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01-05-2013, 10:14 PM
Good Morning

Twelvth Night here..... all our decorations were down yesterday and packed away in the cupboards in the studio Christmas but a memory now isn't it!

Plans today revolve around just what is happening at hospital otherwise I was hoping to do some garden tidying.

Back later


Scene Chaser
01-05-2013, 11:04 PM
You're up earlier each day, Geoff. Are you going to hospital? Did I miss something? I'll catch you in my morning. Take care,

01-06-2013, 02:41 AM
Good morning all.

I hope your mum is OK Geoff.

Hi Bill:wave:

Our decorations come down today.


01-06-2013, 02:53 AM
Hi everyone, a very warm 31C here today :eek: We are just in from a lovely afternoon and evening out with friends.
Went to see 'Quartet' ........It's had mixed reviews here, and while I thought it was funny (and poignant in parts) I wouldn't rate it very highly, maybe 2.5 out of 5? Maggie Smith is brilliant in it though. Next one we'll go to is Life of Pi or The Intouchables.
Finished the afternoon with a nice meal at an English pub, and a very nice glass of guinness:thumbsup:

Hope your mum is okay Geoff.

Just caught the night sky -


01-06-2013, 03:03 AM
Ahh, beautiful sunset Lulu.

Foggy here.


01-06-2013, 03:30 AM
Echoing Doug, Lulu. Beautiful sunset.

Geoff you are an antipodean stalwart. Our days are still too long for early posting. The battle for the ears comes in our Winter.:evil:

As Bill said, or didn't, hospital :heart: For you or your mother. I think it is your mother. :heart:

In and out day here. Rpger went out and came in. I went out and came in. The cats went out and sniffed and came straight back in. Some would say Cuckoo Clock. It was cloudy, then fine, Roger washed his car, then it rained for 30 seconds, then it was fine. He finished chamoising the car in the car port. Then it mizzled for an hour.

What did I do ? The washing. hence the the moisture. I wouldn't call it rain. Used the dryer which made my studio uninhabitable. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. And I read a book, made lunch and read a book.:cool:

Workayear starts tomorrow for Roger. Mine never ended, apart from the welcome public holidays.

Probably not BBL. Cucumbers and tomatoes ? OK a side salad. I know this sounds like planning, but roasted lamb strips, onions and barbecue sauce (Coopers Ale based) with a light tossing of fried noodles At the end of the reverie and the cool and plentiful :rolleyes: salad on the side.

I think I have inspired myself so shall get cracking :thumbsup: :lol:

01-06-2013, 05:20 AM

My day was very quiet. Darn ankle/heal gave me curry all day, still is. I took the anti inflammatories, I iced it. That worked for about 30 minutes. I took Panadol Osteo. It still hurts. Guess I should drive the car too far for now. Dang it. Oh well just a hiccup, and I did enjoy my afternoon with Jean, so it was more than worth it. Tomorrow, I ring the specialist for an appointment.

Tania's wee dog, I am dog sitting is blind from cataracts. Poor thing. He is healthy enough in other ways. Going deaf, sure, but active. I think he is around 14 years old, but could be older. Pity dog operations were so expensive, this guy would surely benefit from it. He gets unsettled when I can't hear me. Tania's house is noisy, I am too quiet for him. :D Oh and they feed him their table scraps after they have eaten their dinner, well Bevan does. He is out of luck here. I am not feeding him, as (a) I have no leftovers, and (b) I abhor feeding dogs at the table. Methinks he will be glad to go home :-D

Geoff, good luck with your mother.

Tasmania, for those who don't know, is a small island off the southern coast of Australia. (right hand side) The state is, as Annie mentioned last night, on fire. So many people have lost their homes, and lives (http://www.smh.com.au/environment/weather/fears-of-lives-lost-as-search-for-bodies-begins-in-tasmania-fires-20130106-2cata.html). It is so very tragic. My heart goes out to those people.

01-06-2013, 05:44 AM
Me again......

Just realised how early I started the Wash this morning!....however,did get back to sleep eventually and didn't see dawn coming in.......Lulu lovely sky shot...weatherwise a nice day here although I believe rain forecast....again.

Doug,thanks your wishes re my Mother.....they didn't move her on during the night as bed space is a priority at moment,especially with the elderly.
So we will be going to Middlesbrough again later to visit....


Island Nipper
01-06-2013, 05:48 AM
Good morning everyone. Thick mist here, I do hope it clears as my son will be catching the ferry at 11:00 and they may stop them.

