lulu clouds :thumbsup: Sorry Caryl., I meant pus filled tonsils. thanks censors. Moght be EBV?

Geoff, you saviour of us South of the equator.

Doug, NO ladders. THAT goes for you too acrobat Hap. :)

JJ :heart:

Day here? Back to work. Not that I ever left it. Roger was the problem. Up early. new pants dont quite fit. Suck in your tummy sez I.:evil: Then getting off all the labels and sticky things that are de rigeur on clothing here these days.Exhausted by half past five when he sped out in his ute and shortly later sped in and said " where's my phone? How can I contact you? " :heart:

We did eventually find it by me ringing it. IN HIS UTE .

Whatever, day went well for both and a delicious pork loin is cooking down with potatoes. I FEEL nother cucumber salad coming up ? :lol:

BBL depending on food poisoning :lol:

01-07-2013, 05:04 AM
JJ.........that is awful service.......perhaps u suffer with so many Aussie & NZ Doctors working over here in our NHS!



01-07-2013, 05:22 AM
LOKI is NOT evil Geoff. :lol:

She has just come in from the forbidden late dark to eat her dinner. I hugged her and set her down to eat after lots of ?..... thoughts of fat snake bellies. So patting too.

Obviously Monty Python has moved territory :cool: Still don't want either of the cats hanging out in the dark. Our outside world comes very alive after dark. Mostly cute like bandicoots and pademelons, but also the predators....dingos ( winter) and snakes.. Now.

Bo was still sleeping upstairs.:rolleyes: To each their own.:angel: We are all comfortable now.

Yes Roger and I have been fed too.


Scene Chaser
01-07-2013, 06:42 AM
Good Day All,
29F and dark here.

Must call insurance company today as the wind on Friday laid a tree on my garage roof. Too big for me to take down, just hoping there is no shingle damage. All covered by insurance, anyway, including the removal of the tree.

No ladders for me. I can hardly stand properly on a level floor.

We are having a warm spell coming this week and all the snow will melt. Our usual January thaw. I welcome the warmer temps and relief to my heating bill.

((JJ,)) Hopefully you won't need surgery.

Fun pics, Geoff. Cats can terrorize dogs, too. Perfectly fair.

Must nap soon,

01-07-2013, 08:15 AM
Good Morning. Still darkish outside as I am up early.
Not much to report.Been scanning more slides.
The cleaning of our tile floors turned out super. The grout went from dark grey/brown to light grey. They sealed the grout. Said we should redo in 4yrs.
as that is when the sealer starts to break down.
Installed some shelves on the wall above my drafting table so that I can get the extra palettes and brush case off my table so I have room to paint and things don't look such a mess. I am quite pleased with it.

Haven't read yesterday's wash, but hope Pat and Caryl are feeling better.
JJ, I am so sad for you that you have to put up with this medical stuff in order to even get to see someone. It does seem to be what the world is coming to. Very frustrating for the patient who is worried, anxious, tired, and in pain. Money is always behind it.

Hope to put another layer on my background today. Class starts next week.
We took paintings up to the student show at the Center on Friday. They will be there for 6 weeks.


Strawberry Wine
01-07-2013, 08:56 AM
Good Day Washers ! Damp and windy here :( and no sign of the sun for a few days.

JJ, when I was looking for a back surgeon I faced the same issues , but not the costs, thankfully. A year's wait and that was just for the consultation so I did what you are doing and googled and made phone calls and was able to find a good doctor with a 3 month window. Keep doing what you are doing although sitting in emergency in a hospital that you know has some good ortho docs might help as well.

Hap, those are very tall ladders !!! Dan spent almost his entire career standing on ladders and can go up and down them like he is climbing stairs. Still, be ladder wise.

Sylvia, our outdoor lights are around the railing of our front deck so Dan can stand on the ground to remove them as soon as there is a nice day and he is feeling 100%.

