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08-25-2003, 11:36 PM
Who are your favorite actors and actresses, film makers or whatever you can think of in the working in movies? Any reasons, what movies do you specifically like by them?
My favorites are:

Alfred Hitchcock-An amazing director, every film I have seen by him was so perfect and unique.

Johnny Depp- A scene stealer, who is always entertaining to watch. So believable and totally emerged in his work. Also, he looks pretty good too. I luved him in Pirates of the Carribean

Peter Jackson: Lord of the Rings, answers enough.

Nicole Kidman: A great actress, who can play so many different roles. I specifically like her in The Others.

Paul Newman:One of my personal favorites, amazing in everything he does

08-26-2003, 12:38 AM
Woody Allen, and Baz Luhrmann, are my favorite directors
there are more but those would be my first choices
they are both clever and witty
Baz puts the magic back into film
Allen is prolific without totally sucking
i love his neurosis and when he messes with his medium
The Purple Rose of Cairo, Manhattan….
he has quite a few gems and i never tire of watching them repeatedly

if we want to get into writers, the above directors and Alan Ball make my list
American Beauty was so twistedly lovely

there was a movie i saw, The Price of Milk, i think Harry Sinclair wrote/directed it
i don’t know what else he’s done, but he has my utmost respect and admiration for that film

Keith Russell
08-26-2003, 02:29 AM
Blade Runner; The Last Emperor; Stand By Me; Dead Poets Society; Brazil; Excalibur; The Company of Wolves; Dead Ringers; The Princess Bride; The Year of Living Dangerously.

Susan Sarandon; Reese Witherspoon; Judi Densch; Angela Bassett; Michelle Yeoh; Margaret Dumont; Marcia Gay Harden; Dianne Weist; Meg Ryan; Sigourney Weaver; Rene Russo.

Ed Harris; Morgan Freeman; Kevin Spacey; Bruce Willis; Samuel L. Jackson; Chow-Yun Fat; The Marx Brothers; Humphrey Bogart; Peter Lorre; Vincent Price; Harrison Ford.

Stanley Kubrick; David Cronenberg; Peter Weir; Terry Gilliam; Akira Kurasawa; Steven Spielberg; Kathryn Bigelow; Peter Jackson; Joel Coen; Michael Mann; Ridley Scott.


08-26-2003, 02:37 PM
Hmm... slightly harder questions. To be honest I don't really look for directors other than Steven Spielberg who I have a blind loyalty to. Not to say I don't admire other directors but they aren't the reason I go to see the film, if that makes sense. I like Ridley Scott and Ang Lee but it's more of a casual relationship. ;)

I'm also a lifetime ILM fan and always sit through all the credits of a film to see what FX companies worked on it. Geek mode.

Actresses... I think Natalie Portman is very talented and will do great things if she decide to stick with acting. Sigourney Weaver, Susan Saradon, Cate Blanchett. There's a lot of others I like on a less intellectual level, particularly if they do sci-fi or military movies and have short hair.

Actors... ANYTHING with Euan McGregor in I will go see. I think he's absolutely brilliant and his range is inspiring. Stephen Fry. Patrick Stewart. Denzel Washington. I have to add Clive Russell to this list on principle.


08-29-2003, 12:58 AM
I love comedies; I prefer comedy: anything that can push away the nasty things that happen in this world. I love to laugh and take life less seriously.

Thelma and Louise/ The Long Kiss Goodnight/the Matrix/ Fight Club/ Star Wars/ Pulp Fiction/ Monty Python movies/ A Fish Called Wanda/Places In The Heart/anything with Shirley Temple/ The Color Purple/American Pie/Roxanne/

Ooooh there are so many, and my memory so limited.

Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Eddie Murphy, Samuel Jackson, of course Mel Gibson, John Travolta ok ok Brad Pitt, :D , Steve Martin Keenan Ivory Wayans, I'm having a hard time remembering female names....drool:evil:

I quit, just too tired to remember. I must need a nap or something.

08-29-2003, 08:53 AM
Director: I like anything that Tim Burton does.
Actor:Yep, Johnny Depp :)
Actress: Cate Blanchett

08-29-2003, 05:38 PM
ChristinaBella, I love the Monty python movies and A fish Called Wanda. Hilarious!!! I also Love Some Like it Hot and Young Frakenstein!!

08-29-2003, 10:37 PM
Yessssss! I heah zee horzez........! And O! Sweert Mystery of Life, I've Fooooouuuuuunnnnnd Yooooooou!:D:D :D

Keith Russell
09-03-2003, 11:17 AM
Um, strictly speaking, Fight Club is not a comedy. Also, it was also soundly criticized upon its release--on both sides of the Atlantic--as actually contributing to the 'nastiness' of the world.

(I think it's an excellent film, my wife and I saw it in the theatre, as we do all of Fincher's work. We own it on DVD.

But its an extremely satirical, and deeply ironic film--for those [few] who still 'get' such things. IMO, it overemphasizes the 'nastiness' of the world, in order to make a more important point--that the nastiness is unecessary--that we could change things if we wanted to...not a comedy...again IMO.)


09-03-2003, 01:20 PM
I haven't seen Fight Club but some films can post a stake in two camps. Before Fargo was released, I was told it was a llight offbeat comedy. There were some ironic and funny moments but with seven people brutally murdered (and one stuffed down a woodchucker) I couldn't quite call it a comedy .