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06-19-2001, 07:34 PM
Portrait of a man I once knew. I did this in "Loew Cornell" oil pastels. I really love how oil pastels can be made to almost look like and oil painting! I know, this is a really bizzare picture and the eyes are freaky but it captures the personality of him perfectly. Also, the scan is a little distorted. Hopefully you can tell where the computer messed it up a little. I'd love any comments, questions, critique....etc.

06-20-2001, 05:44 PM
Very interesting treatment! Somehow the usual colours really work. Not quite so keen on the green background as it doesn't seem to go quite so well with the other colours - it is a bit more opaque and earthier.

Would be interesting to hear how you arrived at this colour treatment. I have never been able to do anything with oil pastels. Have you tried using turpentine as a thinner?

best wishes

06-20-2001, 07:41 PM
thanks for the great comments sandra. lets see if i can clear up some of your questions...
for some of these i'm not really sure myself.
as for the colors, i'll try to explain. i've always used rather bizarre color schemes in my work. mainly when i took my first figure drawing class the flesh color was missing from my pastel set so i just used any color i felt like (red, blue, green, orange, etc.). now, i use strange colors to try to convey a mood or feeling. i find it thrilling how one color out of place can change the whole picture. as for how i chose these colors - i chose the blue for the skin tone because i feel sad when i see this person and i know this person has a lot of sadness in his life. i chose the redish for the hair, well it started orange and somehow turned to red. i used orange because it is a complimentary color to blue, opposite on the color wheel. for the background, it is somewhat of a murky green with spots of all other colors in it. this part didn't show up very well on the scan but i just wanted it to look totally out of place and contrast against the man, making the man pop out more. the colors are almost what feels good in my hand at the time .
as for the turpentine as a thinner...no, never. they're not like oil paint really, they just come in a stick like a jumbo crayon and i use them just like i would a crayon. also, i use a tortillion stump for blending in smaller places.
thanks for the comments. this is a somewhat important piece to me and it's good to know someone else is interested too :)

06-20-2001, 08:17 PM
Thanks for your reply, Kate. It's really interesting to know how others work.

Regarding the turps, I believe oil pastels can be thinned with turps. Obviously, you would have to be working on a suitable support. You might want to try asking about this in the pastels forums - maybe someone there has tried it.

best wishes

06-20-2001, 08:29 PM
about the turpentine. maybe they can, i wouldn't know but i perfer them the way the are.