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08-23-2012, 03:11 PM
Helpity help, if you can. I just followed a glaze recipe by William_F._Martin, 5 turps/1 stand oil/1 V. turps, for the background. The glaze is applied neat without pigment and then the colours are painted into this???? Now his painting, ye're probably all familiar with, rocks an' all but I have no idea how he could control the paint as he did. Way too tacky for me.
Anyway my problem is how to approach the face and the more detailed areas of this painting. The original photo is a sort of double exposure and I thought glazes might be the best bet for getting that dreamy soft focus.

John D.

08-23-2012, 06:43 PM
This is just beautiful to me. It almost seems like the girl is 3D and that she protruding from the painting itself. Unreal. Since I'm nowhere near the point of trying any 'paints' I won't bother looking up the artist you mentioned, but I just wanted to say that I love it. I'm sure that's not the C&C you were looking for (my apologies).

08-23-2012, 06:59 PM
Hey, thanks a lot for your comments. The artist I mentioned actually gives a pretty impressive glazing tutorial on this site, but unfortunately I haven't got to grips with it...yet. I should have put in this link to clarify http://www.wetcanvas.com/Articles2/32418/530/
take a looksee
thanks again

08-23-2012, 08:58 PM
Hi John! I also find this fascinating! I'm not going to critique either as I am not familiar with this glazing technique and mostly work in water colours. I really like how it's coming along though, as TheV said, she appears to be morphing out of the painting somehow, very nice! The girl looks almost ghostlike, perhaps she is meant to be. I really like it so far and am interested to see what more knowledgeable artists have to say! Cheers =)) Debs.

08-24-2012, 06:09 AM
A bit earlier and some details,

oil on linen
rabbit skin sized
half oil ground natural gesso (French chalk)

With the relative small size of the stretcher I'm trusting the ground I used, better suited to a rigid panel, doesn't misbehave.http://www.wetcanvas.com/Community/images/24-Aug-2012/176852-2012-07-19_16.16.36.jpg