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01-04-2013, 11:06 PM
Morning all,

Back into the whole go for papers and market routine

JudyL shame about blood,they stopped me for a couplle of years because I has been to Mauretania and then permanently following kidney stones and medication.... still managed 54 pints but otherwise could gave gone another 10 years

Back later folks


01-04-2013, 11:25 PM
Hi Geoff and everyone to come:wave:
Fabulously warm and sunny here, currently 27C at 5.30 pm.
Have just been watering new seedlings.

Too short Judy to donate blood?? what does height have to do with it I wonder?
In NZ they don't accept any new donors after the age of 60 I think, but I'm not able anyway because of CFS/ME.

Reading yesterday's Wash....:grouphug: for all the people in pain - in any shape or form. My heart goes out to you all. :heart:

Off out soon, then tomorrow we are going with friends to see Quartet :thumbsup:

01-05-2013, 12:23 AM
Goodmorning Geoff.

Lulu, Imeant to say the other day what a beautiful view you have and I loved what Henry did withit.But I love all his work. I love your portraits too. Something I need to work on.

Judy , I have made your potato soup twice now and love it. It has been good for me since with my problem hand I have a hard time peeling potatoes. Do you make the taco soup or pizza soup?

I just had friends leave and witing for daughter to get home from work.My best friend and her sweet husband took me toRed Lobster for my birthday (yesterday). I had crab legs and an awesome salad with pecans , cranberries and a berrry/balsamic dressing. Yum. Had Japanese yesterday courtesy of my Mom and sister. A milestone for me this year. I just cannot believe I am this old, my mind says no but my body says yes. THe big 60

Pat, I hope you are feeling better and Winnie stops tripping you. I know she must have felt badly. I bet you won't be wearing that cute skirt any time soon with bruised knees.

I have a wonderful dessert recipe made in the crock pot it I can find the recipe. I use mine quite a bit, especially when I worked and had more mouths to feed.

I see my typing id suffering so I will get off here. I wore my hand out cracking those crab legs I guess. Worth every bite of it.

Have a good day friends and hope everyone if feeling better.

01-05-2013, 03:51 AM
Sue.......................that Crab sounds great...........but at 60 you won't stand out as one of the older Washers by a long way!!


01-05-2013, 03:53 AM
Good evening all.

Geoff ... good on you managing 54 pints! I'd be on by ear.

Lulu, Henry did real justice to a fabulous view.

Sue, numbers do not matter. HAPPY BIRTHDAY any old ways :wave: :heart:

Quiet day here. Cloudy and coolish. Actually got a shiver up this afternoon in the breeze. :rolleyes: Must be getting used to hot. it was 25c when I shivered. Did housework, long overdue, this morning. Did the washing and hung it out. Considered washing the car. Still no rain. We got our water delivery yesterday. So team watering of the garden.

Did some painting ... one musk lorikeet sports eyes now.

Bo came in this morning after his constitutional and brought a present. He dropped it and it wriggled snake like on the kitchen floor (it was) as he looked up at me with his big enquiring green eyes, looked down, looked up "I found it .... so what is it? " Puzzlement. No need to worry sweetheart says I as a grabbed a thick tea towel and caught the black wriggler by the head. Minor gasps when the under belly revealed itself as a burgeoning pink. It was only a baby ..... red bellied black snake. Thanks SO much Bo. :eek: I'll just take this to the bottom of the garden and release it.
Release meant dropping and running. Bit stupid really. It was only as thick as a finger and those snakes are developing smaller jaws since the advent of the
cane toad and they are really skittish and shy. It probably did the same thing as me ... RUN. Or slither. It slithered ... I ran.

Bo is OK ..snake too small to get through his fur.

Loki is still very nervous about Monty Python, who must still be hanging around. At least she knows caution.

Tasmania is burning :eek: :eek:


01-05-2013, 04:08 AM
Good morning all. A lovely bright morning with only con trails crossing the sky but a little cooler 6C/44F.

