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08-17-2003, 12:17 PM
Hi all, since this is the creative forum I thought this would me the most appropriate forum to post in. I want to share what I have so far for The Walk with God exhibit at my church. It starts next Sunday. I have a painting to complete and hopefully I can be ready. This is a regular stepping stone size about 12x12. The picture is of a sail boat on the high sea. A light house and a figure representing God's light.


For one second I looked up something caught my eye, a spark of light a feel of calmness, the smell of contentment. I thought it was a reflection of treasure from the stormy sea. I could get lost and adrift. But, I set sail once again. I had sentenced my life in search of treasures. My life would be better if I could only find where that spark came from. I was running after my treasures just like a Leprechaun after a pot of gold. But, there always seemed to be something in my way. Sometimes it felt like this shadowed above me interfering in my search. I thought it was a cloud, a storm a tornado or even times, a hurricane. I was too busy to stop and look up, time was passing me by. A promise made to myself years ago. I must find my treasures.

Then one night clouds gathered and it became very dark and scary. The sea was welling up and I was tossed to and fro. The waves were huge. I was so scared I knew it was the end. I clung to the mast with all my might. My head bent down to shield my face from the cold blinding rain. My eyes squinted hard but I kept seeing a spark of light. I must be crazy; itís black as coal there is no light. I am so weary, shall I look for my treasure in a storm so violent. No! No! I murmured. Look up; lift your head up a voice said. I heard it again. I am insane for sure. And again the voice spoke, this time louder. Lift up your head and open your eyes child! See the treasures that await you. I am hearing voiceís, I am crazy as a loon. But I answer back. Ha! I am not a child and you must think I am crazy. You can't find treasures in the sky, it is pitch black and the only thing I will get is rain in my face. Do you take me for a fool I yelled at the voice! I am my own person. I follow my own path. I choose where I want to go. Itís my right as a human. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE ANYWAY!

That spark again, that annoying spark. Go away I moaned; go away I will not be fooled by the lure of the treasure. There is no treasure. NONE! All these years I am looking. Nothing, nothing, nothing! Life is a big Nothing. Then another sparkle. I am crazy. It's in my mind. Then the spark of light stayed longer and grew brighter. I am mad, I have been tricked, and my rage grew. I stop and think for a split second. It is unlike any light I had seen before. But, no! I will not be fooled again. I became mad at the spark so mad I let go of the mast and lifted my head, not caring if I was washed overboard into the deep dark sea. I am through do you hear me, I screamed. As the last word escaped me, I saw the lighthouse where the sparkle was but now a bright beaming light. All sound ceased from my mouth. I could not speak. But, I could feel the blood surging through my veins, the pounding of my heart, my breathing almost stopping. There, there above me what is this?

Could this be a revelation? This is not what I had searched for so long. No! Oh No! But, something more precious than I had ever imagined. Yes, this must be a revelation. To deny this beaming light would surely mean death. Oh, I did want to live, I see, I see. Oh my God! I dropped to my knees clasping my hands together never taking my eyes off of the light. You are the shadow that followed me all these years. The shadow I thought was someone trying to steal my treasures. It was you. It was you. Oh my God it was you all along. You never left me. You are for real!

I heard someone whimper and it moved me. I felt sorry for that person. Then I heard crying. I felt strange and something warm running down my face. It was me; it was me whimpering it was me crying. I begin to sob. Oh dear Lord. You kept your promise to me I said through tears of pain and joy. What would you have me do?
A calm and soothing voice spoke. You shall tell others about me, tell them to look up and open their eyes as I have told you. Be kind, patient and truthful in your life the voice said, as I have been with you. Remember my commandments, live by my word. By your good works and believing in me you may enter the Kingdom of God for all eternity. This is where you shall find the real treasure you are seeking.

My search has ended now. I have learned a lesson so valuable the worth is unfathomable. My Jesus who died for me was that shadow and spark all along. He was trying to get my attention and lead me home; home, where treasures in eternity wait for me.

Thank you Heavenly Father for your promise, never to leave me alone.

08-17-2003, 03:35 PM
very unique and interesting story Pilan...which no doubt the stepping stone will remind many of.

The idea of being "sentenced to search for treasures" really to me explains or points to the void, the emptiness many feel. It is difficult to exist in a vacuum...

that annoying ever persistent hunger for something bigger than myself which we are so familiar.

very good!!!!

pause for the cause to muse....


08-18-2003, 12:25 AM
I hope this meant you did like it :confused: . I think I will try and condense it into one small paragraph. ugh!
I wish there were a forum specifically for spiritual based artists. It would open up a new way to communicate and maybe I could even grow :) which would be nice. Wet Canvas has everything else, why can't we have a spiritual forum too.

I finished my other stone tonight. It is a stone with a sun shinning down on three flowers in full bloom. It is made of broken glass, polished round glass buttons. I painted on the brick with acrylic and let that dry for two day. I sealed it tonight.

My title will be something like, My Garden My Soul.
I can tell you it has been rather difficult painting or coming up with something that I feel good about. My friend Lisa is a wonderful artist and the way she paints Christ is like no other I have seen. So, being around her has been an inspiration to me. I hope I can come up with a painting that is worthy of this Walk with God exhibit. I did however do a preliminary sketch this evening in church. I sketch while the pastor is speaking. I can hear everything he says too :p....