Nurse Beryl has flown up to the town to cram most of the contents of the grocers shop into her car as we have two extra mouths to feed today.

I must say that "Nurse Beryl" is in fact my beautiful wife Beryl Ann. She is a very gifted florist but has given up her beloved job to look after me. I am very lucky. Beryl also has the gift of healing hands and is able to take the edge off the pain from my joints and muscle cramps.

Geoff I hope all goes well with your Mum.

JJ, thank you, I am putting in a bulk order of supplements tomorrow and your suggestions will join the vits B, D E and other things I take.

It is so sad to see Taz burning, my sister in law lives there still I think. We have lost touch since my brother died ten years ago, I must ring.

Have a good day everyone.


01-06-2013, 05:54 AM
Good morning all. Rainy and cool here this morning, so no run. Will be taking DS to the shuttle terminal soon for the van ride to Atlanta, where he will board a plane for the flight back to upstate NY. It has been a good visit, especially since we had not seen him in over 3 years.

DW and I went (again) looking at camping trailers, and found one we really liked. Usually when we looked there was always something that was a "deal breaker" for us, but we could find nothing about this one that we didn't like. So, we bought it... or will once I work out the financing next week. And just in time for the camping trip week after next. :D

Geoff, hope your mother is improving. DW got a text yesterday from her boss saying that she had taken her mother to the emergency room and she had been admitted. They are running some tests on her.

Got in bed last night about 1130 after trying to help DS get packed and organized. Unfortunately, I woke up at 0430 and couldn't get back to sleep. Hopefully a nap will help this afternoon.

Scene Chaser
01-06-2013, 06:50 AM
Good Day all,
What a beautiful sunset, Lulu. I think I want to see “Quartet” as I love Maggie Smith. She will be on “Downton Abby” tonight. I would also like to see “Life of Pi”. Is the “Intouchables” the 2011 film? I don’t know much about it.

Annie, very smart of Roger. I generally resort to washing the car, too, if rain is needed. Your meal sounds brilliant.

Hi Doug. Sad to see the decorations come down with the kids gone.

Geoff, Is surgery scheduled today for your mother?

JJ, sorry for your pain. Perhaps some aspercream would help. You must keep the swelling down, hence less walking. :(

Geoff H, I was watching Doc Martin last night, a fun show, and they mentioned that if he wanted an Idylic setting he should move to the Isle of Wight. I thought of you immediately. It must be quite lovely where you live.

Don, you are buying a new camper? I get jealous when I see campers, as my wife has no interest at all. She would much rather stay in a hotel. I disagree, but that’s as far as it goes. I always wake early. Yesterday I took two short naps.

I seem to have fired up my paint brush and completed another. A Michigan lighthouse (http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1302992) this time.

01-06-2013, 09:31 AM
Good morning! It's a grey and cloudy day yet again with a skiff of new snow on the ground to freshen up the white stuff... nothing that needs to be shovelled...

The Christmas decorations are down and packed. The men have to carry Santa back downstairs and that's no small fete... He's big and he's heavy.

After six loads of laundry, we're officially caught up and squeaky clean...

One of my Monday Students telephoned yesterday... she won't be coming to Class tomorrow as she's had a heart attack! :eek: Home from the hospital, she's recuperating from her surgery... wow, eh?

I'm happy to be getting back into my routine... I really seem to need that structure. I don't know what my home Classes want to do this year... we'll see tomorrow, I guess... :) The Centre's Class will be focused on "Shifty Shadows"... :)

Geoff, I'm sorry to read this about your Mom... I'm never quite sure what "shortage of beds" means because it's a phrase that's worn out here in Ontario... Regardless, I'll be thinking of all of you...

Hi Doug... dealing with the excessive quiet with the boys gone, and now the bare look of all the decorations down... ((()))

Bill, your painting is really a beauty! I never thought that I would like our trailer as much as I do... I'm always amazed how nice it is to live in such a tiny space for more than a month at a time when we go on holiday.

That's really a beautiful sunset, Lulu... is that considered to be a mackerel sky?

Hi Annie... had your laundry been hanging on the line, it might have rained more... :p What book are you into?

JJ, I find that taking a HOT bath tends to offer short term relief for my arthritis... sorry that your ankle is hurting so much...