Theatre night tonight - a pantomime - so we are making the pre theatre meal for six. Salmon salad, braised steak and veg and a frozen gateau fo sweet.

Looking forward to seeing your Lorikeet painting Annie. So generous of Bo to bring you a present :lol:

Just spent 40 minutes watching a new Robert Bridley video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9qb8rU3R2I) on youtube. Result was good but he does fiddle around a lot and horror of horrors uses white acrylic :lol:


01-05-2013, 04:25 AM
Happy birthday for yesterday Sue! :heart: And thanks for the comments on both our view and my work.

And I missed the potato soup recipe I think? sounds nice.

Yes, Annie, I love love LOVE the painting that Henry has done of our view!
Just thinking about Monty Python makes me nervous from this distance!
Tasmania is burning???? :eek: haven't heard, must check! :eek:
Gazza keeps bringing us 'gifts' too, ones that we don't want! (baby birds):(

You do have a nice social life Doug and the meal sounds delish! :thumbsup:

Off to check on Tasmania and then to bed - nite:wave:

Edit: I checked......:eek: :heart: poor people....:heart:

01-05-2013, 04:35 AM
Here (http://http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-01-05/tasmania-on-alert-as-fires-continue-to-threaten/4453918) is the link. It is awful.

01-05-2013, 04:55 AM
Mornin' each ........ :wave:

Seems the rain has ceased for a while here. Talking rain the official figures for rainfall were out this week and last year the area I live in was officially recognised as the wettest in Lancashire, under my avatar I have been claiming this accolade for years ......... :lol:

Thanks for those who asked about my solo walk ...... Yes I managed it and yes I really enjoyed it. It gave me a great boost to be out and about and getting normality back.

I've been kept occupied for the last day or so with appointments and kiddie care, had the grandkids for 12 hours yesterday but I enjoyed it even though my feet were ready to go up at the end of the day .......... :lol:

OK off to take Toby out then weekend shopping ..... :wave:

01-05-2013, 05:21 AM
Glad the walk went well Kev.....

Churches....there were two in the immediate area of Blore Hall, one behind started about 1130 ( the year not the time),much altered since, which apparently has an interesting interior which we couldn't access.....here are a couple of pictures:-



The other church is at Mappleton which used to form part of same estate but as you can see the church is of a much later design and the large apertures in the steeple are for dovecote purposes....there is a flock of white doves in residence..


Although I didn't take any pictures of the cottages or the Hall from the outside I did take a couple of the inside of the Great Hall where we had our Dinner.....note the suit or armour..



Well thats that holiday over...dream of next,wherever, but caravanning starts in a month again..


01-05-2013, 05:36 AM
Looks like a nice place to stay Geoff.

Glad you are getting back to normal Kev, take it slowly.

I didn't see Henry's painting, must find it.

Keeping busy, but the house does seem rather empty without the boys. David spent a lot of the week here too.


Ellen in Ont
01-05-2013, 06:08 AM
:wave: everyone,
I'm up early but it's OK as I have to have a nap later before nightshift tonight. I got on the scales this morning and was shocked. :eek: I am back on counting calories until I lose the extra holiday weight. I want to order my dress for my son's wedding in May but have to be at my normal weight for the measurements. :rolleyes:

I got the living room undecorated yesterday so that just leaves the dining room left. :thumbsup: I should have things finished today. Then a good clean up before I can let Max come over. There are little bits of things all over the floors and yesterday Brian stepped on a tack.

Speaking of Max, I babysat him for a couple of hours yesterday while son and DIL went out for supper with her parents. He starts daycare on Monday and my son says that my DIL will have to drop him off. He wouldn't be able to do it. He said that he would feel like picking him up and running home with him. It's my son with the separation anxiety, not Max. :rolleyes: I think Max will be fine :crossfingers: but I can understand my son's nervousness. I can feel it too. Max is just 14 months and not talking yet to let his wishes be known. The good side is that we have heard nothing but good things from this daycare and he will get more activities in a day there than we could ever do.

