View Full Version : Painting by night?

08-05-2003, 05:47 PM
I always figure that I can only paint during the day or I can't judge colours correctly.
But is there a solution for this (in view of the approaching seasons)?
What solutions do you use to paint in the evening, if at all, specific light bulbs, brands recommendations, any tips etc?

08-05-2003, 06:05 PM
Hi Madder.... I paint in day light mainly , but do also paint at night using a daylight bulb in my spotlight.... what I tend to do is keep them seperate, anything I paint during daylight hours leave at nightime and paint something else during the night-time, I have found even the daylight bulbs make the colours appear different to natural daylight... whatever you do don't use flourescent lighting it will just deaden your colours completely, ordinary lightbulbs will give a pinkish cast to your colours , so be careful using those too, all in all I think the daylight bulbs are the best.


08-05-2003, 06:56 PM
Im out at work all day, so paint mainly at night.......unless of course Im on holiday or weekends..... :D ..... I bought a 'daylight lamp' and with the house lights I can paint till around about 10pm...... then I find I have to stop..... dont know if its bad light or just so tired lol