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08-07-2003, 10:36 AM
I am getting ready to apply for some Grant Money to further my professional art career. I can apply for up to 3500 dollars.

I specialize in portraits, and as most of you know, I am very very new to pastels. I therefore have a limited supply.

I have fallen in love with this medium and really want to fine tune this. I have to itemize and give specific dollar amounts.

This said. WHAT should be on my wish/need list? As far as pastels, equipment, lighting, videos, classes..heck..anything you deem as things you really can't live without or wish you had.

I appreciate all of your input.


08-07-2003, 11:07 AM
the daniele greene videos are a must have! if you already don't own one, an easel that tilts foward to avoid falling pastel dust. you may want to order a sampler pastel set before buying a full set. Nupastel, in my opinion, is needed if you do any detailed work. i use rembrandts, schminke, and unison.dakota pastels (http://www.dakotapastels.com) has a chart listing softest to hardest which is important when ordering. you may also want to pick up thepastel journal (http://www.pasteljournal.com) magazine. they include alot of tips and help.
lots of luck.

Kathryn Wilson
08-07-2003, 05:07 PM
Hi Maryeve: Since we live in the same state, I would like to ask if it is state grant money??? Just curious, I could use some grant money to keep this going. Please embellish . . . pretty please?

08-08-2003, 07:41 AM
It is granted by the Charlotte/Mecklenburg Arts and Science council to surrounding counties..

I KNOW there are Grants to be had in Wake Co. Try calling the artscouncil, or maybe Artspace and ask if they know of any grant money!

I don't know if I will get it, but I figure, it is worth a shot. Im not telling anyone around here that Im applying (well Yall, I mean in real life..)

Where abouts do you live? I lived in Raleigh for quite a while..went to St. Mary's then Chapel hill...then came back to Raleigh and lived near North Hills. I worked freelance with a designer there that kept me busy Painting paintings, murals, and decorative painting for clients ...and used to be the graphic designer for Spectator:cat:

Kathryn Wilson
08-08-2003, 11:06 AM
Hi Maryeve: Until you mentioned it in this thread, I never even gave it a thought that there might be grant money out there. I will look into it for sure! Good luck in your application - from viewing your work, you definitely deserve it.

I'm in Clay Aiken country - north raleigh and in Wake County. I guess they don't actively go after applicants because I sure haven't seen any proposals out there.

As far as your "must have" list goes, I have found it to be exceedingly important to have the right paper (for you). There are sample kits out there so you can try different papers - it really made a big difference for me. I think the correct lighting for portraits would be important. And, of course, the pastels - again, this is going to depend on how you work and what you like to use. Buy some individual sticks in the popular brands - and see what fits your style of work. For pastels, I would think this would be the big three.

Keep us posted on your progress!!

08-08-2003, 11:39 AM
My SIL lives in North Raleigh, Her daughter Maggie had Clay for a YMCA camp counselor for the last two years, so ...Well, You can imagine, she had us all HAVING to watch and HAVING to call in..Ahh..to be a pre teen! Not to mention my other SIL has an autistic son, which is what Clay volunteers for..so have to give the boy credit..he can sing even if he is a big HOWDIE DOODY!

Kathryn Wilson
08-08-2003, 11:45 AM
Yep, we watched every show. We did not know Clay before the show started up, but what I appreciate about this guy is that he is clean cut and a caring individual. A BIG breath of fresh air compared to alot of the so-called "teen idols" out there. It must be so difficult to see your child idolized some of the singers so popular now.

08-08-2003, 06:21 PM
I use my digital camera alot to take pics for my website & ebay. I read somewhere someone preferred having pics in their portfolio to show to galleries instead of taking chances on the originals getting smudged. I also use it to take reference pictures for my paintings.

08-08-2003, 06:44 PM
A set of deep, dark, soft, rich, buttery, darks! Sennelier or Schminke.