I need to get moving so stop chattering on and on. It's good to hear that people are getting well even if it is slowly. Keep it up.:thumbsup:

Scene Chaser
01-05-2013, 06:38 AM
Good Day All,

Happy Birthday, Sue. A young 60!

Geoff, I like routine. When working I liked weekends but now that Iím retired I long for Monday.
Love all the photos of churches and especially enjoy the interior shots. Looks quite comfortable.

Annie, I so wish I was a cartoonist. :lol
Canít you or Roger transplant the python? Set a live trap?

Lulu, I love potato soup. Good night.

Kev, good that you feel normal again.

Hi Doug. Nice to have your boys in person, but we are so fortunate to have Skype and email. Iím sure you will use them again very soon.

Ellen, you arenít the only one who needs to count calories. I donít eat a lot, just too many sweets lately. But I donít move much either. Winter confines me.

I have a small painting that is quite wrinkled and I am trying to flatten it. I tried lightly wetting the back and laying it on paper towels with a load of books on top of the painting, but itís not working. Does anyone have a method that works?

Island Nipper
01-05-2013, 06:40 AM
Good morning everyone, a lovely soft morning here, mild, grey with the distant downs veiled in mist and unusually for us, no breeze. I can just make out the mist clearing on the trees that line Cowlease. This is the road that snakes around St Boniface Down, our highest down. Ah the tips of the palms are beginning to twitch, someone has wakened the wind.

More practice today. I am trying to represent a pebble beach, big pebbles 2 to 3 inch cobbles really. Not having much success. Been back over numerous paintings online but apart from those with individually painted stones, have not really found anything.

Nurse Beryl has opened her necklace, a gold and diamond heart. She likes it a lot. Enough brownie points for about a week I think! I might even enviegle a small dram of single malt before my afternoon napp.

Searching through photos for a new painting, how few have any foreground, I must instruct my photographer accordingly.

My 9year old granddaughter Esme was with us yesterday and heard someone refer to me as the elderly chap in the wheelchair. She told the lady in a stearn voice that "My Grandad is not elderly he is only 65". Extra pocket money I think.

Off to paint.

01-05-2013, 06:46 AM
Good Morning all,
It is a little past 6:30 a.m. here in still sleeping Oakwood. Very cold temps and lots of snow still on the ground...not going anywhere soon, it seems. :o

I'm off today to drop off three of my paintings to an annual Works on Paper Show held at a local Gallery in the next town over. It is juried and the competition is really stiff, so not too hopeful any of them will get in, but they won't for sure if I don't enter them, eh. ;)

I miss my Christmas decorations. House looks too ordinary now. Anybody else feel that way after taking down their decorations?

Ellen, :lol: about your son's separation anxiety. I'm sure Max will figure out how to make his wishes known quickly enough and the people who work in the Day Care Center have lots of experience doing just that. :D

Annie, Yikes, you are brave. I probably would have turned a pot over your little "gift" and let Larry handle it when he got home. :eek:

Geoff, What great old buildings and a lovely, lovely dining room. Hope the food lived up to the surroundings. :D

Kev, :thumbsup: on the successful outing! Way to go!!!!

Sue, Sounds like you had a wonderful celebration for your birthday, young lady. ;) You've got a way to go to catch up with some of us, so hold your tongue about getting old. :lol:

Judy, I remember being annoyed when I was told I couldn't donate blood after coming back from being stationed overseas too. Never heard anything about being "too short" when I did donate blood before that though and I'm only 5'4" tall (or I was, now I am 5'3" :rolleyes:).

Lulu and Annie, That is so sad about the fires in Tasmania. Just saw a headline about an earthquake off the coast of Alaska here in the States and a tsunami warning issued for the West Coast. :eek:

Doug, Sounds like another fun evening for you in store.

:wave: to all who are on their way and white light to anyone who needs it.



01-05-2013, 06:53 AM
Bill, iron your painting on the back.


