View Full Version : New Video: Paint Dramatic Water in Pastel

09-25-2012, 04:37 PM
You can Improve Your Pastel Painting now with Arnold Lowrey's Waterfalls & Rough Seas (https://artistsnetwork.tv/p-439-improve-your-pastel-painting-waterfalls-rough-seas-with-arnold-lowrey.aspx) video. In this video you'll learn a variety of pastel techniques, including how to strengthen the subject by painting on a complementary colored surface, how to use shapes for a strong composition, blending and using a variety of strokes to create hard and soft edges, layering color, and more as you paint all the elements of a wooded waterfall and a rough sea: how to paint skies, trees, rocks, foam, wet sand, cascading water, shadows and highlights.

Preview Improve Your Pastel: Waterfalls & Rough Seas with Arnold Lowrey now! (https://artistsnetwork.tv/p-439-improve-your-pastel-painting-waterfalls-rough-seas-with-arnold-lowrey.aspx)

Or click here to watch FREE ArtistsNetwork.tv previews of Arnold's other videos for more helpful pastel tips. (https://artistsnetwork.tv/c-2-workshops.aspx?fcat=artist&Artist=Arnold%20Lowrey)