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10-08-2012, 03:45 PM
Maybee this question has already been answered, I dont know.

I broke my pastels and put them in a small box with a handle. When I opened
the back door of my car the box fell down and some pastel sticks got into
pieces, only some puh,

sooo now I am thinking about plein air boxes how do you do with the
very soft?

How soft is the pastel that you put together with the medium soft pastels?
When I look at pictures of peoples boxes, the pastels dont seem too soft.
Do you put the very soft pastels in another little box by themselves or how
do you store them when you go out to paint?

You can not put, lets say Schmincke together with others?
Which brand is the softest you bring with you in the box?

10-08-2012, 04:06 PM
AnnaLisa, is your box padded with foam? The hardest pastel I put in a box is Cretacolour or some similar, and the softest is Schmincke. As long as there is foam above and under the pastels, they do fine.

What isn't so brilliant is to drop the open box on the pavement... luckily it was my own garage driveway, so I could take a brush to the mess, and I made new pastels out of the crumbs.

10-09-2012, 06:50 AM
Ooh noo did you drop the open box?!!

Well they say about those that ride horses that they are not good riders
until they fall off.

So after we have dropped our boxes we maybee take care of them even more, we dont want that job again.

I thought you can not have Schmincke in the same department in your box
as the other pastels, because it will be much smudgy if you have peeled
of the paper, lot of pastel powder in the box.

When doing new pastels from the crumbles we will get exciting new sorts
if we mix all kind of soft ones, another softness so to speak. Or do you dont mix the very soft with the others?

I separate the light crumbles from the dark and within the light ones I put
the warm in one plastic box and the cool colours in one.

10-13-2012, 04:16 PM
Charlie, I didnt have foam in the box when I dropped it, I had the plastic
thing you get in the box when ordering things that come with the box.

Now I went to a shop that sell madrasses, they sell foam in all different
thickness. I bought a large plastic thing for the knives and spoons in kitchen, from Ikea for 2 bucks and then I put foam in the bottom of it, to have on the table when I paint.

When I took away the paper from one of my four Schmincke sticks, it was
soo soft that I thought it would smear down the other pastels. So it was good
to hear that you mix them, so I will try.

I just read that Richard McKinley separate the Girault from the softer ones instead.

About the plein air box...I think I will have the foam in one 'lid' and the pastels in the other, until I found a larger box that is thicker so I can have
the foam both in bottom and on top.

Because of the weather I have some time to think of it until next spring. Do you go out in this cold weather?

10-13-2012, 05:04 PM
AnnaLisa, brrrr! no! I don't go out to paint unless it is warm outside. Now that we have winds from the arctic... next time I go out will probably be in april or may.

The open box I dropped were mostly Giraults, with bits no larger than a thirds of sticks. I could re-use most of it. Next time, I'll secure the box...

The Schmincke sticks will rub off on neigbouring sticks, but as I sort mine according to colour and value, it really doesn't matter.

Funny, I put my Girlaults *with* the Unisons, Senneliers, and Schminckes, as while they are a bit harder, they release the colour nearly as well. And they are great for blending the softer pastels.

I collect *all* bits, nubbins, chips, crumbs from any hardness/softness. Even the very hard pastel pencil bits. Mixed it all together, and the outcome was softish pastels. I separate by hue, but not value. Look at this article (http://pastelguild.com/Scribbler/pastel_scribbler_sep2012.pdf) I wrote about it, page 11. (And in case the link doesn't work, here's the url http://pastelguild.com/Scribbler/pastel_scribbler_sep2012.pdf )

10-13-2012, 07:38 PM
Hi AnnaLisa,

I bought a cheap pastel pochade box this summer and upgraded it with "do it yourself " labor.

I bought some memory foam to "nestle the pastels, and cut it to the size of the box. One layer under the pastels, and another layer to cover them. Over the top layer of foam the wood cover is fastened in.

You can see what improvements I made in this thread "Pimp my Pochade" (lol)


If you see, I have very soft pastels in there, Terry Ludwig, Great American, and Sennelier, they are mashed in there next to one another. The memory foam form fits to each pastel when the box is closed, causing hardly any movement. They do tend to settle a bit, so that is why I put my hard pastels along the edges.

Hope this helps