Lulu, are you feeling better?

Caryl, get thee to a Doctor. Today!

Need to eat, shower and head out the door before noon , which is a few hours away, but I don't move as fast as I used to.



01-07-2013, 09:27 AM
Happy Monday Washers,

I'm at work and have a bit of a tummy ache this morning. It might be partly nerves just thinking about my test on Wednesday.:rolleyes: My spastic colon acts up when I'm nervous.:confused: Plus I didn't sleep too well last night...same old....hard time falling asleep.....couldn't stay sleeping.:(

It was dull and gray when I woke this morning but the sun is now shining and I see blue skies out the window as I sit at my desk. The sun shining is always a good thing.:thumbsup:

((((JJ))) what a nightmare! How horrible that you cannot get into a proper doctor to get your foot looked at. I'd head to the ER also and hope that a good Ortho Doctor will be available. What else can you do?

Hap I've seen pics before that you've posted of you at the top of a TALL ladder. Be very careful young man!

Geoff, those pics are too funny.

Shirley, good for you getting a shelf above your desk for organizing your stuff. I'm glad you like it. Show us your painting!

Bill, I hope there was no damage to your shingles from the fallen tree. It's always something hey?

Annie, those kinds of predators would scare the beejesus out of me!:eek:

Hi there LULU, what gorgeous sunset pics you've posted lately. GORGEOUS.

I hope the day brings you some enjoyment in some way and that you're able to share it with someone you love.

BBL:wave: :heart:


01-07-2013, 10:10 AM
Good Morning all,
It is just after 10:00 a.m on a bright, sunny, seasonally warmish day here in Oakwood. :D

I have my pot of swiss chard soup simmering on the stove at the moment. We won't eat it until Wednesday, but it will just get tastier as the flavors meld. We are having a fresh spinach salad with bacon dressing tomorrow for dinner, so I put the extra spinach I won't need for that into the soup. So now it is a swiss chard + spinach soup...more nutritious even. :D

I'm off to my first class of Nita's new session in a couple of hours. Have two pictures drawn out to work on, so I'm not in my usual Monday morning panic mode. When I finish here I do have to clean my palettes and pack my carry bag and put it by the door so I don't forget anything---like my paint palettes the way I did once when I let everything go to the last minute and packed my gear in a rush. :rolleyes:

Bill, Yikes, glad the tree fell on your garage and not the house...if it had to fall somewhere. Is your garage detached from the house or part of it?

Shirley, Sounds like a nice job cleaning the tile and resealing the grout. :thumbsup: on organizing your materials with the new shelf. I should probably clear out the shelf in the corner of my painting room/computer room and do that with it too. :D

Annie, Your wild life is definitely much more exotic (and dangerous) than the squirrels, rabbits, cats, and deer that wander through our yard. ;)

JJ, What a mess getting your broken ankle fixed. I can't believe no one is moving it up in priority since the bone is actually broken and not just sprained. :eek:

Darla, Sorry you aren't feeling well today. What test are you taking on Wednesday? I must have missed it along the way.

Gail, Glad your lights are where Dan can reach them easily once he feels better. :D

:wave: to Lulu, Doug, and all who are on their way.



01-07-2013, 10:50 AM
:wave: Good day all!! Sun and cloud here today. I love it in the winter, the sun shines right through the living room and into the kitchen pass through.....helps me get going in the morning! I am trying to increase my activity, so will walk again today.

I'm finishing up a little job for my daughter, she needed doll clothes for the baby dolls in her nursery school classroom, so it has been fun. She bought me some fat quarters of quilting fabric, and I managed to get a dress or overalls out of each one. I couldn't resist making the hats out of the scraps, and of course bloomers as well.


One more to go, and it's on to the next project!

