View Full Version : mixing oil with acrylic!

08-31-2003, 03:21 PM
Hi guys,
Remember two weeks ago when I asked for your help in mixing oil with acrylics? Well, my project was way too far from adding any oils to the many layers of acrylics I have used already. I followed many of your tips and hints. I just finished my project this weekend. I am attaching the result. What I tried to accomplish is making the white building overwhelming against any thing else in the painting. I used gold leafing on the roof to catch the eyes, and I used particles of stained glass on the white cloth for extra galmour. I glazed everything else in the painting dark. It turn out to be very impressive under spot lights. But I need your feed back. I discovered after those stuggling weeks that acrylic medium is not as bad as I thought at the beginning, and with the varnish finish, the final look can equal oil painting. I do not mind using acrylic over and over again. what do you think?