View Full Version : Green Light, Crimson Shadow/ oil & wax paper

08-22-2003, 02:51 PM
While I was packing these paintings to move, I came across a whole slew of them that I just didn't like anymore. This was one of them. It's now something completely different. ;) I like it better, but I'm still not entirely thrilled. Oh well.
In any case, it's a 12 x 36, oil and wax paper on panel.
Hope you're all doing well.

08-22-2003, 02:57 PM
those green shadows are it....what a dramatic color combo!!!! It emmanates heat/passion in the still of night by low light such as a candle to me.

08-22-2003, 04:14 PM
Q: Why do you like Aurora Pope's work so much?

A: Because it takes me to church and restoreth mine soul.

Q: That is nice, is that it?

A: Ohh no. It takes me along the path of sinners so that I may enjoy both sides, like that old Judy Collins song.

Q: So its spiritual and...

A: Much much more. We hope to travel this world with our eyes minds and hearts open. She lights the way and making sure I take nothing for granted and do not become stale of thought. And get this...if I am overwhelmed by it all, I have the freedom to ignore all and just revel in sheer beauty for beauty's sake.