(((JJ))) (((Caryl))) and everyone who needs one:grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

Scene Chaser
01-07-2013, 10:59 AM
Sylvia, the garage is attached to the house. I was taking a small nap when I heard a strong gust of wind. I had just begun to worry that it would blow down some branches when I heard a huge thump. Janet said it shook the house.
At least it is close to the edge and a cherry picker can get close to it from the driveway.


Scene Chaser
01-07-2013, 11:01 AM
Lynn, How lucky for your daughter for your gift of sewing. I understand that the TV show "Downton Abby" has brought about a surge of interest in period dresses. Have you received any orders? :)

01-07-2013, 11:06 AM
O god! when I read some posts here I am so thankfull for our medical care systems. People hate it here in country and still have comments, but when I compare it to yours, it's still paradise here. Most of nessesary treatment goes from public insurance.
My operation two years ago, was payed by public insurance too and there is also possiblity to go to Spa. My mum was at summer month at Spa (after replacement of both knees) and it was also payed from insurance. But on other side - we pay very high monthly fee from income for public health care. Only private clinics, cosmetic cases and some special things above budget are payed.

I am still the same. Still have light fever at the evening, painful ears, headache ... when I am at home I am fine, but today I returned to office and it's back again. It's now 4 weeks when it started :-(. Still up and down. Few days good, few down. On wednesday I will see some specialist and have some blood results, so I will see. It makes me very low on energy, so I go directly home from work and go to bed.

01-07-2013, 11:24 AM
Happy Monday Washers!!

Actually had a fairly quiet day yesterday other than the shouting at the TV during the Seahawks game against the Washington Redskins.:wink2: And I’m not really that much of a football fan! Still it was an exciting game and we did eventually win! Busy week ahead though! Lots to do, errands and chores aplenty!

For those who have known me for many years, seeing me up a ladder, up a tree, dangling over a cliff face is nothing new. I do it a lot less now than I have most of my life. I am blessed with a good (VERY good) sense of balance, and even more important a good sense of self preservation. I am very careful, and make sure things will be safe and secure BEFORE I go “up”. I once met an old stunt man who told me “Preparation and understanding leads to preservation and a soft landing.” Since he had managed to become an “old” stunt man..I took those words to heart! BTW it was during the filming of Tora Tora Tora in Hawaii…and I was one of “and a cast of thousands”!:D

Geoff, yes it seems to be flitting by at quite a rate already! I’ll be checking on my mother today as well! Hope :crossfingers: that we both get good news!

LuLu, hope YOU are feeling better as well! We too have unlimited water…it falleth from the skies like rain..oh wait…that IS rain!!:angel:

Doug…yep, I still do it…but only when needed, but it IS fun! Anne is not afraid of heights but she won’t watch me when I’m working up high…that freaks her out.:confused:

JJ, I can understand your frustration!!:( It would seem to me, that if you go with the specialist that will cost “extra”…that the doctor who caused all this by refusing to treat your problem properly and promptly, should be held responsible for those “extra fees”. I would go back to your regular clinic and demand that the head Dr (a) arrange for your proper and prompt care, (b) be responsible for any costs caused by the clinic’s failure to properly care for you, and (c) cut through any “red tape” and see that you get immediate treatment by the proper specialists! I’d take them to court and make them pay if needed! They should be held accountable as it was THEIR mistake to not treat you!

Annie, yes, pork loins are delish! MY Annie would agree with you on the ladders. I think I would let the pythons eat the dingos. :thumbsup: I raised my daughter to be a dog person…but she has gone “over” …I consider that a :cat: cat-astrophe! :angel:

Bill, that is good insurance! I certainly hope there is no damage…can you see any from inside the garage?

Shirley when we had our bathroom redone this past summer, they used a new kind of epoxy grout and it is supposed to be practically invincible…I’m hoping they are right!

Gail, I too go up and down with ease…and do my best to keep it that way!

