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08-22-2012, 03:24 AM
The resource pic was found in the tomatoes section here on WC. For the sake of surprise, unless you guys go looking for it, I'm not posting a pic of the resource.

There was a video I was watching yesterday of a CP artist named Janie, and I really liked her slow, meticulous approach to filling in color. Such an approach runs completely counter to my personality in real life. IRL I am NOT one to want to repeat anything, I am one who wants to resolve things RIGHT NOW, and I tend to attack, attack, attack.

The slow, methodical approach.....tiny strokes with the CP......has really surprised me, and I feel already that this will be my best CP piece. Because of the way I was raised I tend to be really cynical and self-critical, so I have to pinch myself sometimes and remember that I've only been doing drawing of any kind -- beyond simple stick men and boxes -- very sporadically for the past 7 months. All my life I never knew what I wanted, or that I was good at anything.

08-22-2012, 08:05 AM
Looks like you have stumbled onto something that will work well for you! Good on you for persevering with this! It is looking great and very much more like a tomato! I like the work on the vine so far too and am looking forward to seeing this progress! I also don't like repeating things, but I remind myself of when I am practicing a piece of classical guitar music, if I didn't repeat it, I would never improve it. I have to go back over and over parts of the piece in order to get all the nuances and technical skills up to scratch so that I can play it with confidence. It is very similar I think with painting, often it is necessary to try different things in different ways, sketch several of the same thing, practice colours on other paper, try different brushes, do small quick works using light and shade, shape, negative shapes, details and proportion, go over sections, or re-do parts or all to get the desired result. It's a constant learning process that never ends! I admire your persistence with this, you will achieve what you set out for if you work at it.... because you want it! Even if you do it several times. Cheers and here's to happier tomatoes!!!! Debs. =))

08-24-2012, 01:39 AM
More tomatoes!!!!! :D

I still don't know how to get a TRUE shine on the tomatoes. I don't know if it is a matter o just addition (light) by subtraction (eraser) or if the key is using the color 'white' to highlight where possible. In the resource pic the left rounded edges
of the tomatoes has a 'peach fuzz' sort of light bouncing off the skin, while the color red gets darker as go around the tomatoes on the bottom toward the right. The areas of brown were actually just additional vines, but the resource pic is too poor for my eyes to make out the details of the vines and leaves, and I'm just LAZY. I'm already to move on to the next piece (a tomato .... TA DA!!!!!).

08-25-2012, 01:57 PM
The vine will be my least favorite part, and right now I'm not sure how to draw the 'hairs' coming off the stems. Also, I painted part of the ground brown because I couldn't tell from the resource pic just how many leaves there really were, but now I am realizing that the tassels on the ends of the stems are also brown. :confused: I reworked that reflection on the far left tomato to appear more round like the tomato is.