View Full Version : fixing an overworked painting

07-30-2003, 09:36 PM
Hi everyone,

I am working on a self-portrait for a competition. The background is highly textured red with purple highlights and there is a little box within that where I have painted the self-portrait. I decided to do that in charcoal and acrylic gesso and paint my lips red. It was going great, but needed work on shading, which is tricky for me. Today I added subtle hints of purple within the charcoal and it looked great. I think I got too excited and rushed it. I ended up overworking the nose area with too much gesso and completely covered the texture of the canvas. It shows through on the rest of the portrait, which I like. I considered trying to remove the layers with solvent just from the nose, but am afraid that will mess it up worse. Someone in the Wetcanvas chatroom suggested sanding as an option. I'd like to hear some other suggestions on the best way to repair it. It's just way too late in the process to scrap this one, especially since I've committed it to the competition. It was all going so well!!!! Grrrr!!!!

Thanks for your help!