Scene Chaser
01-05-2013, 07:05 AM
Thanks, Doug. I'll try that.

01-05-2013, 07:31 AM
I popped out today to have coffee with my friend Jean. I offered her a lift home, and took a detour down to the Wynnum Waterfront. She loved it. We had an icecream, watched the yachts coming and going at the Manly Marina. We stayed there for over an hour nattering away. :)

She looks grrrrreat for 92 eh. :thumbsup:

Tasmania is burning :eek: It is just dreadful. Such awful devastation down there. :eek: on your red bellied black.... I would have run like mad too. In fact, I probably wouldn't have picked that one up :lol:

Kev, glad your walk was successful!!

Geoff, what fabulous churches. Pat and her John took me to see a few when I was over there. I took photos, but would have loved to have sat and painted them, in hindsight.
Love that suit of armour!!

Ellen, I haven't taken my decorations down yet inside. It isn't the 6th January yet.. :)

:clap: :thumbsup: :music: Happy belated birthday Sue. :music: :thumbsup:
:clap: You have caught up to me :D

Bill, iron the back of your painting, with a dry iron. Works a treat, and that is what the framing shops do. I worked in one for a wee while. :-)

Hi ya Geoff H . My condolences on the loss of your friend. Words are really inadequate I know. I can't know how you are feeling, but do know, I am thinking of you. Have you tried Krill oil, and Emu oil for your aches and pains. They don't interfere with your medications as far as I am aware. Unflavoured Gelatin is excellent too. A teaspoon in a hot drink morning and night. It actually helps your other medications, is a natural glucosamine..

I can't find Annies painting, and I don't know where Henry's is either.

It is late here, time for my bed.


01-05-2013, 07:50 AM
Good morning all from a chilly Georgia. It is 37F outside (3C), and I was lazy today and did not run. I did yesterday though, and it was even colder outside. Makes me run faster though. :)

Very busy at work lately, and DS is still here and he sort of monopolizes the computer. But that's OK, we have really enjoyed him being home. He goes back tomorrow, back to upstate New York where there is a lot of snow on the ground and temperatures in the single digits right now. We just hope he gets back to the base safely.

Haven't been able to do much painting lately, but did get out New Year's day with the camera for a bit. We'll be taking some time off beginning week after next to go camping at one of our favorite state parks down in Florida, so I should be able to at least get some photos to paint from. Haven't really tried to do any plein air or watercolor sketching yet, but I guess I should.

I like the church photos Geoff. The third one makes me want to try a pen & wash.

About time to wake up DW... we are all going out for breakfast this morning. Hope all have a good day.

Scene Chaser
01-05-2013, 07:57 AM
Found this on Wikipedia, which questions Annie's lunacy status.

The Red-bellied Black Snake is a species of elapid snake native to eastern Australia. Though its venom is capable of causing significant morbidity, a bite from it is not generally fatal and less venomous than other deadly Australian snakes.

Not generally fatal?

JJ, you do know how to enjoy the day.


01-05-2013, 09:30 AM
Good morning. Have scanned the wash. Hope you recover soon Caryl. Pat, so sorry you got hurt and hope you recover fast, too.

Have been busy with GD the past couple of days. Yesterday she brought her sewing machine and some fabric she had gotten for Christmas and made two pillows. She did most of it herself. I sewed them up on the machine after she had stuffed them and also pinned the stripe on the one so that it would be centered. She is 10.


I also FINALLY have Doug's painting matted, framed and up on the wall in our foyer. I am really enjoying it.


Today we are getting our tile cleaned. The grout needs it.
So, better get moving.


01-05-2013, 10:03 AM
Good morning! It's a grey day. Cold and cloudy. The wind has died down a little, though, swinging around now from the SE... a bit of snow seems to be on the way some time tonight.

We will de-decorate the house today. Ted took some of our things down yesterday but big ole Santa has to be put to rest for another year. His big box is really dilapidated and he needs a new one. UPS will construct custom boxes but our local shop has been ignoring my calls. I've spoken with them twice and they just won't call back. :mad:

I'll paint today, too... and then of course, there's the never ending laundry...