Darla, you stress yourself too much, I know it’s hard to relax, and even harder when you try to force yourself to do it. One thing that used to work for me was doing complex math problems in my head…it forced my brain “away” from all those other thoughts and eventually I bored myself to sleep! :clear: You called me:eek: :D “young man”!! Good luck on the endoscopy, you’ll be fine and sleep through the whole thing I’ll bet!

Sylvia, I often add spinach to any soup I make…fresh when I can, otherwise frozen…NEVER canned!!

Lynn, those are cute outfits! I need to up my activity level too…the holidays were a little too kind to me!:rolleyes:

Bill, that’s a lot of tree on the roof!! What kind of tree is it?

Jana, good to see you pop in the wash! Sorry that you are feeling poorly as well! It sure seem to be going around this year! Daughter had it last week…and now her boyfriend has picked it up as well! I hope you feel better soon!

Well, the day is waiting and I should be getting to the long (and growing) list of chores and errands. Laundry first I think, that can work while I head out for groceries and be ready for the dryer when I get back!

I WILL paint this week!!


01-07-2013, 11:39 AM
For fear of jinxing it, I am feeling some better. I' still stuffy, and my ear still aches, but that's another problem. The fatigue and body aches are still terrible, but the coughing is gone. Still have flashes of spacey/ vertigo. (Friday is the 4 week mark) this bug is a mean one. This past week they quarentined the federal prison to help control the spread.

My shoulder injury from october is not appreciating this illness. But like JJ, there is just no getting into a doctor. Closest appointment is 28 days out.

One day at a time.

New painting on the board.

Hope all are on the mend.

01-07-2013, 12:29 PM
Still 5 minutes left to the morning so Good Morning!!

The day started off with bright sunshine:heart: which turned once again into a light gray sky:rolleyes:

So this was the morning of my appointment with the heart specialist. Like my doctor, he too was totally unconcerned about my low blood pressure:rolleyes: :D but he WAS concerned about my plaque buildup and gave me a prescription for Crestor (lipid medication) and baby aspirin. Needless to say, I am not happy about taking the Crestor.

So first I will make an appointment with my doctor to find out what exactly my cholesterol level is. He ALWAYS felt that cholesterol was unimportant and NEVER requested a reading when I had blood tests. So I have absolutely no idea what my cholesterol level is (nor does he:rolleyes: ). Mind you, I am sure my smoking has a lot to do with the plaque build up and I seriously will have to cut back:rolleyes: :eek:

Will say "what Hap said so nicely" plus

Caryl (((())))) and :crossfingers:

Bill - Nasty size!

Lynn, Cute!!!

Sylvia and Char - first class again, one receiving and one giving - enjoy!!!

((((((Darla)))))) I don't blame you for being nervous.

Shirley, Iam going to check to see if we have these professional grout cleaners here in Ontario. Mine need doing badly.

((((JJ))))) and good luck, I REALLY hope you get this looked after!!!

Lulu, that was one GORGEOUS sunset/rise - WOW!!

:wave: to Annie, Geoff, Doug, Jana, Gail and GOOD wishes to those of you not feeling well!!


Wind Song
01-07-2013, 12:52 PM
Hi Everyone:wave:

We took all of the decorations down yesterday so that feels good!

I watching a show called escape to the country and today it is about the Isle of Wight! Gorgeous place! I have a relative that lives there!

Bill sorry to see the tree that came down on your garage! Hopefully not much damage!

I must organize my studio as it is a bit of a disaster! I have had 2 avalanches already this morning.

Have a great one!

I am going to play with gouche!

01-07-2013, 12:52 PM
Went out to take photos of an accident site this morning for a friend. Car came out of a side road and crashed into the drivers door, breaking his arm and the car was a write off :mad: The other driver is contesting liability :rolleyes:

Reading Jana's post Ruth said it sounds like a case of fibromyalgia. Hope not.

Glad you are feeling a tad better Caryl. Loved your description of Lulu's clouds the other day.

Lucky it wasn't a larger branch Bill, you might get away with a few new shingles.


