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The last walk

In the 1910s, had broken a great effort to make the crossing of the Andes to the fragile aircraft at that time.
On May 28, 1910, three Argentine aircraft, commanded by Lieutenant Benjamin Matienzo, Captain and Lieutenant Pedro Zanni. 1 Antonio Parodi, Mendoza depart towards this achievement. Very soon the latter two had to return with mechanical problems, just following in his stubborn commitment Matienzo.
Chilean muleteers reported seeing a plane flying in the mountains, but it never reached its destination. Six months later they found the body of the unfortunate pilot. Wear your boots indicated that he had walked miles in the mountains. Plane: no trace. 30 years later, a patrol found the mangled remains Argentina's biplane to 4,500 meters. high and very far from where he had found Matienzo.
The City Airport S.M. Tucumán is named after the aviation pioneer Argentina. -

Aviation Art Hello friends: I am new to this forum, I found thanks to our friend Jim. I was never pilot but always liked flying.
I'm not a professional painting, just an amateur who occasionally painted aircraft. Pinto only with watercolors and have never been taught by anyone, ie am self taught. I think I will learn a lot here as there is a great deal of all of you.
Thank you very much and kind regards from Argentina.
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Welcome Carlos - nice painting and great story to go with it.
Hope you settle in and enjoy the company here.

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Hi Carlos lovely narative painting, looking forward to seeing more of your aviation works.
Regards Jim
PS Great painting of my boyhood hero The Great Fangio! on your blogspot.

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Thoroughly enjoyed a look through your blog Carlos. Wonderful paintings of all manner of subjects.

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Carlos, it's a lovely painting and thank you for the story. I found it interesting.