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07-31-2012, 06:46 AM
Sketching in the office is something that everyone go to do it. Five reason to do it.

First of all is something funny,;
Second it give you some more knowledge of what you use and why you use it;
Third you can always make some good compositions, in italian we say "natura morta", so you have always available some good material for sketching or doodling. And it takes a little time;
Forth: It's damn funny again because if you have something, some object that you hate in the office, after sketching you will love it;
Fifth: Everybody can have a full lunch break losing some time, doing this appointment a great stress reliever.

Obviously, I don't do it during the work hours but I do it in my lunch break when, for instance there too much heat or too much cold to be outside for sketching during the lunch break. And in these days, at least here, days are very hot and i prefer to stay sketching inside the office, near my monitor so I can write also in the same time on my blog, making it almost real-time.
Good to have always in your drawer or near to you your sketching kit as me. But really the joy of sketching or journaling that could be done with ease and with spending almost nothing. You just need a pen, everybody in the office has a pen, and some paper, everybody in the office has some paper.
For instance i collect all the bad prints or wrapping paper and I make sketch pads (http://www.broworkshop.com/sketching/boxing-paper-sketchin-pad-experiment-first-attempt/), I'm doing some funny experiments. So also some funny and happy recycling why not!

Here some examples of what I've sketched.

Just some object on my desktop, you just need a springer paper clip, a gift, whatever. And later you can go with some watercolors or not, just leaving as that. here on recycled wrapping paper. Here you can see my watercolors home-made micro kit (http://www.broworkshop.com/sketching/sketching-micro-kit-mark-ii/) or my the White Gelly Roll Sakura Pen, but I use very often a very common rollerball pen.


Here again some imaginary landscapes of New York that I was sketching...

Here another variation of the same them: the waves and the sea, sketching with white gel pen

Something recharging on my desktop, my mobile phone. Endless, really endless subjects to draw.

And I'm not writing you about the office doodles. But this is another story... eheheh :lol:

Cheers :wave:

07-31-2012, 05:16 PM
Marvelous use of a lunch break. (Of course, taking time to eat something would be good use of a lunch break too. :lol:) Delightful sketches.

08-01-2012, 02:26 AM
Marvelous use of a lunch break. (Of course, taking time to eat something would be good use of a lunch break too. :lol:) Delightful sketches.

Ahaha thank you.
Usually I have 1 hour lunch break, so I eat for 20 minutes and in 40 minutes I can make a lot of this scribbled ugly sketches... :)

Joan T
08-01-2012, 11:20 AM
It is a great idea to keep sketching suppies on hand for breaks at work. It is always fun to capture something that is a work tool and see it in a different light as an art subject. These are good!

08-01-2012, 05:20 PM
When I first started exploring watercolor a few months ago, I found that just grabbing a waterbrush and whipping out a few strokes every now and then was a wonderful break and stress reliever! Some of my toys have migrated away from my desk, since I work from home, but thanks for reminding me, I need to toss a small palette and a few sheets of paper back over this way. I cracked a few wicked issues we were having at the time when I was staring at a configuration on the monitor while dabbing my brush around.