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06-14-2001, 01:39 AM
Hi! I just bought some nice little vintage jars that I thought would be nice to paint on in addition to my canvases. Now first off, let me say I'm an oil painter... never tried anything like this before! The jars look clay and then glazed, ceramic maybe? I don't even know the right terminology, but you can see the bottom of the jars in the photo and it's not glazed.

I figured I'd paint and then varnish over. They'd be for decorative purposes only. Any suggestions on medium? I've got oil paint, oil printing inks, acrylic paints... (my original idea was monoprints - usually I paint on glass then transfer to paper. So I figured I could paint on acetate then wrap around the jar to transfer to the jar.) Basically, I'm concerned about what would or wouldn't peel off or flake off or whatever. Hopefully varish would solve that problem with any medium.

Experts feel free to give advise or just tell me I'm being ridiculous. http://www.wetcanvas.com/ubb/smile.gif


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06-14-2001, 09:48 PM
These look like glazed pottery to me. Your monotype idea sounds interesting. There are several new "glass" paints on the market designed for painting on glass. They might be fun to play with as monotypes (if they didn't adhere too much to the acetate. You can buy what amounts to sampler sets with different color schemes such as primaries, pastels, etct. The small sets have everything you need cleaner (rubbing alcohol), the paint, and glaze. I found the consistancy a little hard to get find detail, but it could have been the lousy brush I was using. I also heard on a craft show that a person cleaned glass with a vinegar and water solution before painting with acrylic and the paint adhered better.

Just a few thoughts.

Oh yes, Liquitex also has a line of jar paints called glossies that you are suppose to be able to use on ceramics too.