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07-20-2003, 03:24 AM
Went to a local talk session with the President of the Pastel Artists NZ in Nelson. Only about eight of us there but we had a meaningful talk with lots of news about whats going down with this newly formed organisation ( just over a year old) . Several local proffessional and amateur pastel artists were missing because of other committments but those there were enthusiastic about things in general. We are members of the International Pastel Artists Assoc (USA) ? and have sistership with several American societies. They are hoping for an exhibition of NZ pastel Art in Amsterdam in 2005. If any Kiwi pastel artists want furthher info, please contact Walter Scott at Queen Street Fine Arts, 71 Queen Street. P.O.Box 502. Blenheim. or 0800 577 888 or fax (03) 577 9848.
Happy Painting.
Billyg. :D

07-20-2003, 07:03 AM
Hi there BillyG. I am a member of the Waikato Pastel Assn. I saw the exhibition in Cambridge. Did you exhibit?
Why is Walter wanting to exhibit in Amsterdam?..and will it be a juried exhibition? I know that you wrote that we could call Walter about this...but there are at least a couple of us Waikato folk here and you are here...so you could tell us ;)

07-20-2003, 04:27 PM
Hi Carol,
As far as I am aware Walters aim is to get NZ pastel art recognised in europe and the offer comes with a friend whos wife is an abassador or culural attache or some such with contacts in a gallery there. Just in the talk stages at the moment but the entrants will be juried. Pieces if chosen travel matted and are framed and glassed by the gallery. Hope it hhelps,
Billyg. :D :evil: :angel: