View Full Version : Earth Rising

08-25-2003, 04:35 PM
Oil on Canvas, 18 x 18 Inches. Did this last week and would appreciate any comments. Its a little different from what I have been doing lately.

08-25-2003, 04:59 PM
It has the color and flavor of a landscape, without being one.

I like this.

Mary Riggs
08-25-2003, 05:21 PM
Very cool........love the color combinations in the lower 1/3 of the painting especially.

08-25-2003, 10:14 PM
Gotta love that texture and those patches of colors.

08-25-2003, 10:20 PM
very nice, crisp landscape!

08-26-2003, 01:43 PM
Thanks everyone for viewing this. Like I said, it is a bit different for me. I usually used a brush and like to concentrate on smooth blends. Lately, I have been "over working" these and thought I could break myself from this tendency by going all knife.

blkros - I see what you mean and when I was painting it, I suppose I was thinking of a landscape from earth to sea. I live in Northern California and the coast in Marin County is like this. Thanks.

Mary - Thanks. I am partial to these earth colors myself.

Tam - Thanks. Of course, the texture is accomplished with the knife. The colors are all related, in that, as I moved up the canvas, I used the previous color to make the next color, etc.
It was fun doing something different.

MMK - Thanks.