It's an exciting life.

Geoff, your beautiful churches reminded me of Pillars of the Earth... I would love to see them in person... It's incredible to think that people have been treading on those floors for nearly a thousand years...

Lulu, Henry's painting is so typical of his style and absolutely gorgeous! Our kitties thoughtfully gift us with various and sundry critters... usually live ones...

Belated Happy Birthday, Sue! 60 is the new 50... :)

Annie... :eek: :eek: :eek:

Hi Doug, I've always hated the excessive quiet when the kids return home. Davis? A third son? :p

:thumbsup: Kev! No pain?

Hi Ellen... I'm sure Max will thrive at Daycare... it's always so much harder on the parents, eh? And, I'd be willing to bet he'll be talking up a storm very quickly!

Hi Bill, like Doug I've tried dry ironing (low setting) and it does seem to work. Looking forward to this next painting.

Hi Geoff H. Children are so nonplussed and their open honesty is always refreshing... Your granddaughter is a smart little girl! :) Pebbles, eh? Sounds pretty finicky...

Sylvia, I'm always a little glad to get things back to some state of normalcy... but... I buy *forced* bulbs at this time of year and they begin to brighten things up very quickly... I just brought home some hyacinths the other day and they'll be blooming in a couple of weeks, I think.

JJ, Henry's painting is in the Gallery. Your friend Jean certainly doesn't look 92!

What an adorable pillow your talented granddaughter made, Shirley! Doug's painting does look wonderful all dressed up in matte and frame...

Well, I haven't had breakfast... haven't showered and I'm still in my nightgown... I think I'd better do something productive before I grow roots... couch potato... I hope you all have the very best possible day! Be healthy, happy and creative! :heart:

Hi Don... you're so lucky to enjoy regular visits from your children!

Ellen in Ont
01-05-2013, 10:50 AM
:clap: I'm doing the happy dance. All the inside decorations are put away and the house vacuumed. Still more tidying to do but it can wait a couple of days after I'm finished these two nightshifts. I love how clean and open everything looks without the clutter. :D

Char - I have an orchid that is putting out a flower spike so I should have some colour/interest on the table soon. Meanwhile I still have two large poinsettias that provide lots of colour and will go outside for the summer this spring. I also have a large Hibiscus that flowers every few days.

I am heading to Michaels store after lunch. The Christmas stuff is on sale for 70% off and I have a coupon for 20% off your whole purchase including sale items. It's never too early to start shopping for next year. :thumbsup:

01-05-2013, 11:45 AM
Good morning all!
The iPad my mom sent is up and running. It's up and running which is a good thing since I severed the cord to my work computer with my recliner chair, sliced it right in two.

So that said, I now have this fancy FaceTime thing if any one wants me to add them to my list, just pm me.

One thing I have noticed that it is not friendly with my inner ear balance disorder. I cannot tolerate movement well. I can barely stand the slide on my smart phone, and the tablet being bigger, the effect is magnified. Blech.

Off to read the wash and get work done. Have a great day all.

01-05-2013, 11:54 AM
Hello all;

It's another sunny day here in Mid-Michigan. I think like Char we are expecting a few flurries tonight but nothing measurable.

Josh and MArta are still here and we took them out for dinner last evening. A nice time spent with them these past two nights. They will leave tomorrow. Josh was pretty burned out with his job. Even though it's not physical work it's mentally exhausting. He draws for a living and when you've lost your muse, which you know will happen; he must STILL draw!:confused: He said he really needed this vacation. He is thinking down the road about perhaps doing something else; he said he's accomplished everything there is to accomplish in tattooing. He would like to own another busines; the shop is working on a clothing line and he's working on a book. :thumbsup:

Annie...WHOA...I'd have run away screaming from that venomous snake.:eek: It's a good thing it was a baby; could it have bitten Bo?

