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12-30-2000, 02:43 AM
Hi Gang,
Sorry that I missed all the debate in here and that Scott had to shut down a thread. I was unable to moderate for the past week--big time computer crash. I just lost 5 years of work in a matter of minutes. <sigh> I love/hate/love/hate/love/hate computers!

I'm back on the job.



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12-30-2000, 06:37 AM
Aaawwww Gis,
Sorry to hear that,
No backup files, thats terrible,My harddrive died as well a few months ago, luckily I had 90% backed up. Get a cd writer, great for backup, 650 meg per cd, I store all my photos and scans on one CD, its great.

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12-31-2000, 11:13 AM
Ouch Gisela! Glad you're back! We've missed you! http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif


sue ellen
12-31-2000, 11:31 AM
i feel for you!
one of my best friends (computer programer) always tells me to back up everything ....every friday and that way if anything happens you only loose a week of work~ so far i have not had to experience the agony of a major crash but i know it will happen someday!

sue ellen

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01-01-2001, 12:32 AM
Have missed you {{{{{Gis}}}}}}! Hope everything gets back to normal soon.

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01-02-2001, 12:08 AM
I know the feeling Gis. Just had a computer crash Xmas eve, restored on the 28th. Only 2 years of work for me, but I WAS FURIOUS with the little monsters who were doing things that they shouldn't. Happy New Year!

01-09-2001, 08:51 AM
Gisela..I agree with Rod!..get a CD writer!..not only can you back everything up but you can make $$ with them too backing up other peoples stuff sometimes..doing photo cd's...stuff like that..last month I made $550 in 8 hours with mine...paid for itself more than twice!

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