08-08-2003, 11:12 PM
Hi, when it comes to me and must have pastels, i have to say just about any brand you can get your hands on. Annnnd at decent prices. This also includes, soft and oil pastels, soft to hard grade pastels, pastel pencils, etc. If ya really want to make that grant money stretch go to jerrysartarama.com they are having this huge wonderful sale on pastels til the 30th of this month. and if you come across sets that are not on sale or a tad bit to high in price even at discount, then invest in the smaller sets, you wont be sorry. Also if you go to dickblick.com, check out their pastel papers, they give a very good description of every paper there is and its texture , what it does to pastels, etc, etc, dont forget the torts, kneaded erasers, aprin (so you wont get your clothes all dirty from the pastel dust, newsprint is a good investment to try your ideas out on first before you commit to that expensive art paper. Tho anything recycled is not very archival as it has a medium to high acid content, BUT diffinatly useful. And if you think your gonna buy a good sum of supplies, make sure to get one of those nifty art bin cases/box. They arent pretty , but very useful, and they also have "travel" boxes and cases. im sure there is more, but to me another good thing to invest in if you want to build a portfolio is to get a good 35 mm camera, and a digital camera to keep your art pieces on your computer if you wish to sell online. I had all this at one point in time, but a big nasty tornado came through and decided to scatter it all to the four winds .................sigh, anyways, hope this helps, lol, its alot, but then again im doing the same thing re-stockin up ;).

Oh and there are a couple online places you should check out for pastel videos, and other things that could be helpful in learning this wonderful medium, i dont have them on hand at the moment , but i will look through my database and post later to save you all the searching. .......................yes i have a database lol, made especially for art supplies and materials. Was gonna open a local discount art store but to many tornados :rolleyes: .

If you need anything else or have questions, feel free to email me or private message me ill be glad to help ya :D


08-08-2003, 11:21 PM
ha...the one thing no one mentioned yet is money for framing...proper matting and framing...that can be pricey! So include that as a figure, ...there's a state grant I'd like to apply for but they rotate different art forms so have to wait a couple years...I know the best chance you have is to follow the specs completely to the letter when you apply...most say to call if you need help and they mean it...it increases your chances...good luck!

08-08-2003, 11:49 PM
i thought the only way you can get a grant is if you were in school................am i wrong? is there a way to get a grant to further your education without having to get a loan first to go to school for art??

and hey i would have mentioned framing, but didnt think it was economical right now with the whole learning thing from the beginning, buuuuuuuut then again sue is right, better now than having to deal with the pricy framing later

08-08-2003, 11:55 PM
there are lots of ways to get grants...foundation, state etc...it's more paperwork and hoopjumping than I care for and the competition is tough but start doing some searches and eventually you'll find some...most are group grants rather than individual and lots are project related...I knew a performing artist who got a grant to teach juggling to shy students...I met her and one of her students at different times..it worked well btw...but that's just an example...and a lot of grants will pay for going somewhere for in house schooling or pay for housing while specializing...you just need to search, submit work and paperwork and cross your fingers...

Kathryn Wilson
08-08-2003, 11:56 PM
Here's a little blurb from the Grant Guidelines I just printed out:

". . .Grant Program provides financial assistance to artists pursuing projects that will further their professional development."

This includes art supplies, workshops, conferences, research, production of new work or production of promotional materials.

So, I guess you don't need to be an art student in school for this locally funded grant programs.

I got on the internet and did a search for grant programs in my area.

08-09-2003, 12:15 AM
ok...do you have a good studio table? Daylight light? Definately are some good pastel books too...videos are really nice but I hate having to turn them on and off...oh yeah, subscription to Pastel Journal...if you plan to enter competitions then put some in for the cost of professional slides and entry fees..they are likely to approve those sort of things...all geared towards learning and recognition...

08-09-2003, 04:52 AM
This is turning out to be a pretty informative thread, is there anyone else out there that has had experience with grants for art education or expansion? I just know what to buy lol. Ive tried doing a search in my area for grant programs but oklahoma is not the best state in the USA for this kind of thing, and if there is , its being kept for special art societies or some such thing .:rolleyes:

08-09-2003, 08:00 AM
As for the grant money, As kat mentioned..Im not a student, I am a working artist and this is money that is given to "professional" I still always laugh when pple call me that, but hey, I get paid for it! artists in need of furthering their career.

I don't know if I have a rats chance of getting any of this, but I figured, why not try. Im not new to painting portraits,..just to the pastels, and the few that I have done, I have a feeling once I get all the good supplies..It will end up being my medium of choice!

About lighting..we spent a small fortune plumbing a basement room so that I could have some studio space, though there are five windows in that room, our yard is so shady that..well, the light stinks. So I definately need some more artificial sources. I have bought a couple of small lamps that use the light spectrum bulbs. Anyone have any favorites in this department?

08-09-2003, 09:53 AM
Mary...that's too bad about the light...I've become a convert to the use of northern natural light and am dreaded the darker days of winter...so will watch this for brand specifics...have you thought of mounting some mirrors to throw the natural light around???