I must find HEnry's painting of LuLu's view.

Shirley, what a cute pillow your GD made! I have one that loves to sew too. Kelsea has the creative gene.

Kev, I'm glad your walk went well and that you are getting out and about more and more these days.

Geoff, what a beautiful place in which to eat. I love those old buildings and look forward to seeing a few of them in person in early Summer!

Geoff, good on your GD for piping up about her "young" Granddad!:lol:

Ellen, wow all your decorations put away for another year. I need to take mine down but was waiting for Josh to leave. I may tackle the upstairs tree today though. I do like the warmth of the lights in these dark early evenings.

JJ, what a lovely lady; and you are right she doesn't LOOK 92 at all!

Like so many of you both Larry and I need to shed a few pounds. We will start counting calories after Josh leaves. It will be VERY hard work for me; as Larry is constantly wanting to "snack".:rolleyes:

I hope you all have a marvelous day.:wave: :heart:

01-05-2013, 01:02 PM
Good Afternoon!!!!

We actually had about an hour of bright sun and it was wonderful, wish it would come back.

You can all guess where I was this morning and I have already told you about my family coming over for supper and that is all the news from my household.

Geoff, your lovely photos reminded me of my hometown "Feldkirch" in Austria. We too have old buildings like this, one of them being our castle which was built in the 1100's. It is now a very popular restaurant, the walls are at least a meter thick.

Die Schattenburg


Char, you are right, that book really makes you appreciate old buildings like these. By the way, I am serving Tortillas:) I am sure the kids will love it (for a change:rolleyes: )

Doug, it really is nice to have a good group of people like that for friends!!

Geoff H, your nurse will be sooo happy and I am sure she deserves it, still it is so nice that you show your appreciation in such a way!!! Good luck with the pebbles (stones, bolders:lol: )

Kev, :clap: :clap: Did they ever figure out what went so wrong the first two times???

Annie - YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just checked Henry's painting - WOW, what a style, Gorgeous!!!!!

Darla, I guess Josh's success and the many clients is getting the better of him. I am sure he'll be successful with whatever he tries.

Caryl, yes, there is a lot of whooshing around with these iPads.

Shirley, LOVE your GD cushion, she did a wonderful job!!! I also LOVE Doug's painting!!!!!

Bill, I put the iron on hot, put the painting upside down on the ironing board, spray generously with the squirty bottle and iron it dry. I have NEVER had any problem or damage to the painting and it comes out totally wrinkle free.

JJ, lets hope we all look as good at 92:heart:

Sue, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Ellen, Whew, that job is done!!! I feel for Max's parents, heartbreaking to leave your child behind like that, for their sake I hope he doesn't cry. In the end he will love the companionship of the other children.

Don, what a nice thought to be able to go camping!!

Sylvia, good luck with the show!!!!!!!!

:wave: to Lulu and all yet to come and :grouphug: to all not feeling well!!!

Time to start cutting all those veggies.

P.S.: the Apple Bundt cake turned out nicely but 2 cups of sugar:rolleyes: :eek:


01-05-2013, 01:20 PM
I found another picture, of the courtyard.


Scene Chaser
01-05-2013, 01:28 PM
Thanks for the ironing recommendation everyone. It works great, especially on my little 6x9 paintings.


01-05-2013, 01:37 PM
:wave: Good day all! had a lovely walk for groceries today, and since it was a little bumpy on the trail took a taxi home with the goodies. I was stocking up as I have joined the Trim Down Club (http://www.trimdownclub.com/) and their recipes require some things I didn't have in stock. Most are already in my cupboard, though. I find it fits very well with my eating habits, but makes me focus on how much sugar I was eating.....and was not eating enough of the 'good' things, veg and a variety of proteins. Anyway, I hope it can help me get rid of the 20 lb I would like to shed :crossfingers: The staff are very supportive and it seems like an enthusiastic community.

Lovely cushion, Shirley!

What an interesting looking building, Uschi, would love to visit there! or anywhere in Europe :) I'm sure they'll like the tacos, it was a standard in our family when the kids were young. Just had to watch the hot sauce!

Sounds like you two are feeling better, Char, it seems like a nasty bug :crossfingers: so far I have escaped the worst.

:eek: Annie!

I hope I look that good at 92, JJ! Seems like a lovely lady.

Good luck with the show, Sylvia.:crossfingers:

Happy belated birthday, Sue, you are just a young thing yet :)

Happy painting, Geoff H.....I really like your boat painting in the gallery!

Very nice buildings, Geoff, looks like a super location for a holiday.

Hi Bill (nice pen and wash!), Doug, Kev (congrats on your walk!), Don, Ellen, Darla, Caryl (hope you are feeling a bit better).

To all in need :grouphug: :heart: :grouphug:

01-05-2013, 02:07 PM
Darla- poor burned out thing! I was asked last week to do the illustrations for a regular publication. It's quite the ego boost, but I've been there before and deadlines kill the creative process.

01-05-2013, 03:01 PM
A happy Saturday to all.......chilly and grey overcast here today, but what the heck. Hopefully, we'll get a couple of good days of dry weather and I can get the leaves cleared up.......again. This time of the year in Memphis is really depressing.....everything looks dead, dull and grey or brown.....that's the predominant color during the winter.

Glad to hear everybody is getting back to normal....one good thing about not putting out a bunch of decorations is there is nothing to put up afterwards....course here in the south.....we tends to just leave our christmas lights up all year long.... we call it efficiency. Ifin we gets really stirred up, we'll change out them colored bulbs to just white and get a real romantic glow for beer parties come spring. Nice thing about them inflatable santas and snow mens, they just lay there on the ground.... a couple of warm weeks of weather and the grass pretty much hides em for the rest of the year.......they call it southern efficiency. I don't know, I'm a born Texan....sounds like all hat and no cattle to me....... besides, there's us Texans and then there's the rest of yall......:lol: :lol: :lol:

Not much planned for the day but get a new battery for my truck........finally getting around to it. When it finally gave up the ghost, before I could get out and get it, we caught the crud........maybe some painting today later after a nap....we'll see. The spurts of energy don't last too long.

Love the pictures of the old churches......being from the architectural side, I could spend all my time exploring old structures like that.........we have an old brewery here in Memphis from the late 1800's that every once in awhile I get to explore .....every time I go, I find something new to use as a resource....love this old place. I've always said if I were to hit the power ball, I would buy it and turn it into arts center with work shops, exhibit areas and living quarters...........https://picasaweb.google.com/116762527321607579993/Brewry2012?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCLje-uiGr8aL0wE&feat=directlink

Well, the better half is ready, so I guess it's off to Sears to get the battery......a good day to everybody......:grouphug:

Peace, love and hope.......Steve

Island Nipper
01-05-2013, 03:35 PM
Hi all,

Lynn, thank you I am very encouraged by people's comments.

Annie how brilliant to be surrounded by so much wild life.

JJ Thank you for your kind thoughts, strange I usually keep my feelings to myself but have drawn a lot of comfort from everyones kind wishes.
should I take all three of these supplements? The side effects of the Rilutek I have to take to extend my life, are quite exhausting.

Early to bed tonight my Son arrives tomorrow with three month old grandson Harry. He is a big strong baby, I think he will throw javelin for his school, play table tennis squash and lawn tennis for his county and win an Olympic gold medal in sailing, not that I am trying to influence his parents at all. His other grandad wants him to play cricket, good grief!

Bye for now

01-05-2013, 05:26 PM
Just a quick run through. All decorations are down and put away until next year. House does look better without all the clutter.

While I was taking everything down, I made a large pot of chicken soup. We will have soup and chicken a-la-king for dinner.

After diner it is a drug store run, and DH wants to go walk around somewhere window shopping. He does love to shop.

Everyone take care, and white light and hugs to those in need.

01-05-2013, 06:07 PM
Well, the meal was a success, the pantomime so-so.

Still, as you say it's always a pleasure to meet up with friends.

My painting looks much better framed Shirley, glad you like it. One of my favourite scenes.


01-05-2013, 06:41 PM
Evening all
Thanks comments on the churches I love really old buildings too.

Good visit to my Mother who was quite normal to talk to but her long suffering legs were a mess and started weeping sobthe Home arranged for a Community Nurse to visit We had just returned. home for a very late lunch when theyvrang to say an ambulance had been ordered to take her into the Assessment Unit at the James Cook Hospital some 30 miles from ys but near her. We were there before she was and she will likely be moved again following assessment.....heyho

So signing off now


01-05-2013, 07:17 PM
JJ, you do know how to enjoy the day.Sure do. The simple things are the most enjoyable..

Shirley, your granddaughters pillow looks fabulous. So does Doug's painting!

Thank you Char. Looking at Henry's painting now. Wow!! Love it..

Ellen, how did Max go?

Uschi, that castle looks interesting. I would love to visit it, and eat there. So much history.

Bill, glad you got your paintings ironed and looking like new again :heart:

Lynn, good luck with your new eating plan.. :heart:

JJ Thank you for your kind thoughts, strange I usually keep my feelings to myself but have drawn a lot of comfort from everyones kind wishes.
should I take all three of these supplements? The side effects of the Rilutek I have to take to extend my life, are quite exhausting.I do. I take 3 x 750mg Emu oil capsules three times a day. 3 1000mg Krill oil capsule 2 times a day. One heaped teaspoonful of gelatines in my green tea in the mornings. (I did start taking it twice a day, until the pain reduced)
I have ulcerative colitis, and chronic arthritis. These products keep me feeling pretty normal. I stopped taking the tramadol (150mg 2x a day) the Dr had me on about a year ago now, and I stopped taking the Salafalk about 6 months ago. I feel much better just taking what I take. I also take a quarter of a teaspoon of Kruschen Salts in the mornings.
I am not recommending you stop your prescribed medication. Please don't. But taking these suppliments could very well add quality of life for you. They are natural products.

Who else here has tried the gelatin?

01-05-2013, 08:01 PM
Geoff.....thinking good thoughts for your mom. Mine was just released from rehab Thursday......it's hard when we live so far away from her. We have to judge just how serious it is every trip to the hospital.....travel safeties for you my friend and a quick recovery for your mom....

01-05-2013, 10:14 PM
Hi :wave: busy day had to go and watch wrestling, I ususally avoid these but Grandson noticed last year I didn't go, so am this time, amazing, there were 3 rings and masses of boys in singlets, all rolling on the floor like puppies! Noisy though, not the kids the parents :eek: I did take a fall in the car park on the way out, some how a block of wood was hiding under leaves, so down I went, there were witnesses too :o but I iced my wrist and am better now.
About the soup, so easy I have not made it lately as potatoes are high in potassium and Jack is not to have that, but here it the recipe.

Ore Ida Potato Soup

A hearty versitile soup

10 serving(s) Ore Ida Frozen Hash Brown Potatoes, Prepare according to package directions
8 cup(s) fat-free chicken broth, Add 4 cans chicken broth to cooked potatoes
8 Tbsp Williams Gravy Nonfat country gravy , dry mix, Add one package to saute'd potatoes

Spray pan with Pam and saute frozen potatoes for 10 minutes. Add dry gravy mix to the four cans chicken stock and add this to the potatoes. Simmer 20 to 30 minutes. Add chorizo or the like for extra flavor..

I am contemplating making a chicken tortilla soup next.
Re: blood, the site says women have to be 5'5 I am 5'3, oh well, I guess I'll keep mine, they have changed the rules.

Always have loved Dougs painting of the Kettlewell shop, would love to go back sometime. Sister-in-law is urging us all to go to Hawaii for Thanksgiving next, I could do that for winter!

Pat, watch out for Winnie, she may be up to no good! :angel: