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07-18-2003, 09:51 PM
Top of the morning all... it's now 2.a.m here at the other side of the pond, so what have we to catch up on... hmmmm first thing... Hayley... Where's that Nekkid man portrait?:D:D... we are holding our breath here awaiting.....

E-J is back .. just a fleeting glimpse of her excellent work in the weekly thread.. then she's gallivanting off again, far too much fun my girl... not enough painting:D.... Smudge is still a very busy man, but will get his brilliant painting of a Chelsea garden finished soon.... have you seen it yet folks, if not you must..it's a stunner..:clap:

Sophie has finished her commission... now if you haven't looked at this fine piece of art, then you are missing out.. go on take a look and admire she's brill! :clap:.... Sue is still battling on with her WIP... getting more beautiful by the day... Kat...grapes? Not finsished yet? Come girl, post some more updates... Bobbie has a show, Sandra has a show under the bandstand... music while you work.. go see her gorgeous pastel paintings....... Dawn is enjoying her hols in the south of France.. relax Dawn, come back well and refreshed.... Barb... where the heck is Barb, I've forgotten.... Come back Barb.. I have some cheetah spots that need painting....another one having too much fun.... Mikki... where are you... have you finished those murals yet... we want to see.

Guilli... off playing golf... just when he's bought some new OP's too.. TSK, TSK.... Greg... still working hard with his ucky rags...

Trish is painting butcher's meat.... good too... have you seen?

lots of newbies posting good art... check the all out and leave a few kind words and constructive crits for all... hope I haven't missed anyon... let me know if I have.....

Me... I'm frustrated, overworked and underpaid:D:D... now off to bed...

Nos Star. G'night


07-19-2003, 12:21 AM
Mo...put the info on that paper in the OP sticky...I think Barb went south, like LA or something...I'm pooped too...it's all the friggin step's fault....

07-19-2003, 04:13 AM
Morning Mo! Gawd you are a hard taskmaster!.......lol
I will have to take my digi in to work and then get it downloaded. I'm working for another 4 nights yet and keep my pastels and paper there safe when on a run of nights(saves me having to keep carrying it all home and back).
I have got so far with him and want some feed back now anyway,so you will see him soon.
I made a start on another birthday present too......it's Spike from buffy the vampire slayer.......my mate likes him.....so I'm gona give it a go.
Someone else at work saw my naked man picture and some others i have online and from seeing them asked if i could do them a picture.....not sure what of yet.....but they were really excited and liked what they had seen of my artwork ..so that was nice.
I am still amazed about how people react to my artwork and feel quite humbled when i come in here and see the fantastic standard of others.....i don't come close to some!and still consider myself very much a beginner. It's such a warm feeling to know my pictures are enjoyed by others and 4 now framed and in peoples homes sold! I think thats why I am so wary of not charging too much for my pictures all points considered.....
Ah well enough rammbling for me for one day..........have a good day all.

07-19-2003, 04:38 AM
Mo! How early in the morning are you! Or, actually, how late! I was just asleep when you shouted 'goodmorning' at us all! LOL
You amaze me in how you can keep up with what everybody is doing! But it is good fun to read as it reminds me of what the gang is up to! Yeah, I was wondering about Barb too - is she on holiday then?

Well, it is still very early for a Saturday, but I am often up early. Sun is trying, but there are a lot of clouds in the sky. Just had another look at the portrait I am doing and I think I am happy. The face might be a touch too narrow, but my other half says no, so.....dunno. Also did a quickie last night, might post it later.

No idea as to plans today. ordinary things like shopping, I suppose. Still have to book a hotel for my holiday in France. I fancy a good hike this weekend as well. We'll see!
Would like to paint, but am starting to feel weird about it. What am I suppose to do with all those paintings? LOL. Sometimes people say on WC: 'I just brought another painting to the gallery' and I think, that would be sooooo handy! Paint something, and if you feel good about it, just take it away to a gallery. It sounds so easy.....LOL.....

Anyway, guys, enjoy the weekend en Mo: relax!!!

07-19-2003, 05:37 AM
Just poped in quick to say good morning and have a great weekend, i'm off to take little smudge to the town show today.:D

07-19-2003, 06:51 AM
Blimey Mo, isn't 1:51am a bit early to be cracking your whip? :)

It's sunny here today, and stupidly hot already ... I need to get to the bank and change my leftover euros back into pounds, then head off to London to spend them all on drinks with my internet friends.

Hayley, I expect this nude bloke to be waiting for me when I return :D

Have been uploading photos and remembering where I was just 5 days ago ... among the vineyards of Pouilly-Fuissé in southern Burgundy, at the foot of the Roche de Solutré ... *sigh* Might have to paint this one sometime. Been reading Bill Creevy's book on pastel techniques and thinking about how I might approach it!


Enjoy your day, everyone.

07-19-2003, 12:08 PM
Good Morning all,

Mo, I love this chat area. What a great idea. It's lovely to start day like this - although you did wake me up, too!
Sounds like we are all so busy - yet we can't miss our time on WC.
Well, today I'm going to finish my 2 started paintings - and if any time left start a 3rd. I have a lovely photo of boy flying a kite that I took up in the mts. I decided to really crop almost everything out and just paint the boy, kite & shadows. Well see how it goes along. Been wanting to paint this for a few years now.
E-J - love your photo. Can hardly wait to see it online. I think Bill Creevy's books is wonderful for techniques!
You lovely Brits may not believe this but I just received a book ordered from Amazon UK. It's written by Judy Martin entitled Enclopedia of Pastel Techniques. I tried getting it from Amazon USA but it was still in reprint stage here.
Well, I'm off to paint, read & compute. :D

07-19-2003, 12:49 PM
Good morning all (it is still morning here in NY, for ten more minutes). I've been a bit scarce, but am enjoying popping in to various threads and catching up a bit. It's another gorgeous sunny cool day here, and I wish all of you the same!

Have been running about a lot ... doctors on Thursday, last night a seance, today I am about to start getting dressed to head "across the river" (that would be the Hudson) to a party for dog agility trainers who wanted an animal communicator to come and talk with them and their canine friends. I'm looking forward to it, though am a bit nervous, I've done talks before but never one with actual back to back sessions included in the package. Should be fun, actually. :) The animals rarely let me down. However, haven't had much chance to make pastel-messies since Wednesday, and am missing it.

*Tomorrow*, though, thanks to a broken toe (::sigh::, such a klutz), it looks like I won't be going with hubby and children to the picnic/hiking/skyride day at Hunter Mountain, so I'm hoping to have a number of nice to-myself hours to play with the pastels.

Gee, E-J, what a lovely photo of such a lovely place! Something tells me you'll be going back someday.... Whatever technique you use for the painting, can we see it, pretty-please?

Have a *wonderful* day, everyone!


07-19-2003, 03:37 PM
Ooooooo -lovely photo E-J -that'll make a stunner :)

It 6.30am Sunday morning here -and my last day of freedom -before heading back for another term at work -which means back to little more than weekend painting :(

Spent yesterday putting finishing touches on meat and did my first ever sculpture in jovi modelling paste . Wow -I found it very absorbing!!!!!!!!!! Then I reaslised you have to wait for the blimmen stuff to dry - not like good ole pastels :D Todays agenda baking -so I have something to feed the kids , decide on something to paint (my sister wants something for her birthday-but I have no idea what to do) and maybe do some quick sketches to practise perspective :eek:

Have a great day all - now where is this naked man -gotta go see :D :evil: :angel:

07-19-2003, 04:30 PM
Well, I was going to jump right in on my WIP today...did a little and then got the guilts...so mowed the grass, did watering and deadheading, attacked the housework and now it's 106° and rising and I have no more energy, so maybe I'll just take the afternoon off...Angeline has been keeping something from us....some OP work...she posted them on my WIP...I'm loving the nude study...
E-J...we have mountains like that spread all around this area...but no luscious vineyards to go with...nooooo....we got POTATOS!!! Actually in this heat about all we have is wilted sagebrush!

07-19-2003, 08:06 PM
Hi Gang!

No I'm not going to say G'morning as it's not quite morning yet....:D... but probably will be by the time I slowly type this out as I read the posts..... I'm not very quick on the keyboard :D.... yet in my youth I used to touch type.... sad hey:D

Hayley.... Cracking the whip at you here.:evil: :D .. looking forward to seeing Spike.... and hey don't knock yourself girl... you paint lovely paintings, I know I've seen them......that's a gorgeous pic E-J ..... you must paint it, I know it will be a stunner coming from you, not pushing you... but... :D LOL!... Hi Bobbie, good to see you joining in our little chatty thread, it's great..... as we talk about anything and everything here.... even Nekkid men. :D... I know that book, I took it out of the local library some months ago.... it's brill..... enjoy your painting.. like the idea of the boy with a kite... nice.

Ouchy Gayle.... sorry to hear about you broken toe,... hope it mends soon and doesn't cause you too much pain....now what's this about a seance.... spooky hey? Tell us more.......Hi Trish.. loved your meaty butcher painting.... how about painting a chef... baking a cake... sorry couldn't resist. :D.... Sue... gardening? Gardening.... and that naughty word Housework... sheesh.... don't you dare come in here talking such nonsense... get out there and paint girl...... We cultivate weeds in our garden... it's fun....:D:D

Well I knew it would be morning by the time I finished typing.... but must tell you all I've had a great time today.... been relaxing and messing about with my OP's trying out a new technique, started one tonight, nothing serious, just trying this new technique, and so pleased at how it's going... will post when finished..... that's it from me so Night night.. Nos Da... and also

G'morning... Bore Da :)