Geoff H... what a nice way to introduce your wife to us... :heart:

Congratulations on the new camper, Don! You know we'll want pictures... :)

I hope that everyone has the very best possible day... hug your loved ones... :wave:

01-06-2013, 10:10 AM
You can get 12345678987654321 by multiplying 111111111 * 111111111.

Did you check??? :)

01-06-2013, 10:53 AM
Good Morning all,
It is quarter to ten in the a.m. on an overcast day here in Oakwood. It isn't as chilly as it has been so the snow is gradually diminishing. :D They are forecasting days in the 40°Fs and even 50°F this coming week so it will probably be all gone by next weekend. It was fun seeing all the deer and other animal tracks running across our backyard in the snow though. Lots of traffic back there that normally is hidden. :D

We did our grocery shopping and got some beautiful swiss chard so I'll make a big pot of swiss chard soup on Tuesday probably. Today I'm making potato gnocchi to go with the meat from the spaghetti sauce I cooked last week. I haven't made them in a year or so, so I hope I don't mess up with them. They only have four ingredients: riced cooked potatoes, flour, salt, and egg. The trick is in getting the right proportions and kneading and rolling them out on the tines of a fork.

Geoff H, Glad you have such a loving nurse Beryl to help you out. It is so good to have that gentle caring touch when you need it.

Lulu, What a lovely sunset sky. Glad you had such an enjoyable evening.

Geoff, Hope they get things straightened out with your mother. :crossfingers:

Don, Aren't you glad you waited until you found just the right camper for your needs. Sounds like a fun vacation is in the works. I used to enjoy camping, but that was when I was a lot younger and didn't mind sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor of a tent. I think it would be fun with a camper though because it would be like coming "home" after exploring the area where you are visiting...better than a little hotel room.

Char, I bet your students are looking forward to starting their classes with you again too whatever the subject you decide to do. I remember how big your Santa is! He's taller than I am and fatter too (HAH!). Good thing you've got two strong guys to wrestle him downstairs until next Christmas season.

:wave: to all who were here before me and to those still on their way.



01-06-2013, 11:13 AM
A good Sunday morning or day to all.......still chilly but sun is out and we're suppose to be on a warming trend this week.....will see. Watch out leaves.

Geoff still pulling for your mom. Found out last night my mother after being sent home from rehab on Thursday is going back in.....

Lulu beautiful photo.......

Hoping a a great day for all to come.....have to go pull the breakfast pie out of the oven....

Peace, love and hope............Steve.

01-06-2013, 11:39 AM
Mammatus clouds.associated with upper level trapped roilong winds. Someone in the distance got lucky with a storm.

01-06-2013, 11:59 AM
Still morning so Good Morning!!

It has been snowing off and on all morning, the kind of snow that sticks to the tree branches and looks pretty.

I did the huge pile of dishes from yesterday's dinner; there were soup bowls, lots of little bowls, dinner plats, dessert plates, wine glasses, Martini Rossi glasses, liquor glasses, orange juice glasses, coffee cups, pots and serving dishes:lol: It was all worth it because it was a lovely evening and the kids LOVED the taccos.

I too have laundry to do, preparing some paperwork for the club and reading in between, oh and a call to my daughter in Vancouver.

Geoff, I hope your mom is O.K. I too was wondering about the procedure on her head, should be any day now.

Geoff H, I was wondering if the excellent Nurse Beryl could possibly be your wife:) Well, she certainly deserves that lovely present too:)

Sylvia, I'll be heading over to the store to buy some swiss chard and other greenery plus beans to make a big pot of soup and use up leftovers from yesterday's dinner.

Char, I too prefer my routine. Several people in our table tennis club have had heart attacks, balloons, operations, you name it and they come back better than ever. Hope the same is true for your student.

Bill, LOVE your painting, I think this is your best one yet:thumbsup:

Don, Lucky you!!! :envy: :envy: I too would love to have a camper.

JJ, maybe dog and you will become best friends over the next 3 weeks:evil::) Very sad about the fire in Tasmania.

Annie, you have WC company doing the laundry today.

Another lovely photo Lulu!!! My friend Rita and I have not seen one movie in months. Since I have the PVR on my television I tape most programs I watch and then click, click through the commercials so I haven't seen any commercials for the movies, so I am not tempted:lol:

:wave: to Doug, Steve and all yet to come!!


Strawberry Wine
01-06-2013, 11:59 AM
Morning Washers ! We had more snow overnight but the very wet heavy stuff. and snowing again as I type

I have all the Christmas decorations packed up and ready to be stored in the loft. All that is left are the lights around the windows but since Dan still has the Man Lurgy and I am not about to climb on a ladder again there they will stay.

Geoff, hope they can figure out wha is wrong with your Mom's legs and hoptilal is the best place for her.

Char it is either a shortage of beds because their has been an overload of admissions or a shortage of staff to care for those in the beds... :angel:
:eek: on you student and glad that she is home recuperating. Can you put Santa in one of those white plastic tree bags. They might be tall enough

Don, :thumbsup: on the new camper and yes we want pictures when you take posession.

:wave: to everyone I have missed



Geoff H, loved your beached boat... Did moving the paper help somewhat?

01-06-2013, 12:14 PM
Hi to All

Geoff, best wishes for your Mother

Lulu, I have seen "Quartet" advertised, but would not pay to watch Billy Connolly in any production, can't stand the man!....great sunset photo!

My wife has just gone to bed, she is running a temperature and feeling crocked, I will keep an eye on her

Speak later


01-06-2013, 12:38 PM
Taking a quick break from cleaning up the floors again... all that movin' and groovin' to de-decorate has left more dust and debris than I started with... the nice thing is that I won't have to do all this before the kids arrive tomorrow morning for Class.

Sylvia, I used to make my own gnocchi, but I can buy them at the grocery store in the deli and they're probably better than mine... Do you serve them with sage butter? A little sour cream... chives... mmmmmmmmmm

Steve (and Sylvia) It's already warming up here and it's about 3C already!

Uschi, aren't the tacos a fun way to feed a crowd? You can make everything in advance and people just serve themselves... Santa brought Ted 4 tins to make crisp taco bowls in the oven... baked not fried... and they're good!

Gail, the lights still look nice and cheery though.

Santa has a nice flannel shroud. There's no way he could be carried down the basement in a tree bag because of his weight. We've repaired his box as much as possible. Ted's going to build him a nice new box during the warmer months...

No one's had lunch here and the men are rifling through the fridge and cupboards... I'd better go and save the kitchen...

We x-posted Henry... I hope your wife isn't coming down with something nasty...

01-06-2013, 02:04 PM
Hello one and all,

The house is quiet.....WAY TOO QUIET... Josh and Marta (and doggies) have left and now I'm sitting here..sniffing..:crying:

What a wonderful Christmas we had with all our family around us; we made treasured memories that will last a lifetime and for that I'm very thankful.:thumbsup: I'll be fine in a day or too...it's a Mom thing....but Larry is feeling it too. We just wish they didn't live so far away but most of you know what that feels like too.

It's grey and cloudy today; it spitted a bit of snow last evening; just enough to make the roads a little slippery; at least that is what Matt said after they drove home last night.

Today, cleaning....cleaning and more cleaning.:rolleyes: Laundry and taking the Christmas decorations down too.

Marta says that they celebrate Christmas on January 6th in Moscow where she's from. She showed a pic to me from her phone; it was beautiful; it's snowing perfectly; with big fluffy flakes in her hometown. I'm glad she was able to spend the Holiday with us as her family is SO very far away. She's a smart, beautiful girl and we enjoyed having her with us. So down to earth.

I hope your Mother will be fine, Geoff!

Uschi, it sounds like you had a great time with your family last evening. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much even if you had lots of clean up to do afterward.

Don, it's hard saying goodbye; isn't it? THREE YEARS? :eek: I'd be mush...

(((JJ))) stay off your foot for a while and let it rest.

Char, how old is your student that had the heart attack? I hope she's going to be okay and will be able to return to her classes.

LuLu what a beautiful sunset from your own little piece of heaven.

Sylvia, happy cooking today!

Henry I hope you wife will be okay and that it's nothing but a fluke that she has a fever.

I'm having my endoscopy this coming up Wednesday...I'll be glad when it's all over with.:confused:

I hope you all have a creatively productive day! I'm now hoping to have some time in which to PAINT!:crossfingers:

:wave: :heart:

01-06-2013, 02:21 PM
Well, decorations are packed away, boys have gone home and the house seems empty :crying:


01-06-2013, 03:00 PM
Zipping through..... :D

Sylvia, I used to make my own gnocchi, but I can buy them at the grocery store in the deli and they're probably better than mine... Do you serve them with sage butter? A little sour cream... chives... mmmmmmmmmm

I see them in the supermarket in vacuum packages imported from Italy too, Char, and have bought them in the past. They were good, but not as good as my Mom's and Nonna's were, and that is why I try making them myself every now and then. :lol: I am serving them with my homemade 4-meat spaghetti sauce beside some of the meats: beef chuck; pork country rib ; chicken breast; and Italian sausage.

Doug, Ahhhh, I know what you mean about that empty-house feeling when the company has left and the decorations are gone for another year. Now you have to think about decorating for Valentine's Day...at least that's what all the stores are trying to promote. The Christmas goodies have disappeared and Valentine's hearts and decorations have appeared overnight. :rolleyes:

Darla, How nice that you were able to share the holiday with Marta. The young woman who just moved in across the street is from Russia too. Her name is Ludda (sp?). I noticed they still have their lights up, maybe it's because they wait until after the 6th too.

Uschi, What fun having the family over for your special tacos. :D Sounds like your soup is going to be hearty and healthy with all those veggies.

Gail, It's been many years now since we put lights up on the outside of the house. We bought those little candleabras that hold either 3 or 6 candles with a light on top and we put them in each window...on the inside. This year we used orange lights and it looked very pretty when we went out driving around looking at the lights. Next year we decided we would make a mix of colors for the lights. Much easier to put up and take down. ;)

Henry, Hope your wife isn't coming down with the flu. Not fun at all.

:wave: to all who were here between my visits.



01-06-2013, 03:14 PM
Happy Sunday Washerpals!!:wave:

Have been busy around the house all weekend, Christmas decorations are all down and waiting to be stored. Tree is chopped up and ready to be recycled. Today will be “resting” and by “resting” I think I mean watching football for a good part of the day. Wifey is more of a football fan than I am (I prefer baseball!), it may be something about big strong men in tight pants:rolleyes: …I dunno what the fascination is for her, but that’s what the TV is tuned to today. The Seattle Seahawks are playing today so I will be cheering them on and hoping :crossfingers: they advance further towards the superbowl. Other than that I have kitchen chores to do and menu planning for the week. Will do the shopping for that on Monday as I don’t think I’ll make it out of the house today!

Nipper Geoff, about your cobbles on the beach…only try to paint a few here and there and leave the rest to the viewer’s imagination; a hint of a shadow there and an edge here should do the trick! Amazing how much detail the mind will add once it has a “suggestion” to follow!

Geoff, I hope that things work out well for your mother! Loved the churches, too bad you could not get inside, I love the old stained glass windows…and often there are tombs inside the churches with great brass covers on them. When I lived in France I got to do some rubbings on some in some of the smaller churches. I think they have stopped allowing that nowadays. I just used crayon and paper and I have no idea where those rubbings might be now…perhaps with my mother’s stuff.

Good Morning Bill and Doug!

LuLu, I’ve always liked Maggie Smith’s work, I think she’s been underrated for years. We went and saw the Hobbit, may be the only movie we see in a theater for a while! Sounds like you and John had a nice day “out” though…and what a perfect ending to the day with that view!!

Doug, it was raining when I got up, but it’s sunshine now…for the moment at least!

Annie, the redbellied blacksnake is only “sometimes” fatal….that’s practically benevolent for your snakes isn’t it? Sounds like a lovely meal you’ve planned! I like cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar…a perfect dish! I shall do washing on Monday…unless I can think of an excuse to put it off till Tuesday!

JJ sorry that your ankle is giving you fits…But you DO mistreat it so! As my old medico used to tell me when I “misbehaved” …elevate, refrigerate, and cogitate! I was good at two out of three:angel: …Nice of you to pet sit for Tania…you being a cat person and all! For those who have not seen about the fire in Tasmania here’s a link:

Geoff, for good news on your mother…re rain…Our yearly total was 10+ inches greater in 2012…close to 50 inches for the year…damp…and getting damper!

Nipper Geoff, Sounds like your wife is aptly named…as Beryl truly must be a gem!! :thumbsup: Hope that you have a magnificent visit with grandson Harry!

Whup! Just got a call from my sister, now MY mother is in hospital, Pneumonia and the outlook is good but still…lots of Mums in hospital today!!:eek:

Don, oooOOoooh a new trailer!! Pictures, pictures!! Glad you got a visit in with your son, is he in the mountain division at Ft Drum?

Bill, Another Maggie Smith fan! If ever I need to bring down the rain, I dance naked in the moonlight:eek: …happily I live in Washington, so such drastic measures are seldom if ever, needed!!:rolleyes: Better for all I think!! My wife and I also like Doc Martin. Your pen and wash Lighthouse is superb!!

Char, sounds like you are fully back up to speed again! “Shortage of beds “ in my mother’s case it means she’s in a bed (private room) in the pediatrics ward! Thank goodness they are keeping her isolated from the babies!! No…I didn’t check…
Ok…yes I DID!!

Sylvia…I love swiss chard! I add it to many of my soups, I think this week I’ll make either lentil stew with it or a tofu, leek and chard soup with chicken stock. In many places now it costs as much to park a trailer or motorhome for the night as it does to rent a hotel room!! Annie is like Bill’s DW…likes the hotel more…oh well……

Steve…this seems to be shaping up as “mothers week”! Hope yours is doing well!! Breakfast Pie?...you sure it’s not a quiche??

Caryl…hope that YOU are feeling a bit better too! (You’re a mom so you also count for “mothers week”!) MY favorite clouds are the lenticular clouds that I often see on Mt Rainier!

Uschi…don’t remind me about dishes!! I’ll be doing THAT tonight, probably after Annie has gone to bed. I don’t know about coming back better than ever..but my heartattack caused no damage whatsoever, and even though they have me on meds, there was no damage to the heart at all! And you should GET a camper!! AND come out west to visit your daughter in Vancouver BC! You’d love it out here!!:thumbsup:

Gail…smart of you to stay off those ladders!! I’m not always that smart!


Henry, have not seen any adverts for Quartet, but not likely to go see it in theater anyway. Loved your version of LuLu’s View…great work!! Hope your DW feels better fast!

Char…yep, you’re back up to FULL speed already!! I’ll rest FOR you!!

Darla..it’s never easy to watch them go…I hate it when Amanda leaves. But then OUR life can get back to our new “normal” and we both like THAT as well…and you have the grandgirls right there most of the time so you are blessed more than most! :thumbsup: Good luck on the endoscopy!

Doug, I’ll bet your grandson has some great memories now though!! Back to normal for the time being! Did you get your son to bring you any art goodies from the US?

Noon here and the Seahawks game starts at 1:30 and I want to get our treats all set up, cheese and crackers, chicken strips, relish tray….and for me a wee dram of single malt…just for celebrating of course!!

Make it a great day!!

01-06-2013, 03:24 PM
Hap, no art goodies but a Kindle Paperwhite e-reader :thumbsup:


01-06-2013, 04:02 PM
Hap, what are you doing up there :eek: no one is holding the ladder, glad you made it down safely :) the things we do for our art!


Island Nipper
01-06-2013, 04:02 PM
Hello everyone, a very exhausted grandad here. The mist lifted and my son Jason his wife Rachel and baby Harry arrived ok. Harry is four months now and fills a size nine month to two year sock. I guess he will not be a jockey. We had a great time but centre of attention was of course Harry. Rachel goes back. To work on Monday and has to fly to Dublin yo pitch for a new contract, Harry is having a "manny" which apparently is a male nanny! Times they are a changing.

Bill, the Island is a beautiful place but I think this was a bit of Cornish humour because they concider Cornwall to be more beautiful. Great show though isn't it.

Hap yes Beryl is a gem, a friend and soul mate. I will try your method with the cobbles I used to do dodgy things on ladders too..

Gail, thank you for your kind comment about my boat painting, yes placing the painting in front of my right eye helps, also stretching across seems to make my hand more stable.

Uschi,Sylvia and Char yes I am so lucky to have such a loving wife, soul mate and friend in Beryl Ann, we laugh about the nurse bit because she is a tiny bit clumsy when carrying out her nursing, this morning she stood on my foot whilst putting my shirt on!

And so to bed.
Good night all.

01-06-2013, 04:15 PM
Evening all......

Day has been taken up with Mother,as expected...
They had not moved her at time of our visit which was 3pm to make sure we got a car parking space........this hospital is one of the largest in Europe and through expansion a lot of the parking is under new Cancer treatment units etc........anyway, our arrival to bedside was delayed as first one Dr. then another went to see her.......we then got chance for a long chat with the more senior of the two ....the massive blood blister she had had been treated by them and they were lining her up for plastic surgery on her leg.
So we mentioned the forthcoming procedure to remove the cancer lumps from her head and they had already had a look at them as they are part of the same 'team' and are two plastic surgeons...so perhaps they may do a 'two for one' who knows...

Anyway sometime tonight there is a bed in their ward and she will go there for 2 or 3 days perhaps.....the hospital is large in UK terms with a normal bed rate per night of about 1100 patients.......

So I will be visiting tomorrow as she wants more clothes even if she cannot get out of bed.........Mothers......


01-06-2013, 04:21 PM
Hubby was in an overflow bed on the infectious pediatric floor. Guess where I picked up this tenacious bug?

Nurses didn't follow protocol while we're there at all.

01-06-2013, 04:24 PM
Lulu, I have seen "Quartet" advertised, but would not pay to watch Billy Connolly in any production, can't stand the man

Agree, Henry, it was he who spoilt the movie for me.....

Caryl, thanks for that info on the sunset clouds:thumbsup:

Am feeling a bit under the weather this morning, annoying irritating rash, upset tummy..............my resident nurse is doing well here too.:heart: He knows I'm really not feeling well if I go back to bed..........too bad, it's a beautiful day, and a hot one.


01-06-2013, 05:07 PM
For cat lovers everywhere??



01-06-2013, 06:07 PM
be afraid........be very afraid! :lol::lol:

01-06-2013, 06:37 PM
Upstairs tree down and all put away; all my figurines and Christmas knick knacks put away too. I'm working on the downstairs tree now. We still have the white icicle lights outside but that will wait.

We've cleaned the bedrooms; re-made the beds with fresh bedding, swept, dusted and scrubbed. We have more to do but we won't get at those tasks tonight.

Hap, yes it's hard; I guess no matter how old they are it hurts saying goodbye; because we dont 'know when we'll see them again. I'm very thankful that Jen, Matt and the girls live here; although they are speaking of moving in the next 5 years. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.:thumbsup: Yes getting back into a routine is always good.

We have to grab a bite to eat; late but we didn't have time to eat since we made Josh and Marta breakfast and made them eat before they left.

Sylvia, we learned so much about Russia and loved to hear her talk. she would skype people and talk a mile a minute in Russian. We were very happy to have her; if it were up to me....she's a keeper. She's only going to be 23 and Josh will be 33 this year so hope he doesn't get his heart broken. He seems to really like this one and she was so easy to be around; not high maintenance like the last two girlfriends.:rolleyes:

Caryl, I sure hope you start to feel better real soon. Yes, children are little germ spreaders.:confused:

DETROIT REDWINGS HOCKEY is back! They settled their contract tentatively so we will still get a chance to see some good hockey before the season ends.:clap:

Well I have to finish taking down the tree so I'll just say enjoy your evening all.:wave: :grouphug:

01-06-2013, 07:45 PM
JJ, sorry for your pain. Perhaps some aspercream would help. You must keep the swelling down, hence less walking. :( Thank you Bill. I am using an anti inflammatory cream. It is called "A Little Bit of Relief" It helps a little. Walking.... I feel like I am walking on hot coals, so yes, I am keeping walking o a minimum :)
I was pretty much coping with this ankle, until the extensive physiotherapy September-October-November. That really stirred things up. :( Good in a way, though, or I may still have been plodding along, thinking it was stretched tendons and arthritis. :(

Char, I put my feet/ankles in a hot foot bath last night. I must have read your mind. It did help a little. I wish it was just arthritis.. New snow is delicious!

I have rung the specialist, but, they don't have an appointment until May. They gave me the number of another specialist, and I rang them. Their first opening is April. I will keep trying.

JJ, maybe dog and you will become best friends over the next 3 weeks:evil::) :p :cat: I don't mind him, but, I don't want another dog. Snow photos!

Henry, hugs for your wife. I hope she feels better soon.


Geoff, Good luck to your mother. Maybe they can do both operations together. Hears hoping eh.

Well back to ringing specialists....................

01-06-2013, 08:05 PM
Hiya... We've had dinner... some Chinese dishes that we bought frozen from the grocery store... they weren't exactly "Chinese"... but, since I didn't have to cook (reheating doesn't really count), I can't complain too loudly.

My Guys went to the show to see Django this afternoon. I didn't go and they told me that I'd have hated all the language and violence... but they really enjoyed it... Matt is a Tarentino fan anyway...

I did get my poppies finished... I need to splash in a bit of background and then I'll get it varnished tomorrow.

Two more of my Students are down with the flu and won't be coming tomorrow afternoon. I really appreciate that they've decided to stay home rather than trying to *tough* it out.

((Darla)) We still have Matt at home, but he'll be leaving us soon enough... It's hard... You've done a good job with your boys, preparing them and teaching them to be independent... Sometimes, don't you just want them all to be wee little ones again?

((Doug)) I know...

Sylvia... too much meat... :)

Hap!!!!! Good grief... good grief! Oh my pounding heart! Don't ever do that again without someone holding that ladder steady!

Geoff H., getting tired from having the Grands around is a good kind of exhaustion... :)

Geoff, it sounds like your Mother is getting good care...



JJ, yes I knew that it wasn't the arthritis... the therapy pool is maintained at 92F, with the hot tub at 102F... the physio therapists claim these temperatures help their patients heal... It was just a thought for your ankle.

I'm deep into Winter of the World... I already like all these characters and I know it doesn't bode well for some of them... G'nite all... :heart:

Allan Jameson
01-06-2013, 09:18 PM
G'day g'day to all,

Well Christmas has come and gone and so has New Years day,Christmas was very quiet and enjoyable just the two of us this year,New Years eve was a bit of a dissappointment we were invited to a BBQ 2 doors up but it was cancelled at the last minute,I was really looking forward to it as we havent done New Years together for years as Matt is normally working (DJing) ,anyway we had BBQ at home sat outside and chatted then around 10pm I went to bed couldnt keep my eyes open and Matt went to sleep on the couch LOL.
Matt went back to work last Wednesday and I have been slowly getting back into routine even the dog hates being out of routine.
Its been very hot here not as bad as the southern states although the middle to end of this week is going to be in the 30o to 35oc mark and we need rain again.
LuLu.... your red sunsets are probably being caused by the bushfires in Tassie.
Well must go and have a Nana nap I have had a busy morning.
Cheers Allan J

01-06-2013, 09:32 PM
Char, over the years I have spent so much time at the top of very tall ladders that it does not faze me in the least...almost 64 and have not fallen yet!!:crossfingers:


Often I am sitting atop the ladder with my legs on either side of the "peak"! What I WANT to do at the next convention is to get a "cherry picker" with a platform that can get me 50 feet up! What a shot THAT will be!!

Nipper Geoff, I am the head photographer for the Guild of American Luthiers conventions, so I am always up high to get the cover shot for the magazine's convention issue. Plus I get to know so many great guitar builders too!

Enjoyed the football today, the Seahawks defeated the Redskins 24-14 in a real battle of a game! Next week we play the Atlanta Falcons...I hope we do as well against THEM!!

6:30 pm here and I need to get some dinner on the table!

See you all tomorrow!!

01-06-2013, 09:40 PM
Oh my goodness Hap, I'm with Char, get down off your high ladder!!! :eek: Scary!

Very warm here, up to 31C today. Was glad when the wind got up to take the humidity away a bit. Feeling better, not overly energetic though, so 'pottering, painting, pottering and painting...'.

Allan, good to see you. Our red sunsets are not related to the bushfires and are normal for this time of year, although our son says they don't have the red of the desert so I'll have to call them pink sunsets lol.

This is one he took while camping in the desert at New Year's. Can't wait to see it all for ourselves.


01-06-2013, 09:47 PM
Remember, I divided the meat into three dinners, so there really only was a little bit of each type to taste. Unfortunately, my gnocchi didn't turn out very well at all. I should have put more flour into the mixture so the texture wasn't right. :( Next time I get the urge for gnocchi, I'm buying a package of the one's I mentioned from Italy.

I just talked to Christine and she has come down with the "cold" that I had and her friend Marty had last week too. I told her the first few days are the worse and she's going to get some of the Alka-Seltzer Plus Cold and Cough medicine tomorrow. :o

Geoff, I saw that picture on Facebook a while ago and thought it was hysterical. Perfect caption to go with the look on the poor dog's face. :lol:

Hap, Hap, Hap...it only takes one time to fall from the ladder to seriously injure yourself...take it from my DH. He's still battling the aftereffects of the shattered wrist and we count our blessings that the bump on the head he suffered wasn't worse. So many bad things can happen with one slight mistake. Please, please, please be very, very careful when you are up on one of those ladders.

:wave: to all, I'm on my way up to bed. Larry and I just watched the last show of last year's season of Downton Abbey to get up to snuff on the happenings there before watching the first show of the new season that airs tonight. We've taped it to watch later in the week.