View Full Version : Daily Rumble...err Scumble 26th July

07-25-2003, 09:23 PM
Well it is the 26th here....G.morning

Bore da, Mo.! Ydych chi'n siarad Cymraeg?

(Wot!? Welsh from a Yank? ::snort:: )

No, actually, I don't. I confess I had to hunt down the book that came with my Welsh on Tape course to even remember that much. But I *love* the language, it's one of the most "vision-invoking" languages I've ever heard spoken, and *one* of these days I'll drag those tapes out and try again.

Sorry to hear about the lost files -- that was a good idea about the temp files, though, Kat.

Sounds like your exhibition is progressing nicely! Must be *so* very exciting!

Yes, PLEASE explain about the duck! He's driving me up the wall. Backwards.

No I don't speak welsh:D... have only a few Welsh phrases up my sleeve, I knew I'd be caught out on this eventually. :D... I'm from South Wales, where the language is not used as it is as in West or North Wales, but since the Welsh Assembly, it's being foisted on us more and more... I cannot agree with what you say about it though... to me it's a useless language...where I live the indigenous people speak english, but should anyone arrive at the railway station form another country, they will hear annoucements in Welsh first, then English... confusing to say the least, especially to us, :D:D... Oooh aren't I the patriotic one....

but then I'm a Heinz variety....

Well Sophie is on her way to her boating hols... have fun Sophie... we will miss you lots... Dawn... should be back soon,,, hurry up Dawn... missing you girl.... hope you are feeling yonks better too.... nowt much to say today, aren't you glad.LOL.....

Okay the duck.... we were driving along the lanes the other day, I was looking out of the front windscreen and there was this duck in the sky, but didn't appear to be moving, he was flapping his wings like mad, but making no forward progress, then suddenly he went backwards, still flapping his wings,.... it was the wind... he was flying into the wind and the wind forced him backwards.... I've never seen such a sight before..... it was so peculiar and funny.... :D:D

Tarra for now,


07-25-2003, 10:28 PM
Busted, ha, ha, and Sophie not here to enjoy the joke!
Did you get your composition done on the puter...again???

07-25-2003, 11:26 PM
Well, it's still only the 25th here, and that's fine with me. Summer is going by way too fast, considering how long we had to wait for it.

It was sunny and windy here, and I hung out a big wash and played with a pastel still life that I started yesterday, when it was too rainy to go out. I've been plein-air sketching in oil, trying to justify the extravagance of the new French easel (which I love!!!) but now I've run out of panels so it's back to pastel. I wish I could do both at once.

My sympathy, Mo, for the computer work lost. If you can't figure out how to set the auto-save, try making a habit of saving every ten minutes or so. Even if you don't remember every time, you save something. There are lots of other ways to lose work besides pressing the wrong button. I know - I've done them all!!

07-26-2003, 08:56 AM
Good news... I didn't lose my pic after all, I had just saved it in the wrong place.... no comments please! :D:D:D

Are you having fun everyone.... bet Sophie is!

07-26-2003, 09:40 AM
Agnes, I'm sure if you think hard enough you'll figure a way to combine pastels and oils. :) Congrats on the new easel! I've been eyeing those French easels, too ... somehow they seem more sophisticated than the old towel that sits in my lap cushioning the drawing board.

Mo, sorry I 'outed' you! ::tee hee:: I think my interest in the Welsh language is an extension of my attraction to things ancient and unusual. ("Whattaya mean ancient and unusual, Mom?" ask the Salukis lazing on my bed right now <G>.) I've always gravitated toward things that somehow have managed to survive since ancient times despite a "limited audience" -- especially when they've been faced with various sorts of adversity. I think my dogs epitomize that (and a lot of things about me, although I'm still trying real hard for that "people eventually start looking like their dogs" thing ;) ).

Okay, enough deep pondering this early in the morning, or I'm going to give myself a migraine.

Thank you for the Duck Story! Poor little feller -- that must have been quite the backdraft! Animals never cease to amaze.

And I am SO glad you found your picture!!! What a relief!

On that note: Good morning, all (or afternoon, I guess, on the other side of the pond)!

I may get some painting done today, or perhaps head out the door as far as my toe will let me walk ;) and take some photos. Or both. Guess will see what Life delivers to my little mountainside today.