01-07-2013, 02:35 PM
Thanks, Uschi and Bill. Bill, I think the dress I did just before Christmas came out of the popularity of the Edwardian period.....Our heritage village decided to place the scheduled Christmas feast in that time frame, so everyone needed appropriate costumes. These feasts are acted just like one of the dinners on Downton, with our volunteers being the hosts and the waiters (and cooks, too!) and the paying guests the guests. Of course more people are involved, 75 guests at this one. So we made some money for the Village. It is a bit of theatre, with some planned 'bits of business' to keep everyone entertained. I got off lightly, we also needed several tail coats of the right style :eek: I hope your roof is an easy fix.

(((Maffet))) I loved your book cover in the Studio!! How could they not like it!

:crossfingers: that this is the beginning of recovery, Caryl. And I do hope it doesn't get up here, I think our version is milder.

01-07-2013, 03:08 PM
Morning all:wave:
well back to cooler temps today, 22C, a welcome change.

Feeling better this morning, in the end resorted to a limited dose of prednisone for my rash, (allergic) always keep them on hand in case.
I won't be gyming today but I'll go in for the afters coffee with my gym buddies.

JJ, has anything more been said about wearing an immobilising boot? While limiting, it would help with the pain, I'm sure.

Doctors and specialists here are easily accessed. If I needed to I could get into my GP tomorrow, and because I have medical insurance, if I needed to I could get into a specialist within 2 weeks and if I needed surgery I could get it virtually on the day of my choosing!
When I cut my hand last year I walked in off the street into my GP, and the doctor checked it before the practise nurse dressed it.
So, while people complain about our health system here too, I think it's pretty good.

Better go and have breakfast :wave:

01-07-2013, 03:52 PM
Hi Everyone... We've enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine and warmth... it's +1C with very little wind... the snow is melting away.

My Classes were limited today because of illness.. and from the emails I've received, tomorrow will be similar... The cold/flu has certainly brought down a lot of people! We're pretty much mended here.

This afternoon was just a "free paint" because we didn't have enough people to make a good class... I finished the background of my poppies and have begun a macro poppy that I'm really having fun with.

Bill, I sure hope that limb didn't damage your roof!

Hap, with your dicey knees, you have NO business up on those ladders!

Yes, we watched Downton Abbey last evening... Don't you just love to hate to love Shirley MacLaine? :)

Lynn, your dolls are adorably dressed! Your Christmas dinner at the Heritage Village sounds like something I'd love to attend! Were your guests costumed as well?

Jana, I sure hope that the Dr. can find what's going on with your body! ((())) I love your Neptune Man!

Caryl and Lulu, I'm glad that you're both beginning to feel better also...

Health care... I waited 18 months for my consult appointment re my hip replacements... and then another 6 months for a surgery date... I think that things have improved here in SW Ontario a little more, but not by much... we have a serious shortage of Doctors.

Having said all that, our health care system per se is excellent. Dr.'s appointment, surgeries, etc. are covered under our system. Waiting times are not the best, and we're heavily taxed to support our social programmes.

JJ... I wondered about the air boot, too...

:wave: All I've missed by name... I need to clean up my painting stuff and think about getting dinner started... Have a great evening/morning!

01-07-2013, 03:54 PM
Hi to All

Our National Health Service is brilliant, if I call my GP at 8.30 am I can get an appointment that day, and she will come on a home visit if required.

We have a 24 hour out of hours GP service

If it was not for our NHS me, my wife and my mother would not be here today. There is a lot of pressure on the system though due to an ageing population.

Back to painitng, after a steak pannini and salad!


01-07-2013, 07:02 PM
Thanks, Char.....no, I don't think the guests were asked to dress up, although there's always some who try, and the Edwardian theme would appeal. I wasn't there, except by proxy of the dress. You should come sometime, we have one every year :) Although it is a bit far, I bet that the village near London does something similar.