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07-24-2003, 03:16 PM
Hi all! Been awhile since ive posted, been really busy..sigh.

But i did finish a quick pastel painting yesterday when i had a few minutes to spare, ill post it soon, this is the first one ive done in a year or so, everything else ive done was just playin around :D .

I dont know if this subject has came up in this forum but i would like to ask if anyone would have any advice about advertising and selling locally..

I dont like selling my art on ebay tho thats how i got started. I would like to sell locally but dont know how to go about it. Ive seen a few topics here and there online about going to local resteraunts and hotels, but didnt have the sense to write a few of the instructions down on how to go about this in my area.so now im askin all of you :D. To get an idea of what i do ........well....ill just say what i havent done yet...........i havent fully attempted a lanscape painting/drawing yet, portraits (in pastels anyways), certain animals (but trying to fix that), and anything from my imagination as i dont think anyone would like it much.

I do alot of horse art, and there are a few horse ranches around the outskirts of town. Everytime i pass one i just want to go up to the door and ask if i can paint their pony lol! But i still havent done it.

When i first got into pastels i dived into the colors of them, painting horses, and elks, flowers and such, but usually the backgrounds were all blocked in with no detail. Now im wanting to go back to my "roots" of drawing and try painting in greyscale to learn the value system again but haveing a hard time finding a pastel set/open stock, that has a good range of greyscale,white, and black pastels, anyone know? Oh and i know Unisons have a good range but ill never be able to afford those .
This is the reason why i was making my own til my health put a stop on that so i have to start buying again :rolleyes: ..........any help in any of my questions would be most appreciated as i am going nuts cause i cant seem to paint enough :D .

And i finally got some suede matt and it is wonderful!! The pastel painting of the horse i did lastnight on a dark green suede looks so much richer than when i did horses on regular velour. I have to say this much tho, charcoal pencils and hard pastels like cretacolors do NOT like suede much, i had to take it slow, as hard pastels is all i have right now. but i got it work.

Thanks for letting me ramble lol.


07-24-2003, 04:32 PM
Hey, Steph...wondered how you were...glad you are painting again! I'm sure others have more ideas but I know that you need a portfolio with pics in it...slides are too hard to see, so some good digi pics or 35mm would be nice...use only your best. Be sure and write down size with them, in case you're asked...one thing is to try and get hold of any interior decorators in the area...they usually decide on art works when they re-do homes and would be a good starting point for getting your work in some of those horse ranch homes...they would get a commision of course, but worth it, I'd think. Think about your local library...a lot of times they devote an area to artwork...and will display a small body of work...it gets seen. I'd think about writing some business owners, restaurants, etc to get an appointment...phone calls and in person visits are hard if they are rushed...use a nice professional letterhead and ask for an appointment at their conveniece....tell them you'd like to display your work and if any sells what you'd work out with them, then follow up with a phone call...you could include a piece of your work as part of the letterhead also...and don't forget that a lot of hospitals also display art work....just some thoughts....it sure doesn't hurt to try any place that you see artwork hanging and it may pay off! Good luck!

07-24-2003, 04:37 PM
Hi Steph.... good to see you again:)..... A good one would be to put up one of your paintings in the local vets.... I think if you pluck up the courage and ask the local ranch, you would be pleasantly surprised..... Another venue would be to advertise in pet shops, I got a few commissions that way too, until they decided no more free advertising. :D...... At the moment I'm preparing for my very first exhibition... this is an eye opener for sure, so much to do.... had a meeting with the gallery today, they are being so very helpful..... this is a bit different to norm, as it's under the umbrella of a new project in this City called 'Enterprise Art'.... they are offering me free gallery space, all the other costs are down to me, but it's to see if going freelance will be viable.... exciting, but nerve wracking too...... so at the moment I'm working on contacts, flyers, invites etc.,etc., you name it :D..... Yea coffee shops, but be careful there, as if you leave any paintings there make sure you are covered as to ownership. i.e. should the place change hands as they often do, make sure your paintings aren't considered as part of the fixtures and fittings... which could be replaced without consulting you.... also have you checked out the business forum? You will probably find some good advice there too.... hope this helps some.


07-25-2003, 03:26 AM
You are being given good advice here, and I just have one thing to add.

You said, "here is what I DONT do". This is not a good way to project yourself. It is very negative, and sounds rather apologetic.

Much better to say "Here is what I do (implying... "and I am rather good at it, actually"). This projects a very positive attitude, gives people the impression that you know what you are about, and everyone likes to think that they are buying something worthwhile from someone good at what they do.

No-one wants to buy something from someone who apologises for their inadequacies, even subtly!!


07-25-2003, 04:42 AM
Hi Mo hi Sue!! yeah its great to be painting again, and ive missed our pm's Sue!

Thanks for all the great advice, ive printed them out, and starting to make some plans.

Hi Mrs. Simmonds, actually, i would never advertise "What i dont do" that statement was purely to cut the list short on this post. Plus it helped me put out there what i havent done and maybe get some feedback about which i should practice/paint/learn out of the "donts" that i dont do lol, in case any of those themes were good sellers. No one mentioned anything but i do know i need to learn how to paint them. Im kinda an up front type of gal if i need to apologize to anyone i wouldnt mask it. But thank you for your advice :) .

Did anyone catch the question about greyscale pastels and which brand has more of a selection for them? At the moment im making lists of all brands that i will buy tho it wont be for a couple more weeks.



07-25-2003, 05:17 AM
Go and check out the business forum, all your questions will be answered there! it is a great forum. I am struggling with the same things. How to market myself more.....what to do, where to go....do I dare going to a gallery with my portfolio yet, or I am not ready yet.....dunno.....:D....how can I stimulate word-to-mouth advertising....where do I need to be bold and just ask if they are willing to put up some of my work. I have not done any of these things yet as I am chicken and not sure. Shall I just put flyers in the whole neigbourhood's letterboxes? LOL....oooooh....if only it happend all by itself.....lazy me.......
All ideas welcome!:D :D

07-25-2003, 05:25 AM
Yep checkin out the Business forum seen alot of posts about galleries, but not many (that i know of) here in oklahoma city. If there is i havent heard about them or seen them, but that could be because i havent taken the time to scan the yellow pages yet. They did just open up a art museum a year ago, havent been to it but heard that its great and even offer a library. We have an art festival here every year in April, keep telling myself that i need to start painting and get a alot of works available so i can set up a booth, but ive been hearing that they have succumbed to selling more novelty stuff (stuff youd fine in a gift shop) than actual hand made art, ive met a few artists lately that say they have better luck selling out of state, dont think i can expand that much, but im still workin out some ideas :D

07-25-2003, 07:23 AM
Hi Steph. in answer to your question about grey scale pastels, I hve this cheapo box made by Ashby Fine Art productions.... bought them at local shop here called 'The Works'....they are chunky sticks but more chalky in feel than normal pastels....